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Published by Plenum on September 18, 2018 7:07pm.  Category: General

might do a hike in the Blue Mountains on Sunday, Sept 30.


not this Sunday, but the next weekend.


<totally don't know what I'm doing>




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Working from Home (article/statistics)
Published by Plenum on September 18, 2018 1:16pm.  Category: General

new thread I posted.




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Quite an encouraging read here.

I didn't realise the numbers had become 'signficant'.

1 in 20 people is not exactly COMMON; but it's also not an outlier at this point either.


Quote:The steady rise of Americans working from home continues. According to recently released data from the US Census, 5.2% of workers in the US worked at home in 2017—or 8 million people. That share is up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000.

The rise has been aided by improved internet connectivity and the demand for more flexible work environments. A 2017 report by polling company Gallup found that work-from-home options helps companies retain their employees (paywall). Given that the evidence suggests working from home may also improve employee productivity, it’s a perk with few drawbacks.

[Image: pDtjCAjh.png]

Yet not all Americans are participating in the work-from-home wave. Like many other perks, it’s a trend more prevalent for the well-educated. A 2016 Bureau of Labor Statistics survey found that college-educated workers are far more likely to do some work at home than those without college degrees.

As this suggests, the trend towards home work been particularly pronounced among certain types of workers. Managers, finance professionals, designers, and, above all, computer scientists have seen large increases. These high-skill professionals are in a position to negotiate to work wherever they want, and they use this leverage to their advantage. They may be leading the way to an office-less world.


also - a few folks at Homecoming were definitely work from home!

My workplace also offers it - but I haven't taken it up (as of yet).





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Published by Plenum on September 18, 2018 12:01pm.  Category: General

quite an OUTPOURING from Dekalb here!




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the Wrote: 


secret society https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Br8r5qLiu3s ~ 


[Image: 6834d12b9458bae5a01bc229bd907d6e--freema...-wayne.jpg] Konfirmed, pilgrim! 


[Image: c4d10549c1fe399c7de56d1845f68f7e--masoni...-order.jpg] Konfi-- wait, what?! 


[Image: fe9057d4db1f63da08cdd74a62fe9c88--masoni...ymbols.jpg]


"Engineering reality" in a nutshell -- implicit is the elite ability to exclusively profit both from the coming and the going. Uh-oh! 


 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Grand_Old_Duke_of_York (BTW, the current Duke is HRH Prince Andrew)


A rare peek slice-o'-life peek into the home-life of the Quality: 


 Obviously such a reality-grounded socioeconomic collective could never lose touch with the everyday mundanities of the majority of mankind, could they? 


Meanwhile, if you want some Secret Society to worry about, you'll jolly well try on the premier Anglophile transAtlantic-amity group, the very real and very puissant and loftily apex-ish Pilgrims Society: [Image: pil1.jpg] Unsung-by-the-clueless-conspiratorialists much?


(See, e.g., https://wikispooks.com/wiki/The_Pilgrims_Society -- Overview of an near-uppermost-class underworld. http://www.silverstealers.net/ All kinds of technical finance-oriented info in the light of 20th/21st-century goings-on in the markets. https://wikispooks.com/w/images/7/72/Pilgrims.pdf The Not-So-Usually-Heralded-Suspects given a closer glance. Silver-trader Charles Savoie has been the biggest PR-thorn in their collective bespoke-tailored hides since his own expert research in the history of the international silver/gold-market positively indicated certain patterns of transnational price-manipulation of an order bespeaking covert control-mechanisms of an extraordinarily sophisticated and cunning kind [i.e., institutionally ensconcing the logic-setting nucleus of modern finance in Western Civilization and extending this invasively to other world-sectors].


The question is, who are the people in positions to operate these amazing mechanisms? How do they orchestrate their operation, and how do they maintain continuity of aim, in a campaign in which a century is a manageable time-unit, and in which the World is the theater of operation, and this world's inhabitants are its target? 


And, more to the point, to the extent that this is an STS type of thang, what's to be done? What has been done about it (lately, in particular), by those with the authority, power, and competence to do so positively? What is being done, and has yet to be done? What, if any, of this countering operation is within the perceptual range of the average inhabitant of this planet, and what (if anything) should their actions be?


Welcome to a very important strand in the as-yet public-domain version of the unwritten History of the Plans and Operations of the Deep State in the Earth's Modern World-System: Proto-Superorganismic Rise and Fall (which would comprise Volume such-and-such in some grand History of Local Inter-Galactic Confederation Attempts at Extending the Helotismic-Cultural Imperium). 


Of course we all know who the real Counterforce to the Powers -That-Be are! And they're recruiting!!: 


 [Danger!! -- do NOT watch this video past THE 6:40 mark, as spontaneous human combustion can NOT be ruled out as JUST ONE of a plethora of TYPICAL DYS-REACTIONS along the spectrum from mild puzzlement to soul-devouring by Cthulhu. Also, the fnords. And -- POTRZEBIE.] 


 On a related [high-denomination bank]note, this just in from mysterious realms aetherial:


"On countless occasions you have been told of great advances within the financial matters due to the battles being fought between the ‘dark hats’ and the ‘white hats’. This is little more than the same narrative which has enslaved humanity for eons being repeated over and over. Its purpose is to continue the lower frequency energetic existence of duality (the ‘us versus them’, divide and conquer strategy) within the lower dimensional density energies, where darkness prevails. 


"As many of you are aware, this is a Spiritual transition into the higher frequency energies of the 5th Dimension which is occurring, and therefore the issues regarding financial matters are irrelevant.


"You wish to be members of an open, transparent, truthful, Loving and equal galactic society. Correct?? Then why do you continue to allow yourselves to be deceived into believing that you require money to do so. You do not. No single individual has the right to have more than another.


"We have much to share without asking very much in return, only that you read the attached summation of the Galactic Codex which we of the Galactic Collective of benevolent beings live by. The true power of change and co-creation with the Source, is within each and every one of you. It has always sustained you, your planet and the entire cosmos. If more humans were to spend as much time and energy going within themselves, through basic meditation techniques, and focusing their Divine attention energies there, as they do on financial matters, we promise you, you would greatly advance the co-creation of Heaven on Earth."


--- from "Free-will and the Galactic Codex," https://operationdisclosure.blogspot.com/2018/07/free-will-and-galactic-codex.html


A buncha dirty alien Commies, sounds like! Harrumph! Where's John Wayne when you need him?! By golly, he'd wade right into that crew of off-world weirdos and clean up the whole kit 'n' caboodle, bare-fisted!


[Image: 72406928-egyptian-falcon-horus-sky-god-i...-white.jpg]


https://archive.org/details/AHistoryOfSecretSocietiesArkonDaraul1961 http://vlepage.newteam.org/sufis_nine_unknowns.htm 





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Published by Plenum on September 18, 2018 3:48am.  Category: General

one of the great quotes here from Ra.






/ /


41.19 Questioner: Thank you. In yesterday’s, or the day before yesterday’s session, you mentioned variable speed of rotation or activity of energy centers. What did you mean by that, speed of rotation?

Ra: I am Ra. Each energy center has a wide range of rotational speed or as you may see it more clearly in relation to color, brilliance. The more strongly the will of the entity concentrates upon and refines or purifies each energy center, the more brilliant or rotationally active each energy center will be. It is not necessary for the energy centers to be activated in order in the case of the self-aware entity. Thusly entities may have extremely brilliant energy centers while being quite unbalanced in their violet-ray aspect due to lack of attention paid to the totality of experience of the entity.

The key to balance may then be seen in the unstudied, spontaneous, and honest response of entities toward experiences, thus using experience to the utmost, then applying the balancing exercises and achieving the proper attitude for the most purified spectrum of energy center manifestation in violet ray. This is why the brilliance or rotational speed of the energy centers is not considered above the balanced aspect or violet-ray manifestation of an entity in regarding harvestability; for those entities which are unbalanced, especially as to the primary rays, will not be capable of sustaining the impact of the love and light of intelligent infinity to the extent necessary for harvest.


/ /





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Kathleen Harrison
Published by Plenum on September 17, 2018 11:53pm.  Category: General

great podcast here.


Tells her personal journey of healing with salvia.




/ /





Kathleen Harrison is an ethnobotanist studying the relationship between plants, people, and culture. She has worked in the field throughout Latin America since the 1960s. She's informed by long relationships with indigenous healers, naturalists, and her own decades of psychedelic curiosity. She co-founded the organisation Botanical Dimensions with Terence McKenna in 1985, and continues as its Program Director. At the Ethnogenesis Australis Outdoor Psychedelic Symposium in 2017, she explained to me that the longest, steadiest piece of fieldwork she's done has been with the Mozetec people of the mountains of southern Mexico.




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