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Member: ChantL
Location: Durban, South Africa
Gender: Female
Interests: handmade jewellery manufacture, dance, music (guitar and vocals), alternative healing, metaphysics, nature (gardening and hiking), love love love..

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This is one self in a world of selves, one of the many of the One.

Warm greetings, beautiful people, with Love.

Published by ChantL on September 4, 2012 5:40am.  Category: Poem


beautiful sleeping thing

quietly awakens
demands a voice
cries out from that
deep, deep place within
for release, 
for atonement,
- expression -
of itself
of yourself.
Reconciliation one with the other
- self to self -
itself to its own
I feel it moving,
- my life Source -
like a snake
through wet grass
brave of heart
I will shed this skin without fear


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the power Within us
Published by ChantL on September 3, 2012 9:24pm.  Category: General

Having explored the subject ofAmulets/ Talismans for my jewellery honours study, I learnt many things.

I started with a broad understanding of 'magical' objects, trying to understand how the Talisman carries power and why. I realized of course that the magic is in the wearer and not the object. I would like to say that I always believe this, but there are times when some objects do indeed have a life of their own. I have seen this when I sell my jewellery at craft markets... certain pieces are frequently picked up on a given day. Or it's the object talking, or human beings leave behind an energetic fingerprintthat attracts other people.

Nevertheless, it is more often than not our interaction with these objects that gives them power. By acknowledging what the objects stand for, the association activates something in our minds that helps to bring about that which the object symbolizes. The magic ultimately lies within our own selves. This is evident when considering placebos. Its all in the mind. Auto suggestion.

"To the one whom the symbols speak of their nature and of their secret, each symbol is a living manuscript in itself. Symbolism is the best way of leaving ideas behind which will keep for ages after the teacher has passed. It is speaking without speaking; it is writing without writing. The symbol is said to be an ocean in a drop."

(Hasrat Inayat Khan)

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Goldfish in a bowl
Published by ChantL on September 3, 2012 8:48pm.  Category: General

I have a really crappy memory. It fails me often when I need it most. For this reason I like the symbol of the goldfish. It is said to have a very short memory span. I like the idea that this fishy swims around its little bowl, (round, like the Earth), thinking maybe, is this all there is? And then, giving in to hope, or faith, it jumps up and out into the air... And finds that it can breathe! and there is a universe of possibilty outside the fishbowl!

The fishbowl is our own headspace.

I made a little container Talisman with a fish in water...

Philosophy of the Goldfish:

The Goldfish is like a Talisman. In other words, a personal symbol to remind one to think outside the box. If we can remember to remember that we each create our own perspective of the world, then we can start to consciously create what we want that world to be like. We can think outside of the 'perceived fishbowl'. Each to their own bubble, it feels safe in there.

In the words of Catherine Mansfield:

Risk! Risk anything! Care no more for the opinions of others, for those voices. Do the hardest thing on earth for you. Act for yourself.

And in to bring to mind the spoon in the movie Matrix:

... there is no fishbowl.

(Except for the one you create for yourself).

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Crazy about Circles
Published by ChantL on September 3, 2012 8:43pm.  Category: Jewellery

I have a thing for circles... made these pendants recently.

An interest in symbolism often plays on my mind when designing.. the circle has so many connotations and its up to the viewer if they can or want to identify with them.
For me circles are about Oneness. Our interconnected reality... or as Carlos Jung puts it - 'Unus Mundus' - One World. We are all, though individual, of the same source and are, as a whole, One mind, One body, One spirit.

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'One' - silver ring
Published by ChantL on September 3, 2012 8:28pm.  Category: Jewellery


I made this silver ring in response to my jewellery research into amulets and talismans. 

After studying much of the symbolism used in these objects, I came to realize that they all boil down pretty much to 'the wellness of the wearer'... we all want more or less the same things in life, the same basics anyway.  And this is because we are from the same source, and we are one with that force in spite of having forgotten what we are... A simplification of all variations of truth into the One Truth. As perfect as the letter 'o' with which One begins - endless and completely whole, spiralling in and out unto itself, revolving, dissolving, evolving.


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the goodness of Godness
Published by ChantL on September 3, 2012 7:57pm.  Category: Poem


Angels hover close by,
wings towering on high tides of sky
as they carry me over
and beyond my physical self
The sea breaks across the shores
of my mind, dawn at last,
Sun climbing the expanse of sky as
the winds change course

- one must fly -
Exchanging glances with myself
I chance a glimpse behind
- see some things
touch lightly
upon an unsightly darkness
Move bravely toward the light
- leave the shadows behind
with a sense of compassion
of overwhelming passion
at the notion of it all,
the goodness and the not so
goodness of it all
And I am set lightly down
at the heart of a cloud at the centre
of the universe
and there, in solitude, I say my prayer
And it is good
to know God
the God that is everything, everyone
and in all of that am I
I am that, I am
To take responsibility
for that which I am
and that which I do
and that which I say
To be Godlike
is the potential of humankind
and I pray,
pray for the awakening of the human being
so that s/he may be true to their higher self
the Overself
To create together this universe
to understand suffering as a lesson
and to transform this place of shadow into 
the land of golden dawn,
Alchemy in it's truest form.
To accept that pain is but a step on the path
to self awareness is to
to know the ultimate goodness of Godness.


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