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Blogging along
Published by Gzu on January 31, 2013 5:04pm.  Category: General

okay, so trying to blog along here.  Still listening to the Law of One.   It is interesting the communications that correlate to my learnings within Eckankar and inner experiences.  Sometimes, it is as if the broadcast was meant for me...those are pretty neat aha moments.  Not sure what to blog about except this.  Sure is lots of light in here as I type....have a great one!

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First Blog
Published by Gzu on January 25, 2013 4:47am.  Category: General

Okay, this is my first ever blog.  Guess right now I am listening to audio book of The Law of One. Much easier to listen to then read.  Really interesting on how long this information was channeled and how I have heard a lot of it from various sources; even if the wording is different...  Makes me want to ask my own questions.  Really like the information on the rays; as I have been really seeing purple energy eminating from me more and more over the past years.

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