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Member: BonnieLee
Location: Baltimore
Gender: Female
Interests: Reverence for Gaia & All Sentient Beings Peak Oil & Important Transitions Food Security Economic Justice

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Stand By Me
Published by BonnieLee on April 15, 2009 9:23pm.  Category: General

This is very, very cool, at least to anyone who leans STO... watch it through.



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Joining Bring4th
Published by BonnieLee on April 13, 2009 3:16pm.  Category: General

Hello All,
Wasn't certain just wherre to put this introduction??  Put it here and also in forums.  Apologies if I am making errors.

It is very interesting to see how things have evolved in these past 20 or so years.
I was introduced to the Law of One according to Ra in 1987.  A year later I made the journey to Louisville and spent a wonderful afternoon visiting with Carla and Jim. Shortly after that I launched a Law of One Study Group here in Baltimore.  That group met every other week for about a year and a half. Most folks involved just gradually drifted away from the effort but a few seemed to truly “get it” and have felt that it did change their perspectives, and maybe even their lives. (The Law of One certainly did change me…)

Around that same time I joined a sort of a newsletter group coordinated by a very dedicated woman out in Washington State – Suzie Watkins.  What Suzie was doing was very much a kind of primitive forerunner to what we have here now.  About 20 individuals were in her mailing group and each month we’d send into her various things: observations, questions, artwork, dreams etc. and Suzie would either type or literally cut and paste (Like with real scissors and glue!) all these inputs and create a massive newsletter which she mailed out to everyone in the group. I think we each chipped in $25 a year to cover her expenses.

How far things have come – Yes?

I often wonder if anyone in that original group is still pursuing these things? I myself became too involved in running a couple different businesses – art gallery, newspaper publishing – to keep up with Suzie’s newsletter and I gradually drifted away from what was going on day-to-day in Louisville although I have checked in on the LL website every month or so ever since.

Anyway,  I’m glad to join this forum and to reconnect again in the daily meditations.

Love & Light, Namaste…
Bonnie North

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