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Space and Time
Published by Carrie on October 21, 2009 12:27am.  Category: General

Everyone has heard of Space-Time and Gravity and problems trying to solve it.
Has anyone heard of space-time generator?

Space-time generator is made of two devices, space generator and time generator.

Space generator
Space generator creates "space". Now obviously, when you generate space, you have big problems with generating space.

The first problem is what humans define as gravity (g), matter, anti-matter and light. Gravity is "consumer" of space. Matter is a "consumer of space"

The biggest problem you would have is "How do you anchor something where there is no concept of geometry?"

Suppose you put something into space and push it. It will go forever and ever out into space unless something collides with it or gets bogged down.

The first problem we had was trying to anchor something into "a position". The only way to do it was to place space into compact region and allow "negative space" to distort space. This distortion of space is called g or Gravity.

You need huge amounts of distortion to position stars into their orbit. When you position stars into an orbit, you call it galaxy.

Another problem was you needed to offset the distortion to prevent implosion. g had to be weak but span cover itself over large distances.

Time Generator
The second device is time generator. A time generator is to generate d or delta into system. The main purpose of this is not to generate delta into the thing. The purpose is to allow space to interact with itself.

Suppose you put something into space. It will be in fixed position and simply wont move. You had to control the amount of time needed to make it move to certain position.

Now of course, you could move it yourself, or allow the "something" to move by itself.

Space and Time are two different but closely related entities. Space is 3D, there is height (how high), width (how wide) and length (how wide) it is.

Many humans use the word "space-time" but they are two different entities that work together.

Space is physical unit. It means you can see space by virtue of one object being further away from another object.

Suppose you can manipulate space and time. The first problem you will have is to prevent an implosion.

If you have space from a dot, you need some way to push space outwards. The problem is that it will come back again because you set parameters or limits of space. For example, if you set the limit of space to be, say, 100km L, 100km W, 100km H, you generate some sort of sphere which contain space. The problem starts is when space expands to fill void, then space "bounces back" when it reaches the limit. Big problem. In order to prevent the bounce-back, you would have to keep expanding, expanding and expanding to prevent space from collapsing back. The next problem is zoning. You need to zone areas of high matter and low matter. Matter is clumping of space into collections of matter. You need to generate negative space to hold matter together.

Here comes Time. If you expand space, you would notice there is no Time. Time is independent of space. Time allows space to interact with space. Time is generated by device called Time Generator. The Time Generator sends time waves across space. This allows the space to interact with space.

Negative space is contraction of matter into an area smaller than a dot. Human scientists call it black hole.

Once you have a black hole setup, you allow it to start gathering matter around it, allow it to suck-up some matter (not all matter) around it. The compression and expansions create small little galaxies. These in turn hosts stars. The negative space becomes quite large in what human scientists call super-massive black hole.

Time is measured in offsets, e.g., intervals of time. On Earth - e.g., 1 human day, 1 human week, 1 human month and so on.

You can speed-up or slow-down time using the Time Generator. The time generator uses process called slotting. Slotting means the entity controlling the Time Generator can inject future events into space. It also means it can modify previous events.

There is another interesting thing called Time-Fracture. Time fracture occurs in negative space. The observer in negative-space will see time-pass-by without the observer receiving time.

The way how space generator works, the generator maintains hidden space to maintain fabric of space.

This hidden space allows space to maintain itself. it is also responsible for "interactions between points in space". What does this statement mean? it means it calculates the interactions between one unit of space and another unit of space. This is how fixed calculations govern space.

Humans will call it laws of physics and other formulas which govern functioning of space.

Some people have asked. How big is the universe?
The universe is very, very, very big... and ageless.

Wait a minute... If you were outside the universe, the whole thing would be just a dot.

If you had space and time generator, it would generate all the space and time. But the whole of it is inside that generator.

Just think about this statement: Humans, planet earth, this milky-way galaxy, all galaxies, stars are self-contained inside this generator.


In love and kindness


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