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About me
Member: Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female
Interests: Serving the Creator and my other-selves, singing, reading for fun (romances, sci-fi and mysteries) collecting recipes, eating out (I love to do that!), hanging with St. Luke's Episcopal Church community of worship and singing in the choir, making the Law of One information more easily available, writing on a the second book of a three-book series on the principles of the Law of One, reading other channeling and spiritually oriented books, learning about bio-dynamic gardening and living, patting our kitties and keeping up with friends.

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In June of 2005 I kept a daily journal on a speaking trip to Britain and decided to keep the daily entries going on my return. If you would like to keep up with L/L Research and our activities, this is the place to do that. Nowadays it is Jim who writes the daily entry, and Gary writes the  blogworthy report (the bulleted list) detailing his and Austin's work at the helm of the L/L ship. We wish you blessings, light and love! Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty. To view the Camelot Journal archive, please visit

Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 22, 2014 7:38am.  Category: General



Today is the first day of winter, the longest night and the least light. From now until the first day of summer the days will get longer. For a little more spring cheer there are only 132 days until the Kentucky Derby!


Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The wound looks good except for a little slough on the lower rim of the wound that we are treating with Santyl ointment. We await word on the surgery date to remove the screw in Carla's wound but aren't really expecting it will happen until after the first of the year.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. today from 1-3 and they talked about how the Christmas spirit is really Spirit moving through people at this time of year and how our Christmas cheer brings out this Spirit in people. I puttered around the yard while Carla was on the air and afterwards we got her hair washed and looking a very pretty and fluffy purple.


After a couple of week's hiatus we had our silent meditation tonight and were joined by Gary. We shared our week's activities and our spiritual concerns. It was a good session and we enjoyed the 20 minute meditation that followed our sharing.


I read more to Carla from Courageous Souls where we discovered that souls need not incarnate to serve in the physical realm. "Souls who are in the nonphysical provide tremendous assistance to us by sending love and inspiration. They communicate with us in our dreams and touch us through our emotions when we are awake. Those who love us are with us always, whether or not they incarnate alongside us. The bonds of the heart are eternal."


For our protocol this evening we found a special Christmas concert with Heart and Ann and Nancy Wilson and friends. It was a nice change of pace to our usual Classical choice of music. I said the prayer at our Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 21, 2014 8:32am.  Category: General



When I went out to get the newspaper this morning there was just enough snow on the ground to track a rabbit. Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her nausea was back in full force today, but at least her plumbing was working well. We take little victories where we can find them.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. from 1-3 this afternoon and they sent love and healing blessings to the various places on the planet that are having troubles whether of the weather or of warring factions of humans. I spent that time checking the rooms in the house for need of cleaning as Carla's brothers and families will be joining us for a late Christmas this week. I also looked for clothes in our storage areas that are Carla's new, smaller size so she doesn't swim in her outfits due to her weight loss over the last few months.


I read to Carla from Courageous Souls and found an eye-opening quote as a follow up to the topic of parenting handicapped children and why all the parties involved would choose such a situation: "In the meshing of these life plans is an intricate, elegant coordination of purpose. Motivated by the twin desires of personal evolution and service to others, Jennifer, her ex-husband, Sarah, Ryan, and Bradley chose one another in love, just as other handicapped children and their siblings and parents chose one another in love. Love increases as it is given away. Because souls are love, souls expand as they love. The life challenge of parenting a handicapped child is an opportunity to love. Despite its hardships and heart-break, this challenge so courageously embraced by Jennifer and her family, is therefore an expansion of their souls.


They are all silent heroes. Bradley and Ryan may or may not achieve in ways that society will reward or recognize, yet their accomplishments will be great. Jennifer's patience and compassion may not earn accolades, but her contribution is profound. Far from the world of competition and conquest, neither seeking nor garnering fame or praise, millions of handicapped children and their parents lead lives in which their courage is tested and reaffirmed daily with dignity and grace.


These are lives of quiet magnificence."


In order to make ultimate sense out of painful and confusing lives we must take a larger perspective and see every life situation as offering a chance for finding and sharing love.


For our protocol this evening we found a real treat to accompany our bathing. We found a special program dedicated to the ‘Basement Tapes' that Bob Dylan and The Band made in 1967 after they had appeared at Woodstock. They stayed in upstate New York for seven months and in that time Dylan wrote over 150 songs that were later bootlegged as "The Basement Tapes" but were never officially offered for sale. So T. Bone Burnett gathered some of today's influential young musicians at Capitol Records and had them put music to the lyrics of about 37 of these songs. Among the artists were Taylor Goldsmith, Rhiannon, Jim James, Elvis Costello, and Marcus Mumford. They spent two intensive weeks putting various melodies to some of the same songs as a group and singly in order to find the best way to accompany Dylan's words. The results were the finest example of what is possible in a totally supportive environment of collaboration. We enjoyed two hours of glorious music. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 20, 2014 8:21am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and changed the dressing on Carla's wound and then put silver nitrate on it. There was more imprint below her wound that we thought the commode was causing, but with the commode padded I am wondering if the bed pad under Carla could be causing this pattern that has previously become a small wound that also needed treatment.


I finished the cleaning of our China, crystal, and silver today, getting them all back on their cleaned shelves and marking this yearly job off my list. I also got the chronically low tire off Carla's Subaru and took it to Big O Tires for repair and then headed out to Louisville Tractor to pick up my 61" riding mower that was also being repaired. As it turned out the tire had a leak around the bead but is now fixed and back on Stanley.


We did our protocol to the accompaniment of the Classical Guys and then I read to Carla from Courageous Souls, "From the perspective of the personality, suffering is bad, and learning quickly is better than learning slowly. For the soul there is no "badness" in any experience, and the time it takes to learn something like self-love is of no importance. . .To the personality judgment is the natural consequence of suffering. To the soul, suffering is the natural consequence of judgment...In this way our greatest tormentors are often those with whom we share the most love when in spirit." And so we see more clearly now how this third-density world is indeed an illusion in that it is not what it appears to be on the surface but so much more than we even have a clue about.


To end our viewing day we watched the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour where the guests were the Von Trapp family of three granddaughters and one grandson of "The Sound of Music" folks and they were joined by their new musical companions, The Pink Martinis. Together they sounded like old time Big Band Pop music with a twist. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 19, 2014 8:12am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The nausea continues but we seem to be getting the plumbing working with the proper medication. The wound continues to look good and we are hoping that the surgery to remove the titanium screw in her wound will be put off until after Christmas.


I continued my washing of the China, crystal, and silver finally getting everything sparkling and most of it back on the shelves from which it came. I will need to check the bedrooms this weekend to be sure of what is clean and what needs Trish's attention next Monday.


Gary and Austin were looking very productive in the L/L Office today:

  • Scanned and sent out a big batch of international donation letters.

  • Received some prisoner correspondence from Azeem and sent it on.

  • Worked with Carla on email and the newsletter.

  • Austin worked on getting the new online store ready for potential launch over the Christmas holidays while he is away and while Steve may have time to work on it. Corresponded with Steve about the prospect of getting it ready to launch before the new site.

  • Gathered questions and topics for the next two weeks of "In the Now."

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo and sharing via social media.

  • Executed the keeping of the books.

  • Thanked Edgard for his great volunteer work that he's able to squeak into the edges of a life filled with family and professional obligations.

  • Heard from our Turkish friend Baykal about a Sufi gathering he attended there that was abuzz with dancing, music, love, and spiritual focus. Would love participate in something of that sort.

  • Heard back from the Russian seeker with whom we last had contact over two and a half years ago. She is still around and had completed one page of Book V translation, but perhaps if this other individual follows through, we can connect the two.

  • Wrote to Andreas to see if he's be interested in helping out on other L/L projects and much to our relief/delight, he responded enthusiastically in the affirmative, pending gaining a new notebook, pending wife's approval.

  • Spent time organizing and understanding the templates that will be needed for the work.

  • Heard great but unrealizable news from Terry's end. A businessman really enjoyed the Chinese 101 and wanted to invest in getting 102 and 103 into Chinese. Alas... I suggested that perhaps this individual might be interested in other L/L works.

  • Processed the last of the unprocessed stuff that happened while on honeymoon.

  • Replied to Pupak about some L/L gifts and her Gaia-healing initiative.

  • Responded to Richard W. about his work with the mini-pyramids. He's having trouble getting a drawing of sufficient high quality drawn for the patent process.

  • Transcribed Terry H's Q&A from Tuesday's In the Now as listening to spoken English is problematic for him.

  • Thanked Fox H. again for Gangaji.

  • Skype will translate spoken speech for you

  • Stunning photos of Earth from above


For our evening we invited The Stones, The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, etc. to serenade us for our protocol. I read again from Courageous Souls where it was stated clearly that "What may seem like punishment to the personality is an opportunity for growth from the viewpoint of the soul. . .from the viewpoint of the soul no event or course of action is "bad". All is simply experience, and every experience teaches and offers opportunities for growth". As Ra said, "There are no mistakes." When you know that then you can look for the opportunities for growth in every situation without having to bemoan having to endure "the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune."


We completed our viewing day by watching the very last episode of the Colbert Report. Colbert ended his show and nine-year run on the Comedy Channel by singing "We'll Meet Again" and being joined on stage by a couple hundred celebrities, among them George Lucas, Henry Kissinger, Gloria Steinem, Barry Manilow, Willie Nelson, Alan Alda, Alex Trebek, and Kareem Abdul Jabar. Then Santa and Abraham Lincoln swooped him away in a sleigh and carried him off into eternity with Alex Trebek serving as his guide into the spirit world. We will definitely miss Colbert's biting wit, deep intelligence, and his love of having fun. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 18, 2014 7:58am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. We went to see the eye doctor this morning in order to get the Lotemax prescription renewed. There are some side effects of Lotemax that need to be checked every three months to be sure all is well, and all is well for Carla to continue to take Lotemax for her very dry corneas. It relieves some of the pain but doesn't help the vision problems that come with dry corneas. We'll take the pain relief.


Gary and Austin joined us for lunch and a little conversation. We talked about Christmas plans for everyone and our hopes for the holiday season.


I began cleaning the China, crystal, and silver that we have displayed on shelves in every room on the first floor. It all gets cleaned once a year before Christmas and is a large undertaking as we have generations of collectibles from Carla's side of the family.


Gary and Austin chalked up another successful day in the L/L office;

  • Responded to various seeker email.

  • Enjoyed a good lunch with Jim and Carla.

  • Digitized Q'uo and restocked the office book supply.

  • Edited Carla's Notes to Our Readers draft for the upcoming Light/Lines Newsletter.

  • Received a transcript of the second interview that Deb West did with Carla and Jim, sending it on to Deb.

  • Shared via social media and responded to seeker email

  • Finalized and sent out another big ("big" a very relative term, mind you) batch of donation letters and wrote some thank-you notes to a couple of donors.

  • Explored more options for efficient conversion of the Hungarian translation to Epub format, determined that it is not be worth the time investment right now.

  • Received an interesting email from a fellow seeker who think that a local friend of the group's who was discussed in the Lo1 is still living, but upon investigation it turns out that this was a case of misidentification.

  • Dialogued with Laszlo on translation discussion and relayed to him the great news that the Hungarian Book II is now available from the archive website! Thanks to Steve as well for getting it up there last night despite a busy schedule:

  • Wrote Steve afterward about replacing existing Hungarian text with Laszlo's updates and adding 6" pdf versions of each Hungarian translation that Laszlo created so as to be more readable on Kindles.

  • Austin wrote to Steve E. to get some help in getting me set up with the new online store. Austin will be away over the Christmas holidays which may be the time that Steve is able to connect a new online store that Austin has for the most part already filled with L/L's products.

  • Wrote Andreas (the volunteer who expertly and proactively created the epub and mobi versions of the Lo1 we now make available through the archive website) asking if he might be interested in expanding his service and helping with some of the backlog of projects in need of formatting for publication to the archive website.

  • Responded to a Russian seeker who is interested in translating Book V into Russian! We hope so as the existing Russian translation has needed a Book V for some years. Last we heard there was a different seeker who was going to do just that in April, 2012, but no word back since. Sent her an email today, 2.5 years later, asking if anything ever come of her attempt.

  • Enjoyed this quote from John Steinbeck, author of The Grapes of Wrath: "There are several kinds of love. One is a selfish, mean, grasping, egotistical thing which uses love for self-importance. This is the ugly and crippling kind. The other is an outpouring of everything good in you -- of kindness and consideration and respect -- not only the social respect of manners but the greater respect which is recognition of another person as unique and valuable. The first kind can make you sick and small and weak but the second can release in you strength, and courage and goodness and even wisdom you didn't know you had." source

  • And you may have seen a link in a previous Camelot Journal entry to an article seemingly reporting on the pope making a radical change in church doctrine and announcing that hell is not real, and Adam and Eve are only metaphors. Well, that article was satire, I just, much to my own embarrassment, learned. Given the things I"ve heard Pope Francis say, and his being a reformer, I didn't think the edict was out of character for him, and the article was not in the Onion.


Our evening was full of the usual programs but we did start out our protocol with Mr. Dylan, the Doors, and Buffalo Springfield, but then switched to the Classical Music Station when Black Sabbath showed up on the menu. I read to Carla from Courageous Souls where it was confirmed that we do have soul families or groups that reincarnate with us in hundreds and thousands of lifetimes, playing many parts-some seemingly negative or adversarial so we can learn specific lessons. To get more of a desirable quality like compassion it is often accomplished by programming a severe lack of same. We finished our viewing day with the penultimate Colbert Report. Carla said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 17, 2014 7:54am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and changed Carla's dressing and put silver nitrate on the wound. That means extra pain throughout the day. Mona couldn't believe that Carla has lost nearly 40 pounds since August when the nausea got exponentially worse. Carla is nearly at her normal weight now. Even I lost 8 lbs. in two months just by giving up sweet snacks (except for one on Saturday nightsJ).


Gary and Austin joined us for the Blog Talk Radio Show after lunch today and we had a good discussion that was well rounded by each topic having four different points of view. We are working toward a complete description of that elephant in the dark room.


Gary and Austin also put in a good day's work in the L/L office:

  • Joined the McCarty's for this week's In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew.
    In this episode we discuss:
    - Some clarifications for the Ra material.
    - What is an "artificial dream within a dream"?
    - How to do the right thing when we feel the choice is not obvious.
    - Political activism.
    Available for download or streaming here

  • Continued working with Laszlo on the Hungarian translation. Received his final PDF of Book 1 (making the 3rd edition), and the first Book II in Hungarian ever. Relayed that to Steve for publication to the archive website with a request that, if possible, it be published before Christmas as Laszlo is hoping to share it with other Hungarian seekers by then. He also said something particularly touching about initiating his long journey of translation:
    "When I first saw the text of the first few sessions, which [my friend] had shown me back in 2001 in a chatroom, it looked so difficult that I could hardly understand anything of it and never thought I'd get this far. But even then, from the first sermonette, I knew instantly, that I am faced here with something superior, immense, which will probably worth all kind of efforts."

  • Caught up on some lovely Mish D. and Aaron T. dialogue. By the time she has finished, Aaron will have transcribed 22 of the 29 sessions of the interview project.

  • Processed and shipped book orders and prisoner book requests - much thanks to the hard workers at the post office this time of year. The line was out the door!

  • Took some dictation for Carla, helping her clear out her inbox and helping her write the first draft for the "Notes to Our Readers" section for the upcoming Light/Lines Newsletter.

  • A day of letter writing - writing to donors and prisoners and seekers.

  • Continued digitization of Q'uo.

  • Replied to a business person and presumably seeker who wished to make an audiobook from L/L material.

  • Transcribed a Homecoming talk which wasn't ideal to send to a volunteer transcriber because it had a video accompaniment.

  • Posted the following note to the L/L Research Facebook page:
    Hello friends, seekers, community. We have non-momentous news to share with you: the L/L Research page has reached over 2,000 likes! That is a completely meaningless and arbitrary number signifying nothing in particular, but it does have a nice ring to it.

    Actually, it may represent the tiny triumph of this material. With no real marketing and no big publisher behind it, the Confederation's message has nevertheless managed to travel around the globe to reach many seeking hearts. It is an exceedingly small demographic, but one whose love for this philosophy, like our own, generally remains deep and abiding.

    Thank you for intersecting with this particular wavelength of love and light! It is a joy to mutually study this body of work with and alongside you, and to receive your comments, emails, and messages.

    Signed, the L/L Research team


Our evening was full of a block of NCIS and the Brahms, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, etc. gang kept us company for our protocol. We completed our viewing day with the Colbert Report. Just two episodes left. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 16, 2014 7:18am.  Category: General



Carla and I got up at 5:30 this morning and did our Morning Offering and protocol before heading off to Baptist Hospital for Carla's infusion of two units of blood. We took it as a very good sign when we got the very last parking place in front of this new section of the hospital. The whole process was quite long (nearly eight hours) but it went very well. I finished reading Life Between Lives and we were sad to see this last book in the series come to an end. It was like a long letter from home with lots of good news about our friends and us as well.


Gary and Austin did their usual good work in the L/L office today:

  • Avoided the Christmas line at the post office and went straight for the PO Box to pick up L/L mailstuffs

  • Initiated the process whereby is precipitated the conditions which bring about the manifestation of the quarterly publication The Light/Lines Newsletter.

  • Rounded up questions for tomorrow's episode if In the Now.

  • Initiated what will be a long project to fulfill a heart-of-heart's desire of Carla's: to catalogue the L/L Research library. I don't mean the library available on the archive website, rather, the physical walls of the house that are half wall, half bookshelf. The librarian and utilitarian in Carla has long desired that these books be catalogued, both, I think, for the tidiness of an ordered, organized system, and so that people can use the library like a library. That is to say, search the collection and check out books. Toward this end Austin has showed Trish the as-of-yet unimplemented system of cataloguing using an old desktop dedicated to that purpose. Trish began her progress-making with dispatch.  

  • Austin says, "Began editing part 9 of Carla's interview with Denise Wilbanks until the video editing software started experiencing the most persistent and annoying bug. Attempted to solve the issue until the threshold of throwing the computer out of the window was dangerously close." (While I tend to author most of this, covering both Austin's work and my own, we both contribute bullet points, and I left this one in quotes because that final sentence was too funny not to attribute authorship to its appropriate source.)

  • Worked with Laszlo on the Hungarian Law of One. Hopefully we should be able to publish it to the archive website by Christmas.

  • Spent a lot of time working with Edgard on the pdf of Scholar's. It's coming handsomely!

  • Worked with Deborah on changes to Carla's class for IMU.

  • Caught up on questions and dialogue with our longstanding friend, Terry H.

  • Processed and shipped some book orders and prisoner book requests.

  • Processed online and PO Box donations. Thank you, donors!

  • Received a prisoner letter from Azeem and sent it along.

  • Responded to some seeker email.

  • Continued the digitization of Q'uo.

  • Daily social media sharing.


Our evening was full of a block of NCIS that we started in the hospital and continued until we found another book that I could read to Carla: Courageous Souls: Do We Plan Our Life Challenges Before Birth? by Robert Schwartz. After the first 30 pages it is obvious that the material in this book dovetails perfectly with the four book series by Dr. Michael Newton. Then we did our evening protocol with the Classical Music Station for background music. Then we smiled, and we danced. And we smiled and we danced. Where our bodies touched opened an infinity of beingness, and the dance goes on forever. We completed our television viewing day with the Colbert Report knowing that it will also come to an end this Thursday as he does his last show before taking over for David Letterman. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 14, 2014 10:44pm.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Sunday is the day that I always measure Carla's wound. The wound continues to be 14 cm. X 16 cm. It's gotten a little bigger this year, about 2 cm. each direction. The pain was a little less today because of being two days away from the silver nitrate. The drainage is down for the same reason. We go to Baptist Hospital tomorrow morning early for Carla to get two more units of blood. It's liable to be a long day.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. from 1-3. Wynn had just been on a radio program where he was the guest and had a chance to tell more people about his radio shows. So today he welcomed his larger listening audience to the show and spent a good deal of time talking about the show itself. There wasn't much for Carla to do, so that was kind of disappointing.


I spent a little more time finishing up the gathering of leaf dust and spread it over the pet cemetery area which we have also just planted in bulbs that will produce various spring flowers. There isn't much work to do outside now, so most work will now move inside to finish getting ready for Christmas.


After Carla got off the radio show we got her hair washed and then we got bundled up for a wheel around the neighborhood. It was cloudy and 45 degrees, but we still enjoyed the beauty of the landscape and the freshness of the air.


Tonight we did our protocol to the Classical Music Station and then followed that with a late night dressing change to give us more time tomorrow morning to do our protocol and Morning Offering before leaving at 7:30 for the hospital. We completed our viewing evening by watching the Barbara Walters Special on ABC where she interviews the ten most interesting people of the year. It's always fascinating to hear how successful people got started and how they got to where they are today. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 14, 2014 7:15am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her wound looks good and the small new sore place on her behind is now being treated and is beginning to heal. The nausea continues as do the plumbing issues, but there is progress there as well. She got back to the beginning exercises again today. We are starting small and hopefully avoiding any injuries.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. today for more than 4 hours doing a Law of One workshop. There were many listeners who had a chance to call in questions, so there was a lot of give and take which Carla is very good at.


I spent most of the time that Carla was on the air watching the Kentucky vs. North Carolina basketball game. After Kentucky won I spent a little time outside scooping up the leaf dust from three main locations and spreading it over the pet cemetery where we have planted a lot of spring bulbs. It's good to get the leaf dust off the grassy areas because it was thick enough to kill the grass.


After our late afternoon naps we had a delicious evening meal and then I read from Life Between Lives where we learned how different souls have different ways of getting ready to embark upon the upcoming incarnation. Some meet with guides; some meet with their soul group and rehearse how they will meet in the upcoming life; and some go to a place of solitude to image the life to come in general terms. We did our protocol to the accompaniment of the Classical Music Station. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on December 13, 2014 8:05am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and changed Carla's dressing and put silver nitrate on the wound. This always increases the pain level for Carla and today the pain was especially sharp. Mona also took blood from Carla's port for CBC labs. for two different doctors.


I went outside after lunch and blew and mulched the leaves in the back yard. There aren't many leaves left in our neighbors' yards or on the trees so this could really be the last leaf mulching of the season:)


In the late afternoon we got a surprise call from Baptist Hospital telling us Carla is scheduled to have a blood typing and cross-matching followed by the infusion of two units of blood next Monday morning at 8 am. This is an outpatient procedure and will last from 6-7 hrs. I called her family doctor's office after taking this call and found out that Dr. Hamad had indeed scheduled this procedure to get Carla's hemoglobin pumped up for eventual back surgery to remove the titanium screws now appearing in her wound bed. No date for the surgery has been set, but it can't be too far away.


Our evening began with some NCIS and then I read from Life Between Lives again and tonight we find that the benefits of Life Between Lives hypnotherapy come when a client is able to identify their soul's desires and aspirations and are able to translate these aspirations to their current life situation. We did our protocol this evening to the accompaniment of the Classical Music Station. After our protocol we continued to listen to the classical music until Strauss's waltz got us out on the dance floor and our energy was moving round and round and round in a glorious pulsating rhythm until we could take no more. We finished our viewing evening with the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour where the featured guest was Michael Martin Murphy, whose Wildfire was a hit many years ago. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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