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Member: Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female
Interests: Serving the Creator and my other-selves, singing, reading for fun (romances, sci-fi and mysteries) collecting recipes, eating out (I love to do that!), hanging with St. Luke's Episcopal Church community of worship and singing in the choir, making the Law of One information more easily available, writing on a the second book of a three-book series on the principles of the Law of One, reading other channeling and spiritually oriented books, learning about bio-dynamic gardening and living, patting our kitties and keeping up with friends.

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In June of 2005 I kept a daily journal on a speaking trip to Britain and decided to keep the daily entries going on my return. If you would like to keep up with L/L Research and our activities, this is the place to do that. Nowadays it is Jim who writes the daily entry, and Gary writes the  blogworthy report (the bulleted list) detailing his and Austin's work at the helm of the L/L ship. We wish you blessings, light and love! Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty. To view the Camelot Journal archive, please visit

Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 1, 2014 7:41am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Today she saw the rest of the Homecoming attendees who had signed up to visit her for 20 minutes. She enjoyed meeting each seeker and told everyone that she loved them and hoped that they could return to future Homecomings.


The presentations continued to surprise and shine today beginning with a Skype presentation by Pupak and Thanasis who were presenting from their home at Findhorn in Scotland. They talked about offering their gifts to the world. Ken W. shared the important points and events in his spiritual life up to this point. Wayne H. played guitar and shared some meditation practices. Jim I. shared his view of 3rd density challenges and blessings. David K. shared fascinating paranormal experiences he has had which involved the animal world. Morris H. gave an inspiring presentation about how we can choose to make each event in our daily round of activities a positive experience. I attempted to answer questions people had about anything connected to L/L Research, and our final gathering had each of us thinking about what the most important relationship in our lives might have been. Then we closed Homecoming with a big group hug and everyone then walked the block down the street to the Village Anchor for a scrumptious final meal together.


Carla and I went through our regular evening routine with an air of mission accomplished and we watched a little television but mostly fell back into bed with a happy exhaustion and good dreams to come. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 31, 2014 8:25am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her day today was focused around meeting with some of the Homecoming attendees for about 20 minutes for each visit. It was more wearing on her than we had anticipated, so we had to get creative about when to schedule the last few visits later in the day. She enjoyed every person and definitely wants to meet everyone that has come to our Homecoming and open her heart to them.


The presentations were fascinating today with a great variety of topics as well. Romi shared about his journey of service; Sephira shared his glossary project for Law of One terms; Carla shared some of her poetry with guitar accompaniment from Austin; Gary shared his experience with silent meditation; Doug and Kim shared poetry and song; John and Jennellen shared their poems and songs about spiritual awakening. There was a great feeling of open hearts and a real desire to know what other people were experiencing on their spiritual journeys.


We all shared lunch at home and then everyone went out for the dinner meal at Selena's, a nearby Cajun restaurant. Carla and I had the folks bring us back some food from Selena's too.


This being the first Saturday on the Labor Day weekend meant that it was the first day of college football as well. My Nebraska Cornhuskers got off to a great start as did the Kentucky Wildcats. The Louisville Cardinals will play Monday night. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 30, 2014 7:51am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning to put silver nitrate on Carla's wound for the second time this week. It seems to be working to get the wound irritated and producing healing energies. She took note of Carla's elimination problem and advised continued efforts in that regard.


My last job to get the yard in shape for Homecoming was to blow the leaves out of the yard that had fallen from the sycamore and tulip poplar trees in the back yard. People began arriving in the late afternoon and Homecoming got under way.


We began the festivities with a short introduction by Gary who then passed the ball to me and on behalf of Carla I welcomed everyone to L/L Research and to our home. As always, I assured everyone that this is a safe place where people can talk about their spiritual journey and no one will think that they are crazy. Then we had our evening meal around the circle together just before beginning a round-robin talk around the circle where people told a little bit about themselves and how they came into contact with the Law of One information.


We had about 20 people in the circle this evening so this process of sharing took the rest of the evening. Carla was hooked up so she could hear what was happening in the circle and then when it was time for her to speak we could hear her as well. There was an awful lot of love generated in this first gathering and it looks like a good group that has gathered once again this year. Carla and I took those lovely energies of the open heart and inquiring minds and put our part into the mix, stirred vigorously with smiles and giggles and found ourselves laughing in delicious abandon with the sheer beauty of it all. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 29, 2014 8:02am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. We continue with the added walking with assistance for exercise and the pain level seems to be workable. Her appetite is good but we need more work on the elimination. Her wound is healthy and looks like it is getting its exercise as well.


Our tent for Homecoming was put up this morning and I did a little arranging of plants and chairs after it was up. I also cleaned the side fish pond ring around the spout and put finishing touches on here and there outside.


Gary and Austin were in high gear all day in the L/L office:


Our evening was delightfully quiet and peaceful. I am sure that will change for the weekend as Homecoming will go into high gear tomorrow. We searched the movie channels for a good target to watch. We did find a special program that talked about traditional dances in India which have been kept alive by certain dancers. They were marvelous and we loved their movements. We also watched our usual favorites and I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight. And we went to sleep watching the Colbert Report.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 28, 2014 7:52am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her wound had good drainage and color this morning. Twice per week applications of silver nitrate are having a revitalizing effect upon her wound. Carla's appetite is good and we are continuing her small amount of extra walking as her exercise.


I mowed the grass today and then built a little frame of protection over the sun mandala where the tent will be put up tomorrow. I want to be sure that the flowers survive the tent folks' putting up the tent.


Our first Homecoming attendee, Garry F. from Australia, arrived today. It took him 24 hours of flying to get here and he represents the furthest that a person can travel to get here. That is dedication.


Gary and Austin were in high gear of productivity today in and around the L/L office:

  • A Homecoming day, beginning with Epic Grocery Trip One to Sam's club. (Tomorrow Epic Grocery Trip Two to Kroger. With one dinner, two breakfasts, and two lunches, we are amassing enough for potentially roughly 106 meals. That adds up.)

  • Performed a test run for Carla's Homecoming presentation that will involve multiple pieces of technology, including two wireless headsets from Carla's room (one for her and one for Austin on guitar) broadcasting to their corresponding bases connected to a PA Amp that will be outside in the circle, two laptops connected via Skype - one in Carla's room and one in the circle, and a boom box outside playing CD recordings of Carla's songs in between poems that she reads with accompanying guitar playing from Austin.

  • Continued the effort to clean the house entity for its big day. Marked the placement for the delivery tomorrow of the tent for Homecoming. Mostly finalized the handout in preparation for tomorrow's printing.

  • Received a batch of Chinese-translation transcripts from Terry H..

  • Shared via social media and continued digitizing Q'uo.

  • Sent some responses off to J that Carla gave via dictation.

  • Put together Introduction for the weekend and practiced our own presentations a bit.

  • And Austin made a late-night airport pick up of an entity who has traveled all the long way from the other side of the Earth (a land known as Australia) to attend Homecoming and also make his first visit to the States. Welcome to Louisville, Garry!!


Tonight we said good-bye to Diane Sawyer who will no longer anchor the ABC national news at 6:30 pm. We loved her not only because she was such a great anchor but also because she is from Louisville and just north of our house is the Tom Sawyer State Park which is named after her father. We watched the requisite amount of NCIS and Modern Family before ending our viewing day with the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 27, 2014 8:13am.  Category: General




Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and put more silver nitrate on Carla's wound. She was happy with the bleeding that she saw before the application of silver nitrate, so I am sure that she would have been thrilled with all the bloody drainage that the wound showed for the rest of the day.


Gary and Austin joined us after lunch for our weekly Blog Talk Radio Show where we discussed how to live when choices are severely limited, the concept of the ego, and Jesus. It was a good show and got down to the real nitty gritty of living on planet Earth.


I blew all the leaves in the yard into piles and gathered them in preparation for mowing the grass tomorrow. Grass looks so much better when there isn't leaf detritus mixed in. We have four trees dropping leaves now: sycamore, black walnut, catalpa, and tulip poplar. It's getting to look like fall out there.


Gary and Austin were very productive in the L/L office today:

  • Hosted our weekly "In the Now" program. In this episode we discuss:
    - Recalling the consciousness of deep love.
    - What to do when your back's against the ropes.
    - How to cope with increasingly stressful catalyst.
    - The ego.
    - A unique interpretation of Jesus.
    Available for download or streaming here

  • Rescheduled next week's "In the Now" to Thursday, September 4th, due to Carla's medical appointments

  • Continued creating download items and masks for the Ra session MP3's for the online store.

  • Worked on our Homecoming presentations.

  • Set up a contraption including a pond pump, tubing, and citric acid to clean the Kangen machine in preparation for Homecoming.

  • Responded to Aaron T. with questions about selecting sections for transcribing the interview project. There's so much material that a file map is required and some help in navigating it.

  • Focused bunches on Homecoming today, including determining the final group question for the weekend, fiddling around with Skype that didn't work on my laptop so had to borrow Jim's so that we could connect with Pupak to do a test and talk things over about her own Homecoming this weekend and the presentation that she and Thanasis will offer to our Homecoming, got an email to those arriving by air this Friday and needing transportation, worked on getting the recipes together and adjusting their quantities (I look forward to the day when we just bring a food truck to the house), sent out the final email to the group with all logistical and philosophical details needed, and happily learned that Brittany and Walter will be joining Sunday's dinner.


Our evening of television viewing was composed of NCIS, both old and new, and some Modern Family thrown in for spice. We listened to the Classic Rock and Roll Station for our protocol and finished our viewing day with the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 26, 2014 7:49am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. We were hoping to wheel her around the neighborhood this morning before it got too hot and humid, but her back was too painful to consider the bumps that would pop up on the way. She was able to work with Austin as he will be playing a little background guitar as she reads some of her poetry for her presentation at this year's Homecoming.


I did the trimming on the grass around our various flower beds today. I also transplanted some petunias where impatiens had matured and stopped blooming. I think that I will have to do the same with the impatiens in our two front porch planters but with mums instead.


Gary and Austin were spotted in the L/L office today working very hard:

  • Stopped by the PO Box
  • Did many things Homecoming, including processing emails, putting together flight schedule, rearranging a room, tweaking the curriculum and presentation table, working with Pupak to connect her and a fellow seeker from Scotland, and continued building the handout. Just waiting on one title and one description for the event and the curriculum is pretty much set.
  • Heard great news from Steve E.: we may be able to retain a feature of the community website we thought we might not be able to transplant to the new website.
  • Stopped by the Box PO.
  • Processed and shipped book orders, responded to prisoner requests.
  • Investigated methods of securing a paper holder to Carla's swivel desk - took a trip to OfficeMax to find a proper holder.
  • Worked on editing part 5 of Carla's interview with Denise Wilbanks, standardizing an intro/outro template that can be used for all interview videos.
  • Continued Q'uo digitization, and ordered more CD's for said digitization.
  • Shared via social media
  • Practiced Carla's Homecoming presentation with her by playing guitar accompaniment.
  • Gathered Carla's songs into a zip file and sent them off to Wynn F. who will play them on his radio program.
  • Contacted Garry (aka: Plenum) regarding airport pickup time. Two more days (one day from the posting of this entry) and we'll meet in person for the first time!
  • Responded to various s seeker emails.
  • Gathered questions for tomorrow's episode of "In the Now."

We watched a block of NCIS and Modern Family this evening. We listened to the Classical music station for our protocol and used the Inspiration of Bach, Beethoven, Handel and Vivaldi to craft our own rock opera of musical madness. It was a wonderful adventure of sound, sensation, and rocketing silence. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.




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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 25, 2014 7:43am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Susie came by this morning and did the monthly change out of Carla's catheter. She also flushed out and got clean Carla's power port. The last two times nurses tried to get blood out of her port they couldn't get a return although they could put medicine in. Now the port works both ways.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. from 1-3 this afternoon where the conversation was focused around the nature of synchronicities: how they occur, when they occur, what they might mean, etc. We also got Carla's hair washed and her bedding changed, but she was unable to get through to a good friend for a pre-planned phone conversation.


While Carla was on the air with Wynn I went outside and finished the weeding of our flower beds. I also fertilized the water lilies and sprayed all the flowers with deer repellant which had undoubtedly washed off with all the rain that we have gotten lately.


Gary and Austin joined Carla and me for our weekly silent meditation where we shared our individual weeks' worth of experiences as well as reviewing the final plans for Homecoming which is now less than a week away. We finished our day with a few episodes of NCIS and Modern Family. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 24, 2014 7:45am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her wound is red and healthy; her CPAP machine is working fairly well and helping her to feel more alert; her nausea comes and goes; and we continue with our modest exercise program of walking a little extra when she is up and out of bed.


She was on the radio with Wynn F. for an hour after lunch. They had a small group today and mostly talked about personal things and made preparations for a Law of One workshop two weeks down the line.


I went outside and did about half the weeding of the flower gardens today. It's the last weeding before Homecoming. Everything seems to be coming together in good time and in good shape.


Our evening saw more rain fall to punctuate the late blast of summer heat and humidity that will continue this next week and abate with the beginning of Homecoming. This could be the wettest August on record when it is over and the summer one of the coolest. We watched NCIS and Modern Family and at 11pm we watched Front and Center where Tom O'Dell from England played for an hour. He is exciting with some of his explorations, but he doesn't like to end his songs. Those endings just showed up like a door-to-door salesman throughout his set. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on August 23, 2014 7:58am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by late this morning and changed Carla's dressing. She is coming by twice per week now to put silver nitrate on Carla's wound to help get it into higher healing gear. The silver nitrate causes the top layer of skin on the wound to peel off and keep the wound irritated enough to keep it in the healing mode.


After lunch I decided to stay inside with Carla to help her to the commode when necessary. She took some Miralax that seems to have worked pretty quickly and timing is of the essence. So we napped here and there and watched some NCIS in between as we kept the vigil.


For our evening's viewing we were thrilled to see one of our favorite movies, The Bourne Ultimatum, was on two times in a row on the USA Network. We took a nap at one point and woke up at the same place in the second movie as we had gone to sleep in the first showing. So we got to see the whole movie! Then we decided to star in our own thriller as we laughed and danced our way through an electric exchange of adventurous energies and came out the other side with laughs and smiles galore. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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