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Member: Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female
Interests: Serving the Creator and my other-selves, singing, reading for fun (romances, sci-fi and mysteries) collecting recipes, eating out (I love to do that!), hanging with St. Luke's Episcopal Church community of worship and singing in the choir, making the Law of One information more easily available, writing on a the second book of a three-book series on the principles of the Law of One, reading other channeling and spiritually oriented books, learning about bio-dynamic gardening and living, patting our kitties and keeping up with friends.

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In June of 2005 I kept a daily journal on a speaking trip to Britain and decided to keep the daily entries going on my return. If you would like to keep up with L/L Research and our activities, this is the place to do that. Nowadays it is Jim who writes the daily entry, and Gary writes the  blogworthy report (the bulleted list) detailing his and Austin's work at the helm of the L/L ship. We wish you blessings, light and love! Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty. To view the Camelot Journal archive, please visit

Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 24, 2014 8:31am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her stomach was so upset this morning that she had to call off communion with one of the Episcopal Church ladies who comes by on Wednesdays to offer communion. She didn't feel she could swallow the wafer. The queasiness got a little better as the day went on.


I put in another couple hundred tulips in the back yard this afternoon. Another couple of day's work should see all the tulips planted in all of the flower gardens. It looks like we ordered the right amount to do the job.


Gary and Austin looked very busy in the L/L office today:

  • Did the weekly keeping of the books

  • Responded to Daniel A., the Portuguese translator, about future translations and his offer to volunteer in whatever way may be needed. Thank you, Daniel!

  • Responded to seeker email, including one from a fellow who has traveled throughout Asia the past four years working with yogis, mystics, and teachers.

  • Enjoyed seeing a connection made between Micheline and Morgan

  • Shipped some stuff left at the house from a guest and caught up with H. at the post office

  • Replied to Jochen's email concerning his efforts in Germany and then

  • Got him all the basic material we use when constructing workshops to help him form his own.

  • Finished collecting supplies and books for the trip to ULE this weekend, cleaned up the book inventory area in the basement a bit in the process.

  • Placed an order for more law of one books.

  • Sent the new poster design for ULE to OfficeMax, took a trip to pick it up a few hours later.

  • Checked a couple of errors in the transcripts found by Terry with audio from the archive.

  • Continued Q'uo digitization.

  • Daily social media sharing.

  • Enjoyed this article from Karan's great "The Mysterious Nature of Time" thread on Bring4th:


Our evening was full of NCIS and then we found this month's concert on axsTV which was Dierks Bently whom we had seen a portion of previously. Tonight we got to see the Punch Brothers and Del McCurry join him on stage and they sang "In the Name of Love", an old folk song made popular by U2. There is no other voice like blue grass legend Del McCurry's high lonesome sound for the high parts. We continued with these guys through the protocol. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 23, 2014 7:58am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The silver nitrate got the drainage and the bleeding going full steam again, and that's what we want. "If it ain't bleeding, it ain't healing." Carla's tummy continues to be upset and not wanting food until about lunch time and then it's half rations, at best. The plumbing problem stays with us and we continue to treat with roto-rooter.


Gary and Austin joined us for lunch and we talked mostly about Gary and Trish's wedding from last weekend. Trish is having more ER issues that make their honeymoon to Peru a little tricky. Our prayers continue to be with them.


I mulched the leaves in the back yard this afternoon and then followed that with planting another 100 tulip bulbs. I used a drill and a tulip auger this afternoon and it felt like I was cheating, but my ground whacking muscles are recovering nicely for another go tomorrow.


Gary and Austin continue to put out loads of good work in the L/L office:

  • Wrote L/L friends about the wedding. Still aglow from that day that was a dream.

  • Processed PO Box mail, responding to prisoner book and information requests, sending on letters to Azeem, and processing a donation.

  • Reviewed the digital proof of Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater and ordered a physical proof to final inspection from CreateSpace.

  • Joined Carla and Jim for lunch.

  • Austin received feedback from me and Steve on the design for the Channeling Audio header for the online store. Reworked the concept and sent it off for judgment.

  • Started preparing for our trip to Columbus ULE, including working on creating a better poster. Our previous one had the Quixote logo + the quote that attempts to somewhat define the Law of One in 1.7. That may not be the best quote to invite the casual expo attendee to investigate further, so we looked at other candidates from the Law of One material, scanning a 54-page document that contains a selection of gems from the books. (The same collection we use for the posts to L/L's Facebook page.) It's difficult to pluck a quote from the Law of One that has immediate universal appeal. The language is jargon-heavy and tends to require backstory or context for comprehension.

  • Also gathered fliers, signs, and supplies for our booth, getting everything in order.

  • Continued Q'uo digitization.

  • Daily social media sharing.

  • Retrieved mail from the PO Box

  • Spent some of the morning working with Trish who made a trip to the ER with a return of the same symptoms that dogged her before the wedding.

  • Processed and shipped a book order

  • Caught up on the ever great emails of Terry H., including looking into two errors he's located in the transcripts.

  • Set up a system for Jochen's quarterly payments and began tackling his detail-oriented email regarding the development of his German publishing house. He has set something into motion which is attracting attention and help from other service-oriented seekers, including those who want to assist with seminars. He's also decided to hire a professional proofreader to proof his German translation of the Lo1. (This is something we'd love to do for every translation.) So exciting to see things begin to gain momentum.


For our evening of television viewing we watched a couple episodes of NCIS and for our protocol we listened to the Classic Rock & Roll station. It was a good night for rock & roll and there was even a little dancing that went on. I read to Carla from Destiny of Souls again and tonight we learned more about how people who commit suicide make commitments to return quickly to Earth life in order to find other choices in response to difficult incarnational catalyst. The information in this book is like reading a letter from home. It just sounds and feels so right on target. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 22, 2014 8:15am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and changed Carla's dressing. She also put silver nitrate on her wound for the first time in about three weeks. We had stopped the silver nitrate before the surgery but now that the surgery has been postponed we are going to use it for the next few weeks. Carla's appetite improved a little today, probably aided by Papa John's pizza for dinner.


Austin and Gary joined Carla and me for Blog Talk Radio after lunch where we talked about the value of coincidences, the value of wealth vs. poverty in an incarnation, and the possibility of time travel.


I mulched the leaves in the front and side yards this afternoon and then followed that up with planting another 200 tulips in the front yard. Now we move to the side yard for more tulip planting.


Gary and Austin were most productive in the L/L office today:

  • Joined Carla and Jim for this week's installment of "In the Now". In this great episode we discuss:
    - The magic of emotions.
    - Are wealth and leisure conducive to greater spiritual development?
    - What is time travel?
    - Can the Confederation see the future?
    Available for download or streaming here
  • We are near the end of our database of questions and are in great need of topics for discussion from seekers like you. If you would like to hear us discuss anything, or even if you just have a suggestion of something for us to riff on, please send your questions our way. Visit our BlogTalkRadio page for instructions:
  • I wanted to write up a short sharing for the Camelot Journal of my wedding this past weekend, but it became a longer piece that I posted to my dusty blog "The Strength of Polaris".
    The Wedding of Trish & Gary:
  • Took Lana, the final wedding guest, to the airport and enjoyed a final conversation at a café on the way.
  • Cleaned up guest rooms of L/L friends who stayed at the house for the wedding.
  • Did some Bring4th pm'ing
  • Continued being a fly on a wall to a most unusual and stimulating discussion between Seph, Steve T., Matt P., Mike W., and Tobey regarding where punctuation ought to be placed in a particularly garbled answer from Ra in order to elicit the clearest meaning. The magnitude of intellect being exchanged is most impressive.
  • Processed and shipped a book order, processed an order placed by the honored guest from Sweden.
  • Daily social media sharing.
  • Continued Q'uo digitization.
  • Realized we were out of stock of Crucifixion of Esmerelda Sweetwater, then found out that it has been "retired" on Lulu and I never completed the project on CreateSpace. Attempted to fix the issue with CreateSpace which halted previous progress, submitted fixed files for review.
  • Reviewed all information for our upcoming trip this weekend to Columbus for the Universal Life Expo. Reserved a hotel room for said trip.


For our television this evening we watched some NCIS and Modern Family. I also read more of Destiny of Souls to Carla and this evening we heard about the creation of souls from the intelligent energy of the Creator and about the special entities that oversee this process much like midwives. We listened to the Classical Music Station for our protocol and then continued with our own musical energy exchange until it felt like we became notes in the music of the spheres that climbed higher and higher until we were truly out of sight. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 21, 2014 7:46am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The dressing change went normally and we were doing our normal morning routine when we got a call from Carla's family doctor saying that she was going to contact the back surgeon and cancel Carla's surgery for tomorrow morning because the latest blood test shows that Carla is quite anemic once again and not a good candidate for surgery. She said that we need to find out why Carla is losing blood and correct that situation before surgery can happen. Carla has a capsule endoscopy already scheduled for the 29th of this month and that test could reveal the problem.


Shortly after that call I got a call from my good friend Eric Swan's sister saying that Eric died on October 10th and that she was having a memorial service for Eric this Sunday and would like for me to attend.Eric and I both  lived in central Kentucky as homesteaders beginning in 1974 for me and 1976 for Eric. He lived about half a mile down the creek from me and from the beginning of our friendship I was amazed at what an original thinker he was. His mind was always looking at any situation from a number of angles and he could find unique solutions that were a joy to behold. He was always for the little guy trying to get by in the world and Eric had a strong sense of justice and serving. I will definitely miss Eric and am so lucky to have known this bright soul.


After lunch I went outside and planted another 650 tulip bulbs. My right arm is getting sore from the repeated hard whacks at the ground that I have taken these last two days. I may have to do other work tomorrow and give my arm a rest.


Austin was alone in the office today as Gary needed an extra day to recover from his wedding last Saturday:

  • Austin reporting from the office today as Gary is still winding down and getting things wrapped up from some big life event that happened this weekend:
  • Received and reviewed a transcribed Homecoming talk from Troy. Thank you Troy!
  • Continued the digitization of Q'uo.
  • Daily social media sharing.
  • Responded to always-amazing seeker emails and inquiries. A task for which I feel great honor.
  • Helped a user fix an issue with their Bring4th account.
  • Received a courteous and helpful email from BlogTalkRadio that unfortunately didn't shed much light on our recurring problem.
  • Tested out some audio correction techniques on the Ra sessions to compare to Manuel's audio cleanup to see if it is worth it to work to clean up a few sessions with some increased background noise.
  • Continued plugging away at the Q'uo MP3 project, importing, cleaning, and editing audio from the archive of over 1,300 channeling sessions.
  • Reflected on the amazing event of this weekend. It seems so rare that something so important and significant happens in the lives of the most important people in one's life, especially for someone as not-so-social as myself. Two of the most amazing people on this planet managed to find each other and dedicate themselves to uniting in service, to each other and to the world. Having been witness to Gary and Trish's relationship well before the official ceremony, I had thought that this would be nothing more than a simple ritual which simply reiterated that love which was already very apparent to me. However, the ceremony which they designed together was so personal, heartfelt, humorous and sincere that the magic of the ritual was more than apparent. And the reception to follow was a party worthy of the love that these two amazing people share. Congratulations to Gary and Trish, it is an honor to know you and to have been a part of your amazing ceremony.

For our evening Carla and I mostly relaxed and watched some television. We skipped the protocol and anything that would keep her from resting as she was having a good deal of weakness and some bladder problems as well. I read more to her from Destiny of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. In this session we read about "hybrid souls" who have lived on other worlds and decided to incarnate here because their other worlds were no longer able to help them with their evolution. This fits nicely with Ra's mention of there being 16 other planets that have completed their third-density cycles and whose populations still had not chosen a polarity and needed to repeat the third density here on Earth. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.



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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 20, 2014 7:52am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. It's been nearly three weeks since we have used silver nitrate on Carla's wound and the bleeding has slowed down considerably. After Carla's surgery to remove the titanium screws is over we will get back to the silver nitrate. Her plumbing improved today but her queasy tummy remains.


Carla was on the air with Wynn F. from 1-3 this afternoon and they talked about how the average person becomes a spiritual seeker. While she was on the air I planted about 500 tulip bulbs on one of our mounds in the front yard. 1500 to go.


After Carla got off the radio we got her hair washed and then we went for a wheelchair ride around the neighborhood. It was a lovely sunny day and the leaves on the trees are getting quite colorful. It was so much fun to be outside together and taking in all this beauty.


We had our silent meditation tonight. Gary and Austin are still experiencing the after effects of Gary & Trish's wedding, so they were not with us. However, Lana A. from Stockholm did join us for a very pleasant talk around the circle and then silent meditation.


I read more of The Destiny of Souls to Carla, and tonight we read how various souls go through more or less healing of the previous incarnation depending upon how much injury they have suffered. There are various levels of guides and healers who are called into action at that time and the work with each entity is unique.


We listened some to Dierk Bentley and his country band and found him a very capable songwriter and singer. We chose the Classic Rock & Roll Station for our protocol but then followed it with the Classical Music Station for the rest of the evening. We completed our viewing day with Modern Family. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 19, 2014 8:17am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Susie came by this morning and changed out Carla's catheter. Susie has just been promoted to VNA manager but she has kept a few of her clients and we are glad to be among them. We gave her all the news since we saw her last month and then continued with our day.


This was Gary's and Trish's wedding day, so we took it easy after lunch and got a little nap before getting dressed and heading to White Hall, a stately old Louisville mansion that hosts many weddings and meetings. Today was cloudy and chilly, with a few spits of rain, so an outdoor wedding was somewhat of a challenge for everyone. It was a non-ordinary kind of wedding with the groomsmen in tuxes and tennis and a radio station providing pre-ceremony music. Gary and Trish definitely did it their own way and wrote each part themselves. Carla was asked to give an opening greeting which she did well and got a good response from the congregation when she asked them if they would support Gary and Trish in their marriage. And we add our wishes that Trish and Gary have a long and happy life together.


The reception was held under a tent next to the chapel area and there was apparently even an after party at a nearby pub, but Carla was in such pain that she almost couldn't speak, so we left right after the marriage ceremony and were glad to get her back home and into her comfy bed.


Steve & Fox H. also attended the wedding and then stayed overnight with us as they are good friends of many, many years. They stayed for part of the reception, but as Steve and I are loyal Nebraska football fans and Nebraska was playing Northwestern at 7:30 we had a chance to visit and cheer Nebraska on to a solid victory over a very good team.


Carla and I watched a little NCIS to complete our viewing day and I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.




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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 18, 2014 7:49am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning with pictures of her new granddaughter. Then she changed Carla's dressing and made a couple of suggestions as to how to proceed with one or two dressing changes per day. We won't see her again until after Carla's surgery next Tuesday.


After lunch Carla and I got a little nap in preparation for the big afternoon at the rehearsal for Gary's wedding. Then we began getting dressed and put on the finishing touches and headed to Whitehall, a wonderful old Louisville mansion used for weddings and other public events. The landscape there is beautiful and the tree leaves are just beginning to turn colors.


We stayed long enough for Carla to get her instructions as to when she will give her presentation, and then we left so we could conserve her energy. The site of the wedding is in the back yard in a small court yard with three arbors leading to the court yard. The tent for the reception is right next to this area so the whole event looks very lovely and useable.


We decided that since we were going to miss the rehearsal dinner we would stop at KT's, an old Louisville restaurant with home-cooked food, and we enjoyed an early dinner with lots of conversation and laughs.


Upon arriving home we decided that it was time for another nap, so nap we did, waking an hour or so later to watch some NCIS on television. The Classic Rock & Roll Station accompanied our evening protocol and then we switched over to the Classical Station just for fun. Then it became our own celebration of life and the house was a rockin' for the rest of the evening. It was a delightful party for two. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 17, 2014 8:03am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The wound looks good. The area under and outside the wound is responding to treatment and looking better itself. The little abrasion on the top left outside the wound is also responding, but it is a tough one to get rid of. Her tummy is still urpy (technical term) but she feels better as the day goes on.


I picked up the dress that Carla will wear to Gary's wedding this Saturday. The fitting of the shoulder straps was successful and the dress fits perfectly now. A lovely purple dress to go with her perfectly purple hair.


I went to see our family doctor today and discovered that I am still low on testosterone, so she wants me to take Androgel as a topical medication and see if we can alleviate some of the fatigue that I have gotten used to over the last few years. While I was gone Austin took dictation for Carla and helped her with her email.


Gary was gone today, spending this time with his dad who is visiting for the wedding. Austin carried on admirably in the L/L office:

  • Looked into royalties from the single foreign publishing firm who successfully purchased the foreign-language publishing rights for Book I.

  • Received and stocked a small shipment of A Channeling Handbook.

  • Took dictation from Carla to clear out her inbox.

  • Asked Carla some questions from our Spanish editor about the transcript header.

  • Responded to some questions from seekers via email.

  • Corresponded with Garry about moderator business.

  • Went to try on and pick up my tux for a certain administrator's wedding!


We watched some NCIS and Modern Family on television and then the Classical Music Station for our protocol. Then I read more to Carla from Dr. Michael Newton's Destiny of Souls. Tonight we read about good and evil spirits and how evil doesn't seem to exist between lives. We also read about heaven and hell and how they don't seem to exist there either. Towards the end of the evening I got both Carla's and my outfits together for the rehearsal and for the wedding. We have always loved to dress up but we haven't had anywhere to go for the last few years, so we are enjoying getting ready to step out on the town. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.




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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 16, 2014 7:54am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona called from her car stuck in traffic and said she would be late, so we scheduled her for tomorrow so after we got Carla ready for her day we could go back downtown and get the chest X-ray and blood draw that are needed before surgery next Tuesday.


The blood draws go well now that Carla has a power port. This port saves a lot of trouble that comes with small, rolling, and blowing veins. Carla was also able to get her chest X-ray done while sitting in her wheelchair which is a big help since standing alone is not one of her strong points.


We finished the pre-surgery appointment just after 1 pm, so we headed to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and were quite celebratory as we headed home. When we got home we greeted Lana from Stockholm and Carla settled in for a nap aided by the two Lemon Drops she had at the Cheesecake factory. I went outside and mulched the leaves in the back yard and came in for my nap as well.


Gary and Austin were quite productive in the L/L office today:

  • Looked into our BlogTalkRadio category setting - will need to write to BTR to figure out why the permanent setting is not being used for new shows (and why the music we have set to play automatically for the intro isn't playing.)

  • Austin picked up Lana from the airport last night whereupon they went out for a dinner. Today I got some Lana time in during an afternoon spent catching up. The highlight of the day! Especially as the day was off to a late start for me due to Trish getting into a car accident (no harm to either her or the other driver) and me needing to go to a clinic for a persistent cough. Too close to the wedding for this stuff!

  • Did the weekly bookkeeping

  • Processed and shipped book orders and donations.

  • Responded to some seeker email, including one from a group seeking to create another Law of One oriented community and website.

  • Wrote to BlogTalkRadio to figure out why our settings are not taking effect in newly generated episodes.

  • Finalized a store image for the new Q'uo audio section, sent off to Steve and Gary for judgment.

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo and shared via social media sharing.

  • Reviewed Ra session audio which was cleaned up by Manuel, deeming it possibly worthy to give him a shot at cleaning up the rest of the audio.

  • Continued work on the Q'uo MP3 project, importing and editing Q'uo sessions.

  • Processed and shipped book orders, one of which was for the fellow mentioned in yesterday's blogworthy report. Another seven rounds of "Yes ship the books" "No don't ship the books" and it's done!


We had an entire evening of NCIS to watch and interrupted it only for the Classical Music Station for our evening protocol. We completed our television viewing with the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on October 15, 2014 7:45am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Our wound care nurse called to change our day from today to tomorrow as she is awaiting her daughter's coming home from the hospital with her new grandchild. She has pictures! We are still working with Carla's plumbing and with the treating of the area outside and under the wound. We will talk to Mona tomorrow about two dressing changes per day and get her point of view. Dressing changes are very painful for Carla because we clean the wound and manipulate it in various ways that cause continuing pain, which could be a good sign of healing in the long run.


Gary and Austin joined Carla and me for Blog Talk Radio after lunch where we talked about tuning the self to love, Earth catastrophes, and personal boundaries. It was a good program and we all felt energized.


I blew the leaves in the front and side yards into position and mulched them while Bethany was doing Carla's nails in preparation for Gary's wedding this weekend.


Gary and Austin churned out another list of accomplishments in the L/L office:

  • Prepared for and then joined Carla and Jim for the weekly "In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew". In this episode we discussed:
    - The ability to seek love in the moment.
    - The mystical nature of perfection, wholeness, and the apparent paradox.
    - Would a large destruction event be allowed to happen?
    - Is it ever in the highest good to create boundaries in difficult relationships?
    - Do we have too much free will?
    Available for download or streaming

  • Re-checked our category for the radio show. Seems it reverted to "Spirituality" for this and future episodes, so reset it to "indie music" because the former category was attracting psychic reading hopefuls. Slightly out of our limited skillset.

  • Yesterday received a book order from a fellow that he subsequently canceled, then not canceled, and then definitely, yeah, definitely canceled. Refunded the money before he could un-cancel again. : ) Today received the same book order that was canceled, then not canceled, then a final round of cancel.

  • Had a second round of correspondence with the Japanese translator in the effort to hopefully share his work through the website.

  • Touched based with a couple volunteer translators for the Q'uo sessions.

  • Assisted Morgan with editing questions and introduced her to Micheline for the French 101 edition.

  • Wrote Ian to see if he had any templates or protocols remaining from his long stint as editor as we've been attempting to reverse engineer his work the past couple of years. Wrote Edgard with a couple similar questions.

  • Continued Q'uo digitization and shared via social media.

  • Austin and I went to get our tuxes! However it turned out only mine had arrived, his comes in on Thursday.


Our evening was full of NCIS and Modern Family. We went back and forth between the Classical Music Station and Classic Rock & Roll for our protocol. We finished our viewing day with the Colbert Report where Neil Young was Colbert's guest. After the humorous interview Colbert actually played guitar and sang with Neil Young. They billed the performance as Neil Young and Crazy Host. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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