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About me
Member: Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female
Interests: Serving the Creator and my other-selves, singing, reading for fun (romances, sci-fi and mysteries) collecting recipes, eating out (I love to do that!), hanging with St. Luke's Episcopal Church community of worship and singing in the choir, making the Law of One information more easily available, writing on a the second book of a three-book series on the principles of the Law of One, reading other channeling and spiritually oriented books, learning about bio-dynamic gardening and living, patting our kitties and keeping up with friends.

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In June of 2005 I kept a daily journal on a speaking trip to Britain and decided to keep the daily entries going on my return. If you would like to keep up with L/L Research and our activities, this is the place to do that. Nowadays it is Jim who writes the daily entry, and Gary writes the  blogworthy report (the bulleted list) detailing his and Austin's work at the helm of the L/L ship. We wish you blessings, light and love! Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty. To view the Camelot Journal archive, please visit

Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 26, 2015 7:51am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Things don't change very fast with Carla's wound, but recently her eyes and ears have deteriorated so that it makes it difficult for her to see the crossword puzzle from the newspaper in the morning, even though it's been enlarged with our copier. And it is also nearly impossible now for Carla to read her kindle even with the largest print on her computer screen. The same for her solitaire card games. Her world of experience is getting smaller, but she says that it's OK and not to worry. But I feel so bad that she is not able to do the few things that she used to be able to do and that her world has gotten smaller. She doesn't complain. She just enjoys being alive.


After lunch Carla and I went to see her pain management doctor and actually saw one of his assistants, a new one who had never met Carla before. When we filled the assistant in on Carla's condition I think the poor lady was blown away that one person could endure so many medical difficulties over the last four years. As usual, we celebrated getting back home by taking a nap.


Gary and Austin were producing lots of good work in the L/L office today:

  • Processed a few MP3 orders.

  • Continued the digitization of the channeling archive.

  • Gathered questions for this week's (potentially cancelled) In the Now.

  • Continued with the finer tweaks and testing to get the store ready for launch.

  • Corresponded with and received a prisoner letter from Azeem, sent it on its way.

  • Finished the letter to the adept along with the collection of Ra. We'll see how and whether it goes.

  • Austin sought out help from the OpenCart community for the persistent template bug he's been trying to solve.

  • Received the transcript for the section on "Spiritual Principles". Thank you, Aaron T! This leaves two remaining.

  • Finished the process of uploading, creating "download items," and creating product pages for all 106 Ra session MP3's for the new store.

  • Enjoyed Barbara Brodsky's journal entries of her time spent at the "Cassa" in Brazil, the facility wherefrom John of God performs his healing service: Printed some entries up in visible-from-space-sized font for Carla to read as well. Thanked Barbara for the link and including Carla in her prayers.

  • Received a report from Edgard after a long absence. His professional life is as busy as ever. His Android book is doing well and the editor is pressing him to make a course of it. (If you are reading this and are in the gaming industry in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, or Europe and can provide some assistance - Edgard is working hard to find employment outside of Brazil. Please contact us.) But that means he has been slow on the "Scholar's" work, but intends to resume ASAP.

  • Had a day of organizing, cleaning, and tidying up the joint. On the computer that is. Desktop got itself a cleaning, and years of accumulated bookmarks got an overhaul to make it a more lean/efficient bookmark machine.

  • Began work on constructing the new Translations forums. When it's all said and done we will have ten new forums. While that makes the moderators' heads spin, what's fascinating is that number also means L/L's material has been translated into ten different languages! Don Elkins would surely be content with that knowledge were he here.



For our evening we enjoyed the block of NCIS on television and we did our protocol to the Classical Music Station. I read to Carla from Your Soul's Gift where it was explained that, "When a soul has learned its curriculum, then the learning can be brought back and is useful for all souls. I may never meet in the flesh one who has spent many lifetimes in France, China, or on the planet Neptune, but what they learn is freely shared with me and may make the experiment and learning I choose more efficient and profound". I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 25, 2015 8:00am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Carla's wound had better drainage today but there is a dark red area in the upper right hand side about the size of a quarter. Mona said that might be a deep tissue wound that developed while Carla was getting her infusion Sunday in an unfamiliar chair. Carla's appetite is good and she continues to do her exercises in bed each afternoon just after I do mine.


Gary and Austin joined us for lunch and Gary showed us the rest of their pictures from Gary and Trish's honeymoon last November in Peru. They were adventurous souls in a strange and exotic land and the distant shots of the mountain ranges were stunning.


I spent most of the afternoon studying information that our angelic care-giver emailed to me concerning how to get the best use out of our alternating air flow bed, the best configuration for chucks and bed pads under Carla, and thoughts on how Carla transfers from bed to bedside commode. She is thinking of starting her own home health care service and is studying for the state exams in her area.


Gary and Austin kept churning out good work in the L/L office today:

  • Enjoyed a good lunch with Carla and Jim.

  • Processed and shipped an order for the Ra MP3's on USB.

  • Worked on getting some kinks ironed out of the new store.

  • Corresponded with Steve about some Bring4th design issues.

  • Continued diplomatic relations with the island nation of Sweden, adrift somewhere in the South Pacific seas, possibly near Tahiti.

  • Discovered sitting all by itself a green-colored 8.5 x 11 bound Dutch translation of Book I on the office desk this morning. Jim's memory was jogged by the recent conversation with Frank in the Netherlands. Turns out the Dutch translators visited Louisville in the late 80's a couple times and subsequently sent Jim and Carla a copy of Book I. All these years it's been on the book shelf in house! Notified Frank and learned from him that he will track the publishers down to see if they ever went beyond Book I.

  • Continued the digitization of the channeling archive, repairing a cassette tape along the way.

  • Responded to a slew of seeker email - from asking our opinion on a supposed interview with a Roswell alien, to a budding writer who was shocked to find similarities between the Law of One and his own writing, to seekers asking general Law of One questions including an Egyptian and a Russian - all emails unique and interesting, and an honor to respond to.

  • Received a couple of Homecoming 2014 transcripts back from a volunteer. Thank you Walid!

  • Continued working with Manuel on organizing the work of translating L/L material into Spanish and coordinating and international effort (italics to, you know, sensationalize that a bit... it is kinda like happening across three continents, jus sayin). Manuel is putting together a glossary of sorts to record translation questions and the responses from Carla for the Argentinian translators, and really for any who may come down the road.

  • Continued a project to introduce the Law of One to a living positive adept who may just enjoy it by sampling some of the "best" of Ra. (No such thing in reality.) One of a few times in my life I've risked a proactive sharing. In all interactions the Law of One energetically radiates from my heart, of course, but its contents sit behind a layer of concealment -  not intended to deceive, just awaiting the person actually interested in asking before revealing.


For our evening I read again to Carla from Your Soul's Gift and we both were inspired by the following quote, "We who are One can never be separate from one another, but we can create the illusion of separation in the physical realm. In our nonphysical Home, where no such illusion exists, we know that we are cells in the heart of one Divine Being, united by Love in one cosmic pulse. On Earth, seemingly confined by the apparent limitations of a human body, we perceive ourselves as distinct from one another. Only the most powerful of beings can create such illusion. Only the most courageous challenge themselves to live in it."


We did our protocol first to some Classical Music and then to Classic Rock & Roll. We took Lou Reed's "Walk on the Wild Side" and went a little wild ourselves­­­­­­­ kind of like this underlining is making an emphatic statement all its own that cannot be denied.  (And also seemingly cannot be undone!) I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 24, 2015 8:02am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and put silver nitrate on Carla's wound and that made it come alive with pain for the rest of the day. We are trying some reading glasses with high magnification to help Carla see better, and there seems to be some benefit for her seeing with them. Her appetite is good and her plumbing is good.


I spent the afternoon getting the ten large house plants that hang in the windows in our living room cleaned up from their dead leaves and stems. I water and spray them three times per week, but the humidity in the house is so low that the plants dry out fairly quickly. They will enjoy the outdoors this spring and summer, after this cold weather ends.


Gary and Austin were busy in the L/L office today doing lots of good work:

  • Daily social media sharing.

  • Processed and shipped a book order.

  • Retrieved mail stuffs from the PO Box

  • Continued the digitization of the channeling archive.

  • Continued reading about the ins and outs of copyediting

  • Corresponded with a seeker who has written a novel based on the Law of One.

  • Relistened to the chapter in the L/L biography moving from the archive website to the 2003 community.

  • Shipped and processed a couple of book orders, and ordered some books that will come in handy for in-house editing, including the "Chicago Manual of Style", 16th edition - the standard holder.

  • Wrapped up a lengthy list of "to-do's" for the new online store, and continued working on some tedious processes for getting it set up. Should be ready to launch soon!

  • Undertook multiple rounds of mod work over the weekend and into today, including working as a team to try to smooth over a bumpy thread which delved into interpersonal waters, and also, unrelated to the other moderator work, said goodbye to a staple forum member who has decided he needs to manifest his energies elsewhere.

  • Received our first Dutch translation of Book I! This apparently was produced in 1988 by a Dutch publishing firm. The PDF that arrived is a scanned image of the physical pages, so converting it into a shareable digital form will be challenging. According to the sender, Frank, the grammar needs improved. He has kindly offered to render those improvements over the next few weeks. Thank you, Frank!

  • And on the translation front, the Spanish translations have resumed, we hope. Manuel sent the first Spanish translation we've received in months, this one from Veronica and Gaby in Argentina. Manuel put in some hours improving upon the translation and communicating with the Argentinians on translation and format questions. We updated our own system for tracking the workflow of Spanish translations.

  • Worked with Carla to respond to the Spanish translators' questions on the January 8, 2011 transcript.

  • Now that Steve's plate is virtually cleared of work for the two websites so that he can focus on the website unification project at his own pace (a Himalayan-mountain-sized project, still), took the opportunity to hit him up to see if he could make a couple of needed tweaks to the forums, but meanwhile...

  • Superman Austin found where in the coding in the admin panel one of those tweaks could be made, thereby successfully resolving one of the two issues, and then he combed through the admin panel, searched Google, and perused some forums looking for a solution to the other issue that resulted from the forum upgrade a few months ago. So far only a probable caused tracked down on that one.


Our evening was full of interesting conversation bits and pieces. We talked about our funeral plans, the Oscars, Carla's brothers, my mom, Larry, and how good we looked in our wedding pictures. We concluded that life is the most interesting game on the planet. I also read to Carla from Your Soul's Gift where one subject was exploring pre-incarnative reasons for him having a brain injury, "If you feel angry or frustrated because your brain doesn't work the way you would like, remember there is a purpose behind this. The limitations free the way, so to speak, to concentrate on other qualities, the ones of the heart."


We did our protocol to a special Axstv program featuring Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac with some other guest musicians, including Stevie Nicks. I had never really given Lindsey Buckingham proper credit for being a great guitarist, but we both enjoyed his playing. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 23, 2015 7:48am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering, protocol, and dressing change very early this morning as we had an appointment for Carla to receive an infusion of two units of blood at our local Baptist East Hospital. The roads were not as icy as had been predicted and there was very little traffic on a Sunday morning, so we made good time in getting to the hospital. We even got to park in the special lot meant just for this Park Tower wing of Baptist East.


It took about seven hours for the entire process to be completed, and our stay was as good as one could hope for. The nurse in charge of Carla's infusion even helped us with a crossword puzzle clue: "Doobie Brothers 1976 hit" which turned out to be ‘Taking it to the Streets". Even with that great answer we still couldn't finish the Sunday crossword puzzle.


So I read to Carla from Your Soul's Gift where the healing process that comes from knowing why we suffer was captured in this quote, "Again and again you have to remind yourself that your light, your divine core, is unscathed and whole throughout the experience. So you see, whenever you restore (in your own perceptions) the beauty of this inner core, then you will radiate this divinity to other people. You will spread energy so beautiful and pure that you will make a difference in the world you could not have made if you did not get through this deep process of being wounded and then healing yourself. There is spiritual meaning in the process of taking this injury upon you and releasing it."


When we got back home we quickly resumed our routine and took a nap! After dinner we watched the Academy Awards and were reminded by various actors and presenters how movies can help us identify with people's unusual experiences of normal human life. I remember when I was in grade school I went to our little movie theatre every week and became completely lost in the story line and the characters. I forgot who I was until the movie was over and I went outside and realized that it was just a movie and I had a whole different life.


I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 21, 2015 10:44pm.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. There was more bleeding on Carla's wound than we usually see without the use of silver nitrate. We take this as a good sign. ‘The redder, the better'. Her appetite remains good and her nausea remains down, and we are most grateful for that.


We spent most of the day resting, getting ready for tomorrow's trip to the hospital for a blood transfusion. Carla was on the air with Wynn F. briefly this afternoon, but her hearing has gotten so bad that she couldn't hear what was being said. We washed her hair after that and that was a pretty good workout for Carla as she has to stand in front of the kitchen sink to get her hair washed.


I went outside, where morning rain had melted some of the snow which ran across the sidewalk and froze, so that I could clear the sidewalk between the front porch and the driveway where Carla will get into the car tomorrow morning. By chopping a little hole here and there in the ice I was able to use my backpack blower to blow under the ice and pop it up off the sidewalk. It was kind of cool.


Our evening was spent watching some NCIS and then I discovered a program on Stonehenge on the Smithsonian Channel. The "experts" estimated that the stones had been found lying on top of the ground 30 miles north and that it took a full decade for the stones to be drug to what is now Stonehenge. The same type of huge Saracen limestone is still found there lying on top of the ground. We finished our viewing day with Austin City Limits where we once more enjoyed Gary Clark for the first half hour and Alabama Shakes for the second half hour. Both were lots of fun and definitely dancing music. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 21, 2015 7:45am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Carla mentioned today how her hearing and eye sight which have been getting worse as time goes on have now become significantly bad that it is hard for her to see her puzzles, her reading material, and harder to hear voices and the television. She has been getting weaker as well over the last few months and the weakness could well be due not just to the severe bout of nausea she has endured for over a year but also to the low levels of hemoglobin that signal anemia.


So in the early afternoon we kept her appointment with her hematologist which actually turned out to be an appointment to have more labs done which showed that her hemoglobin was 6.6. After the labs she got a shot of Procrit and was scheduled to return to the Park Towers part of Baptist Hospital Sunday morning at 9:30 am for the infusion of a couple of units of blood. We were there once last December and it's a nice series of cubicles with beds, chairs, a TV and an IV. The process will take most of the day.


We were glad to get back home and spent our evening watching NCIS on television and then we did our protocol to the Classical Music Station. At midnight we were happy to be able to watch the WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour where two Kentucky bands were featured: The Louisville band, NRBQ, played their 40 years' worth of rock and roll sounds and Sundy Best, from far eastern Kentucky's Appalachian Mountains played their new country sounds. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 20, 2015 8:02am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. We were hoping to see Carla's family doctor just after lunch and get her OK for Carla's surgery, but Carla felt absolutely miserable so I called and cancelled the appointment. But shortly later we saw how wise that choice was when we got a call from Carla's hematologist who had also gotten a copy of the blood draw done yesterday. Carla's hemoglobin level had fallen to 7.0 which means he wants to see her tomorrow for more lab tests and a possible infusion of iron. So it would have been a waste of time to go to her family doctor and find out there that her hemoglobin is too low for surgery.


So I made and cancelled and remade a number of appointments to get the hematologist worked into our schedule not only for tomorrow but for two weeks later when he wants to follow up on Carla's labs. We arranged with Mona not to come Friday since we wouldn't want silver nitrate put on Carla's the wound the same day that she has an appointment with her hematologist. We asked if she might be able to come next Monday instead of Tuesday so Carla can have two days to recover from the silver nitrate applied on Monday before her Wednesday appointment with her pain doctor.


Gary and Austin were busy in the L/L office today:

  • Met defeat upon the field against my weekly foe for the very first time. In doing the bookkeeping, the written ledger balance did not match QuickBooks. This happens once in a while, though its source can always be traced and order restored to the universe teetering on the brink. (Sometimes this requires a statewide manhunt and the use of a helicopter.) Today, no Earthly powers availed me. The source of the discrepancy eluded every probe I made into the bowels of the ledger. It makes no sense, because last week's balance, as is standard M.O., was verified, confirmed, legit. What happened during bookkeeping today that caused it to be off by $42.95? The world may never know, because with the resolve weakened, and despair setting in, I did the unthinkable - I entered a line in the written ledger artificially adjusting the balance to match QuickBooks for an unidentified cause. Perfect bookkeeping, you did not live long enough to fulfill your destiny. January, 2013 - February, 2015. RIP.

  • Did some tax stuff

  • Picked up stuff from the PO Box

  • Did ye daily social media sharing.

  • Relistened to the first section in the L/L Research history that comes after the Ra Contact.

  • In responding to Daniel A's email about a translation question concerning Ra's mention of the planet "dog", remembered that Sirius was classically known as the "dog star" (in Greco-Roman times, apparently the phrase "dog days of summer" is related to Sirius), and that a west African tribe known as the Dogon apparently had knowledge that it was a binary star system before the advent of telescopes, and speculated that Ra perhaps was pointing to that star system.

  • Continued the digitization of the channeling archive.

  • Wrote to our friend Lanny, who runs a Law of One Instagram account, about possibly bringing his efforts on Instagram under the L/L Research umbrella.

  • Tweaked the salt cleansing ritual document according to Jim's editing and sent it on to Denise, Micheline, and Jochen, then saved it as a boilerplate for future requests.

  • Started tackling a long list of things needing fixed for the new online store while taking a break from trying to fix a persistent bug.

  • Heard from a seeker in Egypt! The first in my memory, don't know if Carla and Jim had ever received contact from one of that cultural/political/geographical distortion before. Just interesting considering Ra's stated connection with the residents of that land in days of yore.

  • Overhauled the system we use for tracking the workflow with Steve for the archive and community websites. In the process of exporting it over to a new system, ended up with only three tiny tasks for Steve for the Bring4th site. What happened to the rest? Well, some are moot, and the others have been transferred over to L/L's new MVP. Now that Austin can modify the archive website, a new workflow system was established for his work in getting the backlog of content onto the site.


For our evening I read to Carla again from Your Soul's Gift and we continue to be amazed at how judgment of anyone's actions is impossible when you realize that every situation provides chances for great growth and were probably chosen pre-incarnatively for just that reason. After the inspiration of these deepening realizations we decided to celebrate our human aliveness and danced the dance of pure delight and spread our smiles deep into the night. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 19, 2015 8:07am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her wound is pale pink which means that we need to get more silver nitrate on it and that is planned for this Friday. Carla's appetite remains good and her elimination is good as well. Those are significant victories for which we are most happy.


I had an 11 am appointment with our financial advisors to sign a slew of papers recognizing my position as accepted representative of my mom's estate. That's another word for executor of her will and there are all kinds of considerations that needed my signature and I nearly got writer's cramp signing James A. McCarty, 2/18/14.


While I was gone Caroline E. from St. Luke's Episcopal Church visited Carla and gave her communion on what we discovered is Ash Wednesday. I brought Carla a cheeseburger for lunch and I joined her in the same. Bethany came to do Carla's nails after lunch and she was quickly followed by Mona who came by to take a blood sample from Carla's new port so we can have a hemoglobin count tomorrow when we see Dr. Hamad, Carla's family doctor who will hopefully give the go-ahead for Carla's surgery to remove the hardware in her wound.


Gary and Austin worked remotely again today as record low temperatures have descended into our area as well as the eastern part of the United States:

  • Finished editing Jim's interview with Deb West on the "Lost Knowledge" radio show, and published it to the archive site, updating all of the relevant pages and links. Read the interview here:

  • Relistened to one of the smaller sections of the Ra Contact portion of the interview project

  • Corresponded with Manuel about potentially cleaning up the Ra audio.

  • Combining what Ra said with what Jim said during the interview project, wrote a guide for the Salt Cleansing Ritual and sent it off to Jim for his review and editing.

  • Did the daily social media sharing.

  • Continued creating "download items" for the Ra audio in the online store, one step of a multi-step process to get them onto an item page.

  • Played around with some PHP to try to fix the templates bug for the forum, decided I should leave actual coding to the pros.

  • Had the joy of seeing Micheline of Belgium, the French translator, meet Terry of Taiwan, the Chinese translator, through Jochen of Germany, the German translator. We love seeing people connecting.

  • Spent a lot of the day considering the many details that will go into the creation of a new French licensing contract modeled on the recently established German. It will combine Jochen's growing business and publishing ability with Micheline's supreme French translations to create another avenue for getting the Confederation philosophy out into the world and available to the interested seeker.

  • Worked with a couple individuals to get them set up for a counseling with Carla.

  • Dialogued with Lana and co. regarding construction and implementation of Bring4th sub-forums for translations of L/L material.

  • Sent month's reminder to Tadeusz asking for translation help in order to get the Polish AWH published to the archive website.

  • Replied to Barbara Brodsky that Terry  Hsu is indeed one of the finest people we know, we couldn't vouch for him more highly. She asked because Terry has contacted her on behalf of the Light Center wanting to get some Aaron material into Chinese.

  • Regretfully had to cancel our lunch meeting with Fox (our friend who also hosted the Archetypes Workshop last year). She is snowed in and with days of forecasted freezing temperatures, we won't be able to reach her. Rescheduling though.

  • Got the inbox down to 37 at one point today! Lowest it has been in a long time.

  • Finally watched this video about the rise of peace (or at least the diminishment of war) that Austin recommended some months ago. Interesting food for thought:



Our evening was full of reading from Your Soul's Gift where the topic of incest was discussed for the immense learning possible for all parties concerned: "The power of darkness to create light is so great that Debbie, her father, and her grandfather all designed lives to use it. Just as Debbie planed before birth to face emotions like fear and rage, so, too, did her father and grandfather hope to confront the deep feelings of unworthiness, shame, and guilt that would result from their actions. These three souls share the same underlying intent: too have the pain of darkness drive them within, where they would discover the unhealed parts of themselves, love those aspects of themselves into wholeness, and in so doing  render a shining transformation."


As Carla and I talked about this section of the book we were reminded of Ra's words that, "In truth there is no right or wrong. There is no polarity, for all will be at some point, as you would say, reconciled in the great dance of this illusion. . ." It was such an amazing realization that no action or event on Earth, no matter how hideous, horrible, tortuous, and heinous, that is without the ability to provide great learning and growth as catalyst. This is indeed an illusion. Things are not what they seem. They must seem terrible and tragic in order for us to use the catalyst they provide, and when we do great bursts of growth into light and love are possible.


I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 18, 2015 8:09am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona called in sick with the killer cold and said she hopes to come tomorrow and take a sample of Carla's blood for our visit with Dr. Hamad Thursday, but I will be very surprised if she is able to visit as this cold takes its own sweet time in leaving, no matter how you treat it. Carla's voice is enough gone due to her coughing that we had to cancel this week's Blog Talk Radio Show.


In the middle of the afternoon Carla and I tackled her crossword puzzle from this morning that she had to give up on because her eyes were having a bad day even though I had enlarged the puzzle on our copier. We were able to finish the puzzle in good time working together, and thus we discovered another way to have a good time together.


Gary and Austin were hived in the cozy L/L office producing lots of good work while the snow and cold shivered the outdoors:

  • Have you ever encountered a word or short statement that is grouped with translations into different languages of that word or statement? For instance, a "Hello. Bonjour. Hallo. Aloha." And let's not forget "nuqneH", which is Klingon for "What do you want?" (Customary Klingon greeting.) Jochen has embarked on a fun project to render the same to nuggets of Confederation wisdom, principally from those of Ra. Check it out! (Click on the German text in the left-hand column.) Should you be reading this blog entry and also have knowledge in Sanskrit, Hebrew, and/or Arabic (one of our biggest demographics), Jochen requests help with translation if you're able.

  • Continued the digitization of the channeling archive.

  • Caught up with a few Terry Hsu's.

  • Worked with Andi on the formatting of the Russian Book V.

  • Spent time attempting to figure out an issue with the new store platform, scouring the code to figure out why it will not load a particular layout, finding a decent trail of breadcrumbs leading me to some decent answers, but still not solving the issue.

  • Processed and shipped a couple of orders, prisoner book request, and processed a couple of donations. Snow notwithstanding.

  • Received some prisoner letters from Azeem and sent them on to their recipients. Sent him a couple more letters from prisoners.

  • Spent a big chunk of time establishing a rock-solid system to track and account for our handful of foreign contracts now in play.

  • Unfortunately had to cancel tomorrow's "In the Now". Unfortunate not so much for the show, but for the reason: Carla's cold has progressed to the point that talking is difficult and coughing is frequent.

  • Responded to a slew of interesting seeker email, two of which had to do with books being written by Law of One seekers. Looking forward to checking out a novel written by a seeker who uses the Law of One as a basis for their sci-fi story.

  • Continued the editing a publishing process for Jim's interview for the archive site, a process which will be streamlined after Austin does it just once.

  • Continued work on the new online store, fidgeting and tweaking various things to help solve a minor bug. The solution, once reached, will save a lot of time and headaches in the future, but is becoming a pain in the present.

  • Marveled at these different interactive aerial shots of the Giza Plateau. The resolution is outstanding! You can see individual windows on the urban sprawl of Cairo butting up to the plateau:


For our television viewing this evening we had both the new NCIS and NCIS New Orleans. I also got to see Kentucky's basketball team defeat Tennessee for a school record 26 wins in a row. Later in the evening we tuned into the 139th West Minster Dog Show where a sweet ordinary little beagle was awarded Best of Show over such exotic breeds as Sky Terrier, Old English Sheep Dog, and Shitzu. Yea for the little guy! I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on February 17, 2015 8:02am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Carla's cold is getting to the point of coughing and her voice is getting raspy as well. Hopefully, there are only two or three days left in its cycle and then it can creep away like it crept in. We heard from her pain management doctor today as his office called to call off all appointments for tomorrow, one of which is Carla's, due to the heavy snow making roads impassable in many places.


Every two or three hours I would go outside and use my backpack blower to blow the walkways clean of three or so inches of very dry, light snow. By the end of the day all the walkways were in pretty good shape. Now we just have to get plows in our neighborhood and get our parking places back in use.


Gary and Austin worked remotely today in the L/L office due to the heavy snow making travel unwise:

  • Shared daily via social media.

  • Responded to a handful of good seeker emails.

  • Gathered questions for this week's "In the Now".

  • Continued setting up Ra MP3 for the new online store.

  • Proofread Jim's interview on the Lost Knowledge program.

  • Started putting together a comprehensive guide for the Salt Cleansing Ritual.

  • Worked on developing a streamlined system for publishing content to the archive website.

  • Continued my investigation and correspondence with Steve over the new online store bug.

  • Dialogued with our good friend Lana and worked with Doug and Kim on the upcoming weekend retreat.

  • Did one of our favorite activities and connected two otherwise unconnected seekers, each from the nation state Turkey, one of whom is a friend of ours who lived in Louisville for a time.

  • Got the next two episodes of "In the Now" reported rightly. They are: Wednesday, Feb 18 and Thursday, Feb 26.

  • Learned from Frank that he will be sending us a copy of an unknown Dutch translation of the Law of One. Woohoo!

  • Worked with Terry (representing The Light Center, of Taiwan) to prepare a renewal contract for the Chinese-language edition of Living the Law of One 101. The Chinese 101 was our first foreign-language contract, signed in 2009. At the time Carla and I went to a local... I don't remember... copyright/contract lawyer of sorts who offered to create a contract for us at a rate of exorbitant dollars per hour. Instead we worked with Terry and created one from scratch, many thanks to Terry for the template provided. Now we've got a slightly more sophisticated one to renew the Chinese 101 after its natural expiration of five years. Apparently they wish to continue publishing and selling small quantities of this book.

  • Worked with Andi on the process of formatting the Russian Book V using a creative combination of the formatting Edgard created for the German Books I - IV (the new standard) and the formatting Ian created for the English Book V PDF on the archive website.

  • Put the moderators heads together in collective consciousness fashion to find the road to wisdom, or the road to the least idiocy.

  • Relistened to the final eight or so pages of the "Olio" section of the Interview Project. Did this during commercial breaks of the SNL 40 Years program on Sunday night. What a show! They had many of the cast members going back to '75, including Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, and Bill Murray. It was 3.5 hours of the funniest SNL I've ever seen. There was a lot of love present too.


Our evening was full of NCIS and Modern Family. We did the protocol to the Classical Music Station and afterwards I even tried dancing to Johann Strauss II's "Carnival Ambassador Waltz". It was a little dizzying stepping and turning to this classical tune but once we got going Carla and I found dimensions of delight in the classical way of couples in such joy and ecstasy as to leave the "surly bonds of Earth" behind. Then, to finish off the day, we watch some of Isaac Mizrahi Live in which this famous designer of clothes talks to his lively side-kick about the designs and colors of the clothes they are offering for viewers to buy. They were so into clothes that it was very entertaining to get carried along with their enthusiasm. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditaiton tonight.


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