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About me
Member: Bring4th_CarlaLisbeth
Location: Anchorage, KY
Gender: Female
Interests: Serving the Creator and my other-selves, singing, reading for fun (romances, sci-fi and mysteries) collecting recipes, eating out (I love to do that!), hanging with St. Luke's Episcopal Church community of worship and singing in the choir, making the Law of One information more easily available, writing on a the second book of a three-book series on the principles of the Law of One, reading other channeling and spiritually oriented books, learning about bio-dynamic gardening and living, patting our kitties and keeping up with friends.

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In June of 2005 I kept a daily journal on a speaking trip to Britain and decided to keep the daily entries going on my return. If you would like to keep up with L/L Research and our activities, this is the place to do that. Nowadays it is Jim who writes the daily entry, and Gary writes the  blogworthy report (the bulleted list) detailing his and Austin's work at the helm of the L/L ship. We wish you blessings, light and love! Carla L. Rueckert-McCarty and Jim McCarty. To view the Camelot Journal archive, please visit

Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 19, 2014 8:04am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. The upset tummy struck again today and food consumption was at a minimum. Oddly enough it is worst right after eating. Gary talked to us today about the part he would like for Carla to play in his wedding one month from today, and I reminded him that we would try for all we are worth to take part but it wasn't a sure thing.


In my errand run before lunch I picked up Carla's pain med scripts from her pain docs and then returned the CPAP machine to the medical supply house. In the early afternoon I took Carla's two wedding rings that her nail tech was able to get off her fingers and went to the jeweler's to get a chain that would hold them so she can wear them around her neck.


I did spend a little time outside cleaning the filters for the two fish ponds. I saw the first katydid of the season. The folk tale concerning katydids is that when you hear their first call at night it means that the first frost is six weeks away. That would be about the first week of November which would not be unusual.


Gary and Austin were busy on their last day of the week in the L/L office:

                Austin and/or I:

  • Did the seven-day diurnal cycle accumulation keeping of the books.

  • Got a new version of Acrobat Pro! Installed and running.

  • Worked on a PayPal issue which came with the happy surprise that we can revert the name on the PayPal account back to our dba name.

  • Backed and forthed with the accountant resulting in placing a call to a State gov office on a tax-related question. Problemo solved.

  • Received the transcript of the "Appurtenances" section of the Interview Project. Thank you, Aaron!

  • Wrote the editor about an exciting project that is officially commencing henceforth!

  • Tweaked the system for tracking the incoming and outgoing of prisoner mail and books sent therein.

  • And speaking of tracking systems, adjusted and finalized the workflow system to track the transcriptions that flow between us and Manuel, head of Spanish translations.

  • And speaking of Manuel, took dictation from Carla in response to Manuel's translation questions.

  • Responded in conversation to Jochen regarding the contract we sent him yesterday. He has enthusiastically Okayed it all! Another detail or two to work out and we should be signing shortly.

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo and shared via social media.

  • Spent too much time creating a graphic for the store we didn't need, then created the right one.

  • Reviewed the digital proof of A Channeling Handbook and ordered a physical proof.

  • Messed around in Photoshop tweaking the "e-books" header image and creating new ad graphics. Photoshop is AW-SUM.

  • Got the remaining couple of HC 2013 transcripts to TB, subsequent to one volunteer graciously throwing in the towel after a year of trying but running into life obstacles.

  • Interesting interview with one of my favorite thinkers: Graham Hancock: Ancient Aliens, Atlantis, and Ayahuasca

  • Inspiring article: Man With Cerebral Palsy Paints Masterpieces Using Only A Typewriter

  • Talked over my coming wedding with Carla and Jim. Carla has graciously accepted my request to officially speak at and sanctify my wedding ceremony!

    For the interested reader: Carla is as human as the rest of us, full of folly, error, and funny body noises. But she has lived her life with a certain degree of purity, and a certain lifelong dedication to spiritual principles, and in that integrity of the ever open heart and disciplined orientation of mind has worked with energies of a finer and subtler nature. In this regard she is the most sacred human being I know, not having perfected her human character but having rendered her incarnation a channel not only of the vocal variety, but of the Creator's love and light. Having her energy gifted, therefore, to one of the most important and sacred moments of my life ennobles the ritual, adding to it a rarefied air that, say, an authentic priest might bring to the facilitating of a sacred rite.


Our evening was one of those "ditto" evenings: NCIS and Modern Family and the Classical Music Station for our protocol. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation and we went to sleep watching the Colbert Report where director Terry Gilliam was the guest.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 18, 2014 8:12am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her tummy has been revolting lately but seems to calm down enough for her to eat her meals. Using the commode has become her exercise program, and it's not a bad one. It does take quite a bit of effort to get out of and then back into bed. We take the little side trip towards the door now and then, so we are doing what we can to exercise.


Gary and Austin joined us for lunch where we discussed all the deadly boring details that make up the licensing agreement that we are creating to handle foreign readers who want to take on the responsibility of translating our material and then printing it and distributing it in their own country. We are grateful for such interest in our material.


I finished weeding the yard and gardens and I continue to notice the color of various leaves changing and indicating that fall is almost here.


Gary and Austin were busy in the L/L office today:

  • Joined C&J for lunch to finish up our group work on the contract with Jochen. Carla and Jim managed to keep their eyes open the whole time, so we think it was a success! Well, by more than that measure alone it was indeed a success. We reached the end of the contract and, as has proven characteristic of our meetings, we worked as a group exceptionally well, finding easy harmony and often producing an end product better than what any one of us may have produced alone.

  • Subsequently revised the 13 page contract's draft per our edits from the past two meetings and got it off to Jochen for his review, accompanied with a couple explanation emails, including a sad one about the current state of the Scholar's Edition that will probably bum Jochen out as much as it does us.

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo and shared the Confederation philosophy via social media. L/L's Facebook is... wait for it... almost up to two thousand "likes". Next stop, cover of Time magazine.

  • Did some research about a non-profit volume licensing with a software brand. No go. Compared Photoshop Elements to Photoshop CC, landed on Elements. Found a reasonably priced version, downloaded and installed. More sophisticated in-house video/photo creating and editing here we come.

  • Reviewed the digital proof of the new copy of A Channeling Handbook, used the fresh new copy of Photoshop to create a greater improved cover with proper barcode placement. (Cover art for this book was not something we had in our archive, so it needed created again from scratch. 2 cups of flour. 1 egg. 1 t of yeast. ½t salt. ½ c raspberries. 1 whole Photoshop.)

  • Worked to create an e-books store header image using a stack of L/L books, spine facing outward, set against a blue linen with a Kindle propped up against its edge. It came out so well that only the most trained eye could spot the difference between it and Steve E's storefront images. Sent to Steve for appraisal and, hopefully, applause.

  • Wrote Seph regarding his contribution to a discussion involving his relationship to the Law of One material, a set of posts he composed in response to a skeptic who feels it's all boloney (<-- preferred spelling). Per usual, Seph offers a fine mind in operation. Couple of his points we really enjoyed:

    • "Maybe Ra's story is a cartoon picture of the way things really are. All mythologies are. And so are all scientific models."

    • "I've seen enough to know that the standard skeptical materialist story is just not enough to describe the world we inhabit. What you call magical thinking is certainly prevalent among many New Age types, but underneath the wishy-washy magical free-association is a set of principles which are simply not known. Spoon-bending and other such novelties are to us what lightning may have been to a previous age: the inconceivable impact of heaven upon earth. But it's really not so inconceivable; it's just not known well enough to replicate reliably."

  • Received the PDF of the Fall Light/Lines from Edgard and got it off to Steve E. for publication to the website.

  • Wrote Manuel about managing our shared workflow through email and drop box.

  • Did some research on copyrights and book sales, sent report to Carla and Jim.

  • Followed up on an issue with an order from Homecoming.

  • Finished fixing the EBook product pages with proper drop-down display.

  • Created bullet-point masterpiece. Where is it, you ask? You are looking at it! Such is its mastery.


We watched the usual programs for our evening of television. For our protocol we listened to the Classical Music Station. We went to sleep watching the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 17, 2014 8:03am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and changed Carla's dressing. It had been a week since we had seen Mona because she and her husband took last Friday when we usually see her for the second time in a week and they had a little vacation together motorcycling in eastern Kentucky. She said that Carla's wound continues to look good, but we are concerned that the application of silver nitrate to the upper left undermining part of her wound was especially painful today. We will skip that part next time.


After lunch Gary and Austin joined us for our weekly Blog Talk Radio show where Carla began by seeing each person as a star in the sky, each like a sun orbiting a Central Sun and gathering experiences of learning to love.


Bethany came by afterwards and did Carla's nails in a bright sparkling blue and orange. We thanked her for her miracle work last week in getting Carla's way too small wedding rings off her finger with coconut oil, some string, and a little deception.


I went outside and got half the yard weeded including the overblown black-eyed Susans. The fall feel is in the air and we shall treasure each remaining warm, sunny day because cold weather is just around the corner.


Gary and Austin continued their usual productivity in the L/L office:

  • Joined McCarty 1 and McCarty 2 for our weekly "In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew" program. In this episode, we discuss:
    - Being an aspect of the Creator.
    - The difference between enabling and acceptance.
    - Processing negative catalyst.

  • Available for download or streaming here

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo.

  • Wrote to ULE regarding the status of our application for the fall expo.

  • Finalized a new version of A Channeling Handbook for CreateSpace, submitted the files to await review.

  • Sent off a prisoner book request and a batch of donation letters. Thank you all donors. : )

  • Worked with Kindle support team over a technical question.

  • Responded to Tobey who is back in action. At least working through his backlog of emails and turning attention to the ever evolving

  • Received a new Interview Project transcript on the "Your Dynamics" section that queried regarding the dynamics of the three during the Ra Contact. Thank you, Aaron T.!

  • Completed Jim and Carla's beginning half to the "Notes to Our Readers" section for the Fall issue of the Light/Lines Newsletter, and sent that note + title + the transcript chosen by Jim to Edgard for production of the PDF that will be published to the website and emailed.

  • Mailed off a form to a certain gov agency for proof of Carla's US residency and notified Susanna that it should reach Italy within the month, I hope.

  • Corresponded with Terry, Karan, Sam, and other seekers who had good questions, thoughts, and sharings.

  • Received 284 pages of transcript pages (of an L/L meeting) in one batch! Never have so many pages come in at once. A long-term, monumental effort, Trish. Thank you!

  • Responded to a good L/L friend about the name he chose a couple years back to represent himself. Austin and I both dig it and vote in favor of its continued use.

  • Received a new Interview Project transcript from Linda H, and sent her audio for a new section. Thank you, Linda!


We watched NCIS and Modern Family for most of our evening. We took time out to listen to the Classical Music Station for our protocol. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 16, 2014 8:13am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her wound continues to look good, but there are a couple of places on her behind where there has been a little bleeding from a couple of locations that we need to keep our eye on. I've begun putting a little Neosporin on them and covering with a band aid. Bed sores develop in this area and we don't need any more.


I vacuumed Carla's car this afternoon and cleaned all the inside surfaces. I also cleaned the windows so it has that new car look. Carla and I got the next newsletter picked out as well as getting the Notes to Our Readers section done.


Gary and Austin were their usual busy selves in the L/L office:

  • Attempted to mimic Steve's front page category image to create one for e-books. (Did you know that thanks to Austin's work we have L/L books available as e-books now? Available for Kindle, iPad, Nook and other e-readers)

  • Stopped at the PO Box and picked up mail pieces

  • Enjoyed a short walking meditation in the Jim and Carla's gardens

  • Worked on obtaining a proof of US Residency for Carla so that L/L can receive foreign-language royalty payments without being taxed in that particular country.

  • Corresponded with the leader of the Taiwanese, Mr. Terry H.

  • Learned that Pupak and Thanasis (the two who presented at the Louisville Homecoming from Findhorn, Scotland via Skype), hope to put together a monthly Law of One study group that meets via Skype. Offered to share their information via Camelot Journal and L/L's social media.

  • Caught up with Michelle H. who it so happens is in surgery today. (Monday, Sep 15) Sending love and light!

  • Responded to various seeker emails including one from JP, our primary contributor of questions to the In the Now program, assuring him that there is no reason to doubt his questions as he sends some really solid queries.

  • Took dictation for Carla as she responded to the first of Manuel's Spanish translations. He has an eye for detail and a desire to translate as meticulously as possible, his questions similar to those we had received from Terry for many years.

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo and shared via social media.

  • Processed prisoner mail: sent letters off to Azeem, processed a book request, and more info about one of the prisons that rejected our book.

  • Sent off some Homecoming talks to more transcription volunteers. Thanks in advance, Aaron K., Kristin, and Sarah D.!

  • Collected questions for tomorrow's In the Now.

  • Tweaked and finished uploading the last of our main publications to the Nook store.

  • Worked on (re)creating a cover for a new printed version of A Channeling Handbook in CreateSpace.

  • Processed donation and shipped a DVD request and prisoner books.

  • Worked on getting books published in the Nook store.

  • How "Giftivism" Helped Turn a Tough Oakland Street Into a Close-Knit Community


We watched a block of NCIS for most of our evening. This was a Classical Music Station evening for our protocol. Then with all our work done we threw a very private party and danced until we popped and dropped. Old bones never forget. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 15, 2014 7:49am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Today she was on Wynn F's radio show from 1-3 where they talked about the spiritual nature of getting ready to look for and accept a new job. Gathering information about the job from co-workers and people close to the work place was recommended as a way of assuring the best possible fit for the spiritual seeker.


After the radio show we got Carla's hair washed and her in a new outfit to take a wheelchair ride around Anchorage. It was such a beautiful day and everywhere we went was like a park. We enjoyed the tour immensely and may have to do this more often before the weather changes.


During the afternoon I took some time to do self-evaluation and at the silent meditation this evening I shared the obvious results as my part of the round robin. Sometimes you have to go through a little inner pain to get to the inner peace. It was a good meditation and Gary and Austin joined Carla and me with their own stories of how their weeks went.


After the meditation Carla and I listened to the Classic Rock & Roll Station for our protocol. Then on axsTV I found the rock group Wilco performing live. We very much enjoyed their beautiful harmonies, funky rhythms, and collective creativity of their experimentation with sound. I even got up and danced a bit to continue the therapeutic process of the day. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 14, 2014 8:03am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Her tummy was in better shape today and her elimination improved as well. Various smaller skin aberrations are also better and her wound continues to look good.


Carla had hoped to be able to be on the radio with Wynn this afternoon, but we didn't have the correct number to call in to the program, so she got the day off. We'll try again tomorrow.


I did plant a few mums on the ruins mound where the black-eyed Susans used to be and they look ever so much better. But I spent most of the day watching both Louisville and Kentucky lose very close football games. Toward the end of the day I was able to see Nebraska beat Fresno State.


Our evening was peaceful as we listened to the Classical Music Station for our protocol and thereafter for a while. Then it was back to football with an occasional Modern Family thrown in for spice. We tuned into Austin City Limits and heard some of The Head and the Heart as well as Gomez. We didn't linger long as the first group had one song that they kept playing as different songs and the second group was into a lot of reverberation and holding one note until it choked from lack of oxygen. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 13, 2014 8:01am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. And then we remembered that her day had actually started at 1:30 in the morning as she ripped off the sleep mask and cursed it good-bye. She had been lying in bed for an hour and a half trying her best to let the CPAP machine and sleep mask do their jobs. But it was pure torture having to put up with the air rushing out the front of the mask (as it is supposed to) and making her eyes and mouth very dry. With the mask on she can't take a drink of water and the tubing was still pulling on her head and keeping her awake even though we had supported it with the appropriate IV-type pole on the side of her bed. Well that's one more experiment gone awry and now is gone away.


Continuing on with the theme of discomfort after lunch she got a very upset stomach, so much so that we had to cancel the Orencia infusion appointment that she had at her rheumatologist's today. We remade the appointment for next Friday. She spent most of the afternoon lying perfectly still and sleeping all that she could to get away from the urpy feeling.


I went outside and planted pansies in our front two flower pots and they look so cheery and happy on this first day of fall feeling weather. The high today will be in the upper ‘60s. And snow is falling in the Dakotas the earliest since 1880. I also pulled out all of the Black-eyed Susans from the Ruins mound where they are just too tall to fit in. With the ground soaked from the 3 inch rain two nights ago I was able to pull them out by the roots. They are extremely invasive and this is my second try to get them out of the Ruins.


Our evening was spent watching some recorded episodes of NCIS and Modern Family. We listened to the Classical Music Station for our protocol and then for the next hour or so as well. In the midst of it all the music took on another tone and we were transported to a place of heavenly song and there we stayed and played. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 12, 2014 8:22am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Today we made a trip to the medical supply house to get another face mask for Carla's CPAP machine. We are hoping that she can get a mask that will cover her nose and provide the oxygen without so much air breezing by her face drying out her eyes and mouth. We also picked up a little IV-type pole that we hope will keep the tubing from pulling her head to one side and waking her up. Keep your fingers crossed.


After that appointment we stopped by the Cheesecake Factory for a snack. Carla had some cheesy nachos and I had some crab bites. Carla splurged with a cosmo to drink and I, being the designated driver, had a Coke. We had a wonderful time talking and people watching.


Gary and Austin put in another productive day in the L/L office:

  • Retrieved content from the PO Box and subsequently sent some prisoner letters on to Azeem, sent some prisoner book requests, and processed a generous donation.

  • Shipped a book orders.

  • Responded to seeker email, sent another Homecoming audio to a volunteer. Thank you, Sarah!

  • Worked with Fox on the issue of the question marks in the black diamonds you may have seen in the "Daily Q'uote" on Bring4th. The Daily Q'uote system requires certain character sets, for instance "&apos" for apostrophes and "&#45" for dashes. (Along with some others.) When these aren't properly made, the system opts for the bizarre diamond character. Fox reported as well that the end of this year will mark three years of her uploading Q'uotes from her personal study to the database, totaling around 1,095 Q'uotes! Having read the entire Q'uo library, she plans on relinquishing the service when the year is finished in an ongoing project to simplify the life.

  • Performed the bookkeeping for the week, with two reconciliations in the can and many tedious things seen to, including writing Amazon about Kindle issue.

  • Received from Michelle the transcript for Carla's part of the "Some Personal Bio" section of the Interview Project. 23 pages! Thank you, Michelle!

  • Dug into a question about Ra's usage of the term "universes" from our friend and Chinese translator Terry.

  • Fixed some issues with our EBook product pages in the online store.

  • Did away with the remaining t-shirt stragglers in on our online store - new design and sizes coming in the future! (Near or distant, TBD.)

  • Set up a system for tracking prisoner mail and book orders

  • Corresponded with Terry and received a new batch of Chinese translations of the transcripts. It's a slow-going process as he proofreads each one. We've collected about 166 so far. Many more to go.

  • Prayers to an upcoming surgery for our friend Michelle. (Same superstar transcriber mentioned above.)

  • Couple interesting articles through IMU: 10 Unsolved Mysteries from Ancient Times & The Latest on Psychic Dreams & Other Paranormal Phenomena


Our evening was full of NCIS and Modern Family. We listened to the Classical Music Station for our protocol and went to sleep watching the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 11, 2014 8:00am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Today she cleared her plumbing system and continued her extra walking as exercise. We got her purple hair washed before company arrived this afternoon and that provided the opportunity for her to walk more than usual as getting into and out of the wheelchair was required as part of the process.


Gary and Austin had lunch with us and we discussed the basic framework of an agreement that Jochen in Germany will use to print and sell our books in the German language. This is basic, important, and boring work as it involves all kinds of legalities that guarantee everyone's rights will be provided for.


It was handy that I am caught up on my outdoor work as the new priest from Carla's church and a lay minister came by to visit with Carla and me. The priest grew up one county over from where Edgar Cayce was raised, so he was familiar with channeling and has no problem with it. That is a big point with Carla as she has always been totally honest with her priests and bishops about her work with L/L Research. It was a good visit and Carla will now be able to receive communion on a weekly basis here in her room.


Gary and Austin worked hard in the L/L office today:

  • Had a lunch with Carla and Jim wherein we begin moving through the contact we hope to strike with Jochen. Made it about 60% or more of the way through! Part II coming up.

  • Wrote Jochen with questions about some details therein.

  • Responded to Edgard in the ongoing effort to bring in a new volunteer General Editor for L/L Research, putting together a rough first draft for our notice.

  • Updated the category for our weekly "In the Now" program from Spirituality to Indie Music. Seriously. We kept receiving calls from well-meaning individuals seeking psychic readings because our show was in the Spirituality category, apparently a category shared by psychic call-in programs. With that changed, if someone calls us because of our category without reading the actual description of the show, we'll at least get to talk about indie music. I have Spotify.

  • Tackled an old filing project that, as always happens, lead down some interesting roads of things in the exploration of things that were set aside who knows how long ago, including:

  • A paper sent to us comparing the similarity between the work of Dr. Michael Newton and the Law of One material. Some pretty incredible nuggets in Newton's work from the testimony of thousands of patients who've been regressed and were able to share information regarding the mechanics, purpose, and nature of spiritual evolution through the third-density plane of existence. Corroborates Ra's statements about the process very nicely.

  • Finally got the tent people to come pick up the long table they left behind! Three calls is a charm.

  • Received kind offers from volunteers to help with the Homecoming 2014 transcription. Emailed the audio and updated the tracking system. Still need volunteers if anyone is available!

  • Responded to always interesting seeker email

  • Nabbed this super intriguing and frankly mind-boggling video from our friend who posted it to his Bring4th thread:
    This Is The Most Detailed Map Yet of Our Place In The Universe. It seems the Milky Way is but a very, very tiny part of a super cluster of galaxies that scientists have named Laniakea, a Hawaiian word meaning, "immeasurable heaven".

  • The thread on Bring4th named The Mysterious Nature of Time has been built slowly over the years by the member known as "Confused". It's a treasure chest full of these sorts of articles and videos.


Mid-way through the evening Carla got to talk on the phone to one of our good friends who has recently moved to Colorado, and she had a wonderful time catching up with her. Afterwards we did the protocol as we listened to the Classical Music Channel. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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Published by Bring4th_Carla on September 10, 2014 8:15am.  Category: General



Carla and I did our Morning Offering and then got her ready for her day. Mona came by this morning and applied silver nitrate to Carla's wound. We gave Mona a gift of a box of chocolate caramels with salt, one of her favorite snacks, to celebrate her being with us for one full year now. She will have her own celebration this weekend as she rides on the back of her husband's Harley and they both ride to North Carolina for a rally. Now that's a happening nurse!


After lunch today Austin and Gary joined Carla and me for another episode of Blog Talk Radio's "In the Now with Carla and Crew". After overcoming some technical difficulties we talked about unity and distortion, the meaning of the apple in the Garden of Eden, and archangels.


I mowed the grass after the radio program and noted that we are getting very dry once again.


Gary and Austin were very productive in the L/L office today:

  • Joined Carla and Jim for this week's "In the Now" after a week hiatus. In this episode we discuss:
    - The concept of distortion.
    - The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, the Garden of Eden.
    - The archangels and how to invoke unseen help.
    - How our show is not a psychic call line.
    Available for download or streaming here

  • Did some research on copyright contracts in general and finished drafting the licensing agreement for Jochen! Carla, Austin, Jim and I will meet tomorrow to collectively determine the answers to a multitude of questions and hammer out the fine points.

  • Revisited and read through the long-form Mission statement that will be placed onto the new website, whenever that elusive beast may appear.

  • Updated the system for tracking the various translations, and then put together a system to track Manuel's workflow as he translates the material into Spanish himself and relays questions to us regarding the meaning of certain words and phrases and then sends it off to L/L's general editor before publication to the archive website; and as he receives and edits Spanish transcripts sent from Veronica and Gabriela (Mexico and Argentina, respectively) which then go through the same process.

  • And wrote Manuel about all of it. And responded to Veronica and Gabriela on the matter.

  • Responded to Richard W. about the on goings of the meditation pyramid project. He's got a patent application in process and has learned that there are a variety of colors into which he can create the apex pieces.

  • Wrote Edgard a follow-up request regarding help in putting out a notice for a new general editor. Almost two years Edgard's attempted the service but his life unfortunately just doesn't have the space to fully meet the needs of the position.

  • Sent a reminder note to a foreign-language friend regarding their translation of "A Wanderer's Handbook"

  • Took care of a credit card issue

  • Responded to seeker email.

  • Continued digitizing Q'uo

  • Uploaded Homecoming audio files in order to share with volunteer transcribers, and then sent out a general request to those on the volunteer list asking for help with transcription.

  • Worked on getting publications uploaded to Nook.


Carla and I watched some NCIS and Modern Family for our evening of television viewing. We listened to the Classical Music station for our protocol and as Carla got out of bed to use the commode I noticed that the packing had fallen out of her wound dressing. Mona forgot to use the Sureprep skin cleanser that makes the skin below the bandage very tacky and able to hold a bandage. So we had to do an improvised bandage change to get her wound covered with gauze soaked in Dakin's solution, which is sterile water with just a little bleach in it. We went to sleep watching the Colbert Report. I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight.


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