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Member: Norral
Location: New york
Gender: Male
Interests: children, animals kindness compassion seeing a better world take form

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hello brothers and sisters of the one. i love u all and really really appreciate u. this blog

will be a mix of personal stuff and observations about life as i see it. may the goddess

bless and assist us all in our journey home

om tare tu tare
Published by Norral on November 1, 2015 6:31am.  Category: spirit



deva premal so beautiful

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the open heart is the holy grail
Published by Norral on September 1, 2015 10:21pm.  Category: spirit

the open heart is the holy grail

i am a student of history. and much of the history i read is quite cruel to say the least. mans inhumanity to man litters the pages of history. history is rife with stories of one group taking advantage of, exploiting, murdering and exterminating other groups all for the sake of wealth and power. sometimes i wish i wasnt drawn to this stuff what is that they say ignorance is bliss ha ha.
my study has led to some positives though. i absolutely put no one on a pedestal and i mean no one. regardless of title i like to get to know the person myself and form my own opinions. the challenge i have is knowing some of the things i do know that have occurred in the past, can i put them aside and live in the present. and at times it can be a challenge
the challenge today we all face as humans is to live open heartedly. to open our hearts to live with kindness and without judgement of others . there are so many voices that would sway us one way or the other. i look at it like this i like to receive kindness from others there fore i will treat others with kindness. it is simple but it works for me
in king arthurs time the legend was that the sword excalibur could only be removed from the rock by the true king. many tried but all failed until arthur himself was able to extract it. in each one of us lies an excalibur within our own hearts. the challenge we each face is to find within ourselves the love, the courage and the faith to remove our own excalibur and to wield that sword for the benefit of others. so the open heart is the holy grail. may we each find it within ourselves and realize the power of love

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Published by Norral on August 2, 2015 4:51am.  Category: spirit

i had a dream the other night that i was at jim and carlas house. there was some kind of meeting going on and i was sitting next to austin. the general feeling i got from the dream when i woke up was joy. the message i got was that when people are working together in harmony , without judgement of each other, cooperating with each other , we become joyful and happy. this week my goal will be to go out into the world seeking to serve my fellow human being in whatever way i can. there are always opportunites to be of service to others , just a simple smile shared with another brings joy to both.

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be the change that u want to see
Published by Norral on July 25, 2015 10:58am.  Category: spirit


yes we must all be that change that we want to see 


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reaching out to our higher self
Published by Norral on July 24, 2015 4:36am.  Category: spirit

each day i try to reach out and connect with my higher self. i send my love to her and ask her to fill me with her light and life. its the best friend we have and is filled with wisdom that will never lead us astray. and i find in doing so i feel peace. i visualize my higher self as a being of light and a source of light wisdom and love that is always available to us.

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a personal affirmation
Published by Norral on July 18, 2015 4:55pm.  Category: spirit

this is an affirmation i have been thinking about for a while . now is time to put pen to  paper and print it out so i can start saying it every day.


daily affirmation


i awaken this morning with gratitude. gratitude for this life, for my family, my wife , children and grandchildren, my work, my home and my consciousness. i ask in this day that i may be of service to my fellow human beings in some way. i ask for the end of suffering , the end of war, poverty, sickness and aging. may the new heaven and new earth come to pass and may all families and peoples be protected by the angels. this i ask in the name of the awakened buddha, the arisen christ and lord krishna . amen

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the importance of having a spiritual practice
Published by Norral on July 15, 2015 3:47pm.  Category: spirit

i think its critical in todays world to have a spiritual practice. there is so much to distract us and suck us in. i would rather start my day by connecting to my higher self and the higher realms. i find the day always goes better when i do that . i like to pray and meditate and say some positive affirmations to start the day. if i dont do it i feel the difference i feel much less centered. so i find my spiritual practice helps be to be centered and not scattered during the day. i am committed to it and it definitely has benefits. hope everyone have a great day



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the gayatri mantra
Published by Norral on June 2, 2013 9:02am.  Category: spirit

gayatri mantra by deva premal and her husband

one of the most chanted mantras in the world.

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psalm 37
Published by Norral on May 20, 2013 1:26pm.  Category: spirit

psalm 37


i thought i would include this link to psalm 37. it is one of the great pieces of spiritual writing and advice that occurs in the bible imho



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on christianity part 3
Published by Norral on May 19, 2013 2:23am.  Category: spirit

instead of going into how i would hold a service i thought i would say that i have nothing against churches. i like churches but i dont like fundamentalism . that is the basic problem that i have. when churches become absolutists i have a problem. i am a member of the episcopalian church and i actually went to church last night for the first time in about a year. and i really enjoyed it. the episcopalian church is liberal, they have women ministers which i like , they welcome people of all sexualities and that is the way a church should be imo. so i advocate a more liberal form of christianity that includes all people. and for me passion for christ has to be there. and that has to come from within, if we dont have that personally that is more our issue than the churches issue. so that will conclude this series of posts of how i feel about christianity



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