Webcast of the L/L Research Channeling Meditation

L/L Research's channeling season traditionally runs from September through May, Saturdays at 8pm eastern. Channeling however has been on hiatus since April, 2011 due to a prolonged and problematic recovery for Carla after her second major spinal surgery.


For some time, our friends at BBS Radio were broadcasting these sessions. This page formerly contained a link to hear those weely broadcast on BBS. However after we stopped channeling new sessions, BBS lost interest and discontinued the weekly broadcast of audio recordings we had been sending them of past sessions.


While there are no longer any current broadcasts available on BBS, they do maintain an archive of past Q'uo channeling broadcasts available at: http://www.bbsradio.com/llresearch/.


If you wish to listen to or download past broadcasts from the BBS archive, they charge a small fee for their subscription service.


As of January, 2014, we are working on a new website to unify Bring4th.org and LLResearch.org. We hope to build our own audio archive of Q'uo channeling available from the new website for download.



L/L Research!