I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 76.2-.3:

Questioner: Will our continued communication with Ra be deleterious to the physical energies of the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. We may answer in two modes. Firstly, if the instrument were thusly dedicated to this use with no transfer of energy of physical complex nature, it would begin to call upon the vital energy itself, and this, done in any substantive measure, is actively deleterious to a mind/body/spirit complex if that complex wishes further experience in the illusion which it now distorts.

Secondly, if care is taken, firstly, to monitor the outer parameters of the instrument, then to transfer physical energy by sexual transfer, by magical protection, and, lastly, by the energetic displacements of thought-forms energizing the instrument during contact, there is no difficulty in that there is no worsening of the instrument’s mind/body/spirit-complex distortions of strength/weakness.

It is to be noted that the instrument, by dedicating itself to this service, attracts greetings of which you are aware. These are inconvenient but, with care taken, need not be lastingly deleterious either to the instrument or the contact.

Questioner: Of the three things you mentioned that we could do for the instrument’s benefit, would you clarify the last one? I didn’t quite understand that.

Ra: I am Ra. As the entity which you are allows its being to empathize with another being, so then it may choose to share with the other-self those energies which may be salubrious to the other-self. The mechanism of these energy transfers is the thought or, more precisely, the thought-form, for any thought is a form, or symbol, or thing that is an object seen in time/space reference.”

This was the first session that we had after Carla’s surgery on her right elbow in November of 1981. Three months had elapsed, so Don wanted to know if Carla was still in good enough shape to be an instrument for the Ra contact. Ra gave us pretty precise directions for maintaining Carla’s condition, and the first one was that all future sessions should be preceded by sexual energy transfers so that Carla would never have to use her vital energy to power the contact. In 87.27, Ra revealed that sexual energy transfer offered Carla, or any female, physical energy which Carla was always low on:

Due to the veiling process the energy transferred from male to female is different than that transferred from female to male. Due to the polarity difference of the mind/body/spirit complexes of male and female, the male stores physical energy; the female, mental and mental/emotional energy. When third-density sexual energy transfer is completed the male will have offered the discharge of physical energy. The female is, thereby, refreshed, having far less physical vitality. At the same time, if you will use this term, the female discharges the efflux of its stored mental and mental/emotional energy, thereby offering inspiration, healing, and blessing to the male which by nature is less vital in this area.

In 79.4, Ra described how sexual energy transfers aided the Ra contact:

Questioner: In that case, she would like to know the function of the energy transfer during the session.

Ra: I am Ra. The function of this energy transfer is a most helpful one in that it serves to strengthen the shuttle through which the instreaming contact is received.

The contact itself will monitor the condition of the instrument and cease communication when the distortions of the instrument begin to fluctuate towards the distortions of weakness or pain. However, while the contact is ongoing, the strength of the channel through which this contact flows may be aided by the energy transfer of which you spoke.

Ra’s second suggestion that we should “monitor the outer parameters of the instrument” referred to balancing Carla’s physical activities to be sure that she got enough exercise, was able to participate in church activities, and that she had chances for social interaction without overdoing the physical aspect. In 66.3, Ra listed the ways that Carla could benefit by partaking in various activities:

The basic material has been covered before concerning the nurturing of this instrument. We recapitulate: the exercise according to ability, not to exceed appropriate parameters, the nutrition, the social intercourse with companions, the sexual activity in green ray or above and, in general, the sharing of the distortions of this group’s individual experiences in an helpful, loving manner.

And Ra’s third suggestion was that we always invoke magical protection before and during the sessions with them. Using the Banishing Ritual of the Lesser Pentagram was the first level of our magical protection, and then walking the Circle of One, which Ra gave us in 2.6, was our second level of magical protection:

The vibrations may well be purified by a simple turning to the Circle of One and the verbal vibration while doing so of the following dialogue:

Question: “What is the Law?”

Answer: “The Law is One.”

Question: “Why are we here?”

Answer: “We seek the Law of One.”

Question: “Why do we seek Ra?”

Answer: “Ra is an humble messenger of the Law of One.”

Both together: “Rejoice then, and purify this place in the Law of One. Let no thought-form enter the circle we have walked about this instrument, for the Law is One.”

Ra’s last suggestion was that we could utilize our empathy with Carla’s situation, as having to bear the brunt of the wear and tear of being the instrument for the Ra contact, by generating the “energetic displacement of thought-forms.” In 60.4, Ra said that serving as the instrument for each Ra session was like a day’s harsh physical labor:

Questioner: You are saying then that the physical distortions that the instrument experienced are part of a balancing process? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The physical distortions are a result of the instrument’s not accepting fully the limitations, placed prior to incarnation, upon the activities of the entity once it had begun the working. The distortions caused by this working, which are inevitable given the plan chosen by this entity, are limitation and—to a degree consonant with the amount of vital and physical energy expended—weariness due to that which is the equivalent in this instrument of many, many hours of harsh physical labor.

This is why we suggested the instrument’s thoughts dwelling upon the possibility of its suggesting to its higher self the possibility of some slight reservation of energy at a working. This instrument, at this time, is quite open until all resources are quite exhausted. This is well, if desired. However, it will, shall we say, shorten the number of workings in what you may call the long run.

Regarding the “energetic displacement of thought-forms,” I had already been using thought forms to energize Carla as I meditated during the Ra contact. I would visualize energy entering Carla’s crown chakra and then moving downward through all of her energy centers and out her feet. I imaged this movement of energy as aiding Ra’s contact energy as it entered through her violet ray and activated her blue-ray center as Ra mentioned in 72.17:

We of Ra approach this instrument in narrow-band contact through violet ray. Others might pierce down through this ray to any energy center. We, for instance, make great use of this instrument’s blue-ray energy center as we are attempting to communicate our distortion-understandings of the Law of One.

This morning I took Dan D. Lion to the vet to get a depo shot to reduce the number of asthmatic attacks that he has been having lately. When I got home I pulled the old sheets off my bed and replaced them with new sheets and the pillows with new pillow cases.

In the afternoon I went around the living room where I have four spider plants hanging and removed the many dead leaves on each plant. These dead leaves always seem to occur in the fall and winter when these plants are indoors, although the two in the back area of the kitchen don’t have this problem. My last job was to vacuum the first floor of the house.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

January 14

Sleep’s Communion With Spirit

I am of the principle of divine love. I greet you in the full consciousness of that love which is the love of Jesus the Christ.

Once more the day’s star shines and the activities of a busy round begin. And each soul, vertical, dressed, equipped for the day, moves into the rhythms of that vertical activity which is called living the life.

May we suggest that it is most helpful to realize that that which has been yours during your sleep, during your period of horizontal relaxation, is most valuable. For upon your bed you do not strive. You do not struggle. You do not mourn or praise. But as one who dives into deep water, you are covered with the blessings which sleep brings. For sleep opens the door to the spirit’s communion with that spirit which we are.

Allow the vertical part of your life to carry the horizontal member which lies within the heart and mind. Allow the consciousness of peace and comfort to interpenetrate each activity. For those peaceful lessons learned upon the nightly bed may so inform the day that your life finds more and more value in its happenings.

You see, your life is only yours insofar as you perceive it, and it is your powers of perception that are clarified and strengthened by obtaining the peaceful spaciousness of water whilst bounding actively upon the currents of the air.

Might this combination of action and rest offer you enhanced realization of peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.

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