I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 91.25:

Questioner: The star could represent the potentiating force of the subconscious mind. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This particular part of this image is best seen in astrological terms. We would comment at this space/time that Ra did not include the astrological portions of these images in the system of images designed to evoke the archetypical leitmotifs.”

Continuing our questioning regarding Card Number One, The Matrix of the Mind, the Magician, Don asked Ra if the star on this card would represent the “potentiating force of the subconscious mind.” Ra responded by saying that the star was astrological in its origin and that Ra “did not include the astrological portions of these images in the system of images designed to evoke the archetypical leitmotifs.” In 88.23, Ra gave a detailed description of why they did not include the astrological portions of the images of the tarot cards:

Questioner: You mentioned earlier that the tarot was a method of divination. Would you explain that?

Ra: I am Ra. We must first divorce the tarot as a method of divination from this Major Arcana as representative of twenty-two archetypes of the archetypical mind.

The value of that which you call astrology is significant when used by those initiated entities which understand, if you will pardon the misnomer, the sometimes intricate considerations of the Law of Confusion. As each planetary influence enters the energy web of your sphere, those upon the sphere are moved much as the moon which moves about your sphere moves the waters upon your deeps.

Your own nature is water in that you as mind/body/spirit complexes are easily impressed and moved. Indeed, this is the very fiber and nature of your journey and vigil in this density: to not only be moved but to instruct yourself as to the preferred manner of your movement in mind, body, and spirit.

Therefore, as each entity enters the planetary energy web each entity experiences two major planetary influxes: that of the conception—which has to do with the physical, yellow-ray manifestation of the incarnation—and that of the moment you call birth when the breath is first drawn into the body complex of chemical yellow ray.

Thus those who know the stars and their configurations and influences are able to see a rather broadly drawn map of the country through which an entity has traveled, is traveling, or may be expected to travel, be it upon the physical, the mental, or the spiritual level. Such an entity will have developed abilities of the initiate which are normally known among your peoples as psychic or paranormal.

When the archetypes are shuffled into the mix of astrologically oriented cards which form the so-called Court Arcana and Minor Arcana, these archetypes become magnetized to the psychic impressions of the one working with the cards, and thusly become instruments of a linkage between the practitioner of the astrological determinations and divinations and the one requesting information.

Oft times such archetypical representations will appear in such a manner as to have seemingly interesting results, meaningful in configuration to the questioner. In and of themselves the Major Arcana have no rightful place in divination, but rather are tools for the further knowledge of the self by the self for the purpose of entering a more profoundly, acutely realized present moment.

At noon today I was on Jonathan Tong’s Seattle Law of One Study Group zoom cast where we talked about the Law of One from many directions according to the questions that his group had to offer. Jonathan had some questions about the archetypical mind, and others in his group asked about healing, the purpose of third density, the veil of forgetting, the primacy of love in our lives, UFOs, channeling, white magic rituals, and many other topics as well. It is always fun to talk to such dedicate spiritual seekers of truth.

This afternoon I used my trimmer to trim around all of the various walkways and areas in the side and front yards. It had been a while since I had done any trimming, so it took me the better part of two hours to do this trimming. I will finish the trimming next Monday morning and then probably cut the grass as well.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 28

Be Christ

I am the spirit that is meek, the heart that is humble, and the hand that is turned to service. I come to you as the spirit of the infinite love of Jesus the Christ.

Reach out your hand. You see before you an illusion. Yet within the illusion of that hand is warm flesh and blood, a tool and resource for the manifestation of this humble spirit of love.

Open your mouth and give voice. You may give voice in manifestation of the love of Christ. It is not necessary to be loud, dramatic and strident to know within that the infinite love of Christ goes before you and behind you and upon either side and that your stretched-out hand, therefore, though meek, has all the infinite power of the love of Christ.

Be Christ in manifestation to those who are seeking and hungering for the truth.

We leave you in the peace that passes all understanding; in the love of Jesus the Christ, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.