I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 91.38:

Questioner: Since we are at the end of the Matrix of the Mind I will just ask if there is anything we can do to improve the contact or make the instrument more comfortable?

Ra: I am Ra. Each is most conscientious. The instrument might be somewhat more comfortable with the addition of the swirling of the waters with spine erect. All other things which can be performed for the instrument’s benefit are most diligently done.

We commend the continual fidelity of the group to the ideals of harmony and thanksgiving. This shall be your great protection. All is well, my friends. The appurtenances and alignments are excellent.

I am Ra. I leave you glorying in the love and in the light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, then, rejoicing in the power and the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.”

From the very beginning of the Ra contact Don was aware that it was necessary to ask Ra at the start of each session what Carla’s condition was, and then at the end of each session he would ask if there was anything that we could do to make her more comfortable. Not only did Carla have many physical distortions that needed to be tended to, but the type of contact that we had with those of Ra made it quite necessary to check to see if psychic greeting was occurring and what the cause was. In 62.22-.26 Ra gave us the basic outline for these psychic greetings:

 Questioner: Then it was a fifth-density entity that made this particular attack on the instrument today?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Questioner: Isn’t this unusual that a fifth-density then would bother to do this rather than sending a fourth-density servant, shall I say?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. Nearly all positive channels and groups may be lessened in their positivity, or rendered quite useless, by what we may call the temptations offered by the fourth-density negative thought-forms. They may suggest many distortions towards specific information, towards the aggrandizement of the self, towards the flowering of the organization in some political, social, or fiscal way.

These distortions remove the focus from the One Infinite Source of love and light, of which we are all messengers, humble and knowing that we, of ourselves, are but the tiniest portion of the Creator, a small part of a magnificent entirety of infinite intelligence.

Questioner: Is there something that the instrument could do or we could do for the instrument to eliminate the problem she has as she continually experiences the cold feeling of these attacks?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

Questioner: Would you tell me what we could do?

Ra: I am Ra. You could cease in your attempts to be channels for the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator.

Questioner: Have I missed anything now that we can do at all to aid the instrument during, before, or after a session, or at any time?

Ra: I am Ra. The love and devotion of this group misses nothing. Be at peace. There is some toll for this work. This instrument embraces this, or we could not speak.

Rest, then, in that peace and love, and do as you will, as you wish, as you feel. Let there be an end to worry when this is accomplished. The great healer of distortions is love

In this session Ra comments on our need to provide a whirlpool for Carla’s arthritic back as it would be helpful in relieving its pain. Eventually we did do that, and it was definitely very helpful in relieving that pain as Ra mentioned in 93.24:

The swirling waters experienced by the instrument since our previous working have substantially aided the instrument in its lessening of the distortion of pain.

Then Ra mentions two more things that always were an aid to Carla’s well-being—and ours as a group—and that was maintaining harmony and the attitude of thanksgiving. It was easy for us to do this as the harmony flowed so effortlessly between us, and the feelings of praise and thanksgiving were what we truly felt for being able to communicate with those of Ra. In 100.15, Ra underlined the importance of the harmony in our group:

The appurtenances are most conscientiously placed. We thank this diligent group. There is much greater distortion towards harmony at this asking, and we join you in praise and thanksgiving. This is always the greatest boon to improvement of the contact, for it is the harmony of the group which supports this contact.

Another most important factor that aided Carla, specifically, was the alignment of the “appurtenances.” The Bible, chalice of water, incense, and candle needed to be in a certain configuration to give Carla the feeling of comfort that she needed as she left her body before each session began. These items gave her that comfort because she had been a member of the Episcopal Church altar guild for years and had dressed the church altar many times on Sundays with these very items. In 3.4, Ra gave a description of how the appurtenances were helpful to Carla in a spiritual way:

The incense acts as energizer to the physical body of this instrument, signifying its humanity. This is, therefore, a necessity that the wafted smoke is perceived from the same relative angle as the instrument perceives the opened Bible, balanced by the lighted candle signify[ing] love/light and light/love and, therefore, give the mental and emotional, shall we call it, distortion complex of this instrument the sight of paradise and peace which it seeks. Thus energized from the lower to the higher, the instrument becomes balanced and does not grow fatigued.

We appreciate your concern, for this will enable our teach/learning to proceed more easily.

Ra also used these appurtenances to tell us whether or not our line of questioning was appropriate; that is, that we were staying focused on the spiritual principles of the evolution of the mind, body, and spirit and not getting off track with transient information with little spiritual value. They could not tell us directly that we were off track because this contact was based upon our free will choices, but we finally figured out that when they would say that one of the items was .2 degree off center, or 1.4 degree out of line that they were not actually talking about the appurtenances but were commenting on our “line of questioning.” There was no way that we could physically make such minute adjustments of these items. If we strayed too long into transient material the contact itself could have been lost because Ra’s purpose in being with us was to focus on spiritual principles since they were a “narrow band” contact as Ra alluded to in 37.4:

It is quite precisely correct that the level and purity of this contact is dependent upon the level and purity of information sought. Thusly, the continued requests for specific information, from this particular source, is deleterious to the substance of your purpose.

The closer that we stayed within this narrow band of spiritually-oriented questions, the less wear and tear on Carla as the instrument as well. This was especially true when we were doing two sessions per day in the beginning of the Ra contact. By Session 77.25, we had long ago figured out Ra’s code that they referred to here:

The physical appurtenance called the censer was just a degree off, this having no deeper meaning. We do ask, for reasons having to do with the physical comfort of the instrument, that you continue in your careful efforts at alignment. You are conscientious. All is well.

This afternoon I went back to Thieneman’s Nursery and bought 3 Drift Roses, one apricot-colored, one yellow, and one red. When I got home I transplanted them into the flower beds directly in front of the fish pond. I planted them in between daffodils and day lilies, so this entire area now will be a perennial garden of flowers and bushes. Then I took some Giant Sunflower seeds that I soaked in water for 24 hours and planted them behind the Hollyhocks where some Giant Sunflower seeds have come up already. I planted more today to try and get an even distribution of sprouts.  My last job was to water various of the spring transplanted flowers and bushes.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 4

Compassion Replaces Offense

I am of the spirit of the love of Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of perfect love.

It is said that compassion blots out all offenses. Yet what your peoples feel most often is not compassion but guilt and anger. For you judge yourselves and others most harshly.

Compassion has little or nothing to do with offense. Rather it calls forth a higher reality, a more imposing presence, not overcoming mistakes and errors but simply offering a larger viewpoint.

Thus it is that compassion replaces offense, forgives offense, and sees offense for what it is: that which is perceived by man. Yet who can say what is perceived by the Creator? Allow the spirit of the living Christ to form compassion within your hearts and minds, not judging and not believing in a great paper towel that somehow wipes up the sin.

Know that there is a saner, more balanced, and more compassionate level of mind which brings mind and heart together in the compassionate love of Christ, which sees the true beauty and perfection of souls who feel they may have made mistakes.

We leave you in that higher reality of the peace which proceeds therefrom. We leave you in the kingdom of heaven, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.