I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 92.1-3:

Questioner: Could you first please give me the condition of the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. The condition of this instrument is slightly more distorted towards weakness in each respect since the previous asking.

Questioner: Is there a specific cause for this, and could you tell us what it is if so?

Ra: I am Ra. The effective cause of the increased physical distortions have to do with the press of continued substantial levels of the distortion you call pain. Various vehicular distortions, other than the specifically arthritic, have been accentuated by psychic greeting, and the combined effect has been deleterious.

The continued slight but noticeable losses of the vital energies is due to the necessity for the instrument to call upon this resource in order to clear the, shall we say, way for a carefully purified service-to-others working. The use of the will in the absence of physical and, in this particular case, mental and mental/emotional energies requires vital energies.

Questioner: We have been attempting to figure out how to provide the instrument with the swirling water, which we hope to do very soon. Is there any other thing that we can do to improve this situation?

Ra: I am Ra. Continue in peace and harmony. Already the support group does much. There is the need for the instrument to choose the manner of its beingness. It has the distortion, as we have noted, towards the martyrdom. This can be evaluated and choices made only by the entity.”

Don began this session by asking about Carla’s condition, and Ra reported that it was weakened from the last session because of the continued experience of pain. Ra also mentioned that psychic greetings had intensified other problems that she was having. Then Ra said that Carla’s slight loss of vital energies is because she had no physical energy, and her mental and mental/emotional energies were also low. This became significant because she was using her will to call on her own vital energies to make contact with Ra. In 53.1, this same situation was experienced by Carla as it was for so long in the Ra contact:

In answer to the second query, we may say that the physical complex difficulties prior to contact with our social memory complex are due to the action of the subconscious will of the instrument. This will is extremely strong and requires the mind/body/spirit complex to reserve all available physical and vital energies for the contact. Thus the discomforts are experienced due to the dramatic distortion towards physical weakness while this energy is diverted. The entity is, it may be noted, also under psychic attack, and this intensifies pre-existing conditions and is responsible for the cramping and the dizziness as well as mind-complex distortions.

If Carla continued to call upon her own vital energies in this way, it would eventually end the Ra contact, so in the third question Don asked what we could do to better her situation beyond adding the swirling waters to her regimen. First Ra suggested that we continue to focus on peace and harmony as these qualities were always enriching to each of us. In 100.15, Ra reaffirmed the value of the harmony of our group:

The appurtenances are most conscientiously placed. We thank this diligent group. There is much greater distortion towards harmony at this asking, and we join you in praise and thanksgiving. This is always the greatest boon to improvement of the contact, for it is the harmony of the group which supports this contact.

Then Ra gave Carla a riddle to help focus her attention on what could be most helpful in this situation. Carla’s tendency towards martyrdom is noted by Ra. She always was willing to give all that she had to be of service. In 96.2, Ra noted this quality in Carla’s personality:

This entity has an habitual attitude which is singular; that is, when there is some necessity for action the entity is accustomed to analyzing the catalyst in terms of service and determining a course.

Ra suggested that this was not always a good thing and suggested that she needed to “choose the manner of her beingness.” This suggestion was designed to point her in another direction that would not include the distortion of the martyr. In a later session we will see what Carla decides.

Today was another Sabbath Day of Rest, but as we have been hot and dry for the last few days, I took some time in the cool of the morning to water some of the recently transplanted flowers and shrubs around the yard. Then I returned to my meditations and some work upon the archetypical mind. At noon I took my errand run with my first stop at Theieneman’s Nursery to pick up three more Drift Roses to add to the ones I transplanted yesterday. My second stop was at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some food and catnip sacks for the kitties. My third stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself. My last stop was at Walgreen’s Pharmacy to pick up some non-food items.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 5

Experience The Heaven Within

I am of the light and my spirit lies within all. And love abounds in every portion of creation.

Let not appearances make you feel betrayed by the Creator, but make this your prayer, “Heavenly Father, grant us grace this day to know and to do Thy will with single-heartedness, joy and faith,” never doubting that the spirit of unconditional love, as promised, remains with each seeker until the end of the age, until the end of creation. And yet even then we shall continue to be the spirit of the infinite Creator as new creations emerge.

See this infinite portion of yourself that is one with us as the principle of unconditional love. And allow that vision to be your prayer today: “Heavenly Father, let me be of the principle of infinite love. Let me react to all stimuli in the love of God in Jesus the Christ.”

This is your choice, day by day. We urge you to make it each and every day, that you may experience the heaven within; the peace and the joy of knowing that you are not alone but supported in all that you do.

We leave you in the love and the peace of Jesus the Christ, both now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.