I would like to remind everyone that we are holding our Meditation for World Peace again tomorrow morning at 11 am Eastern Time. We will meditate for ten minutes and send love, light, and healing energies to the people of Ukraine and Russia.

I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 99.5:

Questioner: Finally, of the preliminary questions, one from Jim stating: “For the last three weeks I have often been at the edge of anger and frustration, have had a nearly constant dull pain at my indigo-ray center, and have felt quite drained of energy. Would Ra comment on the source of these experiences and any thoughts or actions that might alleviate it?”

Ra: I am Ra. As in all distortions, the source is the limit of the viewpoint. We may, without serious infringement, suggest three courses of behavior which shall operate upon the distortion expressed.

Firstly, it would be well for the scribe to engage, if not daily then as nearly so as possible, in a solitary strenuous activity which brings this entity to the true physical weariness. Further, although any activity may suffice, an activity chosen for its intended service to the harmony of the group would be quite efficacious.

The second activity is some of your space/time and time/space taken by the entity, directly or as nearly so as possible to the strenuous activity, for solitary contemplation.

Thirdly, the enthusiastic pursuit of the balancing and silent meditations cannot be deleted from the list of helpful activities for this entity.

We may note that the great forte of the scribe is summed in the inadequate sound vibration complex, power. The flow of power, just as the flow of love or wisdom, is enabled not by the chary conserver of its use, but by the constant user. The physical manifestation of power being either constructive or destructive strenuous activity, the power-filled entity must needs exercise that manifestation.

This entity experiences a distortion in the direction of an excess of stored energy. It is well to know the self and to guard and use those attributes which the self has provided for its learning and its service.”

In this question I had Don ask Ra what was causing the pain in my indigo-ray energy center, and why did I feel so irritable and drained of energy? Ra’s response began with a primary fact of the third-density illusion: “As in all distortions, the source is the limit of the viewpoint.” In other words, each of us within the third-density—and certainly I in this case–functions with a limited viewpoint, and we use that limited viewpoint as our starting point to grow more into a grasp of the unity, the love, the joy, and the light that are primary realities within the creation of the One Infinite Creator. The lack of seeing clearly and without distortion requires that we constantly use our will and faith to seek these qualities even though we may not be much aware of them as truths in our lives. Using our will and faith in this manner is another way of saying that we are polarizing our consciousness. In 100.9, Ra elaborated upon the “limit of the viewpoint:”

Questioner: It would also seem to me that since Ra stated in the last session the limit of the viewpoint is the source of all distortions, that the very nature of the service-to-self distortions that create the left-hand path are a function of the veil and, therefore, are dependent, you might say, to some degree on at least a partial continued veiling. Does this make any sense?

Ra: I am Ra. There is the thread of logic in what you suppose.

The polarities are both dependent upon a limited viewpoint. However, the negative polarity depends more heavily upon the illusory separation betwixt the self and all other mind/body/spirit complexes. The positive polarity attempts to see through the illusion to the Creator in each mind/body/spirit complex, but for the greater part is concerned with behaviors and thoughts directed towards other-selves in order to be of service.

This attitude in itself is full of the stuff of your third-density illusion.

Ra’s next suggestion was that it would help me to do daily work that truly did wear me out because, as they said in the last part of their answer, my nature involved doing physical work. That has always been true in my life, but when I joined Don and Carla there was not so much work of a physical nature that had to be done as there was on my homestead in which I lived in a log cabin with no power or running water. So working hard physically was always good for me, and Ra suggested that if I worked at a task that “an activity chosen for its intended service to the harmony of the group would be quite efficacious.” So I took over the lawn-mowing duties for about two acres of grass, and I dug and planted a large garden in the open area behind the house. I think that Ra suggested that I choose a task that increased the “harmony of the group” because that was one of the qualities of our group that supported the Ra contact as Ra said in 100.15:

All is well. The appurtenances are most conscientiously placed. We thank this diligent group. There is much greater distortion towards harmony at this asking, and we join you in praise and thanksgiving. This is always the greatest boon to improvement of the contact, for it is the harmony of the group which supports this contact.

Ra then suggested that I take some time after the work period to contemplate. I used this time to assess the work that I had accomplished and what work was needed after this to continue to make our place look well-kept and to keep the garden growing. I also considered how I felt after a good afternoon’s hard work and how this was a blessed part of my spiritual journey. To this day, getting good work done in my yard and gardens gives me the feeling of accomplishment. In 95.11, Ra suggested that gardening could be a very valuable kind of work:

There is much of blessing in the gardening and the care of surroundings, for when this is accomplished in love of the creation the second-density flowers, plants, and small animals are aware of this service and return it.

Ra’s third suggestion was that I also include meditation and the balancing exercises that they had given us as a regular part of my daily routine and spiritual practice. I took their suggestions and pursued both meditation and balancing very vigorously for the next few years. In the succeeding years I have used contemplation for the balancing of catalyst, and since Carla’s passing my meditation practice has been accelerated significantly. In 15.14, Ra described the value of meditation to any seeker of truth:

The understanding, experiencing, accepting, and merging of self with self and with other-self and, finally, with the Creator, is the path to the heart of self. In each infinitesimal part of your self resides the One in all of Its power. Therefore, we can only encourage these lines of contemplation, always stating the prerequisite of meditation, contemplation, or prayer as a means of subjectively/objectively using or combining various understandings to enhance the seeking process. Without such a method of reversing the analytical process, one could not integrate into unity the many understandings gained in such seeking.

In the last paragraph Ra suggested that since the quality of power was a significant portion of my being, it was necessary to exercise that power in the manner pursuing the daily work period that would benefit our groups a well as myself. The irritation and the feeling of being drained came from having this energy of power stored rather than exercising it. In 75.39, Ra said that each in our group manifested the three qualities of the magical personality which are power, love, and wisdom:

Questioner: Then is it correct that a good sequence for developing the invocation of the magical personality are alternate meditations, first on power, then a meditation on love, and then a meditation on wisdom, and to continue cycling that way? Is that an appropriate technique?

Ra: I am Ra. This is indeed an appropriate technique. In this particular group there is an additional aid in that each entity manifests one of these qualities in a manner which approaches the archetype. Thusly visualization may be personalized and much love and support within the group generated.

This morning we held a channeling circle with the format being that each of us would channel Q’uo’s answer to a separate question. Everyone did well in their channeling process. Afterward we all talked about how to transfer our intermediate channeling circles to the public channeling meetings that we hope to begin in October.

This afternoon I continued weeding in the flower gardens around the fish pond. I also sprayed deer and rabbit repellent on all of my flowers now that rains seem to be done for a few days. I also sprayed my giant hibiscus with Garden Safe Spray. Then I did my usual Friday vacuuming of the first floor of the house.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

July 29

The Blessing Of Spirit In Clay

I am of the consciousness of Christ and I greet you in living love.

No matter how much you love the Creator, first your Creator loved you as He apportioned off a piece of the consciousness of love and set it within an energy nexus, a light body which could clothe itself in physical form as you know it. And so you stand this morning, spirit wrapped in a garment of clay.

Know that even though the body appears to be of earth, yet you may dwell with the Father within and through that very same body. For you are the outworking and manifestation of the love of the Creator in Christ. Know and claim the blessing that this knowledge brings.

We leave you in peace, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.