I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 106.13:

Questioner: Could Ra recommend what I should do to improve my state of health?

Ra: I am Ra. We tread most close to the Law of Confusion in this instance but feel the appropriateness of speaking due to potentially fatal results to the instrument. We pause to give the questioner and the scribe a few moments of space/time to aid us by stepping away from those distortions which cause us to invoke the Law of Confusion. This would be helpful.

[A few moments pause.]

I am Ra. We appreciate your attempts. Even confusion on your behalves is helpful. The questioner has, in the recent past, allowed a complete transfer of mental/emotional pain from the questioner to the instrument. The key to this deleterious working was when the instrument said words to the effect of the meaning that it would be the questioner and be the strong one. The questioner could be as the instrument, small and foolish. The questioner, in full ignorance of the firm intent of the instrument and not grasping the possibility of any such energy transfer, agreed.

These two entities have been as one for a timeless period and have manifested this in your space/time. Thusly, the deleterious working occurred. By agreement in care and caution it may be undone. We urge the attention to thanksgiving and harmony on the part of the questioner. We may affirm the previous recommendation in general of the skills and the purity of intention of the one known as Bob, and may note the sympathetic illness which has occurred due to the instrument’s sensitivities.

Lastly, we may note that to the one known as Peter several aspects of the distortions experienced by the questioner, the instrument, and the scribe may be quite apparent and rather simply traduced to lesser distortions.”

When Don asked Ra what he could do to improve his state of health, Ra said that they could give an answer even though such an answer came close to breaking Don’s free will. They said that there were potentially life-threatening implications for Carla bound up in Don’s condition, so they felt that responding to Don’s question was appropriate. However, they asked Don and me to “step away from those distortions which cause us to invoke the Law of Confusion.” We were definitely confused as to what this meant, but, fortunately, even our confusion seemed to be helpful in allowing Ra to speak more freely about what the cause of Don’ mental and emotional distortions were. Apparently Carla and Don had a conversation in the recent past in which Carla expressed concern for Don and all of his worries. He was worried that Eastern Airlines would soon go bankrupt, and this would mean that he would no longer be able to support L/L Research or our work together. He was concerned that our negative friend of the fifth-density would eventually succeed in misplacing Carla’s spirit in negative time/space. He was also worried about Carla’s having to bear so much pain from her arthritis and the psychic greetings that intensified this pain on a nearly constant basis. In 68.12, you can feel Don’s concern when talking to Ra about Carla’s mind/body/spirit complex being misplaced into negative time/space:

Questioner: It would seem to me that since I can’t imagine anything anything worse, shall I say, than this particular result, other than possibly the total disintegration of the mind/body/spirit complex due to nuclear bomb, that it would be very advisable to seek out the magical training and defense for this situation. Could Ra and would Ra instruct in this type of magical defense?

Ra: I am Ra. This request lies beyond the first distortion. The entity seeking magical ability must do so in a certain manner. We may give instructions of a general nature. This we have already done. The instrument has begun the process of balancing the self. This is a lengthy process.

To take an entity before it is ready and offer it the scepter of magical power is to infringe in an unbalanced manner. We may suggest with some asperity that the instrument never call upon Ra in any way while unprotected by the configuration which is at this time present.

And in 63.1, you can see why Don was worried about the toll psychic greeting might take on Carla:

Questioner: Could you give me an indication of the condition of the instrument?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument’s vital energies are at the distortion which is normal for this mind/body/spirit complex. The body complex is distorted due to psychic attack in the area of the kidneys and urinary tract. There is also distortion continuing due to the distortion called arthritis.

You may expect this psychic attack to be constant as this instrument has been under observation by negatively oriented force for some time.

So Carla told Don that she would like for him to let her take on these worries for him. She said that she would be glad to “be the strong one.” She said that he could relax from his worries and be like her, “small and foolish.” Don off-handedly agreed to her suggestion, never thinking for a moment that what Ra called a “deleterious working,” or energy exchange, would result between him and Carla. However, Ra said since Don and Carla “have been as one for a timeless period and have manifested this in your space/time” that situation allowed Don’s pain to be transferred to Carla so that his pain lived in her. And Don, all of the sudden, had an open heart and no way to deal with all of the sensitives that Carla felt. Carla had Don’s worries without his shield of indifference that he had adopted at age 26. Ra said that this working could be undone with “agreement in care and caution,” which I took to mean by the use of faith and will with the addition of giving praise and thanksgiving to the One Creator, especially in Don’s case. In 103.20, Ra makes one of many mentions of the value of praise and thanksgiving:

We find the alignments quite fastidiously observed. You are conscientious. Continue in support, one for the other, and find the praise and thanksgiving that harmony produces. Rest your cares and be merry.

Ra also said that Bob I. and Peter Inman could be helpful in the healing various distortions that all three of us were experiencing. Apparently some of Don’s and Carla’s distortions were the result of the sympathetic resonances that existed between them. Ra first mentioned these sympathetic resonances in 105.22:

We have previously mentioned some temporary measures for the instrument. If these are adopted, additional liquids shall be imbibed by the instrument and by the questioner, whose bond with the instrument is such that each difficulty for one is the same in sympathy for the other.

This sympathetic resonance between Don and Carla might also be another aspect of their being as one for a timeless period which had manifested in our space/time. And there could also be a relationship between this oneness and the possibility that they could also have been the two within our group who had a “loving associate between teach and student as Ra mentioned in 45.7:

Questioner: Are all of us of one of the groups that you mentioned?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall go to the limits of our attempts to refrain from infringement. Two are a sixth-density origin, one a fifth-density harvestable to sixth but choosing to return as a Wanderer due to a loving association between teacher and student. Thus you three form a greatly cohesive group.

There is no real way of knowing whether Don and Carla were these two entities although they were together for twelve years before I met them, and their relationship was quite powerful and stable. Adding all these factors up might provide some idea as to why the deleterious working was possible between Don and Carla.

This morning we had a professional photographer come over to my house and take group and individual pictures of Gary, Austin, Trish, Tiffani, Joanna, Daniel, and me. We moved around different places in the yard to have a variety of photographs, and it was fun to talk about where to go next and who should be in the next pictures.

This afternoon I used my backpack blower to blow all the leaves in the yard into position so that I could mulch them to dust as I was cutting the grass. Then I cut the grass and blew all the walkways clean. While I was mowing I noticed that a lot of flower beds were dry, so the I used my garden hose and watering wand to water the flowers along the parking area in front of the house, the flowers on the Wuthering Heights Mound and the flowers on the Ruins Mound. Then I took my ladder out to the Sun Mandala and used it and eight 8-foot poles to form a protective barrier around the flowers so when the fellow with our tent come tomorrow to erect the tent for Homecoming they won’t damage the flowers.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 14

The Sanctified Nature Of Cycles

I am the Holy Spirit of the nature of Jesus the Christ and I greet you with the full consciousness of love.

Make up your minds to look about you today and open your heart to what you see. You shall see that which is barely growing, that which is in bloom, that which is ending its manifestation, and that in which there seems to be no more life.

This is true of growing things in nature, of pilgrim souls upon their journeys and of each institution made by man and by God. Perhaps you will begin to see the sanctified nature of the cycles of birth and death which are appropriate and beautiful in the continually changing and evolving creation of love.

Growth means change and change is perceived as difficult. May you, today, see the rightness of the rhythms of your experience, celebrating in them the beauty of perfection.

We leave you in the peace of the understanding of the harmonious plan of a loving God, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.