I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 106.14:

Questioner: What is Peter’s last name? I am not familiar with who he is.

Ra: I am Ra. The name by which this entity chooses to be known is Inman.”

In the previous question and answer Don and Ra were talking about the deleterious energy exchange that took place between Don and Carla. Ra was giving us advice about how to undo this unfortunate energy exchange and mentioned both the healer known as Bob I. and now Peter Inman. So, in this question Don asked Ra who Peter was as Don was not familiar with him. It is interesting to me that Peter was the third healer that Ra had suggested to us without our knowing who the healers were before Ra mentioned them. I assume that Ra did the equivalent of a Google search of the most potentially helpful healers regarding our needs for such at the given moment. Ra first suggested that we consult Bob I. to help Carla with allergies in 98.5:

The more general recommendation lies with one which does not wish to be identified. There is a code name prayer wheel. We suggest ten treatments from this healer and further suggest a clear reading and subsequent following, upon the part of the instrument, of the priorities of allergy, especially to your foodstuffs.

Bob had invented this “Code Name Prayer Wheel” and could program your situation into the prayer wheel so that it would work on ameliorating your situation on a continuous basis. Bob was very helpful to Carla for almost a year, and we eventually met him and could feel his loving and healing vibrations quite profoundly. He eventually retired to the woods to live a life of prayer and giving thanks. In 106.3, Ra mentioned how Bob I. could use his Code Name Prayer Wheel to work on Carla’s situation on a continuous basis:

Questioner: Would Ra please recommend the steps we should take to alleviate or reverse the conditions of which you just spoke?

Ra: I am Ra. We can do this. The renal distortions are subject to affirmations. The entity, at present, beginning what may be called initiation, is releasing toxins and, therefore, larger amounts of liquid to aid in the dilution of these toxins is helpful. The allergies are already being largely controlled by affirmation and the near-constant aid of the healer known as Bob. Further aid may be achieved by the relocation of dwelling and future vigilance against humidity exceeding the healthful amount in the atmosphere breathed.

The mental/emotional distortions are somewhat less easily lessened. However, the questioner and instrument together shall find it possible to do such a working.

Then Ra introduced us to the allopathic healer, Dr. Arthur Schoen, in 102.2, to help us get antispasmodic medications for Carla’s spasming stomach and G.I. tract. However, Dr. Schoen refused to read Ra’s diagnosis of Carla’s condition and wanted nothing to do with us. This is Ra’s quote that sent us to him:

There are stronger anti-spasmodic drugs which the one not known to this instrument, but known as Arthur, may aid by the offering. The recommendation to do this, being as it is that which does not retain or remove life and does further remove from the instrument its opportunities for study in this situation, needs must be withheld. We are not in a position to recommend treatment at this space/time beyond the watching of the types of foodstuffs ingested.

And then in this session Ra introduced us to Peter Inman. I don’t believe that we ever got in touch with him. And just as another interesting aside, Ra always referred to people by their first name only until we asked as to the last name whether it was Arthur, Peter, Bob, Benjamin (Franklin), Thomas (Jefferson), Andrija (Puharich), or any other person that they were speaking of.

This morning I watered the back yard as we are once again in a dry spell. Then I took some time to begin the Camelot Journal entries for the next few days as I know I will have less time to do my regular routines as our Homecoming Gathering begins tomorrow evening.

This afternoon I placed the chrysanthemums around the Sun Patiens in the Sun Mandala after the fellows from Cincinnati brought our tent this morning. Then I took down all of the wire protective fence in five places around the yard where I wanted to keep the deer from eating the Hostas. My last job of the afternoon was to clean the bathroom toilet and tub upstairs with the kitties as there will probably be folks wanting to use that bathroom over the next three days.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 15

The Desire To Dwell In Love

I am a voice speaking with the full consciousness of love. I greet you in that love manifested by Jesus the Christ to all of humankind.

At your prayers and meditations we find you relaxing and resting the body and yet not relaxing and resting the mind. How fretful is the mind of humankind, steeped in everyday concerns!

Can it not be perhaps possible that the mind also might rest, relax, find comfort and open the doors within in seeking? For those doors reveal Jesus the Christ and those qualities of consciousness which were manifested unto you and may again and always be manifested unto you if there is a pure and profound desire to dwell innerly in love. These gifts are yours if you can but make room for them. There is no hurry. These gifts are eternal.

Peace be with you now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight: