I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 106.23:

Questioner: I would just ask if there’s anything we can do to help the instrument and make her more comfortable or improve the contact, and what would be the soonest Ra would recommend the next contact? And we would certainly— I would certainly appreciate the return of the golden hawk. It gave me great comfort.

Ra: I am Ra. You have complete freedom to schedule workings.

We suggest the nature of all manifestation to be illusory and functional only insofar as the entity turns from shape and shadow to the One.

I am Ra. We leave you, my friends, in the love and the glorious light of the One Infinite Creator. Go forth, then, rejoicing in the power and in the peace of the One Infinite Creator. Adonai.”

Here we have the last question of the Ra contact, and Don asked Ra if there was anything that we could do to make the instrument more comfortable or help the Ra contact. This was his traditional maintenance question at the end of a session where Don could find out information in these two very important areas of concern. However, Ra did not have any suggestion as to how to help Carla or make the Ra contact better, which suggests that there were no special situations in either area that needed comment. Rather, Ra seemed to focus on Don’s third question regarding the soonest time that we could look forward to having the next Ra session and then on Don’s comment that he would appreciate the return of the golden hawk as it gave him great comfort when he saw it on a walk down the road from our Lake Lanier House. Ra mentioned that we were free to schedule our workings as we pleased. And then Ra responded to Don’s comment about feeling great comfort when he saw the golden hawk by making a general statement about our third-density experience in which all of that which is manifested within our third density is, in truth, illusory and has the purpose of helping each of us turn from what seems to be real–but is not–and realize the ultimate reality of the One Creator that exists in all things. Interestingly, in 30.5, Ra used the evolution of second-density animals into third density beings as a means of revealing that the One Creator exists in all things:

Questioner: I would like to know how the mind/body/spirit complexes originate. How, going back as far as necessary, does the— Do they originate by spirit forming mind and mind forming body? Can you tell me this?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider that you are attempting to trace evolution. This evolution is as we have previously described, the consciousness being first, in first density, without movement, a random thing. Whether you may call this mind or body complex is a semantic problem. We call it mind/body complex recognizing always that in the simplest iota of this complex exists in its entirety the One Infinite Creator; this mind/body complex then in second density discovering the growing and turning towards the light, thus awakening what you may call the spirit complex, that which intensifies the upward spiraling towards the love and light of the Infinite Creator.

The addition of this spirit complex, though apparent rather than real, it having existed potentially from the beginning of space/time, perfects itself by graduation into third density. When the mind/body/spirit complex becomes aware of the possibility of service to self or other-self, then the mind/body/spirit complex is activated.

When you take Ra’s beautiful statement into deeper consideration, it seems to be a final answer to Don’s confusion about the meaning of the hawk that landed outside of our house in Louisville after we had returned from Atlanta. We had looked at the house three miles from the airport and had decided to move there until Don misread the meaning of the hawk and thought it meant we should not move to that house. In the following series of questions Don continues to ask Ra about that hawk, and Ra continues to try to give Don a more positive interpretation of the hawk without infringing on his free will:

96.11 Questioner: Sorry to ask the unimportant question. I was thinking of the future readers, and that they would be totally mystified as to how much…

Was there a significance with respect to the hawk that landed the other day just outside of the kitchen window?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct. We may note that we find it interesting that queries offered to us are often already known. We assume that our confirmation is appreciated.

96.12 Questioner: This seems to be connected with the concept of the birds being messengers in the tarot and this is a demonstration of this concept in the tarot, and I was wondering about the mechanics, you might say, of this type of a message. I assume the hawk was a messenger, and I assume that as I thought of the possible meaning of this with respect to our activities I was, in the state of free will, getting a message through the appearance of this very unusual bird, unusual, I say, in that it came so close. I would be very interested to know the origin of the message. (Of course, the origin is the One Creator.) The mechanics of this are very mystifying to me. Would Ra comment on this, please?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

97.3 Questioner: I’ve been doing some consideration of the appearance of the hawk and have made this analysis of the bird in Card Three. The bird is a message from the higher self, and the position of the wings in Card Three, one wing pointing toward the female, indicates that it is a message to the female acting as catalyst for the mind. The position of the downward wing indicates that the message is of a negative or of a nature indicating the inappropriateness of certain mental activity or plan. Would Ra comment on that?

Ra: I am Ra. No.

97.5 Questioner: I have analyzed the hawk that I saw immediately after returning from the house in Atlanta as a message, most probably from my higher self, indicating that the plan of moving was not the best; was not too appropriate since, without the hawk, everything would have continued as planned with no added catalyst. This single catalyst of a remarkable nature then, logically, from my point of view, could only mean that there was a message as to the inappropriateness of the plan for some reason yet to be discovered. Would Ra comment on that?

Ra: I am Ra. We tread as close as possible to the Law of Confusion in suggesting that not all wingèd creatures have an archetypical meaning. We might suggest that the noticing of shared subjectively notable phenomena is common when, in another incarnational experience, work significant to the service of increased polarity has been shared. These subjectively interesting shared phenomena then act as a means of communication, the nature of which cannot be discussed by those outside of the shared incarnational experience without the interference with the free will of each entity involved in the complex of subjectively meaningful events.

97.7 Questioner: I find myself presently in a difficult position of decision, primarily because of the appearance of the aforementioned hawk after our return from Atlanta. The only objective of any value at all is the work that we are doing which includes not only the contact but communication and dissemination of information to those who might request it. Since the move was connected with that, and since the  hawk was, to me, obviously a function of that process, I am at present in a quandary with respect to the optimal situation since I have not yet decided definitely on the significance of the hawk or the advantages or efficaciousness of the move and do not want to create a process which is basically irreversible if it is going to result in a lack of our ability to be of service to those who would seek that which we are able to manifest through our efforts here. Would Ra comment on that situation?

Ra: I am Ra. The questioner presumes much, and to comment is an infringement upon its free will. We may suggest the pondering of our previous comments regarding the wingèd creatures of which you speak. We repeat that any place of working, properly prepared by this group, is acceptable to Ra. The discrimination of choice is yours.

105.12 Questioner: I have come to the conclusion that the meaning of the hawk that we had about a year ago when we started to move the first time had to do with the non-benign nature, in the metaphysical sense, of the house which I had picked for the move. If it isn’t a problem with the Law of Confusion I think that it’d be philosophically interesting to know if I am correct with respect to that.

Ra: I am Ra. What bird comes to affirm for Ra? What bird would be chosen to warn? We ask the questioner to ponder these queries.

These are the two photographs that Don took of the golden hawk just down the road from our Lake Lanier house north of Atlanta, Georgia:

This is the Epilogue to Book V of the Law of One, published by our mass market publisher, Schiffer Publications, which Carla and I wrote to speak about the end of the Ra contact, Don Elkins’ death, and the lessons we all learned during and after our time with Don and those of Ra.

Epilogue to Book V

Jim: After we moved back to Louisville the mental/emotional dysfunction which Ra spoke of concerning Don occurred. Don was noted all his life for being very cool and extremely wise, emotionally unmoved by events which caused others to fall apart. His observations and advice always proved to be correct. Now, as this dysfunction worsened, Don saw himself intensely affected by even the smallest stimuli. His worrying deepened to depression and he sought healing counsel from every available source, yet nothing worked, and he resigned himself to a death which he saw quickly approaching.

After seven months of this mental, emotional, and physical deterioration he became unable to sleep or to eat solid foods. By November he had lost one-third of his body weight and was experiencing intense pain. He refused further hospitalization which we saw as the last hope for his survival. The thought of having him put into the hospital against his will was abhorrent to us, but we decided to do it and to hope for a miracle, knowing of no other possible way to save Don’s life at that point.

When the police came to serve the warrant a five and one-half hour standoff resulted. Don was convinced his death was imminent, and he did not want to die in a mental hospital. When tear gas was used to bring Don out of the house, he walked out of the back door and shot himself once through the brain. He died instantly.

After his death Carla saw him three times in waking visions, and he assured us that all was well and that all had occurred appropriately—even if it made no sense at all to us.

So we give praise and thanksgiving for Don’s life, for his death, and for our work together.

Though this book is a more personal portion of that work, we hope that you can see that the principles underlying our experiences are the same ones which underlie yours. Though expressions may vary widely, the purpose is the same: that the many portions of the One may know themselves and the One as One. Or, as Ra put it: “We leave you in appreciation of the circumstance of the great illusion in which you now choose to play the pipe and timbrel and move in rhythm. We are also players upon a stage. The stage changes. The acts ring down. The lights come up once again. And throughout the grand illusion and the following and the following there is the undergirding majesty of the One Infinite Creator. All is well. Nothing is lost. Go forth rejoicing in the love and the light, the peace and the power of the One Infinite Creator. I am Ra. Adonai.”

Carla: Jim and I have wished to open this personal material for those who feel they might find it useful, because we see in our experiences a good example of the kind of stress that working in the light will produce. The more full of enlightenment the channeling received, the more enlightened the patterns of living and talking need to be. In the case of Don, Jim and me, all of our outer behavior was correct, and it was not to be held against Don that he didn’t become a talker when he got sick. He had never taken another’s advice, and he did not want mine or Jim’s then any more than usual. And so the tendency Don had of being paranoid bloomed until he was sure I was no longer his love. For him the world without me was unacceptable.

Looking deeper at the timing here, it is crucial that it be seen that I was at this point weighing in at around 84 pounds, at 5’4″. Each session was extremely hard, and yet I never flagged in my desire to continue. I was perfectly willing to die in the process of gaining these sessions’ contents. Don was very worried that I would indeed die, and fussed over me continually. There was some mechanism within him which persisted in trying to figure out how to substitute himself for me in taking the brunt of the contact. He spoke about it from time to time, and I always discouraged that line of thinking. But he did just that, in the end. His death ended the contact with those of Ra, and we have never been tempted to take it up again, as we are following Ra’s own advice not to do that except with the three of us.

I want to express to each reader the profound feeling of peace that has come to me in the healing of my present incarnation. There will always be that part of me that wishes I could have either been able to save Don or to die with him. I think that is one valid way I could have gone. Then he and I would be a vastly romantic, and quite dead, part of L/L history. But this is not the lesson that was mine. Mine was the lesson concerning wisdom. Ra put it to me quite bluntly when he asked what my time was for going to Jerusalem. He was asking me whether I wanted to martyr myself. This was in the context of questions Don asked concerning the possibility of more frequent sessions. My response to that was to go on my first vacation in eleven years. Don and I had adventures, NOT vacations!

Don’s lesson when our energies and mental distortions were exchanged and merged by our talk in Georgia was concerning the complete opening of his heart. By remaining an observer, he had not yet succeeded in unblocking that great heart of his. In his illness, he truly thought that he was dying that I might be well and live peacefully. There is no more utter devotion and sacrifice than the giving of one’s life. It does not matter, in this context, that he was dead wrong. He never lost me, far from it. He lost himself. In his moment of death he was completely open of heart, and uncaring of the pain of living or of leaving. Of course I have many and conflicting emotions about this. But always I am absolute in my faith that Don’s ending was as noble as his life as a whole. To me, he is beyond words. I just adore that soul.

My lesson was the opposite: that of adding wisdom to completely open love. My heart chakra is usually quite unblocked, but my sense of limits has long been shaky. The mind-meld we shared at that time left me with a choice of dying for Don’s sake or living for his work, for L/L Research, and all we had done and been together. I did exactly what I had to do to stay in this world. It was touch and go for me for a long time, long after Don’s death. I was working the energy of death through my own mind, body and spirit. Through the years I plumbed the depths of despair, anger (how dare he doubt me!) grief and sorrow. I faced my own physical death and knew that the crux had come, and the joy of living was still strong within me. This was during the difficult days around Christmas of 1991. I have never been in that much extremity before, not even when my kidneys failed. But my love felt never stronger. I felt as though all was being burned away, and I welcomed that. In the heat of that pain I felt cleansing and completion. From that time, it was as if a whole new strength had poured into my frail body. As I have achieved a rise from wheelchair and hospital bed, I have felt more and more joy-filled and at the same time transparent. This is a new life I am experiencing, in a new and much replenished body. Indeed, at the age of 54, I feel a grounding and balance that are solid and healthy. I am glad to be here, and feel that I have entered into the working out of the second pattern that my divided life offers. I bless Don’s and my sad tale. And I bless all that has occurred. We loved; we were human. It seems as though we often erred. We did not, for we truly loved. And though I shall always feel orphaned by his absence from my side, I embrace the wonderful things that are now mine to treasure. Jim and I are fueled constantly by the blessing of being able to carry on Don’s work.

Any group that stays together and works harmoniously while being of service to the light will begin to attract psychic greeting of the sorts we experienced. In this crucible, every fault and vanity, however small, is a weapon against the self. Ethical perception needs to remain very alert and cogent of issues and values being tossed around. This is a matter of life and death. L/L Research is a special and wonderful place, and not unlike many other light-houses other wanderers and seekers have lit. Many, many others are awakening now and wishing to become ever more able to be channels for light. And it is a wondrous ministry, to be there as a metaphysical or spiritual home for wanderers and outsiders everywhere. We hope this helps you and your group to stay in full communication, to refuse to offer each other less than joy and faith no matter what! And never, NEVER to make a deal with the loyal opposition!

We at L/L Research continue to keep our doors open for regular meetings, and many visitors come through our doors, through the snail mail and e-mail, and as our books continue to be spread around, those who are aware of Ra’s ideas are all over the globe. Our web site is www.llresearch.org, and our snail-mail address is L/L Research, P. O. Box 5195, Louisville, Kentucky 40255-5195. We answer each piece of mail, and are always glad to hear from readers old and new. Our hearts are eternally grateful for each other, for Don, for those of Ra and the contact they shared with us. Blessings to all who read this book.

L/L Research
Carla L. Rueckert
Jim McCarty

Louisville, Kentucky
December 20, 1997

This afternoon I painted a piece of wood that I plan to use as an auxiliary shelf for my Christmas fern when it is time to bring it into the house. This new shelf will connect the top layer of a current shelf with a book shelf in the back of the kitchen. I also added more duct tape to the bottom of the Christmas fern to be sure that I have sealed a small leak that was there when it was in the house last winter.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 22

Senses Are Illusions

I greet you in the love of Jesus the Christ. I am of the consciousness of Christ in the vibration which comforts this child.

It is well, in the face of difficulty, that you seek to perceive that your senses are illusions which regard illusions. For then consciousness is not squandered on that which cannot offer the love of Christ. How much better and productive to use that unsquandered energy to regard that which underlies all illusion: the consciousness of love, which is Christ consciousness.

Peace be with you. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.

This Camelot Journal entry ends nearly seven years of my comments and supporting quotes from Ra to elaborate on the information on all of the many topics contained in the Ra contact. It has been my great honor and joy to share this information with all of my readers in the L/L Research family of seekers of truth. I want to continue working with these concepts that we received from Ra by using the books Living the Law of One 102: The Outer Work and Living the Law of One 103: The Inner Work, which I have written first drafts of from outlines that Carla made for both books.