I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the quote from 102 comes from the Forward and concerns how I decided to live the Choice in my life:

How Jim Chose to Live the Choice in His Life

Compared to Don’s and Carla’s early beginnings in living the Choice, I was a late bloomer. I was a college graduate with majors in business and economics before I discovered that I did not want to pursue making money as my life’s goal. I graduated in 1969, and by that time I had become a member of the “hippie revolution”. Drugs, sex, and rock and roll became a happy interlude in my life pattern that caused me to think seriously about how I wanted to live my life in a manner that focused on what I perceived as righting the wrongs of the American materialistic way of life.

The first thing that I did as I began to think “outside of the cultural box” was to go back to college to take a solid year of sociology so that I then had another major that I thought would be more worth pursuing. After studying sociology, I took a slight bend in the road and joined the National Teacher Corps, a program implemented by Congress to improve education in low-income areas.

I was based at the University of Florida in Gainesville. There, Teacher Corp worked with a program called “Follow Through” which helped ensure children’s successful transition from the Head Start program into elementary school. There were twenty-two “interns” in this program that came from all over the United States. We took a semester of classes on the campus in Gainesville, and then we moved to Jacksonville, Florida in order to work with the inner-city kids there.

The program had various advantages for us as interns: we studied and earned a Master’s in Education with a specialization in early childhood development. We got experience in the classrooms in Jacksonville; and we were paid salaries while working in the Jacksonville school system. As many of us were hippies, we also got to protest the way that the public schools functioned in some areas. Our protests resulted in our being able to have our own classrooms that were filled with first through third graders who posed discipline problems for their regular teachers.

Though my heart felt to be in the right place in attempting to be of service to the kids in our classrooms, I did not feel that working with kids was my life’s work. After graduation I followed another course of study which I had discovered in the bibliography section of a book called Raspberry Exercises: How to Start Your Own School and Make a Book. One of the sources that the authors of this book referred to was T.D. Lingo, who headed the Adventure Trails Survival School and was located in the Rocky Mountains forty miles west of Denver, Colorado.

He offered a course in Brain Self-Control which had the goal of allowing students to live in the primal nature environment for a month and to use dream analysis, journaling, and re-enacting the early childhood memories that blocked the brain’s natural function, in order to circuit consciousness into the “dormant” frontal lobes. Each of us would build a lean-to out of sight of anyone else and have that be our base for this study.

Three meals per day were shared together, as were the most recent dreams that we’d had and our interpretations. We regarded these dreams as gifts from our subconscious minds providing clues to help us realize our full brain potential. Once we were able to get these messages via dreams, our next task was to write about how these messages and memories from childhood had hindered our spiritual growth.

The last stage in the freeing of our brain energies was to take part in a “neuro-drama” in which we replayed the instant in our childhoods where an adult—parents, teachers, neighbors, etc.—had punished us in some fashion that had stunted our mental, emotional, or spiritual growth.

The idea here was that such punishment had created “open circuits” in our brains’ neurons which drained away our brains’ energy and kept us locked out of our frontal lobes, the part of the brain associated with the third eye and one’s connection to Spirit. When three or four of these memories were enacted we were able to “therapize” ourselves and achieve the frontal lobes experience of joy and bliss.

On July 12, 1972, in the pre-conscious state that occurs when awakening from sleep, I felt a “click” at my third eye, and I had my first frontal lobes experience, which felt like an orgasm in my brain. This would continue to happen over the course of nine years. Ra would one day speak to that moment:

I am Ra. We scan the questioner and find some pertinent information already available which regards the physiological disposition of this particular part of the brain. The experiences described and experienced are those distillations which may be experienced after a concentration of effort upon the opening of the gateway, or indigo, mind complex so that experience of a sacramental, or violet, ray may occur. These experiences are the beginnings of that which, as the body, the mind, and the spirit become integrated at the gateway, or indigo, level, may then yield not only the experience of joy but the comprehension of intelligent infinity which accompanies it. Thus the body complex orgasm and mind complex orgasm becoming integrated may then set forth the proper gateway for the spiritual complex integration and its use as a shuttle for the sacrament of the fully experienced presence of the One Infinite Creator. Thus there is much to which the questioner may look forward. –49.2

I would like to add that I am still “looking forward” regarding this experience.

I returned to the survival school the following year as a teacher, and then I purchased land in the woods of central Kentucky where I started my own school: The Rock Creek Research & Development Laboratories Inc. I lived off the grid on that land for six and one-half years and eventually had two classes of students take the Brain in Nature Course there.

While there I grew most of my own food in a large garden, put in a small orchard, and tended six hives of bees which produced honey that I sold at the Farmer’s Market in Perryville, Kentucky. To support myself I also cut tobacco plants. My strength and physical energy allowed me to cut thirteen hundred sticks per day, each comprised of six plants, at the rate of seven cents per stick—a good living which sustained me in the off-season. I built three other cabins and a root cellar thinking at the time that I would live there for the rest of my life.

Despite my solitary homestead, I got to experience interdependence and service to others in the form of two cooperative groups. One was a collection of food coops that spanned fives states, called the Federation of Ohio River Coops. In this organization everyone had an opportunity to create and refine policies or to be in a representative role for their own local coop. Together we practiced clear communication and representation, discussing each issue to arrive at a consensus vote. One of our meetings was held on my homestead, where 150 people trekked up my rocky creek bed to sleep in tents for three days. My coop prepared and served everyone three meals a day during that long, joyful weekend.

The other organization I belonged to was called The Community Group. This was a cooperative of people, which met one day each week, who aided one another in tasks such as digging gardens, building and painting homes, harvesting crops, or whatever other jobs needed to be done.

However, in May of 1979, I was listening to my battery-powered transistor radio and was tuned into WKQQ Radio Station in Lexington, Kentucky. They were airing an interview with Don Elkins and Carla L. Rueckert, and the topic was UFOs. Don and Carla were sharing some of the channeled information that they had received in the last couple of years as well as some data on UFO abductions that they had gathered in the twelve years they had been together.

They were sharing the philosophy of these UFO beings who said that we all were part of One Great Original Thought, or the One Infinite Creator. This great Thought not only produced the infinite creation that we all find ourselves in, but included the idea that each of us contains the One Creator within our beings as we travel our spiritual journeys back into unity with the One Creator. These ideas came through to me like bolts of lightning revealing what felt like the truth of my being.

I really had a strong desire to meet Don and Carla but had no idea how to go about it until an amazing synchronicity occurred. One day, at a meeting for my food-buying coop, I was talking to a couple that lived on the other side of the same county that I lived in. Our conversation at this one meeting, about five months after I’d heard Don and Carla on the radio, was taking a spiritual turn and I mentioned the information I had heard Don and Carla talking about. In one of the happiest coincidences of my life, they said that they were part of Don and Carla’s meditation group and would be glad to introduce me to them.

For the next year I drove to Louisville every Sunday night to attend Don and Carla’s channeling meditation. At that time, they were channeling those of Latwii, a fifth-density planetary mind, and after the main message there was always a chance to ask questions. I was full of questions and became most impressed with the answers that Carla channeled.

We became good friends, and in the summer of 1980, I helped Don and Carla move from their apartment in the Highlands area of Louisville to a new location on the outskirts of Louisville that eventually became the house that we three would share during the Ra contact. After the move was complete, they asked me to join them in their work; however, I had been planning for a couple of years to move out to Yamhill, Oregon to join Paul Shockley and the folks there who were channeling Cosmic Awareness. I chose to move to Oregon due to my desire to explore further the high quality of information coming through the channel, but also because I was interested in conspiracy theories being discussed by the group at that time. It took a while for me to discover that conspiracy theories only served to distract me from the heart of my spiritual journey.

I had a good time out there, but when a chance to earn a lot of money came from one of the members of that group I took the weekend to meditate on what I should do. The money would come if I took the manager’s position in this fellow’s company that mined diatomaceous earth. I was concerned that this work would take me away from my spiritual path, and I hoped that meditation might help me to take the best path available to me at that time. That wish was certainly granted as it took only thirty seconds of meditation for the message to blaze across my inner field of vision like a comet: “Return to Louisville to join Don and Carla”.

I arrived back in Louisville on December 20, 1980, and three weeks later, on January 15, 1981, the Ra contact began. For the next three years and two months we had the joy, honor, and adventure of communicating with those of Ra who could answer any spiritually-oriented question we could ask as long as it didn’t infringe upon our free will. We knew without doubt that this contact with those of Ra was the pinnacle of our lives’ work.

This afternoon I used my hedge clippers to trim back my five Drift Roses as was recommended when I bought them so they will perform well next year. Then I pulled all the dead Black-eyed Susan flower stalks up in four different locations of the yard. My last job of the afternoon was to spread the many vines of the one vining rose to the other two arms of the arbor so that this one vigorous vining rose can also reach over to the arms where other vining roses have died out.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 26

May Your Soul Be Tempered

I am of the spirit of Jesus Christ and I greet you in the fullness of divine love.

The unconditional nature of love is not fully understood by those who wish each other a pleasant day, a happy day, a good day. For to one full of the spirit of love, each day is, first, that which is dipped in fire and held to the rising sun, a tempered sword of unity so that all things are one, the seemingly good, the seemingly difficult situations alike, blending into love, turning into chances for renewal and growth.

May your soul be so tempered in the grace of Jesus Christ that the spirit may speak through you this day, regardless of the circumstances of your existence, to a world hungry for the love of Christ.

In the peace of Christ we leave you, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.