I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Seven and the section on weather:


60.20 Questioner: Thank you. In trying to understand the energies, creative energies, it has occurred to me that I really do not understand why unusable heat is generated as our Earth moves from third into fourth density. I know it has to do with disharmony between the vibrations of third and fourth density but why this would show up as a physical heating within the Earth is beyond me. Can you enlighten me on that?

Ra: I am Ra. The concepts are somewhat difficult to penetrate in your language. However, we shall attempt to speak to the subject. If an entity is not in harmony with its circumstances it feels a burning within. The temperature of the physical vehicle does not yet rise, only the heat of the temper or the tears, as we may describe this disharmony. However, if an entity persists for a long period of your space/time in feeling this emotive heat and disharmony, the entire body complex will begin to resonate to this disharmony, and the disharmony will then show up as the cancer or other degenerative distortion from what you call health.

When an entire planetary system of peoples and cultures repeatedly experiences disharmony on a great scale the earth under the feet of these entities shall begin to resonate with this disharmony. Due to the nature of the physical vehicle, disharmony shows up as a blockage of growth or an uncontrolled growth since the primary function of a mind/body/spirit complex’s bodily complex is growth and maintenance. In the case of your planet the purpose of the planet is the maintenance of orbit and the proper location or orientation with regards to other cosmic influences. In order to have this occurring properly the interior of your sphere is hot in your physical terms. Thus instead of uncontrolled growth you begin to experience uncontrolled heat and its expansive consequences.

In this question Don asked Ra why unusable heat is generated as our Mother Earth makes the transition into the fourth density. He said that he understood that this heat was related to the disharmonious vibrations between the third and fourth density, which I believe was his way of saying that the current third-density vibrations of the population of Earth were not in harmony with the fourth-density vibrations of love and understanding.

Ra began their answer by describing how this type of disharmony among entities on Earth was like anger manifesting in a person via losing the temper and producing tears and a burning within it. Then Ra said that if this anger continues over a period of time the body complex would begin to resonate with this anger and the result would be a disease, most likely cancer.

Then Ra extended their metaphor to include all of the cultures and people of Earth being in the situation of experiencing this heat of anger so that the very earth beneath their feet would begin to resonate with this anger. The physical bodies begin to experience the “uncontrolled growth, or blockage of growth” which affects our Earth. Mother Earth herself needs to maintain her orbit and relationship with other cosmic forces, and her core is hot in order to help her do so. But when there is so much anger in the population of Mother Earth this heat of anger causes the hot interior of Earth to experience “uncontrolled heat and its expansive consequences.”  These expansive consequences are the volcanoes, earth quakes, and tidal waves that cause a great deal of destruction in order to bleed off this heat of anger in a slow, steady pace that will allow Mother Earth to eventually blend her vibrations with the fourth density’s love vibrations.

Q’uo also had some thoughts to share on this same topic:

“Firstly, we would say to you that you will find that there is a natural spike in the natural disasters of your planet that began perhaps a half century ago or more, and that this spike is continuing into the present day because of the need for your planet to process the heat of aggression, anger and violence that has been pounded down into the Earth in various of its bodies within third density throughout the greater part of your third-density experience. Perhaps you have a good understanding of this because of the way anger and violent emotions cause you to process and go through a great deal of heavy emotional feelings. If you attempt to stifle them or talk yourself out of them, you soon find that it is useless. These feelings need to be processed.

The planet itself is alive, and it is the recipient of an increasing amount of pressure from these negative emotions of its people. It is attempting to balance itself, to heal itself of these distortions. The energy shall continue behind these extreme weather events to cause a record number of weather events for your next few years, shall we say. Gradually, and we cannot say when this might occur, there will be a lessening of these events as the energies are processed and expelled from the planetary body.” Q’uo, March 19, 2011

Q’uo agreed with Ra’s assessment of the thousands of years of disharmonious relationships between Earth’s populations—whether between countries, regions, communities, or families—produced the heat of anger that has been absorbed by the crust of Mother Earth. Mother Earth, as a conscious entity, has been slowly releasing this heat in the last half century in the form of natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and tsunamis. This is a necessary process that allows Mother Earth to be able to welcome the fourth-density vibrations that have been engulfing our planet for a number of years as our planet itself is now in the fourth density. This is the way that Mother Earth processes and heals the negative emotions and actions of her population.

We must remember that much of the population of Earth has come from other planets such as Maldek and Mars where disharmonies were devastating. There are also entities on Earth now from other third-density planets where the disharmony was great enough that no harvest was possible, so these entities chose our Earth as their next third-density opportunity to try for Harvest.

All of these entities have brought with them the energies of aggression and destruction which are embedded in the roots of their consciousness as a kind of inertia, or default setting, of their interactions with others. With each incarnation these entities are ever hopeful of making restitution for previous errors.

So those whose souls reincarnated on Earth from Mars and Maldek have advanced through many incarnations on Earth, sometimes repeating the tendency to ride roughshod over alternative points of view, especially cooperation, harmonization and communication.This has contributed to difficulty reigning in the production of carbon dioxide, cleaning up the environment, producing safer energy alternatives, or making any choice that would cost time, money, image, or effort. It is hoped that multiple incarnations of practice may, indeed, perfect these repeated attempts at balancing separation and discord with a unified effort toward all-compassionate love.

Q’uo finished their thought by saying that this process of the slow release of heat causing natural disasters would continue for an indefinite time into the future. Ra also agreed with this assessment and said that the complete transition into the fourth density could take between 100 and 700 of our years due to the volatility of our peoples. People, like planets, need to process this tendency towards anger and violence rather than let it fester and grow. Those Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of life that are scattered around the world can be most helpful at this time as they teach others how to process such catalyst via their writings, their classes, and in their everyday lives. Though such manifestations of service to others are truly helpful, I believe that each of us can also help our Mother Earth and her children in a way that shares the unconditional love of our very being, that quality of the Creator that comes alive in us as we meditate, contemplate, and pray to do the will of the One.

This morning I drove over to Louisville Orthopedics for my appointment with Dr.Yakkanti, the surgeon who performed the hip replacement surgery on my right hip three weeks ago. He said that I can now sleep on my right side which should increase my sleep time since it is my normal way of sleeping that I have not been able to use for three weeks since my surgery. He also said that I could begin my speed walks with a cane and eventually get back up to one and a quarter miles.

This afternoon I took Mr. Mush to the vet and discovered that he has not been eating because he is in pain from a growth on his chin that is either an infection or cancer. I was given some ways to deal with this situation that I hope Mr. Mush will tolerate.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 15

How Precious You Are!

I am of the principle of the love of Jesus the Christ, the spirit and consciousness of divine love. In this great peace and power we greet you.

How special each of you is. How precious! Perhaps you are undervaluing yourself. Perhaps you accept the yardsticks of a foolish and materialistic world and judge yourself to be other than acceptable to the Father.

It is inevitable to experience in oneself the exceeding of limitations; that which aids the growth but is painful to the emotions. Attempt not to lose courage as you learn and change and transform, for you are indeed special, unique, whole and worthy.

It is within this illusion that you fight the shadow battles that bring the spirit to choice; the choice of love for others or of self. May you love, forgive and value your unique being, for so does the Father do.

We leave you in this divine love and peace, both now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.