I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the quote comes from the Preface of Living the Law of One 103: The Inner Work and the section on what living the choice means in day-to-day life:

Carla’s goal for this chapter: I set the stage by discussing the resources Don, Jim and I used in living the Law of One in our daily life.

Preface: What Living The Choice means in day-to-day life.

Carla’s Story (The Choice in her daily life and channeling)

This entity has an habitual attitude which is singular; that is, when there is some necessity for action the entity is accustomed to analyzing the catalyst in terms of service and determining a course. 96.2

This quote by Ra described how Carla lived The Choice every day of her life. There was nothing that she would rather do than be of service to others. Serving others was food for her soul, and her heart would open wide whenever she discovered a chance to be of service to another.

The nature of the service could be anything. It might be giving a ride to church for a fellow choir member; it might be counseling a reader about a life problem; it might be donating her time and energy to clean the kitchen at church on a weekly basis; it might be talking on the phone to comfort a friend who had lost a loved one; it might be giving an inspirational talk to a group of spiritual seekers of truth; it might be cooking a meal and delivering it to a friend who was injured and bedbound; it could be singing in the Louisville Bach Society for 37 years to give praise to the One Creator; it could be singing in her Episcopal Church choirs for 67 years for the same reason; it could be writing a book to help wanderers deal with the inharmonious vibrations of Earth as compared to their home densities.

Beginning in 1994, Carla kept a daily journal that would eventually evolve into A Wanderer’s Handbook. Her initial entries were autobiographical and shared her self-perceived strengths and weaknesses that allowed her to bare her soul to the reader. She felt that it was an important service to the future readers of this book that they know that she was just as humanly fallible as any of them. But by baring her soul in such an honest and transparent way it was also her intent to inspire the readers to find their own spiritual path through the twists and turns of life’s challenges just as she was doing. From the Foreword of A Wanderer’s Handbook:

“On the third of September, 1994, I wrote this in my Journal:

‘We need to talk to each other, wanderers of Earth. We must tell each other our stories, Brothers and Sisters of Sorrow, as we focus on sharing our hearts’ deepest love with the consciousness upon this dear planet. This is my story, my time of calling all wanderers to service most worthy. We are here to assist in the harvest at this, the dawn of the millennium.’

In the six years since that day, I’ve created this handbook, hopefully to fulfil this heart’s desire of mine to share my story and encourage all wanderers to do the same. Am I a wanderer? Yes, and I mean that in the narrow sense of being from elsewhere than this planetary origin. Through regressive hypnosis I have re-experienced parts of a life on another planet, and even saw a group of us coming to Earth as wanderers. This regressive material was published in 1976 in Chapter Eight of Secrets Of the UFO. Years later, during the contact our group had with those of Ra, we asked them to confirm that we, Don Elkins, Jim McCarty and I, were wanderers, and they did, saying that:

‘In scanning each of the mind/body/spirit complexes present, we find an already compete sureness of this occurrence and, therefore, find no harm in recapitulating this occurrence. Each of those present are wanderers pursuing a mission, if you will.

Did this information convince me that I was an alien who had come here to serve as a wanderer? No. That is, not only that. It was a series of things that accumulated until I became of the settled opinion that, on some level, this information about me was correct. One set of data was the love of and continued attendance in the meditation group that first began channeling allegedly ET messages in Louisville in 1962. My response to this ET material has always been very positive: I resonate to it. Another set of information was embodied in the two men, Don Elkins and Jim McCarty, who from the first time I met each of them, fascinated me and called to me. I have always felt it was part of my personal path to focus on and follow my relationships. There was from the start a comfort, kinship and familiarity in my relationships with them that was uncanny. Both of these men were deeply interested in spiritual seeking and the UFO story, and in working with them, the collaborations revolved through many years and projects around the ET messages and material about being a wanderer.”

Carla developed the idea for this book from the many emails that she got from people who felt that they were wanderers and who had a variety of personal questions spanning a wide range of topics. She also mentioned that this book was not just for wanderers but was for those who felt they were “spiritual outsiders” with the same kinds of concerns and difficulties that wanderers had. She eventually began to call these questions “songs of the Wanderer’s blues” as so many had real difficult life situations as Ra mentioned was common for wanderers in the following quote:

12.30 Questioner: I just had a thought. Do any of these wanderers have physical ailments in this earth situation?

Ra: I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, wanderers have, as a general rule, some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.”

Eventually Carla arranged these questions into over a hundred different categories. These categories became an outline for A Wanderer’s Handbook which was published in 2000. It has been a constant source of inspiration to readers throughout the intervening years, and was a labor of love for Carla to write.

Another labor of love for Carla was serving as a channel for supposed extraterrestrial sources. Ra spoke to this point in 44.8:

Each of you in this working has consciously dedicated the existence now being experienced to service to others. This instrument has refined this dedication through long experience with the channeling, as you term it, of Confederation philosophy, as you may say. Thus when we first contacted this instrument it had offered its beingness, not only to service to other-selves, but service by communication of this nature.”

Carla’s first experience with channeling was when she met Don Elkins in 1961. He was a professor of physics at the University of Louisville. He had been contacted by Hal Price who had recently been transferred to the Ford Motor Company Plant in Louisville from the Ford Plant in Detroit. In Detroit he was also a member of a meditation group that was channeling information from an extraterrestrial source named Hatonn. Hal gave Don a number of channelings from Hatonn that had been compiled into what was called The Brown Notebook. It gave instructions as to how such information could be received on a regular basis if a group of people formed a meditation group and learned the channeling process.

So, Don formed a meditation group by inviting a dozen of his Introduction to Physics students to take part in what he called a scientific experiment to see if channeling would occur. But he didn’t tell the students that channeling was the goal. He simply said that something interesting might occur. Don was a natural teacher and had a certain charisma about him that his students were attracted to, so this mysterious experiment inspired their participation. Carla was the girlfriend of one of those students, and he asked Don if he could bring Carla to the meditation group. After a couple of months of meditating, each of the students began receiving what later would be described as “conditioning” or the first signs of extraterrestrial contact in those days. Their mouths began to open and close, and their tongues would make slurping and smacking sounds. But there were no words being spoken.

Eventually, Walt Rogers, the head of the Detroit meditation group, visited the Louisville group and channeled Hatonn. Hatonn said that they had contact with many in the circle, but noted that none of the students wished to speak the words that they heard in their heads because they were afraid that they were making them up. Hatonn recommended that they simply speak the words and analyze the process after the sessions were over as analyzing the process while it was going on would stop it. Eventually, everyone except Carla learned to channel. Carla loved the meditation and enjoyed hearing the messages, but she had no interest in channeling at that time.

Don and Carla got together in 1968 and formed L/L Research shortly thereafter. The members of the original channeling group eventually left the group due to graduating college and moving out of town, so it was in 1974 that Don asked Carla if she would be willing to learn how to channel. In that way Don’s experiment to gather information about the creation of the universe and our spiritual journey through it could continue. Carla agreed to make The Choice to serve others in this way, and it was actually Hatonn, channeling through Don, that taught Carla how to channel. Over the next few years Carla not only learned how to channel but also developed the process of tuning herself to her highest and best conscious desire to serve others through her channeling. The following quote is part of Carla’s tuning process that she wrote to be used each time before she would channel any entity whether it was Hatonn, Latwii, Ra, or Q’uo:

“Prayer to set intention: Dear Creator, I come before you to offer myself as a channel. I do not claim to be worthy, for I know you have no servants in this world except us humans. I offer myself 100% to your service. I ask to channel the highest and best contact I can carry in a stable and conscious manner of the unconditional love of Jesus the Christ. I ask that all words be yours and none of my own. I ask that all those who come in the name of Jesus the Christ in the unseen realms join in the protection of this group. Those who do not come in the name of Jesus the Christ from the unseen realms may listen, but they may not join the group. (Clap hands.) I ask for the archangels to come to represent all those who come in the name of Jesus the Christ. Before me, Raphael and the gifts and powers of air. Behind me Gabriel and the gifts and powers of water. On my right hand Michael and the gifts and powers of fire. On my left hand Ariel and the gifts and powers of Earth. And above me shines the six-rayed star.”

Carla also discovered that it was necessary to develop a means of challenging any contact that wished to channel through her each time that she channeled. As Carla said, “It is a crowded universe, and you need to be able to determine who you have on the line before you channel.” In order to do this Carla recommended that all channels determine the entity or principle that is at the heart of one’s being and challenge in the name of that entity or principle. Since Carla had a relationship with Jesus since the age of two, she challenged in the name of Jesus Christ. She would challenge three times saying: “Do you come in the name of Jesus Christ, and can you say that Jesus is Lord.” She felt this was the equivalent of having Jesus beside her when she offered this challenge to any discarnate or extraterrestrial source, and would get an honest reply.

Other channels might challenge in the name of any saint or mystic that they revered, or perhaps in the name of service to others, unconditional love, Christ consciousness, or whatever quality or person that was what one lived for and believed in and for which one would gladly die. In June of 1982, Carla was hosting what we then called an “intensive meditation” to teach a student how to channel, and she was approached by our fifth-density negative friend. She offered her challenge, and for a few moments our friend refused to leave. Don asked Ra about this situation, and Ra supported Carla’s challenge of all entities wishing to channel through her each time that she channeled:

89.6 Questioner: This question may be meaningless, but would a fifth-density entity of the Confederation who was positively polarized transmit on the same frequency as our negatively polarized fifth-density companion?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and is the reason that the questioning of all contacts is welcomed by the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator.

Carla channeled Hatonn, a fourth-density planetary mind for about five years before being contacted by those of Latwii, a fifth-density planetary mind. It was about two years later that she unexpectedly began to channel Ra. The Ra contact began on January 15, 1981. Carla and Don were holding another “intensive meditation” training session to teach a student how to channel. I was out shopping for groceries after having been with Don and Carla for about three weeks.

After the session was over the first thing that Don said to me was that this new contact was the one he had been waiting nineteen years for. He asked me if I could transcribe it right away. He waited somewhat eagerly in the hallway outside the office for each page that I would finish. As I began my transcription it was quickly obvious to me that this contact with Ra was far different than any other contact I had ever read.

I have a hunch that Ra’s ability to see probable futures let them know that this particular day would be the best opportunity to make their first contact with us because the student that was learning to channel later attended Session #22, which meant that he was of acceptable vibration to support the contact. There was only one more student from the Sunday night meditations that ever came to a Ra session, and Ra said of him that he was the last in the Sunday night meditation group that would be of the proper vibration to support their contact. Everyone in the group would need to be able to support the contact, so, I am guessing that Ra did not see any better time to begin the Ra sessions than the one just over 40 years ago.

In 37 years of channeling Carla channeled 1,500 session with Q’uo, 106 sessions with Ra, and an unknown number with Hatonn, Latwii, L/Leema, Nona, Monka, and Yada Dishiite. On vacation one summer off the coast of South Carolina, she even channeled the ocean that was experiencing the beginning stages of Hurricane Diane. Carla truly had a precious gift for channeling that was wrapped in ribbons of love and light available for all to open and read for free as PDFs on our web site www.llresearch.org.

This morning I continued the washing of the glass crystal dishes, China, and silver. The work went into the afternoon as the dish washing cycle is nearly two hours long. As of now it looks like I will be able to complete the dish washing of crystal dishes and China today with seven total loads washed. That will leave the silver for me to clean tomorrow.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

December 4

The Instinct Of Creation To Praise

I am of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ who comes in the name of the one infinite God. I greet you in the full consciousness of Christ, which is love.

Every creature which is perfect of its kind is a true picture of the face of God. Each flower that blooms shouts with its colors in praise and blessing of the One who made it. All that is, is full of the instinctive love of its Creator.

Humankind alone removes itself again and again from the Creator’s praise, interpreting the signs and events of experience in ways that do not honor the love that created all. Do you think that you bloom with truer colors than the flower, you who doubt that each experience is full of love? Again you betray the love and honor which would be yours to offer if those who were self-conscious were also fully conscious.

It is the faith which we who are of the principle of Christ seek again and again to strengthen in you which alone can inform human consciousness of the divinity of all things and of their true color. Praise is not possible for most who are self-conscious without such aid. And yet the instinct to praise and bless one’s Creator is a true part of your makeup.

Seek, then, the grace of the Holy Spirit, that you may become a blooming flower, rejoicing in the light of a sun that always shines regardless of the appearance of evanescent clouds. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts, in their minds, and in their souls. Amen.