I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Three and the concept of quieting the body:

Quieting the body

“When an entity is beginning to alter his lifestyle to include work with the silence and the attempt to become aware in each passing moment of that moment in its infinity of possibilities, the body, the mind, and the emotions all object.

It was comfortable being spiritually asleep. Now the self is asking the body to sit and do nothing for periods of time in meditation. The body reacts, sometimes violently. There may be feelings of nausea, headaches, rushes of tingling in the body or a feeling that the body is swelling. The body is restless and does not understand what it is being asked to do. It is not looking at anything. It is not doing anything. What’s going on?

So, at the very beginning of a practice of meditation, one has to deal with the body itself. Eventually the body will become comfortable sitting quietly in meditation for periods of time. Indeed, the body may eventually come to depend on the rest of these quiet moments and this communion with the divine.” Q’uo, October 8, 2006

If you are relatively new to the practice of meditation on a regular basis you may need to be patient with your body as well as your mind because the physical and mental inactivity of meditation is a skill that needs to be practiced for a while before one becomes proficient at it. It might be a good idea to limit your first attempts at meditation to five minutes once a day. Use whatever part of the day works best for you from early morning, to mid-day, or even just before bed. In the beginning, just watch your thoughts and let them go. Maybe you could focus your on your breath and feel it come and go, as you inhale and exhale.

As time goes on and you feel more comfortable as you meditate, you can increase your meditation to ten minutes and see how that works for you. Again, watch your thoughts come and go and see if, after a while, the thoughts begin to fall away so that you feel more peaceful and refreshed after your meditations. At some point you may want to add a second meditation so that, perhaps, you begin and end your day with a short meditation.

As you continue to expand your meditative practice in length of time and periods of practice during the day, you may actually find that your mind and body begin to crave these periods of communing in the silence. The whole idea of meditation is this communing with what you might call infinity, peace, love, or the one Creator. This is the way all seekers of truth throughout the ages have used to move closer and closer to listening to the communication with the Creator in a manner that is most often too deep for words. It is as if our soul natures are becoming surrounded and imbued with the essences of love, peace, purpose, and direction. At some point you may feel that meditation is food for your soul and the foundation of your day. L/Leema had some inspiring words to say about the fruits of the continuing meditative practice:

I am L/Leema, and, my sister, we are most grateful to you for reminding not only this group but our own humble selves of the great necessity and benefit of meditation, for as you move within your illusion and as we move within ours and as any entity would move within any illusion, the fruit of such movement can only nourish the heart of one’s being when one has drunk of it deeply to the core of one’s being through the process of meditation. That which the conscious mind has placed within its own boundaries of understanding has value to an entity in the metaphysical or spiritual sense only insofar as the meditative state has incorporated this small understanding into the heart of one’s being. Otherwise, one is as the—we find you call it—duck that sheds the water from its back.

Without the meditation, the various concepts and ideas with which one comes in association in the conscious seeking, there are no roots formed and no lasting connections to such concepts, and the entity then must reacquaint itself with that which is consciously sought in order to provide the opportunity once again for meditation to do its work. Meditation is as the watering of the plant which has been set in fertile ground. The plant must be good, it must be strong, it must be consciously formed and analyzed, it must be placed within the fertile ground, the intuition must then serve as the analog to the fertile ground and connect through meditation the concept with the inner being or heart of one’s being. This is the watering and the nourishing of the plant that was consciously formed. Thus, in meditation one is as the gardener, plucking those weeds and leaving the flowers and the fruit that shall form the harvest. L/Leema, May 19, 1985.

I like to combine my first meditation of the day with what Carla and I called our Morning Offering. I begin with a couple of prayers, one of which is the Prayer of St. Francis, and then some singing before the meditation begins. At the end of the meditation I read from the Bible, one other book of inspiration and then the Law of One. I finish with more singing and two more prayers. Carla like to call this her “rule of life,” or the framework within which her life was lived.

This morning I went to the Baptist Immediate Care Center in Middletown to see what was causing the pain in my left foot that began out of the blue yesterday afternoon while I was taking my speed walk. I was afraid that it might have been a bone fracture, but it turned out to be a neuroma, or inflammation of the nerve in my foot. So I will need to give my foot a rest for a week or so and occasionally roll a frozen bottle of water under my foot. No more speed walks or dancing until that nerve is back in good working order.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

January 23

Glad Tidings

Greetings in the consciousness of love. I am the Holy Spirit of Jesus the Christ, the bringer of glad tidings to all who have ears to hear.

My children, rejoice! For the glad tidings which we of the principle of love bear is that there is love in all things. It is a matter of recognition, not creation; reflection, not origination. For love was brought into the world as the world, the world itself being part of the consciousness of love.

There is no thing outside of the consciousness of love, only time’s confused and crazed reflections through the cracked glass of imperfect reflection. Whatever lies in front of you this day is filled with joy and replete with peace. And were you to be able to go forward in time you would see, with no need for faith, that all things have indeed occurred so that your joy may be whole.

Thus if you sorrow this day, by faith you may rejoice in your sorrow. There is no greater peace than the recognition of the consciousness of love in every perfected part of the present day.

Love wishes love peace, now and evermore. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.