I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The 103 quote today comes from Chapter Three and the section on quieting the spirit from judgement and then let it go:

Quieting the spirit from judgment

Now, we would not take the power of discrimination from any, for the ability to have insight is a valuable one and it is hard-learned. However, we do encourage each first to examine judgment for kindness and compassion and then to apply that judgment sparingly and accurately, for each within incarnation is a bruised reed, a wounded and fragile living being, and to place the burden of unflinching judgment upon such a precariously alive creature is a cruelty.” Q’uo, May 21, 1995

In the area of any kind of judgement of our spiritual progress I always remember Carla’s saying that “you can’t take your own spiritual temperature.” From years of personal experience of trying to do that for herself, it became readily apparent to her that it was a futile effort because, as Ra said “Understanding is not of this density.” (16.39) If we try to judge ourselves we simply express our lack of confidence in or acceptance of ourselves which gives us a whole new area of self-created blockages to have to work with. Oftentimes self-judgement is a replaying of voices from our youth when we were told that we were not good enough or not smart enough or strong enough to think for ourselves.

So in the quote above Q’uo suggested that we simply take a kindly and compassionate look at our selves, as we would look at anyone else that we truly loved, and realize that we are fragile when it comes to judging ourselves or being judged by anyone else. As much as we think we know the value of how we are progressing on our spiritual journeys, all we can ever really know are what our intentions are as we travel our paths. Nobody is perfect or even close to it within the third-density illusion. The veil of forgetting insures that we will not live up to the highest of standards in our interactions with others. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and many times we will do better than at other times in our attempts to be of service to others. It is far more helpful in the overall sense of our enhancing our self-acceptance if we exercise the faith that all is well and that all will be well if we simply intend to be of service to others and use our wills to make the best effort we can make. Here Q’uo elaborates on this concept:

Now, what is faith? What is that leap into faith, which is not obvious and is not provable? How does that work? There comes a time for each seeker when there is a choice-point at which he must choose to act in faith that all is well in spite of evidence of the contrary, or to retreat in fear into a cave of his own imagining and to be thusly limited.

It is after an entity has chosen by faith to take that leap into faith that faith begins to prove itself a sturdy place to set one’s foot. It is only after the leap into the abyss of the unproven and mysterious that one gains one’s sure footing and becomes fearless and willing to be that entity whose approach to life is to look for love. With the veil in place, the decision to leap into faith has great weight and value.

It is a risky thing to do. It feels risky. It takes courage, integrity and will. It takes that of which the one known as G was speaking as a focus of desire, a seeking, a hunger, a thirst for the Creator, for truth, for love, for beauty. Therefore, there is tremendous intensity and power given to the one who makes that choice in faith. Q’uo, February 13, 2010.

When you stop to think about it, that is really the best anyone can do, and as Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life we always try to do our best.

Then let it go

Lastly we would recommend the resource of fearlessness. The Purgative Way is one way of saying that things are being purged from you. The human personality wonders, “How much more can I lose before I am no longer myself?” In all humility, my brother, let that self go. For you truly wish to change, to deepen, and to become an ever more fit vessel for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator.

The Dark Night of the Soul is house-cleaning time for the temple of your body and your mind. You are reforming the way that you think about yourself, the way that you see and view yourself. You are moving from the little “I” of ego to the I AM that is the one infinite Creator.” Q’uo, August 7, 2007

In the quieting of our minds, bodies, and spirits we are attempting to let the outer layers of our personality shells fall away in some degree so that we can begin to know more of who we truly are at the level of our soul. This is the beginning of the inner work of living the Law of One. As we continue to travel our spiritual journeys we engage in a constant process of change. Like the cells of our body which are renewed every seven years, the various aspects of what we know as ourselves regarding our minds, bodies, and spirits seem to fall away as we continue to balance all of our outer catalyst with its opposites.

In the quote above Q’uo referred to this process as the “Purgative Way”. We are, in effect, purging our identification with all of these facets of our personality shell as we use the balancing process on our daily catalyst. As we come to know ourselves more and more as 360 degree beings we are becoming able to see this entirety of our being as the one infinite Creator. There is an experience that many seekers of truth have towards the end of this process that is called the “Dark Night of the Soul” where it is obvious to the seeker that it is “moving from the little “I” of ego to the I AM that is the one infinite Creator. Once again Q’uo speaks to this topic and elaborates on its process:

Move, therefore, my friends into the precincts of faith when you are faced with the need to learn a spiritually oriented lesson, for usually such lessons come to you in darkness and in difficulty. There is the temptation at those times to move back into the relative safety of the intellect, where there is no paradox or mystery, but only a linear progression of things learned and things understood.

But if there is the wish to progress spiritually, cling to the consciousness that offers you the faculty of faith. For if you know that all is well, and that the divine plan for your incarnation is working perfectly, you can then take even the harshest circumstance and ask it for the gifts that it brings. You can cooperate with the shape of it, moving into it and towards it rather than away from it or around it. And in that cooperation, transformation occurs and the dark night of the soul yields to a glorious dawn, the sunrise of new peace, new power, new surety.

And if you are one who wishes to offer the gifts of consciousness to others, it depends not on the speeches. Rather, live that which you wish to teach and in your inarticulate being, bursting with love, there is that which shall speak to those whom you wish to aid. Do not be seduced by the cleverness of the intellect, because you shall never talk someone into the Kingdom of Heaven. Be consciousness, share consciousness, let silence grow with your relationship as it will. And trust that that which is within you, which is moving through you from the Creator, shall touch and teach in ways that are too deep for words but are ever so much more powerful. Q’uo, December 27, 2008.

This is the work of the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of life, and it may, indeed, take most of the life experience to accomplish. We shall be working throughout the rest of this book to give the Player the tools with which to accomplish this contact with intelligent infinity or the one infinite Creator.

This morning I thought that I might start filling the trenches holding the old sump pump pipes, but then I thought that might be too much work for my newly inflamed nerve in my left foot. So this afternoon I decided to spray some insect repellent inside the hollowed out part of the giant sycamore tree in the back yard. Then I also sprayed some frame coating paint over the same area so that no more decay will occur in this tree. I also raked up some small tree limbs under the tree and put them in garbage cans for yard waste pickup Thursday.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

January 24

Invisible Goals

I am the saving spirit of the consciousness of love which is in Jesus the Christ. I greet you with the full power of that consciousness.

Each has sought in the recesses of his heart for that consciousness and met with such a mixture of success and failure that it seems that God is sometimes generous and sometimes withholding.

Yet were the great pattern of being to be laid before the measurement of your mind’s eye, it could be seen that the consciousness of love is infinitely even and disputeth not at what must be done to insure true impartiality of experience to all created beings.

For it is the intent of love that the creations of love are to be creators. And how could that be were there no choices to make, no difficulties to overcome, no mountains to be traversed, and no invisible goals to be set in faith and realized with persistence?

The full consciousness of love embraces each in whatever circumstances. Yet comfort is abundant if each can but ask in faith, knowing that the consciousness of love is indeed within each one. Seek ye, therefore, the peace of utter freedom, freedom to find love in any circumstance whatever and rejoice in the glory of Christ.

I move among you making available to you the peace of love, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.