I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Now that I have completed the work of expanding the concepts of Living the Law of One 103: The Inner Work, I want to go back to the beginning of Living the Law of One 102: The Outer Work and look at what may be a new outline that Austin found yesterday after looking at the combined outline that Carla made for 101, 102, and 103. It seems that she got suggestions from a couple of friends back then as to what a good outline might contain. However, this new outline only contains the names of the chapters, and there are twelve chapters instead of the eight that I have been working with in the past couple of years. So I went through each chapter of 102 and listed all of the section topics of each chapter. Then I was able to find where these twelve chapter topics are located in 102. As a result of this discovery I can continue on with my original intention to go through Chapters Two through Four to be sure that I have made each chapter as good as I can make it. I have already done that with Chapters Five through Eight.


This book has come into being because I was fortunate in finding the outline for it and for 103 a couple of years ago. Carla had written outlines for both Living the Law of One 102: The Outer Work and Living the Law of One 103: The Inner Work back around 2009. She had also made a start in writing the book itself. She was able to complete a Preface and the first chapter of 102. In the intervening years I had forgotten about them, so I was very surprised and grateful to find her initial efforts to write 102. It took me a couple of years to find the desire to tackle the job of actually attempting to write the books. I prepared myself for this task by re-reading Carla’s Living the Law of One 101: The Choice to discover the way that Carla would approach various topics in a logical yet heartfelt way. She was always so good at balancing love and wisdom in her written and spoken communications, and I have attempted to do the same in my efforts to write 102 and 103.

Carla was such a good writer and had such a personal way of communicating with her readers that I felt it would be hard to duplicate her work or come anywhere close to it. But I finally decided that I needed to give it a try, and the more that I worked on the writing the more excited and inspired I got. It was also good to know that I would have the help of Diana Roy in editing the book as she had done such a marvelous job in helping Gary to edit A Concept Guide. And I knew that Gary Bean and Austin Bridges would be very helpful team members in editing the book and undertaking the process of bringing it to publication. Now that the editing process has begun again, and my new editing team is composed of Austin Bridges and Joanna Burns.

So this book has been a team effort guided primarily by Carla’s outline and her always open heart. I cannot thank her enough for beginning this project over twenty years ago. It is part of a very large living legacy of spiritual material that continues to inspire seekers of truth the world over. I hope that this book makes her smile.

Following is the original Preface that Carla wrote in 2013.

Jim McCarty
Louisville, Kentucky

This report on the philosophy of the Confederation of Angels and Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator is the second volume of the Living the Law of One series. It builds on the first volume’s concepts. Therefore I reproduce here the eleven basic principles of The Law of One which I discussed in the first volume, 101: The Choice:

1.The creation is unitary. Its nature is unconditional love. We are all one. We are all literally created by love. We live in an illusion made of light and energy or vibration rather than the solidity we see with our physical eyes. We are Players on a Gameboard playing a Game of life. We have complete free will. We can always choose how to respond to the things that come our way.

2. Our Earth world’s Gameboard is in an illusion which works by polarity. The two poles are service to others and service to self. We become Players by making the choice to polarize. The first choice we make to be of service to others is our beginning as positive Players. Every succeeding choice increases our polarity. Using a physical analogy, we need to polarize sufficiently to achieve escape velocity.

3. We have minds which belong to our physical bodies. We also have consciousness, which is the environment of our spiritual selves and our energy bodies. We use both our minds and our consciousness as Players. We sharpen our perceptions so that we may make better, more polarized choices every day.

4. As Players we work primarily with our energy bodies. Our goal is to keep their chakras unblocked, letting the Creator’s infinite energy flow through the system freely. The first energy center or chakra is the red-ray chakra. As we deal with red-ray issues like sexuality and survival, we work to keep our red-ray chakras clear.

5. The orange-ray chakra deals with relationships with the self and others. As Players we work with our catalyst to keep distractions such as anger and shame from blocking the orange-ray energy center. Our human, yellow-ray density is nested within, or built atop, the orange-ray density of animals, plants, and all biologically living things. We are stewards of our Earth as well as its beloved children.

6. The yellow-ray energy center deals with formal relationships such as marriage, children, and the work environment. Players work to keep their yellow-ray chakras clear of blockage due to catalyst having to do with these relationships. Often such catalyst has to do with the desire to possess or be possessed.

7. We enter our green-ray chakra, our hearts, when we come to know ourselves, accept ourselves and fall in love with ourselves just as we are. This gives us the eyes of love we need to accept, forgive and love others. If we can love unconditionally while making choices for service to others, we will graduate at Harvest.

8. Our blue-ray chakra concerns true communication. Communication is a sacred activity. To keep our blue-ray energy centers unblocked, we get real with ourselves and others, telling our truth with honesty and compassion. Listening is a blue-ray skill, and we as Players strive to hear each other with respect and accuracy.

9. The indigo-ray energy center is the home of faith. Players keep this chakra open by refraining from self-doubt. The indigo- and blue-ray centers are also used by Players to access the gateway to intelligent infinity to do Lighthouse-Level work. We keep the whole energy body clear by doing balancing exercises daily.

10. We Players doing such types of Lighthouse-Level work as meditation, prayer, journaling and increasing our faith employ the discipline of our personalities. We learn to see all of life as sacred and all of our actions as potentially magical. We develop the ability to set our intention and to create changes in our level of consciousness.

11. Players can use the gateway to intelligent infinity for advanced Lighthouse-Level work such as channeling, healing and sacred sex. Working with the light so closely, Players may experience psychic greetings. We can protect ourselves by closing the circuits in our energy bodies and by asking for help from spirit.

With Living the Law of One 102, we take up a more detailed discussion of how to work with our energy bodies as we deal with the catalyst of the first three chakras. That catalyst is the “grist for the mill” of our experience, as we deal with the lower chakras’ energy expenditures.

If at any time I refer to a concept which baffles you, please refer back to this Preface, and if you are still puzzled, seek within the pages of 101 for the information you need.

I hope you enjoy the ride through this look at our catalyst, our emotions and the wide world of our outer work.

Carla L. Rueckert
Louisville, Kentucky
August 3, 2013

This morning I ran some errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some cat food and some bird seed. My second stop was at Cleaning Concepts where I picked up my vacuum cleaner that they had repaired.

This afternoon I went outside and used the hoe to weed the spirea garden beside the fish pond. Then I went around the yard and picked up more small tree limbs and put them in a garbage can for yard waste pickup Thursday.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 14

The Power Of Choice

I am of the principle of the consciousness of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

Gaze at time. Gaze at the time that you have to spend within your next day. Gaze at the “talents,” the riches, of hours and minutes that you hold now at the beginning of the day in your cupped palm. Gaze at hours to fill and spend in any way which delights your soul, your mind, and your heart and know the power of choice.

Gaze now at those things not held in the hand, those things held by others’ hands and hearts, those things quite out of one’s control. In spending the minted money of God’s time it is known by the buyer what is intended to be bought in terms of energy expended upon relationships and towards cooperation in work and planning, but it is not known how it shall be received.

Know that your spending plan of time shall not be judged in respect of those things which could not be controlled by the self. Rather, the spending of your precious time shall be adjudged according to the intentions for service.

Know, then, that the riches and consolation of time in the Holy Spirit of the living Christ may, together, move forward with each precious minute and hour so that one spends it in such a way as to magnify time and the wisdom and consolation of grace. May you see the plenitude of your power in Christ! And may you spend wisely, this day and every day.

We leave you in the grace which alone may contemplate true peace and selfless service, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.