I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. The 102 quote today comes from Chapter Four and the concept of challenges—suicide:


My sister, it is not our intention or our right to stand in judgment over the actions of another entity. For this reason, we would strongly suggest that those present be aware that such an action is, although not positively polarizing in most cases, an acceptable form of death for those who seek a different avenue of progress. We, being of a positive orientation, regard this as a detrimental action in that, as you are aware, it terminates the possibility of attainment before a number of lessons are offered. It also acts in a less than selfless manner upon the lives of others who had chosen to interaction with the now dead individual for the purpose of that individual’s and their own learning. Again, this, as it exerts control and influences the learning progression of others, can be regarded as beneficial to those whose path lies in the direction of negative orientation. However, for those who seek positive polarization we, in the majority of cases, would strongly suggest avoiding this path.[1]

In this quote on suicide, Latwii did not condemn a person for committing suicide because Latwii is of a positive polarity. Latwii could see the overview that reveals how all actions will eventually lead the seeker of truth to their proper destination, if not in this incarnation, then in another incarnation. But Latwii did state quite clearly that suicide would stop the desired lessons that were planned for the present incarnation, and they did not recommend suicide.

As Ra said: “It is to be noted that among your entities a large percentage of all progression has, as catalyst, trauma.”[2] Before the incarnation it can be seen by the seeker that such trauma within the upcoming incarnation could produce a great deal of growth if it could be processed with love and acceptance. However, within the incarnation this overview would not be available, and the seeker may have “bitten off more that it could chew” and decide to end its life rather than submit to more disease, disharmony, or misery of one kind or another.

And, further, Latwii also focused on the devasting effect that suicide has upon the remaining friends and loved ones of the one who commits suicide. The survivors of the suicide of a loved one may feel a much more intense grief at this type of death than one by disease, accident, or old age. They may also feel that there must have been something they could have done to keep the loved one from committing suicide. And it doesn’t matter that such thoughts are usually incorrect. The feeling of loss is just overwhelming to the loved ones left behind.

Carla and I went through this heart-wrenching process when Don Elkins committed suicide on November 7, 1984, after a year of declining mental and physical health. We were with him every step of the way as the mental and emotional dysfunction came about that Ra predicted was possible in the last session that we had with them:

The questioner is one also in the midst of further initiation. During this space/time the possibility for mental/emotional distortion approaching that which causes the entity to become dysfunctional is markèd.[3]

We tried everything that we could think of to help our beloved spiritual companion Don deal with the paranoia and the unique metaphysical components that accompanied his decline, but sadly, Don eventually took his life. If anyone is interested in reading further about our experience with Don’s suicide, I wrote an article on the 34th Anniversary of his passing detailing our shared experience. You can find it by Googling “The 34th Anniversary of the passing of Don Elkins.”

We were fortunate, however, that Carla was able to see Don twice in waking visions after his death. Each time Don assured Carla that all had turned out as was appropriate, but that we would not be able to see how that could be until we, too, passed through death’s door. Even with that assurance, it took Carla six years of therapy with a Jungian therapist before she could be free of her own suicidal feelings that came after Don’s death and feel love for herself and her life once again. In 2000 L/L Research published Carla’s A Wanderer’s Handbook, and she ended the section on Suicide with this passage:

If you are contemplating suicide, I wish to call you back to the forces of your own unfinished life and work, this present reality with all its challenges and pain. Examine this choice with extreme care. Perhaps there is AIDS or cancer or fear of the final stages of a disease. Yet you live; and always, this is for a reason. As you read these words, I encourage you to find ways to open up to love and self-confidence, to faith and hope, to finding your feet and finding self-forgiveness. Come back to life! I do not feel we are through at this banquet until the celestial waiter brings the check! Eat and drink of life’s sweetness in the tiny ways, in stepping outside and smelling the dew on the grass, the rain in the air, the honeysuckle in bloom, or taking the time to imagine them. Renew the springs of your faith, and keep three words as your motto till you are on safe ground again: “Never give up.[4]

In 69.6, Don asked Ra about how the various types of death would affect a person:

Questioner: Do I understand, then, that death, whether it is by natural means or accidental death or suicide, all deaths of this type would create the same after-death condition which would avail an entity to its protection from friends? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. We presume you mean to inquire whether in the death experience, no matter what the cause, the negative friends are not able to remove an entity. This is correct largely because the entity without the attachment to the space/time physical complex is far more aware and without the gullibility which is somewhat the hallmark of those who love wholeheartedly.

However, the death, if natural, would undoubtedly be the more harmonious; the death by murder being confused and the entity needing some time/space in which to get its bearings, so to speak; the death by suicide causing the necessity for much healing work and, shall we say, the making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning the lessons set by the higher self.

In their answer to Don’s question Ra said that death by suicide it would be necessary for “much healing work” and also for the “making of a dedication to the third density for the renewed opportunity of learning lessons set by the higher self.” Over the years since Don’s passing Carla and I heard from a number of young men who believed that they were the reincarnation of Don Elkins. However, we believe that Don did reincarnate as the child of a couple of our best friends who were also members of our meditation group during the Ra contact. They had just enjoyed making love with each other about thirteen months after Don’s passing, when our friend told her husband that she knew that she was now pregnant, and that it was Don.

We got to know her son from his infancy, and when he was five years old I took him for a ride to our land in northern Kentucky. On the way there he looked at the clouds moving across the blue sky and told me that they were not moving as fast as they looked to be moving. Then he made a fist with his left hand that was to symbolize the Earth and used his opened right hand to symbolize the clouds. He said that part of the seeming speed of the clouds was the result of the Earth turning on its axis, and then he rotated his fist/Earth as he also moved his other hand/cloud in the opposite direction. That sounded a lot like the physics professor side of Don explaining an interesting piece of information, and it was coming from this five-year old child.

Then he went ever further as he observed a jet airplane in the sky. He said that the reason that the jet plane could fly was that there was greater air pressure on the bottom of the wings than on the top of the wings due to the way the wings were constructed. That sounded like the airline pilot that Don was when he flew the Boeing 727 jet for Eastern Airlines for nineteen years. We have kept in contact with him over the years and have been glad to know this very sweet soul who may well be the reincarnation of Don Elkins.

This morning I transplanted the white Angelonia flowers that I bought yesterday around various portions of the Ruins Mound as I felt that white was the only color missing from the Mound. Then I cleaned the filters on the fish pond so that the fountain could shoot higher. My last job for the morning was to blow the dead Sycamore leaves into a pile so I could put them in a garbage can for yard waste pickup tomorrow.

This afternoon we had a staff podcast that focused on our new staff members and gave them a chance to talk about how they found the Law of One, what concepts of the Law of One are most meaningful for them, what other spiritual material has value for them, and what meaningful experiences that they have had so far in the work for L/L Research. Later in the evening we are also due to have our monthly practice channeling circle.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

May 17

Hope Is Always A Choice

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the divine wholeness of love.

This contact is very weak, as this instrument is very weak. A great deal of the strength or weakness of a person’s essential being hinges upon its desire to be strong. Why would one wish to be weak? Because one is lacking in hope.

Why would one wish to lack in hope? It is not seen that this is open to the process of choice. Yet hope is always a choice. Despair is only one side of the coin which may be turned by the will, at any moment, by anyone, in any circumstance, to hope. Thus we say to you this morning, “Hope! Hope in little things! Hope in grand things! Fill your hearts, your bodies, and your minds with the strength of hope.”

For hope is unending and is that which guides the weary spirit to its place of rest where it may gain strength. And hope shall be turned into joy.

This is part of the grace of the spirit of love that lives amidst each conscious entity. This is part of the comfort that may astound and transform your experience. This is for you! These are not vain words.

You who despair, turn your mind to the power of hope. Gaze upon it as upon a star and affix your intentions upon it with perseverance. And so shall you be made strong, to be the will of the Father.

In love and peace unending do we leave you. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.

[1] Latwii, May 16, 1982.

[2] The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, 34.14.

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[4] Carla Rueckert, A Wanderer’s Handbook, pg. 344.