I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 102 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of open communication:

Open communication

If there is the expectation, and it is not owned, if there is the prejudice and it is not owned, if it is not brought out into the open, how can the other entity do anything but respond to the feeling that lies behind the statement, which is seemingly innocent and harmless. So when there is a blockage that is inexplicable, it does not have to do with vocabulary or amount of information given. Then it is that one begins anew at another level of communication: a telling of the story of the self, a speaking of the legend of the moment. “This is what I have created. Respect this, but tell me what you have created, and I shall respect that.” And from this exchange, all differences in perception may be communicated back and forth, back and forth, until the two creations have a consensus reality, special to those two entities at that moment in the combined myth of two entities upon a journey of seeking together, thus unifying what was broken, and healing that which was sore and painful.” Q’uo, April 5, 1992

Q’uo said that oftentimes communication is difficult because one or both of the parties in the communication have a “prejudiceor a “blockage” in their communications that they are not aware of or are not admitting. It is so easy to have such hindrances to clear communication secreted away in our unconscious minds as remnants of disharmonies and disconnections with our emotions from our early years as children. So Q’uo suggested that to have open or free communication between two people it is necessary to begin at a new level of communication where each person takes responsibility for what they are hearing as being a creation of their own making.

 In such a responsible way of communicating a phrase may be used such as: “This is what I have created. Respect this, but tell me what you have created, and I shall respect that.” This type of communication becomes a “a journey of seeking together” which eventually can come to a “consensus reality,”by moving beyond what was the “blockage” or “myth” and being able to “heal that which was broken or painful.”

This type of communication moves below the usual surface thoughts and feelings to areas of our conscious and subconscious minds where our core beliefs may be found. These core beliefs are the guiding forces that we may or may not always be aware of. If we can get to this level of our being our communication will become more authentic and powerful. Then we really have a chance of achieving true communication, actually coming into union with another being. It may take some work within ourselves and then with others in order to clarify and harmonize our communication, but it is well worth the effort. In the next quote Q’uo adds some more depth to open communication.

 Your creation is yours alone. In a way, all is one; but in the way of learning and teaching, each entity has its own creation. Each who sits in this circle has its own creation and the rules, the study, the progress, the evolution of each of you is unique. You cannot transfer truth, wisdom and perfection as perceived by one person, whole and complete, to another entity. One can only move up from one’s essence to the level of words, to that level which is so shallow and frustrating and, by open communication, share those gifts which have been yours to receive without any attachment as to whether any other soul appreciates or responds to that same information. Q’uo, November 13, 2003

Every person in the infinite creation is a unique being. Even though we have so much in common with each other Q’uo reminds us that at the depths of our being we are each perceiving and experiencing our truths in thoughts that are actually too deep for words to convey. So when we engage in open communication with each other, the best we can do is to share ourselves as honestly and authentically as possible without any dedication to being actually understood. I think that might well be the truest definition of communication: we are constantly coming into unity with each other, but it is a journey that may never be complete. I would also like to add that totally clear communication of our thoughts and our nature may also be the result of our not perfectly being able to perceive and express them. A great deal of our spiritual journeys revolves in being able to know who we are, and there are many layers to the true nature of our being. Our spiritual journeys are a process and a constant experience of self-discovery. Q’uo shared some inspiring words regarding how self-discovery is a primary part of our spiritual journey:

You, my friends, are as those who search through days and nights, through clarity and haze, through clichés and misunderstanding, looking restlessly for the inspiration that will be food for your true self. How diversely you look. Were you capable of travel, your desire is such you would seek the Earth over and you would have many strange experiences, and yet we say to you, you have many and strange experiences. It is your discriminatory power which will point the heart of your experiences out to you and make you realize the incredible adventure of experiencing the illusion which you experience. The greatest adventure lies in the microscopic interplay of synaptic connections which lies within the confines of the consciousness and that electrically powered organism which houses it. The adventure of interpretation, discrimination, understanding and self-discovery is such that your greatest explorer could not discover any territory so vast and so uncharted. Took you ship and sailed the globe around you could not go as far as you can go in meditation and in self-discovery.

My friends, you are not creatures of your body. You are not bound by time or space. Your birthright is that which you have called Christ-consciousness. You are love. The one known as Jesus said, “I am the way.” This consciousness is a path, a path so exciting, so all-encompassing, and so attractive that all those upon your planet will eventually find it, it and no other, for it is the path of truth, of life, of love. The universe, my friends, is one thing. It is within you, both to find that one thing and to be that one thing. We ask your permission to coax you into the consideration at all times, in all decisions, in all situations, of the dimensions of meditation and of seeking. Surely it is well to set aside the time, as you call it, for this marvelous exercise of the joyousness of silence, for this tremendous opportunity to listen to that which has so long been lost among your peoples. Q’uo, January 31, 1982.

Such a path of self-discovery is one which shows us the universe is within us and is available through meditation and reveals our true selves to us so that we can then engage in authentic and open communications. This is certainly the work of the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of life.

This morning I pruned my three Mother-in-Law Tongue house plants of their weaker and somewhat wilted leaf stalks. Then I went into the back yard and used my tree saw to begin to cut down the large Lilac Bushes that have not produced any blooms for the last few years. There are many small Lilac Bushes there that I am hoping will now have a chance to produce blooms. I filled one garbage can with the first cuttings. Then I took a trip to Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food.

This afternoon I sewed a patch onto the corner of my bed where Bosco jumps up and grabs it with his claws and, over the last few months, has torn the bed spread and pulled much of the stuffing out from the quilted layers of the bed spread. Then I went back outside and cut another garbage can full of the large Lilacs next to the Moss Garden in the back yard.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 4

Compassion Replaces Offense

I am of the spirit of the love of Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of perfect love.

It is said that compassion blots out all offenses. Yet what your peoples feel most often is not compassion but guilt and anger. For you judge yourselves and others most harshly.

Compassion has little or nothing to do with offense. Rather it calls forth a higher reality, a more imposing presence, not overcoming mistakes and errors but simply offering a larger viewpoint.

Thus it is that compassion replaces offense, forgives offense, and sees offense for what it is: that which is perceived by man. Yet who can say what is perceived by the Creator? Allow the spirit of the living Christ to form compassion within your hearts and minds, not judging and not believing in a great paper towel that somehow wipes up the sin.

Know that there is a saner, more balanced, and more compassionate level of mind which brings mind and heart together in the compassionate love of Christ, which sees the true beauty and perfection of souls who feel they may have made mistakes.

We leave you in that higher reality of the peace which proceeds therefrom. We leave you in the kingdom of heaven, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.