I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from February 15, 1987:

About the “mark of the beast,” as mentioned in the Bible, what it might be, what it means to people and so forth.

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, and I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. It is a privilege to blend our vibrations with yours as you sit in meditation, and we thank you for calling us to join you, and offer our faulty and error-filled thoughts.

Upon the subject of the mark of the beast. This instrument wished us luck before she gave over control of the speaking mechanism to us, and we do indeed feel lucky to be able to speak with you about evil, for surely, the mark of the beast is only a symbol for that which is evil. Indeed, the mind often thinks in symbols rather than turning to the essence of things.

To be literal, which is of course one level of answering the question, the mark of the beast, it being 666, is a triple number, rooted in the Cabalistic traditions of your Eastern peoples. Within that tradition, the number six refers to the house of mundane things. The number six has connotations concerning finances, wealth, security and survival. If one has a penchant for luxury, the number six might be expected to figure in a numerological analysis of such an entity’s name or birth date. When a number is doubled, it is the same number but stronger, and when it is tripled, it is very strong, thus the number 666 is literally, “the things of this world.” Thus, the mark of the beast is symbolized by a number which connotes your present experience.

The group question concerned the “mark of the beast” as mentioned in the Bible. Q’uo suggested that on the literal level the mark of the beast is a symbol for what is evil and the number 6 relates to things of the mundane world which would include wealth and security. When the number is tripled to 666 it is a stronger representation of our present experience in the third-density illusion. On September 1, 2019, Q’uo spoke of the nature of the mundane world:

The consensus reality has far different means of feeling of what is valued to the seeker or to any entity upon the planet, for that which is of the mundane world is that which is held as the goal: the education, the job, the money, the status, the power. These are things which can be used positively, but most frequently are not upon this planetary sphere.

Lift your thoughts with me and let us look at this world of yours that is full of symbols of the evil of the beast; here a daisy, there a lark, here a thinking youth, and there a smiling woman. These things do not seem outwardly evil, yet for those who gaze upon the beast, the mark can be found, for the illusion is yours and each of you may choose to interpret what lies before you as you will. It is possible through description to cause the same scene to appear quite wonderful or quite the opposite by the careful use of detail. We might point out, for instance, instead of a flower, one of your refuse heaps; instead of a smiling woman, a hungry child. The choice of symbols is always yours, nor is the beast strong within one who chooses positively oriented symbols to facilitate the interpretation of catalyst.

What we are attempting to do is to indicate to you our feelings concerning prophecy. The mark of the beast is one of many symbols used within an inspired work of channeling done by the one named John. Much of this entity’s effort was involved not in offering universal symbology, but rather in sending covert information concerning specific events and entities to those known to the one known as John. The work has inspired and over-awed many, yet seldom has the deeper symbology been penetrated to discover the balance of the present moment. Such is the greatest danger of prophecy and symbology. Whatever one thinks about evil, one must cause one’s thinking to become twisted and biased in order to accommodate the eccentric symbology of the beast, its mark, its unusual body design, and its various foes. Perhaps this has kept some from gazing upon the essence of the beast.

The essence of the beast lies within each heart and within each mind. The essence of the beast is the power of denial. Just as the essence of love is the power of acceptance, so the essence of evil is the perfect ability to deny what is true and believe what is false. Thus, evil has far less to do, for instance, with money than with less-than-straightforwardness in gathering, keeping and spending money. One who is seeking the essence of the positive seeks more and more to offer the self in service. One who wishes evil may seem to offer service to others, yet always there is some denial of free will, some rejection of some aspect of universal love, some implied or stated separation between you and some other. The one who looks for advantages at another’s expense is a far clearer symbol of the beast than a number.

It has been said among your group this evening that as you sit in meditation, you live in the experience of the age of the beast, the age of universal credit and the rule of many by numbers. Remember that it is not the symbols that have power, but the essences that give the symbols power. The evil which lies within your monetary systems is an evil—that is to say a lie—which has been with you since the first money was used to make money rather than trading being done between two entities which had use of each others’ surplus. Thus, the essence of money being artificial power is an evil essence by definition. However, the technology of your age, my children, is neither good nor evil, but a tool used for good or ill.

Then Q’uo moved on to discuss the symbolism of the mark of the beast concept. Q’uo suggested that John the Baptist was sending covert messages in Revelations to his followers when he talks about the nature of the beast, but most people have not penetrated this symbology. Q’uo suggested that the deeper essence of the mark of the beast is to deny what is true and believe what is false, and all seeming service to others denies free will and universal love whereas the essence of love is the power of acceptance and true service to others. Q’uo also said that our society tends to view money as valuable when it is actually a tool, like so many others, that can easily be misused. In 23.14-.15, Ra described how money could be used to enslave people:

Questioner: Can you tell me of the reasons for the disease? I think I already know, but I think it might be good for the book to state this at this time.

Ra: I am Ra. This is, as we have mentioned before, not particularly informative with regard to the Law of One. However, the land you know of as Egypt at that time was highly barbarous in its living conditions, as you would call them. The river which you call Nile was allowed to flood and to recede, thus providing the fertile grounds for the breeding of diseases which may be carried by insects. Also, the preparation of foodstuffs allowed diseases to form. Also, there was difficulty in many cases with sources of water and water which was taken caused disease due to the organisms therein.

Questioner: I was really questioning more about the more basic cause of the disease rather than the mechanism of its transmission. I was going back to the root or thought which created the possibility of this disease. Could you shortly tell me if I am correct in assuming that the general reduction of thought over the long time on planet Earth with respect to an understanding of the Law of One created a condition in which this— what we call disease could develop? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct and perceptive. You, as questioner, begin now to penetrate the outer teachings.

The root cause in this particular society was not so much a bellicose action although there were, shall we say, tendencies, but rather the formation of a money system and a very active trading and development of those tendencies towards greed and power; thus, the enslaving of entities by other entities and the misapprehension of the Creator within each entity.

Would that we could guide you to one writing which made all things clear, one set of symbols in which there was no doubt of clear meaning, no confusion as to extraneous detail. We cannot, for there is no construction made of words and concepts which is not also a group of symbols, and in the end that which you know of good and evil abide not in symbols but in essences. Essences are felt by the deepest heart and mind of an entity so that there is recognition and knowingness of that which is, shall we say, morally pleasing and morally distasteful.

As you gaze upon this age which many find full of lies and therefore evil, look upon the essences of people, relationships and the stewardship of that which is seemingly evil—money—and find within yourself the positive truth affirming, life-affirming characteristics and attributes of people, relationships and stewardship which can be brought to bear upon each and every situation. For this is not an age—this, my children, is your age, and no mark of any beast can shape the rhythm of your own creation. That there are highly motivated, negatively oriented angelic spirits is as true as that there are highly polarized and motivated positive angelic entities.

We have no desire to play down the loyal opposition which challenges us and makes us learn to be strong. We wish only to correct any tendency towards feeling that one is in the grip of evil or in any way limited or governed by the apparent world view. To many, this is indeed the age of the beast. We find this among the peoples, this attitude of many greatly disturbed, greatly in pain, but accepting many symbols as essences. Knowing that Love created all and that the great original Thought of Love forms the heart of all that there is, we ask you to be satisfied only with the essences of things.

Thus may you find sunshine in dark places, and thus may your discrimination steer you from unexpected shadows which others may not see. It is your experience, your creation, your living we ask you to join with us in seeking the Creator, without fear and with an ever-mounting desire to touch again and again the wonderful light-filled mystery of consciousness. And now, because we have talked about a heavy word, a weighty, sad word, this symbol of despair that is evil, let us lighten our meditation before we move on. Let us release this question, for it troubles this instrument and may trouble others.

Q’uo concluded their thoughts about the mark of the beast and the use of money by suggesting that we need not focus on such events overly much even though they seem quite active in our world today. Rather, we would be better advised to look to the true essence of our being and of the true nature of creation as having being a product of the Love of the Logos. Thusly may we experience “the wonderful light-filled mystery of consciousness.” On January 15, 1989, Hatonn shared how we might experience this light-filled mystery of consciousness:

Thus, the way to passion, the way to love, is not easy, for you must along the way empty out of yourself many armorings and defenses against those things which you fear which you do not have to fear, thus freeing the attention so that it may rest upon the fundamental mystery of consciousness. Focus upon that fundamental mystery until you begin to feel the desire to experience, to know more. Let that desire build ever more.

Let us turn to gaze upon the mark of the angels. What would that be, my children—except a smile. What is the truth and symbol of the truth—except a look of joy, for that which is, is love. We leave you in that love and in the light, and would speak with you further through the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I had an early appointment with my rheumatologist and took along my fasting lab report that was taken last month by my Primary Care Physician. The appointment went well, and afterwards I ran some errands with my first stop being at the vet’s where I picked up some insulin for Bosco. Then I stopped at Walgreen’s where I picked up a prescription for myself and some non-food items. When I got home I set the sprinkler to water the gardens around the fish pond while I answered emails and did some other work on future Camelot Journal entries.

This afternoon I painted the window on the north side of the double car portion of the garage.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 12

Open That Door

I am of the principle of divine love and I greet you in the consciousness of full compassion.

Have you far to go this day? Do the miles seem long and weary to travel? Is there little bread and bitter herbs to eat when you come home? So it is in many souls’ experience.

The Comforter does not stop occurrences from happening within your day and within your life. It is a companion. We as a force are with you always. You cannot run faster than we can follow and we shall always bear you up within, if you but seek the comfort of divine love within.

The principle of love, the spirit of Christ, awaits you behind the door of your heart. Open that door. Go into the inner room. Feel the holiness of that ground within. And then take it to the dreary task and the difficult day and find it transformed by love.

We wish you peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.