I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from March 29, 1987:

The effect of Christianity upon the movement of the planet into fourth density; whether it’s a helpful or hindering factor, or just how it works. About relationships—how does one determine whether there is still love enough or reason enough to remain with a partner; what is the real binding force of a relationship?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator, the Creator whose love abides before, after and beyond all created things, and whose light forms all created things. I greet you, my friends, in the reality expressed in symbols of illusion. I speak to you as one who lives to those who walk in sleep, and in this mysterious way we explore together the mystery of love, light and reality, we who are creatures, never having seen all of reality, we who are finite, gazing at infinity.

And yet, we journey onward from realization to realization, ever finding the face of mystery to be that of Love, reflected in the smile of those who show the Creator’s Love to us or speak the inspired word which comes through them to us. And we thank you that you have called us to speak with you this evening about the greatest single catalyst which involves those of third density in their seeking for spiritual evolution.

Relationships are the heart of your question, for the one query concerns when relationships betwixt two entities are helpful and when they are not, and the other query involves when Christianity is an helpful relationship for seekers to commit themselves to or not. Yet are not both queries concerning relationships?

And so we would speak upon the illness and health of relationships, not covering this deep subject, but perhaps provoking some further thought. If we are able to do this, we shall be extraordinarily gratified, for we are clumsy with your language and are grateful to vocal channels such as this one, that we may at least attempt to clothe our poor concepts with some semblance of grace.

It is written in your holy works that the master known as Jesus was once asked as to the purpose or the cause of a blind man’s infirmity. The crowd wished to place blame upon one side or another of a relationship within a family. Was it the blind man’s family’s fault, or was it the fault of the blind man?

The teacher known to you as Jesus answered the query in a way which often has been misunderstood as an avoidance of the question. The master said, “For neither reason was this man blind, and blame belongs to none, but rather it was a design whereby the Creator would be glorified.”

When two entities become mated, the landscape seems beautiful, prospects seem unlimited in the richness, value and joyfulness of experience to come, and all of life may seem as pleasant as the day which each in this group has experienced, the golden sun bringing ever more fullness to the celery green of young leaves, the cheerful forsythia and daffodil greeting the spring breeze, the spring of new grass and soft rain, the sound of bird calls and happy children at play.

When one forms an alliance with any religion, there is a mating betwixt an entity and the face of the Creator, the nature of the mystery, which the entity believes that that particular path shall best show to him or her. And so the individual’s relationship with an individual or the individual’s relationship with a societal entity which seeks the truth begins. An honeymoon ensues, wherein all that is good is shared freely without thought for the self, for one has been taken beyond the self in some realization of the Creator’s face in the other individual or in the path which is offered by the spiritual organization.

Q’uo took the two questions about whether Christianity is helpful for planet Earth to move into the fourth density and what is the binding force of a relationship and combined them into one question concerning relationships in general since they are the greatest catalyst for spiritual evolution that we have in the third density. Q’uo began with the story of a blind man in relationship to his family.  Jesus was asked if a blind man’s being blind was his family’s fault or his fault. Jesus said that it was neither’s fault but an opportunity that the Creator be glorified as Jesus then healed the blind man according to John 9:1-12. Q’uo went on to describe the beauty of the relationship between two entities being mated and how the life is enhanced where all of nature moves in rhythm with the mating. Then Q’uo expanded the nature of relationships to that of the entity joining a religion where the face of the Creator may be experienced by any individual within that spiritual organization or in the path of any individual on its own. On July 7, 1980, Latwii gave a general description of the value of relationships:

There is an infinity of individualized persons of the one Consciousness. Each individualized person of the one Consciousness is placed by free will into this particular illusion to learn certain lessons. These have to do with love, the understanding of love, and with giving of love by dwelling in service with others. There are some people who cannot learn alone, for they do not have the keys to wisdom, and thus they must study the ways of love. There are some who do not have the keys to love, but must dwell alone and study the ways of wisdom. Love and wisdom are the two poles.

Perhaps we might say that the most balanced of the ways of learning is to find in a relationship both the companionship that enables two individuals to be of service to each other, and the understanding that enables each to be, along with his or her needs for wisdom, for aloneness, for meditation, or for whatever he or she needs that the other cannot give.

No two individuals are created alike, so there is no one answer to your question. Not all are made to be mated, nor are all made to dwell along the lonely paths of the one who walks alone. There are many shades of learning, of love, and of wisdom. You may take your choice. You will find, in a mated relationship, the most powerful means of balancing your own nature, so that the love and the wisdom become balanced, for truly it is only when this occurs that you can become what you would call a master.

But in most cases, one person does not become a master, but two, helping each other. This you have already intuited, and yet you wonder at your need to be alone, and at the fate which seems to ask you to be alone. Relax, for all is well. The creation gives you what you need. And when you have absorbed what you need, from this one environment, there will be a powerful attraction to the next phase of your learning, and you will not have to seek it out by thought and analysis, for it shall, as this instrument would say, “hit you between the eyes.” For that is the way of the Creator. If you can be patient, your way will always be made quite, quite clear.

It is easy to presume that relationships betwixt people and relationships betwixt people and organizations are different, and from detail to detail, this may indeed be so. But perhaps it is helpful to realize that in any relationship which a seeker has with anyone or anything, the fundamental dynamic in the relationship as concerns this entity is the entity itself. It is inevitable, just as fall and winter follow spring and summer, that two people shall finish their honeymoon and embark upon some challenge together—or apart. It is inevitable in any spiritual search within an orthodox religious path that the seeker shall find doubts so overwhelming that trouble clouds its relationship with the spiritual organization.

In both cases, the unfortunate actions which are catalyst for the seeker by an entity or an organization or entities within an organization shall be blamed for difficulty which is experienced by the seeker, and the attention is then turned outward in an attempt to find a way to repair, mend or replace the ailing relationship.

There are many options which the seeker may choose when attempting to assess right action within a painful set of circumstances which involve disillusionment at a relationship. Many of your peoples automatically choose to avoid pain, and by doing this they move into another arena, and inevitably seek other relationships with entities or organizations which will inevitably disillusion them once again, for it is the nature of the illusion in which you experience life at this time that all things shall pass, all successes shall fail, all days shall become night and all joy sorrow. It is equally inevitable that all sad things shall be made glad and all night end in dawn and sunlight.

Now Q’uo addresses the relationships between individuals and between individuals and religious organizations after the beginning honeymoon period is over and there are doubts and difficulties that cause pain and suffering. When this occurs then there is an effort made to find a solution to the problems which in many cases involves attempts to avoid the pain by moving into other relationships with different individuals or different organizations. However, Q’uo suggested that it is likely that the same problems will reappear, and as time moves on the successes will become failures, the sorrows will become joy, as day moves into night. On November 13, 2010, Q’uo described the value in having lessons repeat:

It is not a punishment to have lessons repeat. They do not truly repeat, for you are spiraling ever onward and upward in your learning, and when the lessons come to you again, you are in a different place. You have peeled away a layer or two of the onion skin of personality, enculturation and mindlessness and you meet the repeating catalyst from a new perspective every time.

Never think that there is a judgmental Creator behind the difficulties of your life. Know that the patterns of difficulty in your life are gifts. They may seem hard to open. They may not feel blessed, but they are. They are precious. We have often talked about life in third density, and indeed life in general for those of us in other densities as well, as taking place in a refining oven.

Another option available to the seeker in a difficult relationship is doggedly to endure without analysis or thought, trusting that the night shall become day, the pain shall become gladness.

The third area of options is perhaps the more fruitful of the three we offer you for thought, and that is the withdrawal from decision-making and from the company of the relationship which has caused confusion for a period of personal, intimate and extremely private contemplation and meditation.

For you see, the conscious self of the seeker sees the relationship for the first time as it reacts to the catalyst which has been prepared before the incarnation by the self and all those parts of the higher self which become ultimately the complete expression of love of the one Creator. All good and all difficult things, alike, have been offered to you by yourself, not either to endure or to avoid, but to learn from, to study, to ponder, to reflect upon and, finally, to make choices on the basis of what has come to you in the process of seeking.

This cannot be done while the catalyst is present and you are busy reacting to the catalyst, thus gaining experience but not being free to evaluate experience. There is no time when meditation is not extraordinarily helpful, but when one wishes to know where the kingdom which you seek lies, where love lies, where right action lies in a difficult situation, it is well to go deep within in faith and trust that there is a sense of right action within you, given before time and space began, purified and clarified by dedication to seeking and continuation of meditation, so that the seeker becomes more and more profoundly aware of when the still, small voice, as this instrument would say, might cause the feeling of right action to surface.

The most difficult thing for the seeker who lives within the dream and gazes hopefully towards reality to do is to wait, to wait for clarity to come. Clarity can come from within, yet not from without. Inspiration can cause one to think more deeply or with more faith, or perhaps have the will to work harder to evaluate experience, but no outside influence can truly aid spiritual choices, for only free will choices of the individual move one forward in spiritual evolution.

What you call church and what you call the mated relationship are equal partners in preparing the student of truth for more and more realization of where that truth might be and where it might not be. Personal and church related relationships equally are either helpful in preparing one for the fourth-density experience, or directly harmful in keeping one from being ready for the great challenge of more light, more love, a finer vision of reality, and a greater responsibility for manifesting it in the life experience.

Q’uo then made a second suggestion as to how one can deal with a difficult relationship, and that is to accept it as it is and hope it will get better as time moves on.  Then Q’uo quickly moved on to a third option describing it as retiring in meditation and contemplation and by so doing discovering those lessons that we and our higher selves have programmed before our incarnations that may be of a challenging nature that will eventually produce an expression of the love of the Creator. Q’uo said the difficult part of this process is to have the patience that clarity will reveal itself to us from within us and not from without. Whether we are in a mated relationship or a church relationship we may find either to be helpful or harmful in our attempt at achieving the greater love and light of the fourth density graduation. On July 1, 1990, Q’uo described what we can learn from challenging lessons:

You yourself are not either a good person or a bad person. You are, if you can consider good and bad as the full circle of being, a 360 degree being. It is by your choices that you define who you are and where your loyalties, where your choices and your faith will lie. And as you move further and further, building choice upon choice and polarizing toward service to others in the name of the one infinite Creator, as you become more and more a transparent channel for the love and the light of the infinite One, you create your life, you do not react to it, for the reactions are automatically those of one who seeks to help.

Let us separate our subjects for a moment, for perhaps some of the differences cause the two who have these questions to be dissatisfied with this generalization.

The Christian’s vision of Christianity is not one vision, any more than the Buddhist vision, the Shintoist vision, and so forth, is unified. Although each entity which calls itself Christian, for instance, believes because it has spoken a certain symbol it is a member of a great group, nevertheless, each individual is doing no more and no less than seeking the face of the great mystery of the infinite Creator, just as each non-church-going entity does or does not do. How many Christians there are who have no interest whatsoever in seeking the truth, but are responding to stimulus much in the same way that a second-density animal which moves with the pack follows the leader of the pack, and behaves as does his group. There are the most extravagant extremes, from what Christians call sainthood to what Christians call great evil, within that great body of entities called Christianity.

The one known as Jesus knew that the third-density experience was coming to an end, and hoped not only for a few to learn of forgiveness and redemption but for all to know the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. The creature which has grown up from this teacher’s body of instruction bears almost no resemblance, and certainly no ideological resemblance, to the nature of the community of those who love each other, which the teacher known as Jesus the Christ wished to form.

Indeed, the one known as Jesus sought only to form a fourth-density experience at the ending of third density, and so is the spirit of those who wed or are mated in commitment intended to bring one more and more to the love that sacrifices all, to the caring which owns forgiveness and disowns any negative omission, wishing only happiness for the other self which has become the most loved self, the object upon which all virtue may be spent. In neither case can any two experiences be described together. Where then, in any situation of relationship, does the decision alight but with the entity who seeks the face of mystery for itself.

Q’uo continued by suggesting that both Christians and non-Christians may or may not be seekers of truth and of the love of the one Creator. Then Q’uo said that Jesus knew the end of third density was near and incarnated so that each seeker might be able to learn forgiveness and redemption and be able to share the love of the Creator with the mates and with all others. In this way the fourth density could become the reality of the one who seeks the “face of mystery.” On January 18, 1989, Laitos spoke of the value of forgiveness:

Until there is forgiveness and redemption within the knowledge of the heart, not only of the mind, then may you tune upwards, seeking ever higher for a more beautiful, lovely and perfect ideal, a more clarified and fine version of love divine. What do you seek? How much do you want to know? Sharpen and hone your desire, for it has been written truly in the work you call your Holy Bible, “Seek and ye shall find; ask and it shall be given to you.”

We ask those who ponder a choice to have infinite patience, if possible, and in order to have the patience to wait long enough for inner certainty, it may be necessary to seek solitude, time and space apart from that which puzzles and confuses one. There are no good or bad choices in terms of finding what Jesus the Christ called the Glory of God. There are many less efficient choices available to the entity which cannot wait long enough to receive that inner certainty, which shall be his or hers at some point when the waiting, the seeking, the praying for understanding has been fully accomplished.

If there is waiting and no hearing until one leaves the physical body, that too is acceptable, for the only element which polarizes an entity towards the love and the light of the infinite Creator in service to others is the simple and fastidious determination to await a knowledge of the higher will of the higher self, a knowledge of where and how glory and love shall enter the experience. Anything can be endured, if it be endured in certainty of the rightness of one’s actions. Very little can be endured if the entity feels that enduring such is harmful for one’s spirit.

The least helpful element of the mind, body and spirit during these times is the intellectual mind, for filled with reactions and emotions it cannot control, in situations too intense to easily and comfortably tolerate, the entity must seek avoidance, and that which must be done is usually done in such a way that much of the richness of the experience is jumbled, confused and lost.

Q’uo recommended patience and determination when attempting to discover one’s inner direction that will lead to the best way to shine the love and the light of the one Creator in service to others. They suggested that time was not a factor, even if such a discovery of the inner direction needed to wait until another incarnation. Q’uo also said that we should take care not to rely on the intellectual mind as it tends to seek avoidance of situations that it cannot control. On July 3, 1989, Quo recommended perseverance and dedication to find greater opportunities for spiritual growth:

We do not mean to, shall we say, dodge the query, but mean to express the nature of the flexibility that the seeker has at its disposal for preparing to open the inner eye to a field of vision and experience which is not available to the entity without much preparation within the meditative state. Thus, we recommend experimentation, choice, dedication, perseverance and, as the theme of this meditation has been, the ability to remain open to new ideas and possibilities. Thus, the seeker shall find that the experience is one which will offer itself—that is, the seeker—the continuing possibility for growth. There is much within each seeker which remains hidden and which through the perseverance and dedication to regularity will be revealed as the seeker [is] ready.

Those who are Christian and those who are mated have a great deal in common, in that both the mated relationship and the spiritual mated relationship of the brothers and sisters of any religion expect and hope for each other that each will be a mirror to each, telling the truth, yet telling it with compassion, supporting while criticizing, constructing while changing.

When relationships are not such, it is time to await the consciousness within, for we can to the best of our limited knowledge assure you that wisdom comes to those who wait, in the watches of the night and in the noontime alike, for night and day alike have their lessons and realization shall come when least expected. May your ears be ready to hear and your eyes ready to see the harbingers of right action for you yourself, and may you never, never consider it the responsibility of another to have any part in the creation of a life lived towards spiritual evolution.

We feel in the silence about us the many thoughts of those who wonder why there cannot be said to be a preference, at least for harmony, betwixt peoples, and a looking forward together to the new age of understanding and love. May each experience such lovely pleasures and may each rejoice in those seasons when such occurs, yet when an individual’s love seems to fail one, when one’s religion or path seems to fail one, it is time to trust the desert experience of deprivation and want, pain and sadness, loss and disillusionment, not taking them as realities, but as illusion, just as the peaceful and contented times are illusions.

Q’uo said that both in a mated relationship and those of the Christian family may be able to aid each other on traveling the spiritual path in the highest and best way. But Q’uo said that it was also possible that there are times when one’s love or religious path seems to fail one, and one experiences pain and disillusionment and needs to endure the desert experience as an illusion. On March 27, 1991, Q’uo spoke of the desert experience as one which can also lead to finding truth:

In the desert, in the silence, one meets the self in all of its aspects. Yet it is in this desert and in this experience of the self that has both its light and its shadowed sides that the self learns finally to accept all of the self and thereby learns a compassion that cannot be learned in any other way. For when one sees oneself to be so far from what it wishes to be it is humbled with a good humility, a humility that realizes that within this density it is impossible not to err and be deceived repeatedly.

If each entity, whether seeking in relationship with another entity or with a societal religious group, could learn as intensively and carefully in each pleasant moment as it learns when faced with painful challenges, challenges would not have to be built into the life experience. But contentment and happiness seem to dull the powers of spiritual observation. Sharpen your ears, your eyes and your heart, my friends, in good times, and diminish painful experience. Yet when painful experience comes to you, seek to know in faith and will to remember that the desert experience shall give way once again to the experience of plenty and peace.

Therefore, seek during this period not to act in this way or in that, but to remain a listening, watchful, prayerful entity, open first to the voice of the Creator within, and only secondly to these things about one which demand the reaction, the emotion, the manifestation. Create your manifestations insofar as it comes naturally to you in any situation, and know well within yourself when you have not created, but have reacted.

You shall achieve the fourth-density level when your criticisms are only of yourself, your actions are taken because within you feel them to be so and right for you alone, and when the opinion of others is nothing more than interesting.

Q’uo reminded us that it is in the challenging times that we learn the most and suggested that we might be able to grow the most when we listen to the Creator when we face these challenges and act in according to how we feel guided from within to create our actions. They said we could achieve the fourth density when our criticisms are only of ourselves. In 49.8, Ra explained the value of listening to the Creator:

The passive meditation involving the clearing of the mind—the emptying of the mental jumble which is characteristic of mind complex activity among your peoples—is efficacious for those whose goal is to achieve an inner silence as a base from which to listen to the Creator. This is an useful and helpful tool, and is, by far, the most generally useful type of meditation as opposed to contemplation or prayer.

To sum, we may say that no outside element, including the most powerful group upon your planetary sphere, has power over you unless you as an entity react in a way you would not. Thus, seek always to know yourself more and more, to be yourself more and more, and to experience the glory of existence and consciousness with gratitude, only secondarily wondering what to do next, where to go next, and so forth. May your will, your faith, your love, and your attention be focused in the silence within, that when you act you shall know it to be right, and you shall be at peace regardless of church, family or friend.

We feel constrained to speak through this instrument in a special way, for there is a need for us to offer a special message and the message is as follows:

There are moments which may last for some time or may be transient, which many upon your planetary sphere which have studied the metaphysics, as this instrument [would] call it, would call initiation. There are some whose spirits have not completely married the earthly personality, and during these times of initiation, the experience of living seems extraordinarily difficult…

In this last paragraph Q’uo seems to be talking about wanderers. In 12.30, Ra described the difficulties of wanderers:

 Questioner: [I just had a] thought. Do any of these Wanderers have physical ailments in this Earth situation?

Ra: I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, Wanderers have as a general rule some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

We would at this time pause and retune, if the circle will be so kind, and then transfer to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

This morning I ran some errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some bird seed and cat food. My second stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market where I bought some food for myself. My third stop was at Porter’s Paints where I bought more paint for painting various outside areas of my home. My fourth stop was at the Post Office where I mailed a birthday card to a friend. At 10 am I was on a podcast with a group called MT  Performance. They generally work with helping people achieve physical fitness and also provide methods of dealing with body problems, but they also have spiritual paths that they like to share with their viewers. I enjoyed their questions about the Law of One and about the channeling process.

This afternoon I finished the painting of the concrete foundation of the house

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

September 18

The Wonder Of Creation

I am the spirit of the living God and I greet you in the full consciousness of that love which is the love of Jesus Christ.

We ask today that your eyes be transformed, that you may gaze in wonder at the majesty of creation.

Hold your hand before your face. Is it not wonderful? By simple thought flex each finger. See the movements. Do not understand them. But gaze in wonder. Touch thumb to finger and reflect upon the excellence of these tools given by the infinite and glorious Creator to those images of Itself that It sends into the world of manifestation.

Look further up into the sky, around the countryside and, most of all, at the excellence of yourself. And be thankful that the Lord has given to His people not only love and the consciousness of love but a way to manifest and encourage that love to grow and bear fruit.

We leave you in awe, wonder and peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.