I would like to let everyone know that because of the devastating war going on in Israel and Palestine we have created a ritual of sending love, light, and peace to all of the soldiers and civilians on both sides of the war. This is the link that will give you the process of this peace ritual: https://www.llresearch.org/news/2023/group-peace-visualization

I did the Morning Offering and the got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from July 16, 1989:

The question this evening deals with the common situation which everybody at some point in their lives finds—that there is difficulty that is almost unsolvable; that we have to find our way out of frustration, repeating patterns of behavior that continually bring us into situations in which we are tested. Is this test something that we have devised for ourselves? Are we being tested by some source outside of ourselves? How can we learn from our experience and find some peace or grace or means of dealing with the difficult situations that seem to add up to a cross that each of us bears in our life? Is there any alternative to bearing the cross? Or are we destined to suffer? Or is there some meaning in the suffering that we can take inspiration from, and continue on the same path with a better means of feeling about it, dealing with it?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo, I greet you with great joy in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Our hearts are brim-full in thanks for your calling us to your meeting here this evening, for sharing with us your love for each other, your love of the Creator, and your earnest and sincere seeking for the truth and the mystery of creation.

Truth recedes, we have found, as the path is traveled, therefore we cannot give you final truths, for we are not a final source. We are ourselves pilgrims on the same road whose stones stub your feet and whose nettles may catch and scratch.

You have asked this evening about suffering: whether it is necessary, why it repeats itself, and what its uses may be. Let us lay a little ground work first. Each of you was created before your planet emerged from its timeless and chaotic state. This is, as we understand it, due to the fact that each of you was an unit of consciousness in the creation before this one, so that when the Creator began this creation, He sent out those agents of His active love housed in physical vehicles in many different illusions so that they might add to the complete knowledge of the Creator of Himself, for the Creator wishes, as anyone, to know Itself and It cannot know Itself without experiencing Itself as each of your Christ-selves within offer, as a gift to the Creator, all that you feel and suffer and think and manifest.

You are active agents of the Creator, part of your being truly a Creator-self. The majority of the people do not have an awareness of this fact. This is not necessary, this awareness, in order to make the harvest that is to come, a harvest of souls that have learned to be of service to others to the extent that they spend more than half their time in terms of service to someone else besides themselves. It is not necessary to understand, intellectually, any particular point, if the entity is a natural worker and has a feeling for the evolutionary process of humankind.

Now, as we gaze over the octave which all of us are now engaged in experiencing, we see the analogy of the classroom to fit fairly well, and we have used this many times, but, my friends, it is also a certain kind of school. It is a school for the evolution of homo sapiens into a new man, one who is consciously aware of the God-self within, and one who acknowledges it, treasures it, and attempts to experience and manifest its presence.

Each density in the octave of creation we now experience is a very long affair in terms of your time, millions of years passing in one density, as the problems to be learned have no resistance. There is no polarity in this type of learning of elements, animals and the vegetable world, for there is no self-consciousness.

In densities after your own, again you shall be spending what you conceive of as “time,” for each density is an illusion, working to refine something that has been chosen the hard way. The density of choice, the density of sorrow, the density of the cross, the density of the hard way, is third density.

As we gaze within our memory at other third density planets, we may honestly say that some have done less well than you in producing a harvestable crop of entities who are ready to move on to more light-filled lessons. We feel very hopeful about many making positive choices and polarizing in power and strength in the spirit of love and light in service to the infinite One.

Each entity who dwells upon the planet at this time has the capacity to graduate into the fourth density, that density in which the veil between the conscious and the subconscious mind is lifted, and once again you may for yourself, without any egotism, see the Christ within, see the harmony—and those harmonies that can be so easily made harmonious, for no one is hidden from anyone.

The social memory complex is being formed and thoughts about being “One” are available, as in a data bank, to all others within that planetary population of entities which has decided to seek as one being.

The death of the illusion which you experience is tremendous. We do not minimize your task. Indeed, as we remember what you suffer, without understanding, as we remember how we suffered also, we can only, in humility, bow to your bravery and your steadfastness, for it is courage and persistence and will that lead one to an understanding that transforms suffering into a life of transcendent joy.

The group question this session was about suffering; why is it necessary; why it repeats itself; what are its uses. Q’uo began their response by saying that each person was created before time began as a portion of the one Creator with the purpose of helping the Creator to know Itself through all of the suffering that one experiences in its many lives. Q’uo said that our purpose in this third density is to learn how to be of service to others more than half of the time in order to graduate to the fourth density, and they said they felt that many would make this graduation and become part of the social memory complex that is now forming on Earth. However, they said that there was a lot of suffering necessary in third density and it would take a great amount of courage and persistence to transform this suffering into a life of transcendent joy. On June 24, 2005, Q’uo gave an example of how suffering aids in spiritual growth:

If you use the gifts of your own thoughts to examine them and when you begin to see a pattern then to move into that pattern with an eye to working with it, then you begin to see that most suffering is a series of triggers that you have allowed to be imbedded deep within you so that when something happens on the surface it creates a reaction that is greater than it deserves. Look for those inappropriately large reactions and responses. Look for the hidden triggers that mask the suffering that lies deep within.

And then gently, ever so gently, a little bit each day, go after those triggers. See what you can do to mine them for the treasure that they represent. For they represent parts of yourself, and the infinite hall of mirrors that other selves represent, that you have taken into yourself in a distorted and untrue fashion. Bring them gently to the surface. Look carefully at them and begin to forgive the other person and yourself for the damage that has been incorporated within your being as a falsehood that need not exist.

Let the healing of your suffering begin. Let the healing of your incarnation begin so that you can, as this instrument said earlier, stand on your own two feet and look the world in the face, saying, “I know I make many mistakes. I am heavily flawed. Sue me. This is who I am and I am still ready to explore the possibility that love is the answer to all suffering.” Lift up off the cross of thinking it is necessary. Realize it is a training aid. When the training aid is no longer necessary, then you may spend your time rejoicing and giving thanks.

This instrument has a great deal of this knowledge locked within its subconscious, as do each of you, and is, perhaps, somewhat more transparent to it than to some, but to no one is it clear why the illusion is set up to be so difficult, so wearing, so confusing, so irrational and in many ways so continually, endlessly negative—when all that you wish for yourself, or for those you love, is peace, harmony, joy and laughter.

These are very, very good things. These are, however, manifestations of a state of mind which can only be achieved when those things which trouble one, in the incarnational pattern, have been finally perceived in their spiritual sense, the challenge read correctly and the lessons well completed.

The reason that many times an experience will happen again and again and again is that the situation is one which demands change. And more specifically, change which can only be made by one who is confident within the self and who has no fear for the future. You may think of making difficult choices of service to self versus the martyrdom—which sometimes seems to be the essence of service to others—is difficult to sort out within the illusion—the kernel, the heart, the core, of the lesson about love one is attempting to learn. Therefore, the reason for the repetition is that you are obeying the dictates of your own deeper will, which lies deep within inside you, in the unconscious part of you, and it takes both a clear and logical mind and contemplative, meditative, intuitive consciousness to achieve a fair understanding of the love inherent in this difficult situation.

You have called yourself to this lifetime and have had the privilege of being incarnate at this very exciting time because you deserve to be here. Each of you is capable of moving into the fourth density at the end of this incarnation. It is no wonder, then, that you are receiving the final and the hardest lessons.

Q’uo said that each of us is here now because we have a chance to graduate to the fourth density, but in order to do that we need to be aware of the lessons we have programmed for learning that repeat and repeat. Q’uo said that this repetition of certain lessons was necessary to remind us that spiritual growth involves change, and change is difficult. Then they said that it takes both the logical, conscious mind and the deeper intuitive mind to discover the types of change necessary for us to learn these lessons. On May 20, 2017, Q’uo spoke about these lessons:

There is, within each soul’s incarnational pattern, those pre-incarnative lessons that each has fervently hoped would be able to be learned within the incarnational pattern. The subconscious mind of each has been programmed by the soul to look with a certain bias upon catalyst that comes in the notice of the seeker, so that at some point the heart chakra might be opened enough to experience a sense of loving those about one, of loving the self, of loving the universe about one. This type of transformation is possible when one is able to be alert and aware of the pre-incarnative lessons so that when catalyst comes one’s way, it can be seen in a certain fashion, so that no two entities would look at the same catalyst in the same way, since all are unique, and all have programmed certain lessons that are indeed unique, though they may include the lesson of love in some facet or fashion for each entity.

Now, let us take the lesson of the one who is under another’s thumb, the one who is the slave. How can the slave feel spiritually free, how can the one who is habitually beaten down be dignified, whole and triumphant? The answer lies in change of perception about self. The answer lies in beginning to stop the resistance one naturally has towards change, since that is painful in this process, and urge oneself to become that better self which one has not yet been able to be.

If the slave frees itself, mentally, and chooses to do all for the love of the infinite Creator, the owner, no matter how mistaken in his feelings of possession, has no longer any true power to disturb the one who prays to change in freedom.

Now, what is the essence of freedom? Each of you certainly feels that it is “somewhere else” and certainly not in the present moment, or in the present life experience. And yet we say to you that full freedom is available to you within this experience, just as the Kingdom of Heaven is available to any who will do the work to transform themselves into a lighter being. Therefore, we ask you to have faith in your own self when you face repetitive problems. You have simply put yourselves into a situation which is a challenge to love the unlovable; to accept the unacceptable; to return the good for the negative; to be blithely oblivious of the negative, and see the good in all; to retain the hopefulness of close and deep association with nature, both second-density trees, grasses and blooms, and third-density entities.

Once you have been able to come to the heart of the repetitive pattern you may break it by forgiveness of that which may be forgiven, and by the remembering of the self by the self of the nature of the self. Each of you has, within you, the creation and the Creator. You are entities to be honored—you are all one, and you are all the Creator’s children.

Now Q’uo used the analogy of our being slaves that are constantly being beaten down by the necessity of change, and the solution to stop the pain of change is to free ourselves from the resistance to pain and to continue to change in order to serve the Creator better. Q’uo said that in order to truly free ourselves we need to have faith in ourselves when we face repetitive lessons by moving “into a situation which is a challenge to love the unlovable; to accept the unacceptable; to return the good for the negative; to be blithely oblivious of the negative, and see the good in all.” Q’uo said that this would allow us to forgive ourselves and remember that we are children of the Creator, and by forgiving ourselves we will have learned the lessons of this incarnation. On September 17, 1989, Q’uo described what it means to be children of the Creator:

Realize, each of you, that stress must not get in the way of the light touch, the merry joke, the smile, the grin, the laughter, the good times. That is your true nature. You are all children of the Creator, and the Creator is love and joy, merriment and peace. Therefore, it is a matter of shifting the point of view from gazing at stressful situations and realizing that they are stressful to gazing at the same situation and asking the self confidently, serenely and surely, “What may I do to be part of the good that is occurring upon the planet at this time? What service may I perform?”

Now, when you began this octave of experience, each of you had made certain progress in a previous creation. You had made progress to a certain point, and to that point the Creator now knows about Itself. But the Creator is generous and curious and in perpetual motion. And so, when all of us come together at the end of what could be done in one octave of creation, then from the heart of the infinite One will set again a new creation, incorporating all of those things which the Creator had learned about Itself—making pathways for the evolution of the Christ-self within clearer and plainer with each octave of experience.

So, you see, you bring to this incarnation a pattern, what would be to you an infinite amount of experience, which has caused certain biases. Now, it is these biases, prejudices, and foolishly held opinions of the self that create an atmosphere of pain, of one entity to another. To one who has safely anchored within the gate of the Creator, the noisy clamor of the critical and foolish world comes as against a picture window all about one, splatters and falls like rain, leaving you untouched, for you are no longer finding it necessary to have that suffering.

But, as you finish one lesson, your ambitious higher self will prepare you for another. Thus, your incarnational pattern, if you do not learn the first lesson, will be an endless repetition of that pattern. If you wish to accelerate the process of growth, then you will take the harder and less traveled road. And when you have solved one riddle of love, another challenge shall be put before you.

It is the tendency of entities at this particular time, so close to harvest, to have made for themselves extremely ambitious processes of learning, wishing to learn to give love without expectation of return; wishing to see the Christ in the self without doubt, without pride, and with humility, and you learn to bend the will to that Christ-self so that the willfulness that is free will ceases being various, ceases enslaving one, and, instead, becomes guided by the will of the infinite One.

Paradoxically, when one has completely given the life over to the service of the infinite One, when one does all that one does, from the meanest chore to the most magnificent, one will be polarizing rapidly. Entities which you see about you are illusory. You also are illusory, but the one thing which is not illusory is your consciousness. Most of your people are not taking full advantage of this intensive experience upon your sphere at this time, but rather have diverted themselves into non-polarizing paths of existence. There is no harm in this, but neither is there any gain. Each of you has eternity to move through this creation and back to the one infinite source of all that is.

We find that each find it a bit difficult to believe that the basic self is what this instrument would call the Christ-self, for you experience the vagaries of your free will willfully. You do this and that, willfully. You have this sensitivity and that doubt, and this guilt and that lack, or limitation, and you do not see yourselves as the completely equal, quite perfect metaphysical beings that you are. It is not pride, nor is it arrogance to claim the Christ within oneself, for by doing this one is then able to gaze upon the difficult and challenging situation. If one is being misunderstood, one may attempt clear communication, but without attachment to an outcome.

Each of you is far more independent and strong than you may be aware of. This does not mean that there will be an end to suffering. It is possible to move to third density without suffering to the extent your peoples have. Your own planet has had many, many conflicts, which have added many negative biases to the thought patterns of the inhabitants of that fragile sphere. So, perhaps our best advice to you would be, if you wish to make an end to the repeated lessons: meditate, pray, ask to dream, and focus upon the love that must be, for you know by faith that that must be, in the situation that is repeating and repeating and causing you pain—the pain is the pain of change. If you may flow with the change and become that which is needed to balance the challenge, then you will have finished with that lesson and it shall not be repeated, except perhaps to make sure that you have understood the lesson.

Now Q’uo began to give the history we all have shared as portions of the one Creator in previous octaves where we have developed a certain pattern of experience as portions of the Creator who now wishes to learn more about Itself, and we can learn more about that Christ-self/Creator that exists within us. Then Q’uo said that our higher selves create more lessons for us that will repeat until we learn them and have continued to make progress towards the harvest to the fourth density. As we more completely give our lives over to the Creator and meditate, pray, and work with dreams, we realize that Christ-self within us, and we are more able to deal with the pain of change. On August 8, 1976, Q’uo described the Christ-self within us:

And you can only progress by offering up your little human self to the Christ Self within you. You cannot influence the world and most especially you cannot influence the Creator. Yet this is not necessary, for the world is as darkness and the Creator is light. If you can ask the Creator to influence you, it will be as light turned upon darkness and the darkness will be no more.

Most frequently the challenges within third density are those of relationships. Entities who love each other do not know the depth of each other, yet they begin to discover patterns that are sometimes destructive to the relationship, in that there is a separation by this action within the relationship. Therefore, any action which is a separating action—we do not mean this literally, but figuratively—is to be regarded as an intellect solution, for you are at this time choosing to lead a whole and complete and unique life in service to others, polarizing constantly towards service to others. You are committing yourselves to a series of painful changes as the unnecessary portions of personality—especially that which this instrument would call low self-esteem—are simply vacuumed away by the realization that one does not have to take in that which is given, but can instead create a unity and end to discord simply as an act of will. Communication is very helpful, but there are few among your people who are capable of clear communication. This is due to the fact that the illusion is indeed so very, very convincing and there really does seem to be a bias within all that one may see of humankind towards the negative.

There will be a negative harvest from this planet, but it will be small. Most of you who graduate shall have graduated because you have polarized in service to others.

The question of martyrdom is interesting to us, for in fact one of the lessons of love is martyrdom. It is the most foolish choice, and therefore the most blessed of all choices, but if it is martyrdom for no good reason, then, though it may help you, it shall not aid the creation as much as if the concentration of the seeker is moving always towards questions of substance and changes of substance. For you wish to hollow yourselves out as an earthen vessel is described in your holy work, that sacred things may be held therein. Your earthly vessel has but a little time and it shall perish. Therefore, we encourage each to realize the incredible amount of aid each is to each, for when there is a relationship difficulty, it is often not the entities themselves who first grasp the lesson, but a third party, one who observes, one who makes the opinion known when asked, one who sees from the farther perspective as one who is uninvolved in this particular catalyst.

Each of you may do that, as a mirror for the other. Mated relationship is both the best place for this to happen and the place where it most seldom does happen, because of the way your lifestyle, shall we say, has been arranged by you. You seem to be a planet of scurrying, hurrying, worrying elves, with pickaxes over their shoulders, constantly whistling as they work, constantly trying to find the gold of life, the silver, and the precious stones. Look upon the ground before you—the simplest pebble sings of heaven. It is all an illusion. You can pay attention to anything you wish, and when you see that you are being attacked and the bias is unfair, you may perhaps choose to defend yourself. Or you may, perhaps, choose to create a new situation, to move with confidence against the challenge of criticism and say quietly and confidently, “All is well, let us move forward from here. We cannot resolve this today. Let us pray on it, and resolve it tomorrow.”

Some there are who are skilled at communication, and when two such entities come together, the work that is done is very intense. But even in this case, there will be the repetition and the lesson may be somewhat more refined. The choices which one makes for harmony, union, love and an increase in joy, and, above all, the choice of the light over the dark thing to say or do, the more you become ready and able to see through the illusion, if only dimly, [and] choose not to suffer, but to be confident of the self to be humble before all and before the Creator, and yet to know at the heart of oneself is the Creator.

This is your birthright, this is your nature, this is your destiny. What you are building now is the cornerstone of that structure of personality, that disciplined character, which shall be reformed and refined and refined again, until compassion and wisdom have blended as one, and all that is possible to be learned by each unique entity within the creation has been learned. Needless to say, the process is infinite.

It is also, we feel, a great blessing. For we find it a blessing to be conscious, to be able to make our choices. We are building, shall we say, the skyscraper that is based upon the firm foundation you now are laying, the foundation of accepting the unacceptable, of loving the unlovable, of changing the insult into the light touch. You have the control to make these choices at will. Each of you has this within, but how difficult, my friends, it is to call upon it. As always, we move to the suggestion of persistent daily meditation, the listening within, the learning of who you really are, the centering of oneself within the creation, so that no thing is strange and no one a stranger. Nothing threatens, but only challenges.

Try to make your decisions for love with all the passion within your heart, with all the caring in your spirit, for the depth of your commitment to the positive path of service to others in the service of the one infinite Creator will be the measure of the amount of light that you may use and enjoy when this incarnation is at an end. We realize each of you wishes to be able to use the love and the light of the fourth density. We assure you the challenges and the problems do not stop simply because the choice has been made. It is a long, long process of refinement of the knowledge that one has gained, of the biases that one has earned.

Q’uo said that most of the problems of the third density come from relationships where seeming separations in the relationship result from unclear communication. Q’uo noted that in relationships the mirroring effect can show us much about ourselves and aid in our desire to be the best self that we are capable of being. They suggested persistent daily meditation to help us deal with difficult changes brought on by  our lessons being experienced in a variety of ways. Q’uo recommended that we make our decisions with all of the passion in our hearts and our dedication to service to others. On July 28, 1985, Q’uo described how the mirroring effect works:

These male and female qualities, then, being expressed within this mated relationship allow the mirroring effect to occur with greater intensity and frequency. This mirroring effect is the effect that occurs when one sees within another self those characteristics that are loved and accepted and those that are not loved and not accepted. In truth, these are the characteristics of the self which are loved or not loved, and are those characteristics which outline the lessons and services that the entity has designed into the life pattern from the pre-incarnational state.

So, when you see the repetitive event, analyze with the mind, ask the intuition, in dream, to speak to you upon the subject, begin to discover the nature of the change that will bring into the situation a balance of love. And when you have decided what that action is, quietly and confidently and doggedly do that, in the face of the repeated catalyst. Without the reaction of bias towards difficulty towards you, actions towards you meant to harm or inadvertently meant to harm, cannot touch you, cannot come close to you. You are forging the foundation of your very being as a metaphysical entity. In this particular density, by the choice you make in this density and by the excellence with which you make it, so you create the atmosphere for that which must be refined and refined and refined until that which is left of the personality is that which is of the Christ-self and the rest has been burned away, that one may be truly be the earthen vessel that holds great treasure. That treasure is your Christ-self.

Before we leave this instrument, we wish wholeheartedly not to be discouraging. You may think that you have made many mistakes. You may think that you have failed many times. This is not important, this is not what should be upon your minds. Rather, immerse yourself in the present moment, for each moment your life begins now, and each moment, the old life is ended. There is the constant opportunity of renewal, growth, inspiration and positive change. To learn to flow gracefully with the tides of experience is indeed the work of the pilgrim sailor who seeks the land of milk and honey. It is there, my friends, it is there. And all that is broken shall be healed. You may yourself accelerate this process, with your trust, your love, your refusal to allow the weary world to influence your consciousness.

Q’uo completed their response by saying that we should look in our dreams or use our intuition to see nature of the lessons that repeat and what kind of change in our thoughts and behavior might now be required. Then Q’uo said that when we know what changes we need to make that we set our intentions to persevere until those changes are made. They suggested this would make us a stronger and stronger metaphysical being, as we will have become the Christ-self. On January 12, 2008, Q’uo described how we can become transformed into stronger metaphysical beings:

Then there is the part of the transformational experience which has completely to do with your will, your hunger, and your thirst for understanding and truth. The more passionate that you are about seeking the truth, the more you are able, as a metaphysical entity working in time/space, to have an effect upon the pace of your transformative rhythm. It is entirely possible for an entity who is awake and conscious and aware of the process of change to accelerate the pace of that change by quite a bit.

The fundamental transformation of a human being within incarnation is from that spiritual childhood of feeling that one is tossed about by outside forces and dependent upon luck and chance for the road one is on and the road one may choose to be on, to a more mature spiritual awareness in which the entity has taken responsibility for the occurrences and events of everyday life, realizing that in those very events lies all the grist needed for the mill of transformation.

Consequently, if a seeker wishes to maximize the opportunity for accelerating the rate of spiritual evolution within this refinery of souls which is third density, the seeker may decide to begin to hone and focus his efforts by the focusing and whetting of his appetite for the truth.

The most effective tool in working towards transformation is the self-conscious living of the life. We are not talking about those who mull endlessly over every detail of their life and thought throughout each day, but rather we are talking about the most effective way to work towards transformation. The most effective resource is one’s own ability to observe oneself without affecting that which is being observed.

The one known as Jim spoke of being aware that in transformation it was important not to judge. And this is the kind of objectivity about which we are speaking. It is indeed important, indeed central, to refrain from judgment as one goes through the collecting of information about the self that is necessary in order for the self to be offered up and thus become empty enough to have the space in which to transform.

It is ironic, is it not, that in the search for truth the answers lie not in discovering that which can be known, but in discovering that the secrets to the mystery of transformation lie in unknowing and faith. Faith is the most powerful force in the universe, it being another name for realized or positively realized love. You live in a universe made of love. The original Thought was a Thought of unconditional Love.

We join in mediation not only at this time but at any time you wish to have a meditation partner. It is our honor to add our vibrations to yours. We do not speak at such times, but only share in the holy silence of sacred ground. Please be aware, as always, that these are our opinions and are not to be taken as absolute truth, for we know no absolute except that All is One. Each of you seems to be separate, yet you all are one. You all are part of the Creator.

We would leave this instrument at this time with many thanks to the this group for its excellent focus and energy for this contact, for this instrument has been much aided thereby. We are those of Q’uo, and would now transfer the contact to the one known as Jim, in love and in light.

This afternoon we will have a public channeling meditation, so this morning I have been getting ready for it by getting all of the chairs in the living room set up, getting the cats’ litter boxes cleaned and garbage cans’ trash bags thrown out, and then I had an early lunch. I am also posting this Camelot Journal entry early as well.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 11

Great Companies Within

I am the Holy Spirit of our Lord, Jesus Christ, in the vibration which comforts this instrument. I offer you greetings in the consciousness of love.

You who are in distress are urged not to turn to those who would extend and amplify that distress by disharmony or even by sympathy which has as its unconscious purpose the deepening of misery.

Turn instead to the companionship of those who rejoice. Within the depths of the interior of your consciousness lie gateways to great companies of those whose songs are always of praise and thanksgiving. And within your conscious life, the careful ear may hear the steadfast encouragement of those whose minds and hearts are fixed on the love of Christ.

For Jesus was a master not of indecision but decision; not of despair but of hope. And even in His moments of trial, He, acknowledging the certainty of human despair, trusted in a greater will than His own and an infinite and ultimately good disposition of all things by and for the Creator.

 May you find peace in ultimate things, now and always.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.