I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from August 13, 1989:

The question this evening has to do with service and the direction of our service. How we can discover the direction and pursue it and accomplish service in the most harmonious and effective way possible?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. I greet each of you in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. We thank you for your call to us this evening. It is a great blessing to be with you and to share in your vibrations of meditation, service and love. To speak our humble words to you is our service, and we wish particularly to emphasize that it is a service that is not infallible, that all that we say should come under the discrimination of the individual, for each of you already knows all that there is. It is at a level beneath the conscious mind. However, when a truth is given that is new to the conscious mind but is a personal truth, there will be a resonance, a remembering, that this indeed is true—a subjective surety that makes all the difference. We ask that you keep only those thoughts that have this impact and allow the rest to be blown away like chaff in the wind for we would not be a stumbling block to any.

You have asked us to talk about service to others. The instrument has urged us to be terse. We must admit that it will be difficult to be terse, but we will attempt to be less wordy than we sometimes are.

Let us begin gazing at the nature of the one infinite Creator. It is not polarized. It is not good nor is it bad. It is not positive nor is it negative. It is. And the beingness of that which is the Creator is something called in your language Love. Yet this Love is the strength and intensity of orgasm. Thus, even in the red-ray experiences that seem so basic and unspiritual sometimes, you may find a Eucharist for the spirit in that experience wherein you know firsthand and are immediately with the infinite Creator. That is the energy that powers creation, that energy which is expressed by the red ray in the reproduction of children. This makes each of you very powerful people—powerful to yourself, for that which you decide to be the directions and movements of your incarnational experience you are completely free to follow. You are free to achieve that which you will. You are free to evaluate life experiences and make choices. Free will is utmost in importance within the system of service to others in love of the Creator.

Therefore, the first act of service to others is continually, daily, to spend time working with the discipline of the personality. The discipline of that willfulness that sometimes wishes to serve and sometimes wishes not to serve. The discipline of that lack of focus that causes one to feel needless negative emotion. The loss of that point of view of love that you are cultivating that causes you to behave towards your brothers and sisters as if they were not one with you and one with the infinite One.

Thus, we encourage each who wishes to be of service to others to move carefully and thoughtfully through each experience which has caught upon the mind as a burr upon the clothing. It is sticking there; it does not belong there; it is potentially painful. It is time, once this is realized, to balance this catalyst so that an understanding of sorts may be achieved and a balance found. This does not mean that you may cure yourself all at once of some defect of character that you subjectively apprehend. Indeed, due to the efficiency of the illusion many times you do not know when you are of service when you are not. Therefore, the primary service, especially that of wanderers who carry the vibrations of their home density, is to be free of care, free of worry, free of judgment, and free of negativity so that the spirit may soar, the heart be content, and the knowledge of what one wishes to do has an open door, unblocked by doubt.

The greatest tool in this first phase, and one which we recommend you never be without on a daily basis, is that of the silent listening meditation. There are other ways of doing spiritual work and they are excellent, but this first way of honoring the self and opening the deeper self which carries the Father within is central to the service of your life experience. Thus, meditate and listen. No matter what other prayers, songs or disciplines that you use for spiritual growth, always quiet the inner mind. It does not have to be a long meditation. It is only necessary that you begin to realize that you are standing upon holy ground and that the Creator lies within you.

In this way you may learn not to brutalize yourself with bad opinion. Not to rail against the conditions of life but rather to flow with them. To become, in short, a person whose life is spent in eternity while within the illusion of time and space. For each present moment has a very deep resonance back to the beginning of all that is and on towards the ending and the return to the Source. Open gently the doors to deeper knowledge. Never force it. Try not to allow yourself to become discouraged. Do not judge the self if the self misses a meditation, but simply move back into meditation the next day.

Results are perceived subjectively, differently by each unique personality. Therefore, we cannot say to you will feel blissful, peaceful and full of love as you meditate. For some, much is being worked through during the meditation on an unconscious level and it will be perhaps uncomfortable in some way. This is, we hope, acceptable to you because the meditative process is simply burning out those poisons which are close to the top of the unconscious mind at the subliminal level. It brings whatever is there that is negative out so you can see it. Recognize it for part of yourself. Take it to your breast and love that part of yourself as you would a child. You need to believe that you are whole. That is the first step towards service to others.

The group question for this session was how we discover our path of service. Q’uo began their response by suggesting that we look at the nature of the Creator which is Love and which powers the entire creation and also makes us powerful entities which are free to choose how we use this power of Love. Then Q’uo said that we need to do work in consciousness by utilizing the catalyst that we experience each day in meditation to balance it within our deep mind so that we learn to love and accept it as a part of ourselves. Q’uo said that this was the first step in service to others. In 17.30, Ra described how we may be of service to others:

The best way of service to others is the constant attempt to seek to share the love of the Creator as it is known to the inner self. This involves self-knowledge and the ability to open the self to the other-self without hesitation. This involves, shall we say, radiating that which is the essence, or the heart, of the mind/body/spirit complex.

Speaking to the intention of your question, the best way for each seeker in third density to be of service to others is unique to that mind/body/spirit complex. This means that the mind/body/spirit complex must then seek within itself the intelligence of its own discernment as to the way it may best serve other-selves. This will be different for each. There is no best. There is no generalization. Nothing is known.

Now, in the illusion no one is whole. No one can perceive another as whole. When one becomes aware of the various facets of any personality one becomes aware of defects of character that are subjectively perceived by the observer. That these are defects may not necessarily be so, but for you and your universe, for your state of mind and your service, your opinion is all that there is. So gaze carefully, objectively and with a long view at the opinions that you hold. Encourage the ones that seem to create more positivity. Discourage the ones that are self-destructive, or in any way not of service to others but the self.

Now, each begins needing service to self almost entirely. Each of you recapitulates the childhood of the human race in infanthood for it simply cries out its demands and a kindly nature provides for all but a few.

Now, with this background in mind we would like to look at the concept of service to others. We have said this before and we feel it is an important point—namely that service to others does not equal the pleasing of others. Service to others is acting in such a way that you are full of hope in attempting to share with your colleague thoughts of inspiration, love, compassion, peace and understanding. It is not always that which someone wants to hear, wants to see have happen, that will be of service to that entity. And it is your discrimination only that will allow you the grace to know just what your service will be.

It is certain that you have a service and that it is front of you at this moment. That is true for all. The creation is one of order and each of you chose a life path which intended to learn certain personal lesson being of service in certain ways. Perhaps the most obvious of these ways is the one least appreciated, that being the rearing, teaching and nurturing of young souls. This has been extremely underrated and given over to those who are not parents but teachers to which the child was born. This is a most, most important service for you are cultivating and planting in the fertile soil of a mind that is hanging on your every word, the world which that young one will see to love or despise, to feel good about or to feel dyspeptic about. It is the parents in this non-dramatic and extremely difficult service who have the opportunity both to explain the idea and how important that is and to explain those gray areas, as this instrument would call them, which cover the human world of civilized nation states where every transaction is recorded upon the paper within the computer and so forth until the human race drowns in its own intellectual knowledge.

Each goes to work most every day and each receives a pay. When one is doing spiritual work one goes to work each day but one does not reap what one sows. It is reaped by those to whom you give. And those to whom you give will sow to you and you shall reap what they offer to you. And that which you offer to them will almost surely be reflected in what they offer to you. Therefore, simply being of a certain consciousness, being in love with life, being in love with eternity, being aware of the long view in truly wishing to serve others—these things are very, very important, but you should not judge yourself. And if there comes a time when you know something will please but not serve another, then it is that you must speak, gently and compassionately, explaining your point of view and allowing that person to learn from your point of view a more spiritualized way of gazing at the difficulty that lies in front of you.

Now there are many, many different kinds of service to others. We realize that in the New Age, as it is called among your people, nearly everyone wishes to take up some dramatic service. Some service that will make a large difference, some service that will be noticeable. My friends, this seldom occurs. Yet it is still true that that which is within your purview at the moment is that to which you may be of service and it is not by accident that you are in the milieu that you are. Your service is there. Your learning is there. When it is not there any longer your life will move inexorably to the next step.

Q’uo continued by saying that when we are born into this world that we need the service of others to meet our needs, and it is the parents that provide this service that gives the child the teachings that will determine how the child looks at the world in either a positive or a negative sense and also explains how one may look at the grey areas of life. Then Q’uo said that in each moment we have service to offer others in some way that is meant to be if we wish to be of service to others. On June 23, 2021, Q’uo described how the parents can provide a service to children:

So, those rules and constraints that are wisely and lovingly put in place for children to abide by, and teaching them how to abide by such rules in a happy way, while also becoming their true nature as they grow, discovering that nature, bringing it into being, connecting it to other selves and to activities and even future professions, is a happy way for them as well. And you can see examples of this – the well-raised child who turns into the responsible and caring and happy adult, who in turn can pass this on, this nature, onto children in a parenting role.

Now, those who meditate each day and work in consciousness shall spend a great deal of time being uncomfortable because they are changing. Change is almost always painful. When one has to stop thinking a certain way because it is incorrect and correct that thinking it is as if one were to take out an entire program of a computer. Dumping that program that you have decided is not service to others releases a tremendous amount of energy which is often experienced as great discomfort. Know that discomfort and bless it, for by it you grow. By it you polarize. By it you make choices for the positive. You yourself, however, are a servant. All who are of service to others need to cultivate, along with the knowledge of themselves as whole and perfect, the realization of the human self as being quite imperfect, quite locked within an illusion and very much in need of more information, more tools, and more resources to work with your path to the infinite One. No two paths are just alike and therefore we would suggest to those who wish to be of service to others the gathering together into groups and exchanging of ideas so that the group energy may develop service that to one person would not be possible.

It is not always the wise word or the compassionate smile that is of service to others. There are times to listen and say nothing. There are times to be confrontive and surgical, and blunt and honest because the entity you wish to serve has got to know your point of view. Do not do this unless it is asked of you. But when it is asked of you in a compassionate way, express yourself in clear communication, in brilliant blue ray. For, you see, your deeper mind is telepathic and often you may feel that you know things that you know not how you know. But the conscious mind is anything but telepathic. Indeed, it is almost guaranteed not to be telepathic without training, for the distractions, the noise, the activity, and the shallowness of the illusion that you enjoy do not encourage depth of being. This is what you are seeking as one who seeks to serve others—is more and more depth and resonance of being.

When you work upon yourself you begin to recognize the situations, to realize the opportunities whereby you may perhaps offer a spiritual thought or principle that may be of inspiration or help to a brother or sister. Many, many of these small conversations, these moments of listening and so forth, may seem like nothing at all, not a service but merely passing the time. This is virtually impossible. You are either wishing to be of service or not wishing to be of service; it is seldom that one is indifferent. However, many of your people are oriented very close to indifference because they have utilized the illusion to distract them completely from thinking or feeling those deeper things within which lie the mystery of creation and Creator.

To protect yourself as a servant simply surround yourself with white light and move into the world with the eyes of eternity. With the long point of view and whatever your skill is—and you will find that skill—do it first for the love of the infinite One and secondly because of the realization that that entity that you wish to serve is the infinite One.

Many entities among your people and those to whom we speak at this time feel much loneliness within your third-density illusion because it is difficult to deal with the vibrations that are harsh and confrontive and cause one to make choices without enough knowledge. That is the key. You are never given enough knowledge to make an intellectual decision. You must do the meditating, the listening so that you may be intuitively inspired to know when the time has come for you to concentrate every iota of your being in love and compassion for another. There is no service that is small. All service is gauged by the intensity of the intention to serve. That is what you will be looking for when it you review your incarnation.

Consequently, we ask each who wishes to be a servant to find that passionate surety that service to the Creator is perfect freedom. If one experiences one’s need to be of service to others as a kind of job or chore it will never be done with a light heart and a merry tongue. Know you must take the light touch and the patient attitude and allow situations to develop until you see and are asked for a chance to be of service. Anything that may help you help another upon its path, any comfort for the discouraged, any consolation for the bereaved, any company for the lonely, any balm for the sick person, any visit to one who has not been visited. All of these things, even if you visit a stranger, are pure acts of love and service to others in the name of the one infinite Creator.

Now Q’uo said that as we meditate and continue to do work in consciousness we begin to change the way that we think and seek to serve others, and that such changes are always painful, but it is through processing such pain that we get a clearer idea of how we may be of service to others. Then Q’uo said that the third density is sometimes a difficult place to discover how one may be of service because we don’t have enough information to make intelligent choices of how to be of service, and we may need to rely on the intensity of our desire to be of service in whatever way presents itself to us. Q’uo also reminded us that any service to another is also service to the Creator. On May 7, 1989, Q’uo suggested a way that we could use to determine how to be of service to another person:

Thus, perhaps our greatest aid in this instance would be also to suggest the trusting of one’s own self and the intuitive recognition that comes to the self as one desires to serve another. It is also quite helpful to provide an environment which supports and makes comfortable the one seeking assistance. This is done more by the relationship which is developed between the one seeking assistance and the one desiring to give it than the physical placement of either entity. To provide the loving words, understanding, sympathy and embrace is to make safe the relationship and trust which are most necessary for any assistance to be received.

Consequently, to some may be given the gift of communication, such as this channel has. To another the gift of healing. To another the ability to teach/communicate very clearly. There are in infinite ways—we correct this instrument—there are an infinite number of ways to be of service, therefore your flexibility and acuity of observation of the present moment is as helpful as your sense of humor. The sense of humor is very important in your spiritual growth. One who becomes sober and solemn with the weight of spiritual service is not ready yet for this level of service and perhaps needs to find a more obvious service such as volunteering in prisons, in hospitals, in hospices, and so forth.

It is for you to gauge each opportunity and to see if your heart moves you towards that opportunity. Again the dependence upon meditation is simply that you wish to communicate with the deeper self within to find the point of view of eternity and to carry it with you in your consciousness through this life stream until the physical vehicle has done its job and you are once again free of the heavy chemical body that you now enjoy.

More and more people are beginning to feel the aspect of service to others which is involved in the idea of living in a fairly close-knit community where each may help each. This is the beginning of your fourth-density social memory complex. These stirrings, longings and needs within you to be in a communal situation, to be in the world, to be part of an effort to serve, these things are precisely what should be happening to each as third density draws to its close upon your planet and fourth density begins. Therefore, never undervalue like-minded entities, for those of like mind who both have faith—a deep abiding faith in things unknown and unseen—may be the most powerful light, the most powerful healing force that one is capable of offering within this illusion.

We suggest firstly that the meditative place be picked carefully; a place that is not used except for the meditation, if that be possible. At any rate, to meditate in the same place and at the same time of day is very helpful for the body is a creature of habit. When one goes out into the world, braced and refreshed by the breath of eternity, one has two choices. One may gaze at the smog, shall we say, spiritually speaking, of your sphere and the peoples upon it. Or, one may gaze at the possibilities. When one has the long view the level of possibilities is greatly enhanced. The service-to-others entity which meditates faithfully will find itself to be more and more intuitive, more and more creative in somehow knowing without knowing how one knows the thing that feels correct to do in order to be a service-to-others entity.

Now, each of you becomes different over and over again and you cannot expect that you will only have one service, for life situations change, paths of service change. This is the density of choice but as long as each choice is to be of service to others you will polarize and continue to polarize and by the intensity of your passion to help you will lighten the consciousness of planet Earth in a way that cannot be described except to say that it is the saving of your planet. Many, many more entities among your peoples are attempting to lighten and gentle the untamed will of humanity. Encourage these movements in entities about you. As for yourself, keep in touch with the true self. Do not be discouraged when you cannot find it. It is only misplaced. It has not been lost. Just simply continue persistently and faithfully. Although every instinct tells you [you] are making no progress, those instinct—we correct this instrument—those instincts are incorrect because each honestly made attempt to be of service lightens the planetary consciousness and polarizes you more and more. Each of you has the opportunity to graduate to fourth density, else you would not be here at this time. There are not enough bodies to hold all those who are within third density at this time so those who are experiencing an incarnation at this time are experiencing it because their vibratory level was such that they were capable—with work and prayer…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Carla channeling)

You may attempt to be wise but you may fail. This is not important. It is the intensity of the attempt and the desire to help that polarizes an individual towards the positive pole. This is your goal—to become more and more positive, more and more filled with light, less and less trammeled by the trappings of materialistic society.

Now Q’uo gave a variety of suggestions as to how we may discover our path of service to others. They began by saying that some entities were born with gifts such as healing or communication, but in truth there are an infinite number of ways to be of service to others. Then they said that having a sense of humor and staying in the present moment could reveal one’s path of service as could meditation and connection with the deeper mind. Q’uo also suggested that joining in a spiritual community would be another way of examining more possibilities for finding one’s path of service to others. Q’uo completed their answer by saying that our path of service to others may change from time to time and, occasionally we may feel that we are failing at serving as we had hoped to serve, but all attempts at service to others would lighten the vibrations of our planet and give us the opportunity to graduate into the fourth density. On March 27, 1991, Q’uo spoke about how our service to others could lighten the planetary vibrations of our planet:

Thus, we see upon this planetary sphere that there is the seeding of light in many places where light has not been in predominant expression, shall we say, but has only flickered briefly. And at this time we see that there is a great deal more light beginning to shine forth from many areas, entities and groupings of entities upon your planet. However, as with all transformations within the third density this is a process which must partake of the breaking or shedding of the older ways of perceiving, of thinking, and of doing so that there might be made a place for a new way of perceiving and of bringing forth that quality of compassion and understanding that has long been hidden within the hearts of many who have incarnated with the desire that they may show forth this energy of love that will aid, not only their own evolutionary growth, but will enhance the opportunity to be of service to others and will also lighten the planetary vibrations as a whole.

The instrument is informing us that we need to stop so that questions may be asked and we are sorry for there is more to say on this subject as we said at the outset. However, this instrument is somewhat adamant about the length of our discussions and it has been reached. Consequently, we thank this instrument for once again making itself available to us and in love and light we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. I am Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and used my backpack blower to blow the leaves in the front yard to the area between the fish pond and the pet cemetery with the intention of leaving these leaves over the winter because lots of insects use the leaf litter as a place to live over the winter, and birds know this is a food place to look for food. So many insects live in the leaves: spiders, snails, worms, beetles, millipedes and more, and they support chipmunks, turtles and amphibians which rely on insects for food.

This afternoon I used my backpack blower to blow all of the leaves in the back yard to the area behind the garage and mulched them with my big mower, Venus. Then I cleaned the filters on the fish pond and filled it with a couple more inches of water.

From  A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

November 16

Surrender Your Daily Schedule

I am the voice of the Son of Man that speaks to the world today. I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love that is the consciousness of Jesus the Christ.

Whatever you feel that you have before you this day, we offer this suggestion to you: release it now into the hands of that Almighty Father which watches over each thought and each moment of your life.

For events may fall unexpectedly and meanings and nuances may be lost if, in your mind, you know already what the day will bring.

Keep your ears open and your eyes wide and, most of all, your mind and your heart alert, for things are not always what they seem and the spiritual lessons gained by those whose ears are open, whose eyes can see, and whose heart can understand are very great.

The Comforter is with you and will aid in releasing, seeing with new eyes, hearing with new ears, understanding with cleaned and blessed hearts. Surrender your trust to the Creator of all things, to the lover of your soul, to the source of your being.

Allow love and power to move within you, through you and out into the world, knowing it is not your doing after all, not your schedule but the righteous schedule, the rhythmical and right action of a soul working together with the Comforter.

We leave you in the peace and the joy of that surrender, of that faith and that love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.