I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from December 10, 1989:

How to discover one’s gifts, how to determine what it is that might be the most helpful and beneficial thing for a person to do in the life pattern?

(Carla channeling)

I am Q’uo. Greetings in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. May we say, as always, what a privilege it is to be called to your group, and may we thank the instrument known as Carla for perceiving a difficulty that was not inwardly visible, but only sensed through the intuition. There was a particularly strong negative entity which was able to stop the contact, but this instrument identified the difficulty with the contact and banished it by calling anathema. We appreciate the instrument’s fastidiousness with regard to the challenging of spirits, and especially at this time, since there was no obvious [inaudible], but rather a most clever imitation of our vibration, which is only possible by those of equal ability to use light.

There are very few fifth-density negative entities willing or interested in risking the loss of polarity by working to close down contacts which have promise. This entity has the pathway into this instrument from your times past, but has not been interested in, shall we say, removing the light in the interval since the contact with those of Ra. However, harmony grows within the group, one drop, one understanding, one forgiveness at a time, and, gradually, three independent people become three independent, but harmonious portions of one service, one working, and because this has begun to occur to a small extent in your group, the attention of this entity was caught.

Q’uo began this contact through Carla by saying that they appreciated Carla’s discernment in discovering a negative friend that had attempted to stop the contact. They said that Carla had used her intuition to sense and challenge the entity, and this caused it to take its leave of the group. Q’uo said that this was the fifth-density entity that had attempted to stop the Ra contact by various means, and it had been attracted to this meditation group by the growing harmony of the group. In 68.16, Ra gave the conditions that were necessary for our fifth-density negative friend to be attracted to our group during the Ra contact and to this group that was channeling those of Q’uo:

Questioner: Well how does the fifth-density entity go about this working from the very start of his being alerted to the fact that we exist. How does that occur? Can you please trace the steps that he involves himself in? Please.

Ra: I am Ra. The entity becomes aware of power. This power has the capacity of energizing those which may be available for harvest. This entity is desirous of disabling this power source. It sends its legions. Temptations are offered. They are ignored or rejected. The power source persists and indeed improves its inner connections of harmony and love of service.

The entity determines that it must needs attempt the disabling itself. By means of projection it enters the vicinity of this power source. It assesses the situation. It is bound by the first distortion but may take advantage of any free will distortion. The free will, pre-incarnative distortions of the instrument with regards to the physical vehicle seem the most promising target. Any distortion away from service to others is also appropriate.

You wished for more information upon how to recognize your gifts, those things which you have to offer in love to the Creator and to those about you. We begin with those things which are most basic, the beingness, and the relatively universal experience of sacrificing oneself in an attempt to rear a young soul to its best advantage rather than your own.

Let us look now a bit further. One who practices the presence of the infinite Creator, and can stop the mouth and open the ears, may rest in a special kind of gift, the gift of presence. This is not the gift of being, for an entity with this gift is one who seeks out the broken and the painful with hands open to heal, and hearts open to listen, for there is a great deal of damage done throughout an entity’s lifetime, though only a very small portion of it is damage done to the physical vehicle. Practicing the presence and listening is a universal service. It can never go awry, for as you listen you support and you forgive, and you enable a soul who is troubled to move closer to practicing the presence of its own Creator.

There is a practice which is also most helpful, but difficult to describe in language. It is the state of non-ego, for want of a better term. It is a state of being which has no personality, and therefore no dynamic tension. This utter passivity is not what it seems, for it is the result of giving away all those things which stand between the consciousness of the self and the consciousness of mystery. Well it is that an entity have the gift and the talent of egolessness, but the real entity which has this gift is perhaps the most accurate mirror any spiritual seeker may have.

The group question for this session was how to discover one’s gifts and how to use them on the spiritual path. Q’uo began their response by saying that the first gift to offer to the Creator is one’s beingness and its willingness to engage in sacrifice. Then Q’uo said that beyond the gift of beingness there is the gift of practicing the presence of the Creator and listening to another soul who is troubled to help them to be able to practice the presence of the Creator within them. Q’uo also mentioned achieving a state of egolessness where the entity gives away all those qualities of the self which stand between its consciousness and the consciousness of mystery: On March 24, 1994, Hatonn described how we may practice the presence of the Creator:

If you are practicing the presence of the one infinite Creator, if you are living in faith rather than seeking and scrabbling for proof, if you have hope and trust and love and a smile, these things will speak for you, without your doing anything, and this silent witness may bless without invading, for it is primary that each entity freely choose that which it chooses for the choice made is so very important. What choice would that be but the choice of how to love?

Now, let us speak of gifts in a different sense, the sense that we believe you meant when you asked this query of us, and that is the gifts or talents which one brings through the incarnational process. Each entity has preferences, each entity has skills and areas of negative skill. Each entity has likes and dislikes, biases too deep to explain. It is not of service to others to express the self if the self has not examined deeply that which is its desire, that which is its joy, that which gives it contentment, pleasure, or the feeling of something well done. This is different for each entity, for each entity comes into the experience of reincarnation with an unique bias, personality, and set of talents or gifts.

The one mistake an entity may make that is a serious error is to offer the gifts of the surface, of the self. Instead, one who wishes to offer gifts to others must needs make the journey within, to seek that seat of joy and peace that is the center of that soul’s unique being, for each entity could not be in manifestation were there not a core of perfect wholeness and divine light within.

Thus, one who seeks to offer to others gifts must first move through the process of gazing beneath the surface of things, finding those areas of interest which may translate into help for another, or for giving glory and praise to the one Creator. This instrument, for instance, and the one known as K within this group, have shared a bliss, a joy, and a great service earlier in this diurnal period, as they vibrated and manifested a great hymn to the infinite One, and the principle which you call Christ, that which is forgiven, that which is redeemed.

When you look at your gifts, look not only at those things which you do well, your activities at which you are accomplished, but also look below the surface of things to find the energies within you moving deeply and spontaneously, so that you may spontaneously offer that which is given you only by intuition. Your people are locked in the darkness of manifestation, and so are you, yet within you there is light immeasurable. To be able to find and trust the intuitions which move from the light to the mind is most helpful, for one truly does not ever know when one is serving, one merely attempts such, and leaves the outcome in the hands of the one to whom the gift has been given, for it matters not to the giver if the gift is appreciated or not, but only if the gift is given freely and gladly without the nagging expectation of being paid back.

We speak here of very deep and intuitional gifts, such as the gift of peacemaker, the gift of true humility, the gift of sympathy. These gifts mean a great deal to many, who very much appreciate the sharing of these energies, for not all entities can move to that intuitional place where the hope of peace is true, where the hope of consolation is true.

You will notice that we have spoken mostly of the passive gifts, for they are the most important. In those passive and often nondramatic gifts lie the most free will which entities may give each other. It is respecting and treating each as a colleague, and not as a student to be taught. Thus, no matter what the seeming situation in regard to titles, responsibilities and honors, no matter how many dramatic gifts an entity may have, one may still rate those passive willingness’ to listen, and to forgive, to understand, to make peace, to find union where there was none. The gift of humility is especially rare, but it is a resting place for all those who pass by, as they rest in the bosom of one who is no judge, but only sees all as beloved beings whom one wishes to serve.

Now Q’uo began to speak of the unique gifts that each seeker has brought into the incarnation, and in order to discover these gifts Q’uo suggested that the seeker move into the center of its soul’s unique being to find those gifts that give love and praise to the Creator, and use them spontaneously through one’s intuition and to give them without any expectation of return. Q’uo said that often these kinds of gifts involve that of the peacemaker, the gift of sympathy, and the gift of humility as they are passive and non-dramatic gifts which respect the free will of the recipient. On February 13, 1994, Q’uo spoke of how we can share our gifts:

We then must say where is the heart of service, for you? Where is love, for you? Where are your gifts? Which gifts do you wish to use? When seeking answers to questions concerning service we encourage the exploration of one’s own gifts for each entity moves into the third-density illusion with all of its woes and wonders with a certain package of gifts, a certain combination of virtues and darker virtues, which you call vices, and out of this broken and seeking existence blooms forth all of the beauty and generous harmony of that same entity’s blossom of selfhood.

So we ask the instrument to take the time in the following days to contemplate its gifts and to seek an inner feeling of certitude concerning the service which is desired to be given so that the service may once again be made calm and unruffled by self-doubts. Always, it is not the outer appearance which determines the success of employing one’s gifts but, rather, one must simply move as one feels to move, always being aware that the service is service to love, in love, for love, by means of love alone.

Now, in order to keep this shorter, as this instrument has requested, we move to the active gifts that undoubtedly were held in mind when the question about sharing gifts was asked. Each entity has a list, short or long, of talents within the illusion. It is difficult to serve fully while staying fully within the illusion. However, that which one has as a gift one has for a reason, for each soul has chosen its manifestations, and fully intends to use each of them.

Thus, as the seeker moves along the path, he notices, without false pride and without false humility, those things at which he is good, and those things at which he is not. The situation often arises where the talent that an entity has is needed. It is neither aggressive nor egotistical to offer wholeheartedly one’s talents in the service of the infinite One. And so a great service is simply to offer that which one knows one may do well for the entities about it. The only damage done to this kind of giving of service is a grudging heart.

Thus, each day, it is well for the spirit to ask itself not what its gifts are, but what is blocking it from being a person at peace, a person aware of infinity, a person ready to turn the attention outward to the needs of others. If this is not your attitude with which one awakens, then it is well to look within in consciousness to simplify, clarify and understand the self, and by understanding to have compassion upon the self, so that one does not use one’s talents in any negative way. It is the responsibility of the seeker to be firm with the self about the positive use of talents.

The essence of manifested talents is simple, in fact, it is so simplistic that it is difficult to comprehend. When one is in a situation of wishing to be of service, one is already many steps behind the entity which simply is of service, and has responded spontaneously to whatever catalyst is given it. In other words, we wish each soul to follow that which makes it joyful and peaceful and positive and hopeful, and to live in those affirmative vibrations so that when a call comes, it is heard purely, with an unselfish ear and an unblemished heart.

So many, many of your people believe that they serve others, yet because they do not await the balancing and the asking, they become those who are stumbling blocks to others, insistent upon this or that tenet of truth, philosophy or spirituality. There is no truth within your density, except within the heart of your own consciousness, and similarly, within the heart of each consciousness with whom you come in contact. Oftentimes, gifts are learned and then put away like old clothes in a trunk in the attic, and then, one day, deep intuition speaks to the self of a spontaneous need to share a particular gift. We are not specific here, for there are as many gifts as there are entities.

Now Q’uo said that each person has come into this illusion with various gifts that it may share with others. They said that that as one becomes aware of what its gift are that one offer them in the service of the Infinite One and to ask on a daily basis “what is blocking it from being a person at peace, a person aware of infinity, a person ready to turn the attention outward to the needs of others.” Then Q’uo suggested that it is well to respond to any opportunity to be of service which does make one feel at peace, aware of infinity, and ready to turn the attention to the needs of others. Q’uo said that there is no truth within this density except the heart of our consciousness and the heart of the consciousness of the ones we seek to serve. On May 16, 2002, Q’uo gave an answer as to how we may share our gifts with others:

We would ask each, then, “What do you desire if you close your eyes and envision the peak of peace and contentment? What do you start to imagine?” In times of change, in times of awakening and transformation, often it is that the most meaningful ways of sharing gifts are not seen, because they are too common and too ordinary. However, the ministry of essence, as this instrument has called it, the priesthood of being who you are and allowing your truth to shine, is a most precious gift to give, and it is truly the deepest and the most central gift that each life does give to the world. For each came into the world to be the light of the world; each has the capacity to be the hands, the arms, the loving hearts, the loving mouths of the Creator that speak, that reach to hug, that curve to smile and stop to recognize and honor the divinity of each other self. This principle that is you is unique, and yet you carry crystal within you through which the light may shine.

This energy does not need to come from you. All you need to be concerned with is allowing yourself to be ever more truly and deeply yourself and in that comfort of self to bless and welcome and open to the infinite energy of the one Creator as It flows through from the limitless white light of the great original Logos. Once that energy has been begun, the energy itself, as it circulates, rotates and spins, begins to bring naturally to the self those opportunities for outer service that one has planned aforetimes for the time when spirit within was mature enough to take it up.

Now, as you gaze at your gifts within the illusion, you may count those artifacts of the human heart and intellect as the writing, the speaking, the poetry, the music, the dance, and all of those creative gifts which pour through one as sweet wine, blessing all upon whom they fall. If the spirit is clear, deep intuition expresses itself in saying, “Use this gift now, and use it for the love of the one infinite Creator.” Most puzzling are those entities which have various gifts, talents, which are not used, seemingly. But we say to you that each and every gift of talent subjectively perceived by an entity has a purpose, and the purpose will come forward in due time.

This instrument, for instance, questions why it was given the ability to dance, and then given the disability of arthritis which causes the dance to be clumsy and footsore. Notice that without the gift of dance this particular entity would not be able to move at all. Many, many times, the gift of singing, or of playing a musical instrument, is that gift which creates an atmosphere of love, safety and peace within an abode which may be in need of these things.

There are gifts one does not often think of, the gift, for instance, of gab, as this instrument would call it. One whose joy is in small talk, passing the time of day, sharing in any way what occurs, the life as it is happening, is an entity who will remove loneliness from the consciousness of those about it. Such entities seldom know the wonderful gift they bring to manifested experience, and the catalyst they offer those who are melancholy by nature, and have no small talk, or laughter, of their own. The first laughter may be very rusty, but in time a melancholy soul with faith in the gift of laughter which has been manifested to it will learn to share in that gift, and so give glory to the one infinite Creator, by lightening consciousness upon the planet.

The key to recognizing one’s gifts has been already written down in two seemingly paradoxical ways. One is the statement, “Not my will, but thine,” spoken by the teacher known to you as Jesus. The other is that willingness to pitch in and do all such good works as appear before one to do. How can one both surrender and volunteer? This is a cause for great study, and worthy of its own time for discussion.

If a gift has been given to you that does not make you happy, it is not a gift that was intended to be used in polarization in service to others, for it is following the gift that makes one happy, evanescent as that concept is, that assures the seeking entity of being at the right place at the right time to be of service in its unique way. “Not my will, but thine.” How can one be of service when one has only the deeper feelings of the heart to inform one as to divine will or the higher self as opposed to the self in manifestation which is blind, deaf and dumb to the actuality of the experience to which you now dance?

It is well for the young soul in your culture to choose that which the entity does in order to create the energy to live on the basis of that which appeals to one, for it is a gift to no one to be wealthy and uncomfortable and unhappy. It is far more a gift in one’s poverty to offer in joy that talent which one has.

Gifts and talents come in all shapes and sizes. There are unusual and eccentric gifts which still are able to help others. The gift, for instance, of the gifted mechanic, who can listen to a complicated piece of machinery, and by ear alone detect that which is not correct in the machine. There is the gift of sight, simple physical sight. When it is acute and keen it may be used as a gift as one looks at what gives one joy, and expresses to those who cannot see with loving eyes the energies upon canvas, or the sculpture from clay, wood or stone.

It is a gift given to each and every entity that is self-conscious to express itself, and in expressing itself to learn how to support itself. This may be done in many ways.

Now Q’uo began the final portion of their response to how one may discover their gifts by saying that the gifts of the human heart and intellect may be discovered by using the intuition as to what one’s gifts are, and then they should be used for the love of the infinite Creator. Q’uo said that some gifts may be as simple as the “gift of gab” that can relieve the loneliness and the gift of laugher that can give glory to the Creator by lightening the vibrations of the planet. Then Q’uo said that doing the will of the Creator could bring about the opportunity to share one’s gifts at the right time that they are needed. Q’uo completed their answer by saying that we all have gifts that allow us to express ourselves in a unique way that can be of service to others. On February 7, 1988, Q’uo revealed the value of everyone’s gifts:

 We make a plea to each who experiences these gifts and the interest which these gifts generate to seek not just the comparison of one gift with the gift of others, but also to begin through meditation, contemplation, the use of dreams, the reading, the talking with friends, to begin the process of knowing the true self, and once you have found that ground within you which is not your heartbeat or your thinking processes, but is your consciousness itself, once you have met yourself face-to-face for what you are, with your gifts and your limitations, then the time has come for you to make this an offering in humbleness and sincerity to the Creator, offering your talents, your gifts and your limitations with thanksgiving and praise.

[Side one of tape ends. Side two of the tape was not recorded.]

This morning I was on a zoom call with my friends of 50 years, and we had a good time checking in with how each of us has been doing since our last zoom call. Then we read from The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One, and stopped now and then to discuss the concepts being channeled by Ra. It was a lot of fun to make these connections again.

This afternoon I finished putting the Christmas cards into their envelopes and took them over to the Post Office to be mailed.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

December 4

The Instinct Of Creation To Praise

I am of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ who comes in the name of the one infinite God. I greet you in the full consciousness of Christ, which is love.

Every creature which is perfect of its kind is a true picture of the face of God. Each flower that blooms shouts with its colors in praise and blessing of the One who made it. All that is, is full of the instinctive love of its Creator.

Humankind alone removes itself again and again from the Creator’s praise, interpreting the signs and events of experience in ways that do not honor the love that created all. Do you think that you bloom with truer colors than the flower, you who doubt that each experience is full of love? Again you betray the love and honor which would be yours to offer if those who were self-conscious were also fully conscious.

It is the faith which we who are of the principle of Christ seek again and again to strengthen in you which alone can inform human consciousness of the divinity of all things and of their true color. Praise is not possible for most who are selfconscious without such aid. And yet the instinct to praise and bless one’s Creator is a true part of your makeup.

Seek, then, the grace of the Holy Spirit, that you may become a blooming flower, rejoicing in the light of a sun that always shines regardless of the appearance of evanescent clouds.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.