I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from November 8, 1990:

The question is about faith.

(Carla channeling)

[ I am Q’uo.] Greetings and blessings to you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. As we work with each channel this evening, we wish each to know that there are those of the Confederation of Planets, which many prefer to call the angelic hosts, who will be with each. Those of the principle of Q’uo, which are of Latwii, shall be with the one known as Jim. That entity known as Laitos and that entity known as Oxal shall be meditating with the one known as K. And we find this instrument to be well guided by its own comforter.

How blessed it is to be in the company of those who seek to have that which the world can give them not, that which the world promises not, that which the world can never promise. It is a joy to us to experience your questing hearts. In each moment of anguish in the life experience, there has always been, sooner or later, that turning towards a quest for the truth of the spirit, a sincere desire to know the spirits well—in that dogged persistence of an absolute being in highly, worldly, mundane illusion, which is entirely relative. We would share some thoughts about that which we call faith, and we shall be doing so through each channel, in order that each may give its own special gifts to this very large subject which may well, if interest continues, be ongoing within this group for some time.

That which one calls faith has been, within your holy works, called, “Hope in things unseen.” How difficult it is for you within your culture to hope in things unseen. The illusion all by itself, without the many distortions which have occurred in difficult and ambivalent polarizations among your peoples, is such that the contemplation of claiming an absolute, living by it, being willing to die for it as witness to the truth, is ludicrous. This is the outer environment in which you are attempting to become aware of your metaphysical, imperishable consciousness, that spark of the Creator which expresses its unity and hope, and all that may be expressed within your illusion.

Though you may be of little faith in your own estimation, the search itself is a search begun only in the blindness of faith. This is one of the elements of faith itself which creates a kind of meniscus or layer of resistance for those who wish to have faith. For if one claims faith, the world that is seen, the illusion that is perceived, is forever changed and not in ways which exemplify the search for happiness or the contentment of resting in a comfortable space. There are comfortable belief systems, systems which enable one to know all the truths all the time according to the subjective path of literal, dogmatic belief systems. However, that which each Christ that has come into your environment has offered is not a comfortable or happy journey. It is a journey begun on courage alone. It is a journey in which one persists by will alone. It is a journey which claims that which it does not feel with its whole heart, but which instead is felt as a hunch, an instinct, a bias. On these slender threads hang the beginning of a life in faith.

The group topic for this practice channeling meditation was faith. So it seems like different Confederation sources were to be channeling through each instrument. Carla was said to be channeling her Comforter, which the person editing this transcript seemed to feel was Q’uo, but I believe it was the Holy Spirit. I was to be channeling Latwii which was usually the voice of Q’uo, and K was channeling those of Q’uo as well although Oxal and Laitos were meditating with her.

Q’uo, or the Holy Spirit, began their thoughts on faith through Carla by saying that the spiritual seeker experiences the difficulties of the seeking with the open heart of dogged persistence to know the truth that is dependent on living a life in faith within the illusion of the third density. Q’uo said that having faith could be described as “faith in things unseen”, and it can seem ridiculous to most people, but the seeker is attempting to realize its metaphysical self as a portion of the one Creator manifesting as unity and hope. They said that the beginning the journey of seeking rests upon faith that looks beyond the illusion of dogmatic descriptions of the seeker’s path and uses courage and will to begin living a life in faith. On September 22, 2009, Q’uo spoke about living a life in faith:

Faith, on the other hand, has no content. It contains no knowledge. It is an attitude. It is the attitude that knows beyond doubt, regardless of the circumstances, that all is well. And the entity who is living a life in faith cannot be daunted by circumstance. Faith is an attitude which assumes that the infinite Creator, the higher self, and that self which planned this incarnation before taking flesh have provided ample opportunities for learning and for service.

Sometimes involved in learning is suffering. Sometimes there is sorrow and pain. Yet one living a life in faith knows that that which is happening is perfect. It is precisely what is needed to advance spiritually and to be of service. Consequently, such an entity cooperates and harmonizes with circumstance and allows creativity and imagination to play a part in the flowing forward of events.

Faith does not recognize closed doors. Faith abides, patiently, trustingly and with infinite attention. For there shall come those hints, inklings and information from spirit that shall illuminate the situation within the present moment. And this faith is that which shall serve you well, my brother, as you learn to listen to and communicate with your guidance system.

We would at this time transfer. We are known to you as Q’uo.

(K channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet you in the love and light of the one infinite Creator. We return again to the same that is given in your homework. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Now, you know that the essence of faith is that surety that each entity has without objective, tangible proof of same. This inner surety is the substance and evidence I have spoken of. There are many among your peoples who have not developed a conscious awareness of their own inner sense of that surety and choose to believe that they will accept and act on nothing unless they have objective, tangible proof of such—what man would call “scientific proof.” What these entities are unaware of is that they accept many, many things on faith but do not realize it, for these beliefs have never been called into question. They pride themselves in not accepting ideas which seem foolish to them or to others, merely on the basis of a feeling of congruity within themselves.

The spiritual journey with each begins at that point when an entity feels this sense of congruity and acts on it for the first time. It may not be an obvious action but may be simply the acknowledgment of the feeling itself, the acknowledgment and the validity of a feeling. And it is at this point that faith becomes part of conscious action on the personal path. As each seeker continues to grow and develop, this capacity for faith, the ability to deny on the inner sense of congruence with an idea, is developed further and further, until each entity has created for itself its own personal collection of truths, that are based not on objective proof but on subjective assurance. The part of this process that each of you is aware of is the realization from time to time, the causes of obsolescence of some of these truths, when this first occurs. The faith of the seeker is often shaken, sometimes to a very great degree; especially, if this process occurs with truth that has been known long and deeply.

Sometimes, balance is never restored within the seeker, who then, as it is said, loses faith and never consciously returns to a path of seeking. For the undaunted, however, those who continue on the path despite their feelings of disillusionment, discouragement, despair, anger, pain and confusion, balance is eventually restored and the seeker begins to realize that truths, like faith, are not objective but subjective. As this concept is assimilated more and more, the seeker continues on its journey, developing more and more surely the ability to discern those truths which have the greatest degree of congruency for itself at that particular time. The capacity of faith is also further developed as a part of the same process, so that the seeker rests comfortably with the truth it finds, and grows with, and grows beyond, and finds others which it grows into.

Observing the ebb and flow of this process is part of the ebb and flow of All That Is. Throughout this process, the capacity of faith, although it grows stronger, unlike the truth which varies from time to time, remains the same. Now there are some, as you are aware, to whom this capacity comes most naturally, such as the instrument known as Carla. There are many among your peoples who possess this gift and have no awareness of the fact, but live their lives in a most simple, natural and harmonious manner.

These people may often be considered, by those among your peoples who have been taught by your societies to have a bias towards the strength of intellectual functioning, to be simple and perhaps of less value than their intellectual counterparts. There are many such peoples on your planet living an unconscious life within, in harmony with the natural rhythms, a very second-density life force in the planet itself. And as each here is aware, these beings have often made far greater spiritual progress than those others who pride themselves in demanding their proofs.

Those entities, however, who have been the most strident in demanding objective, tangible verifications for their various beliefs, once having grabbed the door just a little, having dared to act in however small way on that first intuition that is acknowledged, once these doubters make their way, at first timidly along the path, and then more boldly, will also be those whose faith is strongest, because it has been so rigorously questioned at the start. These may also be ones who understand the process of faith to a much greater extent than those to whom it comes naturally, because, again they have questioned the process so deeply and may find opportunities to help those they find in situations such as they themselves once where.

Q’uo continued speaking on the topic of faith through K by saying faith is that surety that one feels has no objective proof. Then they said that many people will only accept beliefs that can be proven scientifically, but they do not realize that they already do accept many beliefs on faith because they have never been called into question. Q’uo said that the spiritual journey begins for a person when they begin to feel a sense of congruity with certain beliefs and live their life within this system of beliefs. Then Q’uo said that as time passes some of these feelings of truth are felt to fail the seeker and may cause it to stop its seeking. But to those who endure these difficulties it then becomes apparent that feelings of truth are subjective rather than objective, and they will change from time to time reflecting the nature of spiritual growth. So truth may change, but faith will not, and some people have this simple gift of faith and practice it in a simple and harmonious manner. Then Q’uo completed their thoughts by saying that it also occurs to some people, who have always required proof in what their beliefs are, may find the opportunity to move into the realm of faith through the use of intuition. Q’uo said that they can become more able to live a life of faith because they questioned it in their past, but now they understand the value of faith more fully than those to whom faith came more naturally. On May 29, 1983, Hatonn discussed the value of faith:

So, in your chosen service to another, the greatest efficacy may be found in relaxing into the flowing of a kind of communication from your heart and the deeper portions of your mind to your actions. In such a way you become inspired, and, indeed, you become inspiring. That is, you may inspire others by your lack of fear and concern, and by your wholehearted desire to serve, as well as by the radiance which is peculiar to those who have learned the value of faith governed by a carefully tuned desire.

Faith is much like the traveler who is weary. The traveler may move ahead in a blind faith that the end of the daylight shall bring shelter, and the traveler will indeed find somewhere upon which he may rest his head. There is another traveler who is equally weary who governs his faith in the kindness of the universe by as clear a perception as possible of the nature of the country in which he roams. It is far easier for the faithful weary traveler to exercise faith in the midst of one of your townships than in the midst of a wilderness. However, blind faith has its lessons also, and sometimes, when there is no way to judge the future so as to be a more intelligent user of faith, we recommend the attitude which allows our traveler upon his journey to be doing that which it is he must do whether or not he is in a wilderness. If a traveler departs from faith, he departs from that which is the governor of his journey.

At this time, we would transfer once again. We are known to you as those of Q’uo.

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and greet each again in love and in light through this instrument. We offer to those, whose path is well traveled or only just begun in the conscious sense, the concept of faith as that which shall be the rod and staff to steady the pilgrim on his journey. The faith with which an entity begins is a faith which is pure in its intention, is as yet innocent in its exercise, and which is full of the potential for engaging an entity’s resources. And through this expression developing much of quality of character and of personality, primarily in the ways of the disciplining of the personality. For the seeker, no matter what place it may imagine itself to be, or may actually be upon its own journey of evolution, we have spoken this evening of that call of your faith which is recognized from within an entity as a kind of inner confidence that propels and sustains movement and exploration.

Faith is as truth, that which is subjectively experienced, that which an entity can affect by its own perceptions, judgments, and beliefs. For the truest quality of faith that we can express in your words is an inner confidence that all is indeed well, that all entities and activities and interrelationships are proceeding with the same surety, rightfulness, purpose and completeness of expression. As the winds that blow upon the planetary surface in all seasons, as the sun which shines its warming and life-giving rays upon your planetary sphere, as sure as the earth which receives the molding effects of the wind and the fire, and is able to reproduce itself in any situation as is your waters that give a place of birthing to many forms of your second-density creatures.

This quality of faith is as sure as the procession of cycles of all kinds that are an expression of the evolution, not only of individuals but of planets, solar systems, galaxies and the one Creator as well. Faith is, and this instrument discovers that that was our complete thought—faith is! We can give analogy after analogy, likening faith to those things which exist within your illusion seemingly without doubt, and yet faith is far more. It underlies all Creation, all activity. Oftentimes, it is ignored as one ignores the ground upon which one walks, the air which one breathes, yet it is. For those who would wish to study the concept of faith, he shall find that it permeates all of your existence as you know it.

Each entity exercises a faith in various things, various concepts, various entities, associations, relationships and exercises. Without the concept of faith, indeed, there would be little activity upon your planetary surface or within any life pattern. For there must be this basic quality that concerns the sense of self, the sense of the environment, the movement of the self through this environment in such and such a pattern. All of these things at the very, very basic level are taken as articles of faith.

“Faith in” is one of the primary concepts with which each entity begins each incarnation and each activity within the incarnation. What we would wish each entity to realize through the speaking that we have offered this evening is that this quality of faith, though everywhere expressing and mysterious at the same time, is that which may be affected and directed by the consciously seeking entity. That which is at one’s disposal may be utilized evermore effectively with conscious attention, with the refining of one’s disciplines of the personality of discrimination and perception. Thus, we do not introduce a new topic to any entity but only seek to make each entity aware that this quality is always in affirmation in some form or another within the life pattern. To take this quality and utilize it in a conscious fashion is much the same as refining the general characteristics of the bonfire, so that that which could be likened to the laser beam is then utilized in a far more precise and powerful fashion.

We would like to leave you with a thought that has many ramifications, and like most thoughts within the spiritual realm, it is not a logically acceptable thought. For within spiritual seeking, one of the great hallmarks is that of the inherent illogic according to the logical systems of humankind at this time. For we present you with a circular thought, a tautology, one which has nothing of logic in it, but, perhaps, may be more helpful as it contains a carefully observed situation. Faith is not possible in most cases without the profound and persistent…

[Side one of tape ends.]

(Jim channeling)

I am Q’uo, and continue. There is the tautology for circular argument concerning faith and will. It is the persistent and thoroughgoing will which leads each to wherever it truly desires within this illusion or outside of it. And so it is the will that enables faith. Be persistent, determined and ever hopeful in invocation of the will, no matter in what circumstance of mind, body or spirit. Will is impossible without the faith to persist in that will. Thus, faith and will are enabled by each other!

How does one move into a willing determination to see not the letter but the spirit of all that occurs and offers one catalyst? Your culture is so literal minded, that the very language which you use is being altered by the ruthless logic and limitation of a computer. This is informative, however, in that as one understands the methods whereby computers calculate their choices of the truth, thusly, it is that the mind complex has its mechanical functioning.

The mind complex is more than a computer, but that portion of the mind which entities most often use in the evaluation of catalyst is that of a computer. In a sense that computers operate according to a series of swiftly made choices, the analogy is most informative when gazing at the excellent qualities and the addictive qualities, which are one characteristic, seen from two different points of view of consciousness.

Within this illusion it is helpful to be able to reason and to make choices in a conscious manner. It is many times extremely helpful, and sometimes the only helpful suggestion that we may offer due to a momentary emotional or spiritual confusion, in attacking or analyzing the challenges and opportunities which catalyst presents. Thusly, it is well to grasp the nature of the mechanical workings of a mind. Just as you are in the illusion of choice, so is the mind created as a living computer which estimates the relative importance of all incoming catalyst.

It, and it alone, chooses the types of perception and the choice of those things to be perceived. For instance, you sit upon furniture. Yet, have you in any conscious manner considered the feelings of your integument? Each tiny portion and cell of your physical vehicle is, at this present moment, reporting pain, pleasure, coldness, warmth and a myriad of other details, along every single inch of the physical vehicle. Almost all of this catalyst tends to be ignored completely, gaining attention only if the program which you have accepted as your consciousness discovers within all the sensations that which may in some way fail to promote the continued health and welfare of the physical vehicle and its survival.

You are in a less illusory and imperishable way the choice-maker. It is not your intellect but you that chooses each perception of experience. Consequently, if there are those things which the mind has targeted for notice and prioritized heavily, and if those things do not redound to the strength, the love, the faith, the will in the path of seeking and service of the one infinite Creator, it is not the behavior which needs to change.

Were that so, you would be slaves. Slaves to computer programs within yourselves that cannot be changed. But you are not slaves, but free men. You have the will towards faith. You have the faith to use that will. If you wish to change, know that before any change can manifest, the actuality of the desires of the deep mind must first change in actuality and in practice. Those things, seen by any seeker to be those things which actively delimit and confuse spiritual search, have been noticed because they have been given priority as being relevant to the survival of an entity. There is a thoroughgoing process of realization of one’s identity as apart from that of the physical vehicle that enables a much accelerated development of spiritual faculties and the disciplines of the personality.

The intellect is not a dictator, unless you accept that nothing can change the pain, the sorrow, and the various anguishes that have previously programmed the computer of your mind towards safety, security, self defense and caution. It takes a great deal of courage, given only by will and grace, to be able, consciously, to work at the reprogramming of the mode of perception used by the conscious mind; the reprioritizing of concerns from those things which seem vital at the mundane level; to value given to those things which, within your culture, would be dismissed as the musings of the sophomore wise school must be grasped and in actuality surrendered. The surrender of long held convictions, as to that which is of priority in life, will cause a kind of mental pain that is a result of the energy involved in delving into the conscious prioritizing portion of the self, and the specific reprogramming of the self towards the affirmative, positive, self-respecting, self-forgiving consciousness that has no part of the illusion in which you live.

Now Q’uo described the relationship between faith and the will as that in which each enables the other in the intellectual or computer-like making of choices which determines how catalyst will be utilized. Q’uo suggested that the desires of our deep mind towards the survival of the body must be changed so that change can help us to realize our true identity and enhance our spiritual journey. They said that this would aid us in reprogramming our mode of perception by the conscious mind towards a more positive and self-forgiving consciousness that moves beyond the third-density illusion. On September 10, 1995, Q’uo described how the deep mind can change our experience of fear into an ability to invoke faith:

Faith is indeed a gift in that some entities have a clearer line or connection with their own unconscious mind. Faith is also a built-in, inherent and native portion of the deep mind and thusly it can be developed and pulled up into the conscious existence by one who works to form the habit of turning to faith and faith’s ability to give one the opportunity to create that area of control which changes the fear and fret of daily worry into an occasion to invoke faith.

My beloved, the journey that you take seldom requires a physical step, seldom necessitates a physical pilgrimage. For the impact of geography and novelty of experience is in and of itself trapped by the ruthless decisions of the programming of your mental capacity to notice this but not that, and that but not this.

Before we depart, although we did not feel within this group at this time the pressure of queries, we would, as always, open the meeting to any query which any might have. Ask us at this point anything that you wish, and we shall be most humbly grateful to share our most fallible opinion with you. Is there a question at this time?


Peace reigns within each of you. That is good. We appreciate the self-confidence that it takes to know when one must ponder and listen rather than forever thinking and questioning. For that which is of importance is that which will take much of your time to process from realizations to manifestations. And in that process, we of the Confederation of the Planets in the Service of the One Infinite Creator, or, if you prefer, we of the Angelic Host in Service to the Infinite Creator, are always with you.

You merely need mentally to request the strength of our vibration, and we shall join you in silence and faith and in determination. Yours are the choices, and they need not be made by an unquestioned intellect. Indeed, they must not be made by such. As you think within yourself in meditation daily, have no attachment to this process, for this process is not that which makes sense to the computer of your conscious mind. In meditation, those deep knowledges hidden beneath the veil, those sparks of the infinite One, which you all are slowly and gently given the opportunity to receive, rise within the deep mind and cross the threshold in many ways, informing most deeply and most purely the faith, the will, and the journey without words and without steps.

We leave you to the excitement, the challenge, and the pain of the learnings you seek—the learnings of love, service to others, and the secrets of true manifestation of the consciousness of light. You may feel alone—you are not. Have you the faith to know that? You will feel often in error, bewildered, uncertain. These are often times of great growth. Reassess these times of seeming sorrow and despair. And as you begin to know the self that is love, much of what is now programmed within you will change and you will seem to die a little at a time. You are not dying, you are being born. Be persistent and judge yourself not. For the moods and the weather of your conscious being are inevitable, acceptable and necessary to the process of growth.

Cease the present moment, make it your own and seek evermore a purer priority of concerns. For you are a treasure. You must learn to cherish that treasure that is you, and to cherish and deeply adore the Creator who gave you its own being and then allowed each to make all of its own choices, to follow its own destiny, to move to its own rhythm and to experience its own truth. The Creator is love. And love alone would take this risk. Put yourself at the same risk. For you, too, create your experience.

We shall speak as long as you wish upon this multifaceted subject. You have only to inquire, either mentally or more formally. May we say, that though we do not mind the speaking to those concerns which you have, we do ask that if a group question is not vibrated that each of you mentally offer us permission to gaze within each, to find the most common and deep concern shared by the group. We would not infringe on free will. This permission, however, heals that infringement. And we ask each to take a moment at this time, retroactively to offer us that healing, for we would not wish to mislead you as to the ways this contact could be abridged. We must not infringe upon free will. Our concern is based upon the very stringent free will requirements of a contact such as ours.

Now Q’uo spoke of the nature of our journey was not physical but was pre-incarnatively chosen to be a mental one in the way that we use our catalyst. Then Q’uo suggested that it was well that we ponder our lessons as they manifest in our meditations, and they would be glad to join us in this process in silence and in faith. They said that in this way we seek the knowledge of the Creator within our deep minds which will strengthen our faith and will on our spiritual journey. They said that there would be times on this journey where we may feel alone, in error, and bewildered, but these can be times of great growth if we have the faith that some portions of our being will die away and actually create a new life for us of the Creator’s love that created us and is within us. On July 5, 1981, Hatonn spoke of the nature of the love of the Creator within us:

My sister, we would answer you by saying that to seek the love of the infinite Creator in each moment of your life is the greatest service and the greatest learning that can be accomplished upon your plane, for it is the lesson of this dimension to discover the love of the Creator within all that is experienced within the self, within the life, within the family, within the community, within each activity, each experience and there is, shall we say, an infinite amount of time to discover this love.

We thank you for this acknowledgment of that meaning and the giving of permission. We thank you. We celebrate our unity, and together we turn towards the rising sun of an ever new day, the day of the spirit, in which that which has been dim comes to light, freeing the preceptor, to learn that which has been learned, and to hear for the first time new refinements that are possible in the conduct and the characteristics of blind programming, that were not available until summary reprioritizing has been accomplished. This is a multi-syllabic way of saying a very simple thing: “The road goes on forever.” The road of seeking, the road of promise, the road that leads finally to self-knowledge of congruency with love itself, the great original Thought and Creator of all that there is.

We would leave you now in peace. A peace that you may begin to understand more and more. It is not the peace of your culture. It is neither sleep nor contentment. It is the peace of one who has chosen completely the dedication of self to the journey of seeking, the desire to become ever more aware of the true nature of the self, the growing hunger for the kingdom within.

May you be light hearted and merry as you suffer, and may you never forget your suffering when the gift of happy days is given to you. In this way, you may find much greater use of your catalyst and much quicker rate of acceleration of your spiritual evolution.

Oh, eternal beings, oh, blessed children of life, we leave you now in the love and the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai vasu. We are known to you as the principle of Q’uo.

This morning I did my usual Friday vacuuming of the first floor of my home.

This afternoon I ran some errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply to buy some bird seed and cat food. My next stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 2

Every Flower Rejoices

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

Be it known to you that every flower that nods in the sunlight rejoices in love; that every green leaf that shakes upon the bough lifts its voice in songs of praise to love.

Know, too, that every cell of your body and every cell of your mind is full of the love of the Father, full of the Christ, full of rejoicing.

It may seem to you that portions of your body or your mind have been cut off from the love of God in Jesus Christ. Believe and know that this is in no case the final truth and press on in faith, holding the vision of love in every cell, of rejoicing in every iota of the body and the mind. By this may the power of the spirit of love be called to you, be drawn upon you, and begin to heal you.

We leave you in the peace of love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.