I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from February 13, 1994:

The question this afternoon is from N and it is, “How would Q’uo go about designing a healing strategy that would encompass all of the needs of third-density entities if Q’uo were itself a third-density entity, here with that purpose in mind?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite One. We are most pleased and privileged to be called to your circle for this working, and would thank each who has come to this opportunity for the sharing of thoughts.

Your query addresses the concept of healing in a provocative way in that the question asks what we, that is, we of another density, would do within your third density in order to best maximize universal healing. It is one thing to be where we are, looking upon the Earth scene and philosophizing concerning the prospects of improving that world scene according to our views. It is quite another to be within that third density which you now enjoy, for not we, with our experience, but you, with your limitations and challenges, are the ones called to service at this particular juncture.

Were we you, we also would be equally limited. Let us rephrase and say that were each of you to be able to have access to that portion of your totality of self which vibrates within our range of vibrations in our density you, then, would find yourself completely unable to take those understandings and attempt to affix them into the net of third-density illusion reality. Perhaps the best way to say that is there is always the 20/20 vision of hindsight, yet it is to those who have no hindsight but only the situation as it appears who act. It is you who are called to act and to serve, you with all of your self-perceived limitations.

The Creator encapsulates Itself within each, so the true self that you are is in one sense beyond any limitation, beyond any distortion, beyond any impurity. Within each of you does lie truth, does lie healing, does lie grace, beauty, and justice. And we would have to say that were we one of you or many of you, we would, as do you, feel profoundly confused by the illusion of third density. You have no easy task, you who seek to serve. So, one response to your query is that your fine, hard-earned understanding does not translate into a master plan for third-density healing. Only those who are within third density have the right to attempt to create such conditions as universal healing.

We see the concept of healing or health having to do fundamentally with not the physical vehicle nor simply with the mind or mental vehicle but, rather, we see healing as that which creates a broader or deeper faith, for what is health but the just proportion or balance of energies within the individual self. Health is not simply a matter of sickness and curing sickness. Health has to do with the balance of energies within the self so that the self is tuned, shall we say, as much as can be achieved by the seeker to a continuing awareness of the self as a child of the infinite Creator. Healing begins with the realization that love and loving constitute wellness.

More than any one method of medical treatment the philosophical, metaphysical or religious paths of service offer a way to teach those who wish to learn how to call inwardly and move toward that inner room wherein the heart of silence speaks its blessed and hallowed chant: love praising love, love thanking love, love having any emotion whatever to love. The soul which seeks persistently this inner sanctuary, the mercy seat of the heart, is as the one who chooses to go into the grand hall and to set the table for a sumptuous banquet. To the human eye the banquet hall may not exist. To the heart within, beating in faith, the hall shall fill to overflowing and the feast shall take place.

The over-arching energy which heals is accessed through faith. Then what each seeker does with that open channel of love and faith is very much dependent upon that seeker’s particular journey. Many are the ways to teach faith. Each who is a parent teaches, by the way it deals with its children, the ways of faith and blessed indeed is that child whose parents have retained a strong sense of the importance of living faithfully. Blessed indeed is that child who learns not only to value knowledge, wisdom, and power but also to value the ways of faith and the ways of service.

The question for this session was from N who asked: “How would Q’uo go about designing a healing strategy that would encompass all of the needs of third-density entities if Q’uo were itself a third-density entity, here with that purpose in mind?” Q’uo responded by saying that they would be equally limited and have the same problems that any third-density entity would have in being able to deal with their self-perceived limitations [that are presented by the veil of forgetting.] They went on to say that our true self has the Creator within us so that we are full of grace, beauty, and healing, and if they were in our position they would also be confused by the illusion of third density and any attempt to create universal healing. Q’uo continued by saying that health was not just concerned with sickness and disease but was the realization that one is a child of the Creator, and that true health was concerned with love and loving others. They said that the philosophical or metaphysical paths offered the means whereby one learns how to call inwardly to where the heart speaks of love praising love, love thanking love, love having any emotion whatever to love. They said that primary energy of healing is achieved by living a life in faith and love that is unique to each seeker. On May 8, 1993, Q’uo spoke of the value of faith in the healing process:

The healing session done from the standpoint of one who accepts and allows the free flow of healing energy, and which trusts and has faith in the intelligence of this energy is effective to perhaps a deeper degree than the session done from the standpoint of keen awareness. However, the keenness is especially useful in preparation for a healing session to bring the nerve within to a fine tuning so that the healer is fully awake and aware within the self. Then in the actual session this keenness rests ever so lightly on the unified ocean of serene calm in which metaphysical healing takes place. So, each attitude is effective, one more so before the session when preparations are made within the self, the other for use within the session when the energies of faith are most appropriate.

Those within your churches who preach according to some religious system have a great opportunity to teach in healing ways. Indeed, when one discovers any path of service one may see that this too is a way to bear witness to the forces and energies of wellness or healing. Let us gaze at the simple concept of wellness or health here, for it is our perception that the third density is not intended to be universally healed. The perceived imperfections of the illusion are innumerable, and it is a virtue of third density illusion that it continues rough, unfinished, and unhealed. These are the conditions which promote rapidity of learning. The real health of the soul is not risked by the third-density conditions, whatever they be. It is necessary and desirable, in terms of the opportunity to grow and to go forward upon the journey of seeking, that the physical conditions, mental conditions, and emotional conditions experienced be perceived as broken.

This is a difficult concept to grasp. Why would the Creator allow, much less determine, that suffering on a continual basis be part of the excellent and beautiful plan for spiritual seeking? This does not have an obvious answer, yet we feel it is true. The virtues of your environment contain none greater than that virtue of predictable imperfection and limitation. What the Creator has in mind, we feel, is not an increase in health of the body or of the mind or of the emotion but rather a continuing possibility for improvement in the balancing and aligning of mind, body, emotions, and spirit.

Health, then, can be seen to be within third density that state in which the entity—and each is unique—has achieved a stable balance within the self so that each energy has space for clarity and focus, much as you would see a color become more pure so one could envision the energies of the entity becoming more true, more just in balance and proportion, one to the other. This point of balance is unique for each unique entity.

Were we to attempt to teach perfection, that concept might, in one powerful moment, dismiss all illusion. However, we cannot move into your perceived reality and hook perfection out of the sea of confusion like a fish, nor would we be doing the Creator’s work to attempt to lift any body into perfection. We count ourselves most blessed if we are simply able to suggest to even one entity that a stubborn focus upon infinite perfection will take the energies as they are and will, through time, produce for that entity such visions and clues concerning balance as are necessary for that individual’s progress.

How does this relate to a concerted attempt to put into manifestation the ideal healing environment? This question is a large one. We would suggest that there is no higher standard than that which is implicit in this question. It is to—we correct this instrument—it is a call to a great adventure to seek with great energy to materialize such an environment. This environment shall be visualized more and more frequently as your time moves forward for many entities now have become aware, both of the many, many ways of affecting cures and healing and also of the supreme place that faith has within an entity’s individual health. These two concepts are ones we would suggest for contemplation.

Now Q’uo said that in the third density it is not necessary that all imperfections of the body, mind, or emotions be healed because the unhealed imperfections are a means of learning and do not cause any problems for the soul. Then Q’uo said that the Creator feels that this is a helpful way for the soul to continue in the balancing of the mind, the body, the emotions, and the spirit so that a stable balance may be achieved which is unique for each soul. Q’uo went on to say that they cannot teach perfection, but they can suggest that each soul aim for perfection in the balance of the mind, body, and spirit as this process would produce clues and visions that create the balance that is necessary for the individual’s progress. Q’uo completed their answer by saying that it is important in constructing the healing environment to aid the seeker in ways of affecting cures and healing and also the great value that faith has in achieving the seeker’s health. On May 28, 2006, Q’uo revealed how the healing environment may be created:

Let us be clear in stating that there is no push or pull to Reiki energy. It is not something that is given. It is, rather, an environment that is created. For the time that the Reiki work is being done, the patient lies in an increasingly Edenic environment. The distortions that create illness are suspended. The crystalline nature of the energy pouring through creates an alternative environment, and if the person chooses to accept the new environment, healing may occur. If the person chooses not to accept the healing environment, then it is as if it never occurred. No harm has been done, but also no healing will have occurred.

It is not at all necessary for an entity who is being healed to believe that anything is occurring. However, it is necessary for the entity to accept the new configuration of energy. Some entities are completely able to do this without believing at all in the entire exercise. They are able to say, “Given that such a thing occurred, then I accept the healing.” It is not belief that is necessary, but the willingness to accept a new environment that is required.

We would wish to allow this response to be received by the one known as N before responding further, if that is acceptable to those within this circle. We pause for communication.

Jim: That’s fine with us, Q’uo. Thank you.

Q’uo: Very well, my brother. Then we would ask if there is a query upon the material given or another line of questioning at this time.

Jim: I have no other questions myself, Q’uo. I appreciate what you’ve said.

We are those of Q’uo and we thank you, my brother. We are not quite ready to leave this delightful gathering and would speak a bit further but did not wish to move forward in that which we specifically gave in answer to the opening question.

We would speak to this entity’s question, for we are aware, of course, when a channel such as this one questions whether it is still being of service. We encourage each to ask questions such as this. It is not wise to be smug or to feel that one has gotten the final answer. It is quite healthy, shall we say, for this question to come up when the world does not beat a path to your door, when meetings are small, when, as we see in this instrument’s thinking, that physical parameters are unmet, such as money for the publications, it is perfectly logical to question one’s path of service.

We then must say where is the heart of service, for you? Where is love, for you? Where are your gifts? Which gifts do you wish to use? When seeking answers to questions concerning service we encourage the exploration of one’s own gifts for each entity moves into the third-density illusion with all of its woes and wonders with a certain package of gifts, a certain combination of virtues and darker virtues, which you call vices, and out of this broken and seeking existence blooms forth all of the beauty and generous harmony of that same entity’s blossom of selfhood.

So we ask the instrument to take the time in the following days to contemplate its gifts and to seek an inner feeling of certitude concerning the service which is desired to be given so that the service may once again be made calm and unruffled by self-doubts. Always, it is not the outer appearance which determines the success of employing one’s gifts but, rather, one must simply move as one feels to move, always being aware that the service is service to love, in love, for love, by means of love alone.

We would encourage each to lift the heart, lift the mind, lift the viewpoint, just as the sun seems to lift the flower bud, lift the grasses and the leaf. Attempt to give yourselves the freedom within to turn to…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…towards the light, as that light is most deeply and purely perceived.

To sharpen these perceptions, again we say, spend time contemplating. Certainly it is good to have the meetings together, for those who seek together band together in a way which improves the hearing, shall we say, of all involved and creates a much improved atmosphere for seeking, but more than this, spend the time alone seeking, whether in prayer, meditation or in the joy, the laughter and the fellowship. Spend time praising and rejoicing. Why rejoice? Why give thanks and praise? Because the greatest energy of all is always the same: love is always the over-mastering power and Creator. No matter what the experience, praise, joy, and thanks are appropriate. When one can, even for a moment, see and feel the truth of the turning to love above all things, then shall healing truly multiply.

Carla had a question about whether she was still being of service as the channeling sessions were small, and there were concerns about having enough money to publish publications. Q’uo began by asking Carla what the heart of her service was, and what were her gifts because everyone in the third density incarnates with various gifts of a light and even a dark nature because it was from such a situation that the harmony and beauty of the life would bloom forth. So Q’uo suggested that Carla contemplate her gifts so that she could see how she could offer them in the confidence that she was offering love at all times as her service to love. Then Q’uo recommended that her heart, mind, and viewpoint be lifted up in freedom towards the light as purely and deeply as it could be perceived.  Q’uo completed their thoughts by saying that Carla should continue to hold meetings and share seeking with others as each could aid the other, but she should also spend time in solitude in meditation, or praying, and in praising and rejoicing as this was the most powerful way of turning to the Love of the Creator so that healing could truly multiply. On April 26, 1992, Q’uo spoke of how gifts of service can be manifested:

We may, however, remind each to think in memory of all the unexpected gifts of service which have moved into manifestation in each of your lives: the bread returning upon the waters again and again tenfold, a hundredfold, until you cannot count all the blessings which come into the life. The energy for these blessings is begun in the self’s desire to give of the self. As it gives, it creates an energy which is forever spherical, and returns and returns and lifts one higher and higher each time it returns. The way of service is a way of spiritual evolution. To figure out how to be unselfish in an illusion—and a deep illusion, for it is ours also—where service to others is the most efficient of service to the self if one desires to evolve spiritually, is somewhat marvelous, is it not?

May this bread returning upon the waters be a sign to you. When you see the manifestation of love given to you, hear that consolation, hear those energies being registered in the heart of the Creator Self, for all is one and as you serve one, those tender and merciful feelings, those gentle hands and soft, kind words, those strong supportive silences move out through whatever bafflement may seem to stop the service into the memory of your entire planetary sphere and become a part of that which is positive about your planet. No good intention, no desire to help is ever lost. Do not let the illusion’s disconsolate, apparent nature cause you or any to stumble upon the path of service to others. But let it redouble your desire as you know that all your love has flown to the heart of the Creator Self of this planet and is immediately a portion of the light of the world.

We would at this time leave this instrument and this group, apologizing for the lack of satisfactory answers. However, we are dealing, when we deal with healing modalities, in an area in which, through this instrument at this time, the information we may share is, and will continue to be, of a nature more abstract than practical. However, we would not wish to employ this instrument differently. And there you are—a situation.

As we close, we would say to the one known as N, that portion of us which is Latwii greets and blesses the one known as N and thanks the one known as N for enjoying our jokes.

We would leave you in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. Adonai. Adonai. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I changed out the sheets and pillow cases as I do at the end of each month. Then I put them in the wash with some other clothes. When they came out of the wash, I ironed the pillow cases and flat sheet. Then Anna and I synchronized our computers to listen to Carla channel Ra in Session #36 while we read the words she was channeling. The basic information concerned the relationship between the mind/body/spirit complex, the Higher Self, and the mind/body/spirit complex totality, and we had a good deal of discussion about these relationships. When our session was complete, I went upstairs and gave Benny some catlax in her food as she is doing well taking her two medications for heart failure and elevated kidney values, but I have recently requested medication for her constipation as well.

This afternoon I ran a couple of errands with my first stop being at Feeder’s Supply where I bought some kitty litter and picked up some more petunias at Paul’s Fruit Market to put in another area of the flower garden in the middle of the Moss Garden that deer seem to have eaten. Then I bought some food for myself. My next stop was at Walgreen’s where I bought some Tylenol and some Pepsi Zero. Then I got another load of garden soil from the driveway side of the pet garden and put it in some more of the ceramic tile tubes that I have made a pyramid out of next to the Secret Garden in the back yard.

I am thinking of you today, Chloe, on the second anniversary of your passing into larger life as one of the sweetest kitty cats I have ever known and loved.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 30

The Natural Darkness Of Flesh

I am the voice of Christ’s consciousness of Love to the world and I greet you in the Love of Jesus the Christ.

This instrument has long pondered why there is discomfort to the instrument when the instrument begins to tune itself and prepare for contact with the spirit of the living God. Know ye that you are both light and darkness. As it has been written, the light came into the world, but the darkness knew it not.

One who seeks the living Spirit that speaks to the world today seeks the light which the world recognizes not, nor does the body in the natural darkness of flesh.

Thusly, when the mind and spirit are entrained to a higher and more compassionate tuning, there is created within the being a unity in which one part does not recognize the other. The light does not recognize the darkness, nor the darkness, the light.

Know that you are both and that your choice is always the darkness of a world which has not thought of Christ or the Light which is the powerful and renewing thought of Christ in the world.

We leave you in peace, both now and through eternity. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.