I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from March 13, 1994:

This afternoon our question is: “How is it that the Creator steps down His, or Her, or Its conscious being in order to occupy a physical body and utilize the various rays of the bodies and have an incarnation?”

(Carla channeling)

We are those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the infinite One. We cherish this opportunity to share our vibrations and our thoughts with you. It is a privilege to be able to respond to your call, and we most thankfully do so. As always, we ask that each use his personal discrimination in hearing our opinion, releasing that which is not part of your personal truth at this time and taking only that which has touched a sympathetic chord within you.

You ask this day how the Creator has stepped down its selfhood in, and to experience as, a third-density entity. The shortest and most bluntly accurate answer to the query is that the Creator has not stepped down this selfhood in anywise, in any density, or circumstance. The truth is the Creator; the rest is illusion. All that you strive to comprehend, you already know. All that you strive to be, you already are. However, free will so dances with each entity in this Creatorhood. Thus each entity becomes unique within illusion and the oddity and peculiarity through illusion is valuable.

However, let us move back to the point that the Creator is manifest in you and in all whom you see. Similarly, as regards healing. The healing is already perfected. Insofar as the entity wishing can lay hold of the vibrations which are those chosen to the original Vibration, just to that extent has the individual opened the self to a new reality with illusion. The vibration of selfhood is seldom grasped. The basic vibration of a self, or entity, is the vibration which is identical to the vibration of Love, this overlaid by the range of vibrations presently enjoyed and which contains undertones begins the history, shall we say, of accumulated vibratory processes. An entity, then, is as powerful metaphysically as the degree of awareness of the original Vibration which it can lay hold of and sustain an intimate relationship with.

It is difficult, we know, to even contemplate or ideate the situation in which you, in all of the glorious imperfection of hastening life, are yet the Creator. This truth is basic and many paths to the Creator posit this in one way or another. Each within third density is conscious of himself. This self-consciousness is a great prize. The awareness of self is at one and the same time a great burden. Prize and burden. Self-consciousness opens the door to entities working consciously upon the self to the end of becoming more wise, more secure, more filled with charity and many other human reasons. This self-consciousness is a kind of anguish, the looking in the mirror. It is the great tool of third density.

If an entity should be able, within manifestation, to focus fully within the consciousness of self this hypothetical individual would feel the full force of Godhead or Creatorship. Needless to say, few there are who have even touched that quality of self-awareness while in manifestation. Indeed, the plight of humans dealing with their creatorship is much like that of the swimmers in the ocean which is a mile deep. That of which the swimmer is aware barely even scratches the surface of the sea. And so it is with consciousness that all the highs and lows of thought encompass merely the surface of selfhood, for that surface is the surface whose depths cry out in praise of the one infinite Creator. Does the Creator, then, praise Itself? Yes, this is so. All of creation sings a hymn of praise and thanks. This is the vibration of being; this is your nature. Insofar as one may lay hold on this truth and allow it to be described within, some learning shall occur.

The question for this session was: “How is it that the Creator steps down His, or Her, or Its conscious being in order to occupy a physical body and utilize the various rays of the bodies and have an incarnation?” Q’uo began their reply by saying that the Creator does not step down its selfhood, for all entities are the Creator, that we are already a unique expression of the Creator, and all else is illusion. Then Q’uo said that each entity is as metaphysically powerful as it is aware of it being the infinite Vibration of Love and its ability to sustain an intimate relationship with It. Q’uo went on to say that it is hard to imagine that each entity in all of its imperfections is the Creator, but each will discover a unique path to the realization of the Creator because of these imperfections.  Q’uo continued by saying that if an entity were aware of the true nature of its being it would feel the full nature of its Creatorship, but most entities are unaware of this truth. However, Q’uo said that in the depths of each entity it cries out in praise of the one infinite Creator which is much like the Creator praising Itself. Q’uo said that if we can become aware of this truth, and allow it to be described within, some learning shall occur. On July 8, 1984, Hatonn described the true nature of all entities as the infinite Creator:

Just so, my friends, you are we, and we all are the Creator. To put it in quite another way, the unimaginable vastness and complexity of the universe is honed on the sharpness of the one Thought and that is Love. That word, Love, has been greatly harmed by overuse among your peoples, so that when we say that all is Love, it may not mean what we wish it to mean. Therefore, we try to find infinitely various ways of saying that all is Light, that all is One, that all is the Creator, that all that you have to do within your illusion is serve each other, for in serving each other you serve the Creator.

In other terms, for we are aware that this query was asked for various reasons, the identity or vibration of Love at the moment of creation was given all of the densities and sub-densities, those coming into being in an inevitable pattern representing the settled view of the infinite intelligence which regarded the creation prior to your own. Thusly each of you walks a trail which was improved and embellished by selves walking before and in the unimaginable time when time has stopped and started again, another creation shall experience the Creator with densities and sub-densities now improved, because of the experiences of selves at this time, in this creation.

We would wish to speak of an experience this instrument had earlier in this day. The situation was grave. A soul lay close to dying. The priest with that soul was reading the prayers of ministry to the sick. With each prayer and affirmation, the sick man became calmer, but he could not hear well, so the priest raised his voice, reading the Twenty-third Psalm. “The Lord is my shepherd. I shall not want.” The patient became comfortable and as the last verse was spoken, “Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you, all the days of your life and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.” The man simply stopped breathing. It was a good death. This entity knew that he was in the house of the Lord, forever, and fear had no more place within him and the healing took place, instantly. It was a healing death. Insofar as each of you is aware that you dwell in the house of the Lord, forever, so also have you encountered and taken in a great truth.

The mind is far more powerful than any other force within your experience. What you know or think you know creates your illusion. Therefore, it is well to know what you know, to build only what you personally have experienced, and know from an organic and involved viewpoint. For the deepest part of what you know is what you are, not what you do or say. In this situation where there is illness and the heart cries for healing, the healing is that intangible process where the mind becomes aware of a more powerful field of energy than that expressed by the sickness. The physician may work upon the mechanical and chemical aspects of a body, tinkering with the mechanism and oiling the dry spots, as it were, but the actual state of that body is quenched by what the entity knows, or is. To put it another way, the highest energy an entity can access either consciously or unconsciously determines how much the ills of flesh shall move according to the rules of manifestation, in general.

The more sure awareness an entity has of the illusory nature of an illness, then the less this illness can actually create in the way of sickness. If there is a basic key to healing as opposed to curing, it is this: the awareness of the entity moves to that place where that entity feels sure this is reality, where that energy is when the entity states to itself, “This is who I am.” This is, indeed, who that entity is, where that entity will move, what limitation this will attend for learning and what suffering it shall enjoy as it learns. Each of you controls the degree of healing within by that which you know, that which you are, that which you desire, those three things. We encourage each to make a practice of knowing the Creator in self. The Creator is all. We encourage each to be that loving vibration first, and words and actions second.

We encourage each to desire only the most high truth, to desire far beyond that which can be stated or imagined, for as you seek, your thirst is expressed in the outstretched call of soul to all that resonates with it. So is attracted to that entity ministers of light, shall we say, drawn to you justly and appropriately in accordance with that for which you have desire. Therefore, lift your desires even higher. Seek to know that true and real vibration which is your identity. He who can vibrate with this desire is moving as quickly as possible along the trail of the pilgrim.

Now Q’uo said that as each of us moves through the octave of densities we are traveling a path that was created by the Love, or Logos, of infinite intelligence, and when this octave is completed the entities of the next octave shall walk a path that each of us has created in this octave. Then Q’uo spoke of Carla being with a dying man when the priest was reading from the Twenty Third Psalms: “Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow you, all the days of your life, and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord, forever.” And then the man died instantly as he no longer had any fear of death, so his death was a healing death. Q’uo continued by saying that what we know from our personal experience at the deepest level of our being is who we are, so the highest energy that we can access either consciously or unconsciously will determine how our bodily ills will be manifested.  Then Q’uo said: “Each of you controls the degree of healing within by that which you know, that which you are, that which you desire, those three things. We encourage each to make a practice of knowing the Creator in self. The Creator is all. We encourage each to be that loving vibration first, and words and actions second.” Q’uo completed their reply by suggesting that each should seek the highest truth in order to attract the ministers of light so that they might know the real nature of their identity as this is the fastest way to travel the path of the pilgrim. On July 5, 1981, Hatonn confirmed that the Creator is within all entities:

My sister, we would answer you by saying that to seek the love of the infinite Creator in each moment of your life is the greatest service and the greatest learning that can be accomplished upon your plane, for it is the lesson of this dimension to discover the love of the Creator within all that is experienced within the self, within the life, within the family, within the community, within each activity, each experience and there is, shall we say, an infinite amount of time to discover this love.

We would stop at this time and ask if there is any query, now that we have given this much material?

Jim: Not from me, Q’uo. I appreciate very much what you said. There is a lot to think about there.

Questioner: I don’t have a question, Q’uo.

Q’uo: We thank you, my brothers. We are unwilling to speak further upon this topic until there has been the mulling over and perhaps the direction taken for further querying. Therefore, we shall leave the subject. Before we leave the instrument, however, we would simply say a few words.

This instrument has no [emphasized] idea what we would have to say, so we shall have to ask this instrument to quit thinking, or we shall not be able to speak.


We ask each to breathe deeply. Take three or four breaths.

[Pause while this is done.]

My brothers and sister, we would speak with you concerning relaxation. Each of you is a keen and careful student of the mystery of life and eternity. You are concerned, metaphysically, to know and to understand, to grasp and to accelerate your learning, spiritually. Further, each of you is a careful and studious worker, always attempting to do the best. In relationships with people, each attempts always to give the best. This is all admirable and we do not fault this, however, it is a common and understandable error of the earnest and idealistic entity so to enmire the self within the strictures of desire and learning the heart forgets how to skip the mind, to sing. All entities need and crave not only the metaphysical truths, but also the immediate experiences which in their authenticity outrank the highest understanding.

We ask each in the days and weeks to come, to deliberate—we correct this instrument—to be deliberate about releasing the self into an immediate appreciation of the environment of your earth. To breathe in and breathe out, knowing that partnership with all living things. To feel the heart lift because the sun is golden, or the moon serene and beautiful. Even within the dwelling that earth and health and energy may be instantaneously pulled upward into the body and the body’s awareness by the direction of the will. Each entity has their feet upon the floor. We ask each entity—we correct this instrument—we ask each entity whose foot is on the floor to think that foot into contact with earth. Can you feel that energy now coming in the soles of the feet? It is your surety that this is possible that makes this possible.

You do not have to be amongst the trees and the grasses to get the energy of the earth to strengthen you, but you must be able to, by your will, assert that relationship and send out that attraction of desire. It is not wise to attempt to be too serious. It is wise to be the fool and be foolish regularly. For there is truth not just in the earnest and serious things of metaphysics, there is also much truth in the playful, in the energetic fun.

Therefore, we ask each please to attempt to open the self to lightness, merriment, fun, relaxation and the deep breathing that expands the mind, the soul, and the point of view. Hurry not. Cease rushing. Spend more time being. These things we encourage this circle, for the circle is very serious [humorously].

Q’uo ended this session with some words of advice and observed that seekers are usually trying to be of service in any way that they can with the highest of intentions, but they suggested that in this desire and learning the heart forgets how to relax, skip the mind, and to sing as this is more authentic than seeking the metaphysical truths. They went on to suggest that each student make a connection with the natural environment of the sun, the moon, and the feet upon the earth to feel that earth energy coming into the soles of the feet. Q’uo said that this was a way of replacing too much seriousness in the spiritual path with the playfulness of the fool, of developing a sense of humor, having fun, ceasing rushing, and spending more time just being. On December 16, 1990, Q’uo spoke of the value of a sense of humor:

That which your peoples call the sense of humor is, indeed, most helpful to any entity, no matter the position upon the path, or the placement within the life pattern. We see that which you call the sense of humor as being a sense of proportion where an entity is able to gain enough experience within the life that one may see a broader view. One stands upon a somewhat more elevated position, building experience upon experience, until that which you call wisdom is begun.

There is much in every entity’s life pattern and daily round of activities which lends itself to humor, nothing so much as the entity itself as it attempts to make a sense of and to form a cohesion from many disparate parts of the life which seem not to be held together well at all. There are innumerable instances in every entity’s life during which the entity will find itself playing the complete fool. This, in your mundane way of seeing things, often lends to the feeling of insecurity, doubt, and wondering if there will ever be a time where the entity will have control of itself and be able to do that which it wishes, when it wishes, and in the manner it wishes. We would utilize your sense of humor at moments such as this, if we were in your position, in order that we might be reminded that each of us contains those elements which are less than ideal, but are completely acceptable as portions of a personality that one attempts to discipline as one would the wayward child, in order that the lessons set before one might be learned with more efficiency.

Balance in all things, my dear ones. We thank each for this delightful opportunity and would, at this time, transfer the contact to the one known as Jim. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I began watering various gardens in the front and side of my house since it has been a while since we have had rain. Then I made a trip to The Home Depot to buy another sprinkler as the one I have now is not working right. When I got home two cubic yards of garden dirt were delivered to my home, and I had the Landscaping Company dump the dirt at the far end of the pet cemetery.

This afternoon I loaded three garden carts full of the garden dirt to the pyramid that I am building out of the clay tile pipes that I have made a pyramid out of and filled the last of the pipes with the dirt. Now I will let the upcoming rains settle the dirt down before I buy the flowers to transplant in the pyramid. The I transplanted the petunias that I bought yesterday into the flower garden in the middle of the Moss Garden and into a couple of the pots of petunias around the fishpond that needed more flowers.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

June 27

The Myth Of Reality

I am the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ and greet you in the consciousness of Love.

The myth of reality continues every moment, and you who experience this myth are hard put to see through it. Reality lies beneath the surface of outer things and beyond the meaning of minds and words. Reality is the province of the Spirit of Love. It is an invisible reality which can only manifest shadows of itself within the outer world.

As you seek to make your life more real, seek within in the innermost portion of your being, for in that stronghold the Spirit of Love holds full sway when given the opportunity.

Look, too, beyond the surface of the outer world into the realm of the beauty of meaning which lies behind what the senses may have you feel. For the Spirit is everywhere immanent, yet never fully disclosed unless one has the desire to see and hear reality.

We leave you in the profound peace of the reality of the consciousness of Love, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.