I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Q’uo quote comes from June 26, 1994:

The question this afternoon is from N, and after listening to a lot of our tapes, he says that it looks to him like there are three selves in incarnation: the higher self, the incarnational self and the illusional self, which he describes as basically the genetic material biased by the culture, and he would like to have a discourse on these three selves, and their relationship to each other, and I think we might want to correct the incarnational self and the illusional self as being sort of aspects of the same self, and we might want to add the soul that exists before the incarnation. If Q’uo would like to add any other selves, or subtract, we would be happy to listen, and… that’s it!

(Carla channeling)

Greetings. We are those of the Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator. We are known to you as those of Q’uo. Greetings in the love and in the light of the one infinite Creator. May we thank each for calling us to your circle of seeking this working. We are humbly pleased to have the opportunity of sharing concepts with you concerning your question. As always, we request that each who hears or reads may identify for the self those things which we have to offer to that self, for each entity has its own set of personal truths which speak to that place where that one spirit is at this particular moment. Therefore, take that which is of use at this moment and leave the rest behind.

When you ask us to speak concerning the various selves of a third-density human you ask us to take on a story of movement in well conceived and fastidiously executed patterns which describe what could be seen as an elliptical or circular process, in which tremendous amounts of time and space fall away from the present moment for incredible stretches of time and space. The relatively short period of the third-density cycle is preceded by tremendously long, unimaginably lengthy terms of space and time. And, similarly, after this third density experience, the continuing refining of choices made in this density are the agenda for millions of years of learning and service.

The first self, of course, is the great Self which is the one original Thought, Love itself, that infinite and creative principle from whose riches all who are self-aware have drawn not only the outer trappings of Creatorhood, but indeed the inmost essence of the infinite Creator. This great Self has no way to communicate Its essence. Consequently, in the fullness of free will, there comes that time of creativity wherein an octave of creation is begun with the sending forth of that which is One, that it might take upon Itself the partnership with manifestation which is the very fabric of space and time.

Out of space and time, then, is created by Light all that may be called so, and all that may be used by the self to move forward in that lengthy journey away from that great source of all that there is into more and more thickness of illusion, until that great Earth plane which you now experience is reached and the stuff of earth, air, wind, and fire becomes self-aware and self-determining.

Thusly, the first self is your true self, and that is the great Self. However, since the experience of self as the great Self is not available to most within third density, the examination of it is in this context unnecessary. Certainly, when that which you now perceive as self is born, when that impregnating of consciousness with self-awareness occurs, and the seeker as a new, self-aware consciousness—we correct this instrument—point or spark of consciousness enters the first of many incarnations within third density, that new self represents all of the instinctual selfhood of the creature which is the physical vehicle for humankind, and as the process of living, feeling, and sensing and experiencing begins, various distortions come to be within that selfhood in a repetitive manner, so that at the beginning of each birth, there is a self-entering birth which has already been biased and distorted in a lasting way by previous choices made during previous incarnations.

Each incarnation, then, is not only an opportunity to learn lessons of love, it is further an opportunity to emphasize those biases found within the self which are considered by the self to be positive or helpful. The self also has the opportunity to look again at each and every distortion which is pre-incarnative, which seems to have sprung from birth, rather than from incarnational experience, and to decide differently, thus loosening the framework of thinking and ideation, and reshaping it in small or large degree. Thusly, there is the opportunity, as a conscious being within incarnation, to use the consciousness that has been attained to look at the self, to look at the harvest of self anew and to have such an openness of mind that it will be possible for the self to work effectively upon the self.

N wanted Q’uo to comment on the higher self, the incarnational self, and the illusional self, but it was decided that the illusional self and incarnational self were probably the same, and perhaps the soul should also be discussed. Q’uo began their reply by giving an overview of the process of evolution of the Creator through millions of years of experience before and after the third density. They went on to say that the Creator used Its Free Will to focus through the power of Love to create the Light of all objects in space and time and the octave of densities that began with the first density of earth, wind, fire, and water. So, Q’uo said that our first self is our true self which is the Self of the Creator which most entities within the third density will not experience, so Q’uo said that it was not necessary to get into a discussion of it. Then Q’uo said that when the third density self is born as a consciousness into the instinctual awareness of a physical body, then the process of many incarnations will begin which will allow the third-density self to make choices and learn the lessons of love. Q’uo said that many of these lessons are pre-incarnatively chosen and allow the self to work effectively upon the self in order to obtain the harvest to the fourth density. On October 27, 1985, L/Leema spoke of the lessons of love:

It is rather the salient lesson and ambiance, if we may, of your illusion that entities work upon the lessons of love. Those lessons include the seemingly foolish giving of self without expectation of return, the movement within darkness with the faith that the Love of the one Creator exists in each portion of that darkness without knowing any fact for sure and yet giving wholly of the self regardless of the not being able to know. Yet do entities learn the lessons of love.

It is not likely that any within your illusion will move much past the lesson of love. Thus the recommendation to each is that one give wholeheartedly the truest and best of one’s treasures, that is, to give without consideration of return, and to give with the greatest intention to serve that one can find.

Now, the eternal or spiritual self, to use a general term, is only to a very small extent differing from that self which the query called the illusional self. The difference, however, seems quite large to the self-aware being, for it seems that there is an enormous chasm between the infinite self and the self within incarnation. However, there is the continuing difficulty of the subject observing itself. Selfhood tends to keep the self from seeing clearly into its own nature. Thusly, each entity may be of service to others by reflecting honestly and clearly for others that which is being received. Others have the gift to give you of this reflection.

Thus, we always encourage the listening ear and the understanding heart when entities are attempting to communicate, especially concerning relationships. For it is the gift of each to each that in communication a more objective or unbiased viewpoint might be had by all. Each has gifts of this kind to give, and each has much to receive, even from those who seem to be negatively impressed and critical. Open the ears always when this occurs, for perhaps truth may lie there, and perhaps freedom might come from a new perception of this truth.

For with each other’s help the incarnational self attempts more and more to conform its vibrational pattern to that one original pattern of great Selfhood. This is the object, to match the vibrational characteristics of the one infinite Creator. All of self-perceived selfhood is an illusion. All of creation is an illusion. There is nothing here. There is nothing there. There is only everything, and it takes up no time, nor space.

So, the distinction betwixt the self between incarnations and the self during incarnations is in fact a subcategory. An even smaller difference exists betwixt these two. But in terms of the work of incarnation, the difference is, of course, most telling. The times of meditation which we encourage are those opportunities wherein the self within incarnation is able to link up with those selves before, those lives before, and that self which more and more has become articulated through the continuing process of reincarnation. That self’s great desire is to move back into unpotentiated great Selfhood.

So, as incarnational beings, as incarnational selves, we relate to the self between incarnations as one who knows no secrets would relate to the twin, shall we say, or the fellow who knows all the secrets. So much within an incarnation, especially toward the end of a cycle, is already determined by the great weight of previous choice, that the memories of all that has gone before almost have more confusion to offer than riches to consider. However, we encourage the use of both meditative periods and sleeping and dreaming to more and more easily link into the self that exists between incarnations. While it is not the great Self, being a biased entity, it does nevertheless have much of wisdom which it aids entities to link up with within incarnation.

It is not so much the knowledge of what has happened in past lives that helps as it is the seating and grounding of the self from the part which blooms in incarnation down to the roots of that being which lie within that portion of your consciousness which carries all memory of previous lifetimes and other deep awarenesses such as the archetypical.

So we would encourage a model in which the incarnational human may be seen to be the bloom that arises and shall return to the elements which are used to create the personhood and walk it about on two legs. This blooming of self is related to its roots which feed and nourish it. That root is the abiding self, not yet the great Self, but that unfinished but heavily biased self which has learned, and relearned, and relearned many lessons already. There are things within this bloom which the roots wished to extirpate from the entire plant. There are ways of blooming which the roots hoped would become clear to this particular bloom, and that root of being roots down through all the illusion of all the incarnative selves and all the incarnations and becomes all that there is.

Now Q’uo said that the eternal, spiritual self was similar to the illusional self, but that this was difficult for the self-aware being to see, so it is helpful for each person to help others to reflect who each is as this is a gift all have to give each other. They said that this was helpful for everyone to see that they are a portion of the one Creator as all is an illusion, and within the relationships with others all are more able to match the vibration of the Creator. Q’uo suggested using meditation to make the connection between the incarnated self and the self before the incarnation so that the self’s desire to move back into the uncreated Selfhood may be realized. Then Q’uo said that working with sleep and dreams was also a way to connect with the self that exists between incarnations and discover more information to share about the nature of the self as the great Self seen in the way of the archetypical self in the roots of consciousness. Q’uo completed their thoughts by saying that the incarnational self could be seen as the bloom of a flower that is fed by its roots, and all of this information gives a fuller picture to the incarnated self of all of the incarnations so that it may become all that there is. On June 27, 1993, Q’uo described the nature of how we are all that there is:

The Creator created a great original Expression or Thought. This we have called the Logos, or Love. This principle, this Love, created all that there is by the quantizing articulation of Light. Yet all that is created is of the nature of its parent source, which is Love. The reason for offering love, appreciation, a blessing and thanksgiving to the infinite One is that the entity within incarnation is attempting to form its vibratory frequency more and more like that of the vibrational frequency of the one great original Thought, which is Love. The closer the seeker comes to matching that vibratory frequency, the more that entity will be perceived as offering praise and thanksgiving. This is true far beneath any articulation of words or even what you consider thoughts. Rather, it is in the nature of the way creation is built. That is, the original Thought expresses in Love, thanks, blessing, praise and rejoicing. Thusly, it is not a Creator hungry for praise and thanks that requires homage of its worshippers, but rather it is Love, it is reflected in love, and in that infinite reflection lies truth.

At this time we would transfer this contact to the one known as Jim. We thank this instrument as we leave it. We are those of Q’uo.

This morning I went outside and noticed that during the night we got over three inches of rain, which was such a blessing, but it also reduced the height of the fountain because of the additional water in the fishpond. So I pumped out just enough water to get the fountain back to its greatest height without hitting the schemer box and splashing out of the pond.

This afternoon I went outside and began weeding using my trimmer in various parts of the yard instead of weeding by hand at this time because the ground is too wet to walk or kneel upon.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

July 10

Be The Light

I am the principle of divine Love. I greet you in the full consciousness of that Love which is in Jesus the Christ.

You, as you gaze at yourself, cannot see that you are the light of the world. Disturbed with your own difficulties, confused about priorities, and in general bogged down in the waste, the paperwork, and the uselessness of many daily activities, it is easy to forget, and it is easy to relinquish your birthright.

Your birthright is to be sons and daughters of the one infinite Creator. You are the light of the world. Know and feel this in your heart. Know that through the grace of this principle which we represent, all your efforts shall be comforted and supported.

Do not think too little of yourself. Be the light of the world in gladness, joy, and singleness of mind and heart. Remember that which you are here to do: love each other. May you shine with the radiance of the Christ.

We are with you always in comfort and in the peace of unconditional love, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.