I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of neuro drama—re-enacting the negative programming and freeing the brain’s energy:

Neuro-Drama—Re-enacting the Negative Programming and Freeing the Brain’s Energy

Once we have enough information about our negative programming, either from dreams or actual memories, there is one final technique that we used in brain self-control therapy to remove the blockage in our energy centers that was keeping our consciousness from circuiting into our frontal lobes. That is what Lingo called “neuro-drama”. This was a re-enactment of the time of the negative programming that was designed to eventually get our consciousness into the indigo-ray energy center after all blockages were remembered and removed. It was called neuro-drama because in Lingo’s model of the brain, and its processing of catalyst, each blockage was seen as causing some neuronal synapses in the brain to remain open and unable to allow our consciousness to circuit forward into the frontal lobes. Instead, our consciousness was being drained away by the open synapses.

The way that the neuro-drama functioned was that after we had discovered how a blockage was programmed into us when we were children, we would choose another student to play the role of the adult that had programmed us negatively and relive the time of programming. When we were children we did not know that we had the right to stand up for ourselves in such instances of anti-life programming, so we took it in and looked at ourselves through the lens of that programming for the rest of our lives. . .until we discovered its negative effects in our life and set about to reverse them. So during the neuro-drama, when the anti-life programming was being thrust upon us, now we stood up for ourselves and shouted, screamed, cried and said an emphatic “No” to the adult who had inflicted us with this programming because now we knew without a doubt that we did have the right to stand up for ourselves. After we had gone through three of four of these re-enactments it was then possible that our consciousness would be circuited into our frontal lobes and our indigo-ray energy center would become activated so that we experienced what felt like an orgasm in our brains. This happened for me as well as a number of other students over the years.

Now I believe in the context of the energy centers and pre-incarnative programming, the analogy that Lingo used of neurons in the brain having open synapses that drained away our consciousness because of anti-life programming when we were children might not have been factually accurate or complete in its description of where this programming came from. It is my current opinion that we all chose these blockages or anti-life programs to be part of our spiritual path that we would process in one way or another to achieve the same result of awakening the indigo-ray energy center. The adults that provided the negative programming were playing their roles in providing us with the challenges that we would eventually balance and move forward from when we became conscious of the evolutionary process and became Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of life. There are no real victims or bad guys in any of our pre-incarnative choices and how they play out within our incarnations. There are merely actors upon the stage of life, each playing their part, as each of us helps the other to realize the One within us all. In 57.33, Ra described another way in which this circuiting of consciousness into the frontal lobes may occur:

The seeker seeks the One. This One is to be sought, as we have said, by the balanced and self-accepting self, aware both of its apparent distortions and its total perfection. Resting in this balanced awareness, the entity then opens the self to the universe which it is. The light energy of all things may then be attracted by this intense seeking, and wherever the inner seeking meets the attracted cosmic prana, realization of the One takes place.

The purpose of clearing each energy center is to allow that meeting place to occur at the indigo-ray vibration, thus making contact with intelligent infinity and dissolving all illusions. Service-to-others is automatic at the released energy generated by this state of consciousness.

This morning I decided to finish transplanting the pansies into the second flower pot on the front porch. Then I took an errand run and discovered that the 60 mph winds yesterday had taken huge trees down on the roads so that I had to take four detours in just a mile. I am afraid that this is the situation all over Kentucky this morning, thousands of big, beautiful trees are gone in just a few hours. Once I made it into Middletown I stopped at the Rainbow Blossom Health Food Store to buy some Vitamin B Complex. Then I stopped at Paul’s Food Market to buy some food for myself. At noon I joined the Seattle Law of One Study Group for our monthly Q & A session. As usual the questions were very thoughtful and took me into areas of the Law of One that were fun to explore. Our next zoom meet will be on April 1st, the eighth anniversary of Carla’s passing into larger life, so we will be talking about Carla and her legacy then.

This afternoon I went outside and began a rather large cleanup of the yard after almost 8 hours of 60 mph winds yesterday afternoon and evening brought down lots of small and middle-sized tree limbs. The wind also brought down one of my Dogwood trees in the front yard. I was certainly sorry to see it go. I planted it there about 25 years ago. I gathered three garbage cans of small limbs and nearly completed the back yard. I should be able to finish up tomorrow.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 4

Comfort For Your Sorrow

I am the spirit of the living Christ and I greet you in the fullness of the consciousness of love.

As you come to contemplation this morning, you come with sorrow in your heart.

See that sorrow. Acknowledge and bless it. Visualize it intensely. Every sorrow. Every sadness.

And as you gaze upon it, see the Comforter arrive. For by this loving attention to yourself you bid the Comforter to you, to minister and give care to your sorrow.

No seeking soul needs a justification for desiring comfort. The spirit of love comforts all who turn from sorrow to the beholding of sorrow, for as you are aware that you are sorrowful and as you then call us, so may love enter sorrow and make of it a beautiful thing, a little place in mind where tenderly you may wrap and tenderly put away the occasion for sorrow and distress, knowing that in the larger view you shall be comforted.

We leave you in peace and joy, both now and evermore. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the section on journaling:


Once we are able to record dreams that have messages for us that give us clues to the energy blockages in our brains or life patterns, we need to use the tool of keeping a journal of these dreams. In our journals we can begin to interpret the meaning of each dream and how these dream messages may be related to early childhood programming by adults such as family, teachers, neighbors, and friends. These people were authority figures that exercised some kind of power of enculturation over us that may not have been of a positive nature. In fact, what our dreams are likely to tell us is how this programming was actually part of the cause of the energy in our brains being unable to circuit forward into our frontal lobes because it was, in its very basic essence, anti-life or controlling. We were being programmed with negative concepts by basically good people who were just repeating the process of enculturation that they had learned when they were young. However, I think it is important to remember that such programming may well be part of our own pre-incarnative choices and not just the imposition of the will of others upon us.

Examples that I previously shared were being told that we were not good enough, smart enough, or strong enough emotionally to be successful. Another common and powerful anti-life programming is being told that we should avoid any kind of sexual experience because sex was dirty or hurtful. In general most of us were conditioned as children to do what we were told by grownups whether we were given a reason for obeying or not. Frequently, in these kinds of programmings, we were not treated as worthy human beings who had a right to take part in the decision-making process that directly affected our well being. Again, this type of programming may lay the groundwork for our spiritual paths to develop later in life. As Ra frequently said: “There are no mistakes.”

The journaling process is very helpful in carrying on a conversation with our memories of such programming. We will often get hints that come from our subconscious minds that occur much like automatic writing while we are immersed in thoughts, memories, and emotional responses to the messages in our dreams. In this quote Q’uo gives the process for journaling as part of working with dreams:

In terms of the mechanics of working with dreams, we would encourage the habit of keeping a small flashlight of some kind, a pad of paper, and a writing instrument at hand before going to bed. If one does awaken during the night with the memory of a dream, one is able, without waking oneself up totally, to turn on this small and non-intrusive light that gives one the opportunity to write down one’s memories.

It is not necessary at the time of writing those memories down to work with them. It is enough simply to record the thoughts and then to turn off the flashlight, put down the paper and pen, and go back to sleep. It is, however, helpful at some point during the next waking period to go back over these hastily jotted notes, perhaps typing them into a more lasting record and journaling about them in any way that you find yourself wishing to do.

It is perfectly acceptable to use the rational, intellectual mind with its analytical capabilities. It is equally acceptable, and to be encouraged, to help the mind to run off of the logical tracks on which it so often stays due to old habit, and to invite the quirky combinations of thoughts and the insights that come at one from sideways when one allows what this instrument calls the “mind sagging in the middle,” so that points that seemingly are far distant from each other are suddenly brought close and new connections are made. We speak specifically of that seeming dichotomy between the so-called left brain and right brain.

Allow the dreaming process to create opportunities for you to link those two ways of thinking as you contemplate your dreams with insight as well as logic. Encourage your mind to become more and more integrated with itself and able to move with more and more facility between that logic of space/time and that insight of metaphysical space or time/space. You are a dweller in two worlds and the dreaming process helps you to investigate that second world, which is not easily available to be seen in the haunts of humankind. Q’uo, September 4, 2005.

Oftentimes, while journaling on specific dream messages, I was also able to recall a specific memory that had a long-term negative impact. This is one example. When I was in the fourth grade my mom caught me with a magazine that had a picture in it of a woman who was naked from the waist up. She took the magazine from me and told me that I should not be looking at such pictures because they were naughty. She told me that if I had any questions about sex that I should ask her. But I didn’t know what to ask. No one had ever discussed sex with me. I had nothing to go on. And this eventually gave me work to do to remove this blockage in my consciousness much of which is described in some detail by what Q’uo says about sexuality in this quote:

We may encourage each to feel within the self the full range of male to female qualities as they arise within, for all aspects of polarity teach. However, it is especially helpful to move in mind to the extreme that is the antithesis of the self, and so attempt to furnish the mind and the spirit with a more and more universal perspective. This perspective is certainly reached partially by swinging between male and female. However, in each case where an entity is more markedly in the cultural stereotype of its sex, therein lies the opportunity to increase one’s depth of compassion by moving firmly and regularly into the opposite perspective.

Note within the mind’s conversations as well as conversations with others, instances wherein generalities are made stating that women are such-and-such or men are such-and-such. It will be seen quickly that the generalizations cover, but do not obliterate, uneasiness and even fear of some aspect of the otherness of the other sexual gender. In terms of the red ray, marked polarity is greatly beneficial betwixt the two biological sexes. In terms of orange and yellow-ray relationship potential, it is as helpful to be devoted to considering the antithetical point of view as it is to be an advocate for one’s own gender. Q’uo, May 23, 1993.

However, I do realize that it was very likely beyond the ability of my mom or dad—or most people for that matter—to be able to consider the nuances of how the sexuality of male and female is most harmoniously expressed and how this might be taught to children. There are so many different ways of expressing sexual identity as evidenced by the current repression of LGBTHQ people. This type of sexual repression is a definite sign that we all need to engage in communication and acceptance as to who we and others are as unique human beings and remove the discrimination against those who are in the minority of sexual identities.  

Today we are getting almost constant rain, but I noticed a period of light rain and decided to try to get the pansies that I bought yesterday transplanted into the two flower pots on the front porch. I was able to get one pot full of pansies, but I had to stop as the rain picked up in intensity again. High winds were also forecast for today, and they waited until the rain was done in the late afternoon to come. I can see a lot of limbs down outside, and picking them up will be my job for tomorrow.

 So, I was able to get the first floor of my home vacuumed. I have also been able to reply to a large number of emails that I have received today from various friends around the country.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 3

Toward Wholeness Of Perception

I am the spirit of the living Christ, the full consciousness of love. I greet you in love. I greet you, as I greeted you yesterday and as I shall greet each seeker always, in wholeness and in the entirety of peace.

For though the effect of the sweet peace of the Holy Spirit is often galvanizing, the catalyst itself is that end to which all seekers pray. For that which transforms is that which holds a higher truth and a higher reality; that which is, in an entire sense, more nearly whole.

Therefore, as the mind of the seeker becomes more and more able to hear the voice of the spirit, the fundamental perception of the seeker shall progressively become more nearly whole.

We leave you in the fullness of peace and love, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of dream work:

Dream Work

I remember as a child in grade school having dreams that caught my attention because they were so wild and crazy. I still remember one in which I was watching a rocket ship blast off for outer space, and I wanted to get on it and ride along. However, most of my experiences with dreams in later years was probably like most people’s in that I really didn’t give much credence to what happened in dreams, and I quickly forgot about them. But all of that changed in the summer of 1972, when I attended the Adventure Trails Survival School in the Rocky Mountains forty miles west of Denver, Colorado. I began dream work that could be described in general terms much like the following quote from Ra:

As a mind/body/spirit complex consciously chooses the path of the adept and, with each energy center balanced to a minimal degree, begins to open the indigo-ray energy center, the so-called dreaming becomes the most efficient tool for polarization; for if it is known by the adept that work may be done in consciousness while the so-called conscious mind rests, this adept may call upon those which guide it, those presences which surround it, and, most of all, the magical personality (which is the higher self in space/time analog) as it moves into the sleeping mode of consciousness. With these affirmations attended to, the activity of dreaming reaches that potential of learn/teaching which is most helpful to increasing the distortions of the adept towards its chosen polarity. 86.7

In this quote Ra listed a number of unseen forces such as our guides, angelic presences, magical personality, and I would add our subconscious minds, that are available to help us become aware of our dreams as well as interpret their symbolic meaning. In 95.18, Ra gave a basic description of a dream vocabulary that would be available to us in interpreting our dreams:

Questioner: Thank you. A question has been asked [which] I’ll ask at this time. In processing the catalyst of dreams is there a universal language of the unconscious mind which may be used to interpret the meaning of dreams, or does each entity have a unique language of its unconscious mind which it may use to interpret the meaning of dreams?

Ra: I am Ra. There is what might be called a partial vocabulary of the dreams due to the common heritage of all mind/body/spirit complexes. Due to each entity’s unique incarnational experiences there is an overlay which grows to be a larger and larger proportion of the dream vocabulary as the entity gains experience.

I had been communicating with T.D. Lingo, who ran the Adventure Trails Survival School, for a couple of months before I attended the Brain In Nature Course that he offered. In this course of study and self-therapy, dreams played a primary role in unlocking what he referred to as the dormant frontal lobes of the brain, or what most people would call the indigo-ray energy center.

The theory that Lingo put forth said that all of us have blockages in our brains that are the result of anti-life programs that are set in motion by the adults in our lives by the time we are around seven years of age. He said that we could use dream analysis to give us the nature of these blockages, and with that knowledge we would eventually be able to remove the blockages so that the natural ability of the brain to circuit consciousness into the frontal lobes would be freed to function in its normal way.

He said that this process worked the best in the primal nature environment where the stimuli reaching the brain are of an organic nature rather that the frenzied static that is the normal product of living in the urban environment. He said that this overstimulation functioned to keep the brain locked in its blocked mode. So each of the students was given instructions as to how to build a lean-to out of sight of the base camp, and we spent our nights there in sleeping bags with a paper, pencil, and flashlight close at hand to record our dreams. The flashlight had a sock over it to keep from waking us completely as we came out of the dream and attempted to record it as soon as we could. Then we would go back to sleep and await another dream.

He told us that our first task was to convince our subconscious minds that we were serious about wanting to discover the handful of blockages that were keeping our brain from being able to circuit our consciousness into our frontal lobes. Our tools for doing this were meditation, contemplation, and prayer. If we were successful in gaining the cooperation of our subconscious minds he said that the first phase of our dreaming process would be what he called the “junking out process”.  All kinds of incredible images, messages, and experiences would begin pouring out in our dreams. If we were faithful in recording all of these bits and pieces of thoughts and images, then we would begin to receive more clarified images and messages that were in a kind of coded form. There was a feeling about them that they were important and had messages for us that were usually symbolic in nature although some dreams were quite clear and revealed past memories of instances where we were forced to accept ideas and behaviors from our parents and teachers that were what could be called anti-life or controlling of our behavior in a deleterious way. The overall effect of these kinds of experiences was that they stunted our emotional and spiritual growth rather than stimulating them. Many times these programs were telling us that we were not good enough, that we were stupid, that we needed to obey and give up our free will, and sex was usually represented as dirty and shameful.

As years have gone by, and I have studied the Ra material, I believe that what we were really accessing was some of our more basic pre-incarnative choices that we had chosen with the help of our guides. These pre-incarnative choices would give us a chance to learn spiritual lessons that would aid us on our journey of serving others and seeking the one Creator. However, many of these lessons manifested in ways that may have seemed negative and hurtful so that we could consciously work with them and transform them into positive choices and spiritual growth. I will give you a personal example that I asked Ra about in 59.3:

Questioner: I have a question from Jim that states: “I think I have penetrated the mystery of my lifelong anger at making mistakes. I think I have always been aware subconsciously of my abilities to master new learnings, but my desire to successfully complete my mission on Earth has been energized by the Orion group into irrational and destructive anger when I fail. Could you comment on this observation?”

Ra: I am Ra. We would suggest that as this entity is aware of its position as a wanderer, it may also consider what pre-incarnative decisions it undertook to make regarding the personal, or self-oriented, portion of the choosing to be here at this particular time/space. This entity is aware, as stated, that it has great potential, but potential for what? This is the pre-incarnative question.

The work of sixth density is to unify wisdom and compassion. This entity abounds in wisdom. The compassion it is desirous of balancing has, as its antithesis, lack of compassion. In the more conscious being this expresses or manifests itself as lack of compassion for self. We feel this is the sum of suggested concepts for thought which we may offer at this time without infringement.

Now I would like to share a pivotal experience in my life that I shared with you in 102 but feel that it bears repeating in this section.

So in order to balance wisdom I apparently decided pre-incarnatively that I needed more compassion in my life. But the way I was able to achieve that was by dealing with anger or lack of compassion for myself. This is what Dr. Michael Newton, (Journey of Souls) called “opposites programming”. It is the way many of our lessons are learned. So my first demonstration of anger at myself that I remember was in the fourth grade when I was trying to hit a baseball with a bat by throwing the ball in the air and swinging the bat at it. I kept missing the ball, so I got angry and threw the bat through the bathroom window.

As I grew older and was doing one kind of work or another I would respond to errors I made in the work by getting angry at myself and throwing something or breaking something. I used a lot of duct tape and super glue in those days. Then, one night, just before going to bed, I was sitting in this chair in this room typing on my computer. The power cord came out of the computer three times, and I finally got angry and whacked the back of the monitor with the power cord and broke the monitor. I went to bed a few minutes later, totally demoralized. As I lay in bed I thought to myself, “What if I could accept myself right now in this depth of despair after having broken another valuable tool?” Immediately my heart starting pounding and tears began rolling from my eyes. I knew that I finally loved and accepted myself, and it only took 68 years to do it! Some lessons are meant to take most of the incarnation to learn.

Now we come to the second stage of this freeing of the energy of the frontal lobes that Lingo said was crucial in this self-therapy: journaling, which will be covered in the next section.

This morning I shared a zoom meet with three friends, each of which I have known for over 50 years. We are studying The Ra Contact: Teaching the Law of One and Living Buddha, Living Christ, by Tich Nhat Hanh, but today we concentrated on The Ra Contact. We always have a check-in to start our meeting off, and this time it was most interesting because two of our group went to Costa Rica within the last month, and they said that they had a magical time there. As usual, our study was very interesting as we stopped numerous times in our reading to discuss the spiritual concepts that Ra and Don were talking about.

This afternoon I used my garden rake to rake the loose dirt, that had been dug out to make room for the large pipes for the new sump pump, into the small gap between my brick walk that I reinstalled yesterday. Then I walked on the dirt to pack it down and added more where needed. Then I used my rake to spread the large amount of remaining dirt evenly on both sides of the bricks so that I can eventually sow some grass seed in this area and complete the renovation project.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 2

Lift To The Light

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in divine love.

Has your consciousness failed you this day? Have you awakened feeling as though your candle were nearly burnt out and only a breath of fuel kept you aflame? Have you felt the hard press of cold winds, either literally or in the sense of harsh language and cruel deeds done about you and to you?

In these sometimes sober days, when winter is slowly releasing its grip upon the icy earth and spring is a force still far too attenuated to observe, the life may seem suspended; the heart weary; the spirit sore.

Lift your aching heart to the light now and feel the courage, the humor, the strength, and the joy of surrender to love. You do not have to accept the reality which your body and your senses provide you, for your reality is locked in the full consciousness of love that is the heart of yourself and your gateway to that greater self which is the infinite and divine One in whose name Jesus the Christ comes to give good news to a weary world.

Lift up your hearts and be joyful. We leave you in love and peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the section on the indigo stimulation, activating that great gateway into healing, magical work, prayerful attention, and the radiance of being:

The Indigo Stimulation, Activating That Great Gateway into Healing, Magical Work, Prayerful Attention, and the Radiance of Being

Before our present incarnations began, each of us, at the level of our soul essence, chose a variety of characteristics that we felt would be most helpful in learning the lessons that we had set before us as means by which to advance on our spiritual journeys of seeking and serving the one Creator. These characteristics would provide us ways of looking at our life situations in a light which would correspond to the lessons we wished to learn. They would provide us with catalyst as we interacted with other people and the world around us. This catalyst would have a range of expression which we would, as conscious spiritual seekers of truth, attempt to process in a manner that would continually add to our knowledge of ourselves as the one infinite Creator, as 360-degree beings, containing the universe within us. This processing of catalyst, or distortions if you will, can be seen as the definition of disciplines of the personality. In the quote below Ra was speaking of this same process as they described how our thoughts and reactions need to be balanced with their opposite thoughts and reactions:

In the context of doing work in the disciplines of the personality, in order to be of more full efficiency in the central acceptance of the self, it is first quite necessary to know the distortions of the self which the entity is accepting. Each thought and action needs must then be scrutinized for the precise foundation of the distortions of any reactions. This process shall lead to the more central task of acceptance. However, the architrave must be in place before the structure is builded. 82.3

In the two questions below Don asked Ra: “How do disciplines of the personality feed the indigo-ray energy center and affect the power of the white magician?Incidentally, I believe that as the seeker of truth opens the heart in unconditional love and moves into the work of the adept in the blue and especially the indigo-ray energy center, that the seeker can also be looked at as a white magician as it is attempting to create changes in its consciousness at will, which is the definition of a white magician.

74.7 Questioner: I’m not sure if I understand this. The question is, “How do disciplines of the personality feed the indigo-ray energy center and affect the power of the white magician?” Does that question make sense?

Ra: I am Ra. Yes.

74.8 Questioner: Would you answer it please?

Ra: I am Ra. We would be happy to answer this query. We understood the previous query as being of other import.

The indigo ray is the ray of the adept. A great deal of the answer you seek is in this sentence. There is an identification between the crystallization of that energy center and the improvement of the working of the mind/body/spirit as it begins to transcend space/time balancing and to enter the combined realms of space/time and time/space.

What I believe that Ra is saying in this quote is that as the adept/Player/white magician continues to use the balancing process to discipline its personality, it is crystalizing its indigo-ray energy center. As this crystallization process continues the adept is moving from the physical realms of space/time into the metaphysical realms of time/space as it is perceived in space/time. I believe that Ra is talking about the same process in 73.10 when they said: “There is some crystallization of the energy centers used during each working so that the magician becomes, more and more, that which it seeks.”And of course the adept is seeking the one Creator. The balancing process allows the adept to know itself, to accept itself, and to become the Creator. That is the same process as Ra spoke of in 74.11:

Questioner: Now, what I am trying to get at is how these disciplines affect the energy centers and the power, shall I say, of the white magician. Could you . . . will you tell me how that works?

Ra: I am Ra. The heart of the discipline of the personality is threefold:

One, know yourself.

Two, accept yourself.

Three, become the Creator.

The third step is that step which, when accomplished, renders one the most humble servant of all, transparent in personality and completely able to know and accept other-selves.

In relation to the pursuit of the magical working, the continuing discipline of the personality involves the adept in knowing itself, accepting itself, and thus clearing the path towards the great indigo gateway to the Creator. To become the Creator is to become all that there is. There is, then, no personality in the sense with which the adept begins its learn/teaching. As the consciousness of the indigo ray becomes more crystalline, more work may be done; more may be expressed from intelligent infinity.

So the first two steps of “know the self “and “accept the self “are the disciplines of the personality that are practiced as processing or balancing catalyst. The third step of “becoming the Creator” is the goal of the disciplines of the personality. This is a journey that all of us are upon and a goal that all of us will eventually accomplish as we move through this octave of densities. To become the Creator is, in Ra’s terminology, to “become all that there is.” At this point the individualized personality of the adept that existed before becoming the Creator is no longer in existence. That individualization has been absorbed into the unity of all things, intelligent infinity, the one infinite Creator. It seems to be exactly what Ra described as their goal when they spoke of in 16.22-23:

Questioner: Thank you very much. In previous material, before we communicated with you, it was stated by the Confederation that there is actually no past or future—all is present. Would this be a good analogy?

Ra: I am Ra. There is past, present, and future in third density. In an overview such as an entity may have, removed from the space/time continuum, it may be seen that in the cycle of completion there exists only the present. We, ourselves, seek to learn this understanding. At the seventh level, or dimension, we shall, if our humble efforts are sufficient, become one with all, thus having no memory, no identity, no past or future, but existing in the all.

Questioner: Does this mean that you would have awareness of all that is?

Ra: I am Ra. This is partially correct. It is our understanding that it would not be our awareness but simply awareness of the Creator. In the Creator is all that there is. Therefore, this knowledge would be available.

This type of experience is certainly the work of the adept, the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life. The activation of the indigo-ray energy center is central in this work. The feeling of stimulation at the indigo-ray energy center signals that it has been activated. There are also three other possibilities after the activation of that center that Ra described in 54.32:

Questioner: What if a mind/body/spirit complex feels a feeling in meditation at the indigo center, what is he feeling?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last full query of this working.

One who feels this activation is one experiencing instreamings at that energy center to be used either for the unblocking of this center, for its tuning to match the harmonics of its other energy centers, or to activate the gateway to intelligent infinity.

We cannot be specific, for each of these three workings is experienced by the entity which feels this physical-complex distortion.

In order to unblock the indigo-ray energy center we need to be able to balance and thusly remove any feeling of being unworthy. From my own experience back in 1972, when I attended the Adventure Trails Survival School in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I was able to unblock my indigo-ray center by using dream analysis to discover these blockages and then journaling and finally re-enacting the original blocking of this center so that I could re-program my experience and obtain the feeling of being worthy. I will enlarge upon this experience in the next section devoted to working with dreams.

As far as the second possibility of tuning the indigo-ray center so that it matches the harmonics of the other energy centers, I am assuming that this would equate to utilizing the balancing of catalyst so that one would eventually travel that trail just mentioned of knowing the self and accepting the self. Then it would be possible to activate the gateway to intelligent infinity and become the one infinite Creator by “activating that great gateway into healing, magical work, prayerful attention, and the radiance of being.” Q’uo gives an overview of this process when they said:

We are aware that in the course of a lifetime there are many times when the intersection of circumstance and personality grants a window of opportunity for the opening of the gateway to intelligent infinity. It is a direct experience of the Creator. It is never to be predicted as to how this shall occur, under what circumstances it shall occur. There is no one combination of efforts or words or positions or rituals that can bring about this particular state of consciousness. It is almost as if one emerges into it from a fog, a fog that you did not see, a fog that you did not know you were in the midst of until suddenly the mist clears and the sun shines, and all is made perfectly, and quite perfect. This state is a true state. It is not the same as happiness which, as it comes, guarantees its own departure. This is a state that can be and has been by many allowed to remain through tragedy and times of personal difficulty. This is a state that cannot be destroyed. This is the temple within that no power of life or death can destroy. Yet the experience that many have is of coming into this temple and going out, coming out and going in, being in that state and then abruptly being abandoned on the shores of consensus reality.

The techniques of hard work and dedication have a certain justice and a right place within the efforts to find and to retain that state of consciousness which sees all beings as one. There is a certain degree of simple persistence which equals very hard work for most entities in keeping a practice that is daily. This instrument has oft spoken of a rule of life, for she has found it helpful in her own process of coming into her bliss and certainly we would recommend this simple, hard work and the perhaps rigid ethic of a daily practice that places before the eye in every day that lit candle at the altar within where time is spent in silence and in opening the heart to the tabernacling with the one infinite Creator that always awaits within the tabernacle. This tabernacle is your own heart and it is a blessing indeed that so many entities upon your planetary sphere have at this time that practice of daily seeking through silence. More and more entities among your peoples are awakening and are feeling that need to move within to a place of worship, of ideals, of adoration, of dreaming that within your Western culture has become increasingly unavailable from the standpoint of those religious institutions that attempt to offer the feelings of the spiritual community. Q’uo, May 5, 2002.

This morning I ran some errands and my first stop was at Feeder’s Supply where I bought a 30 lb. bag of birdseed. Then I stopped at First Watch and had a blueberry pancake for brunch. When I got there the servers don’t even give me a menu as they know I will either have a Belgian Waffle or a blueberry pancake. Then I stopped at Kroger’s to buy a case of spring water and three large, 100 watt led light bulbs to use in future zoom meets as I want to have more light in my image than I have had to date. My fourth stop was at Paul’s Fruit Market to buy some food for myself. My fourth stop was at Home Depot where I was glad to find some pansies to plant in the two flower pots on the porch. I also bought three bags of sand to use this afternoon.

This afternoon I took the three bags of sand, a shovel, and a hoe to the area where the new pipes were put in a months ago to connect the new, large sump pump to. About twenty feet of my brick walk in that area had to be dug up in order to get the new pipe in the ground. So I had already placed the bricks where they would go, and it was easy to set them aside and dig a trench where they had collected moisture. I dug the trench a little deeper than the thickness of the bricks and used the sand to bring the bricks up to level with the surrounding ground.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

March 1

The Year Of Jubilee

I am of the principle of the love of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of that love.

We greet you in your divinity, knowing that you cannot see it and find it hard to believe that it exists. We greet you as children of the Father, heirs to all that love may bring, sons and daughters of eternity.

We greet you who are trying to unstop your ears and peel the veil of illusion from your eyes and urge you instead to enter into your own heart and, there, clean the house of the Lord and make ready your own self, trusting in the sweetness and perfection of the creation of the Father, which is your self, that you may be worthy to receive the gifts of the spirit.

It is for each to decide when the year of Jubilee shall come; when the acceptable time of rejoicing shall be declared. The potential lies in each and every day. May you turn within in peace and, cleansing yourself diligently and persistently, prepare yourself ceaselessly to be channels of love. For such voices, hearts and hands as yourself are the presence of love in your world.

We leave you in the peace which does not deny responsibility and in the comfort of love which does not deny responsibility, in the hard and creative love and joy of divine consciousness, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the section on when cosmic energies from red-ray meet inner light at indigo-ray contact with intelligent energy occurs and dissolves all illusions:

When Cosmic Energies from Red-Ray Meet Inner Light at Indigo-Ray Contact with Intelligent Energy Occurs and Dissolves All Illusions

When the Player, or the adept, is able to process its catalyst of its incarnation in a more and more balanced sense, it then is able to accept itself as both the positive and negative aspects of all catalyst. It becomes a 360 degree being, and this totality of experience gives it the opportunity of making contact with intelligent energy and then, using the spirit as a shuttle, to contact intelligent infinity or the one infinite Creator. In the quote below Ra describes the nature of creation and how it affects the adept’s ability to make this contact.

Ra: The origin of all energy is the action of Free Will upon Love. The nature of all energy is Light. The means of its ingress into the mind/body/spirit complex is duple.

Firstly, there is the inner light which is Polaris of the self, the guiding star. This is the birthright and true nature of all entities. This energy dwells within.

The second point of ingress is the polar opposite of the North Star, shall we say, and may be seen, if you wish to use the physical body as an analog for the magnetic field, as coming through the feet from the earth and through the lower point of the spine.

This point of ingress of the universal light energy is undifferentiated until it begins its filtering process through the energy centers. The requirements of each center, and the efficiency with which the individual has learned to tap into the inner light, determine the nature of the use made by the entity of these instreamings. 54.27

The desire of the one infinite Creator to know Itself is the First Distortion of intelligent infinity and is called Free Will. The Second Distortion is born when the Creator focuses its Free Will upon Its creative aspect of Love, or the Logos, and through this desire to know Itself the creation of Light is manifested. Thus Love is the Second Distortion, and Light is the Third Distortion.

The entire creation is made of Light because of the intelligent energy’s, or Love’s, creative power. So this combined love/light or light/love emanates from our sun body which is a sub-Logos and has created our entire solar system. This love/light has its first place of being in the crown chakra and is known as the Polaris of the self or the North Star.  It is “our true nature and dwells within us.” The love/light has a second point of entrance into our energy body through the soles of the feet and the red-ray energy center at the base of the spine. As this love/light moves up our energy centers it is filtered in a manner that is aided by the clearing of each energy center through the balancing process that removes or balances all distortions. In the following quote Ra continues to describe the fruits of this process of seeking the one Creator.

The seeker seeks the One. This One is to be sought, as we have said, by the balanced and self-accepting self, aware both of its apparent distortions and its total perfection.

Resting in this balanced awareness, the entity then opens the self to the universe, which it is. The light energy of all things may then be attracted by this intense seeking, and wherever the inner seeking meets the attracted cosmic prana, realization of the One takes place.

The purpose of clearing each energy center is to allow that meeting place to occur at the indigo-ray vibration, thus making contact with intelligent infinity and dissolving all illusions. Service-to-others is automatic at the released energy generated by this state of consciousness. 57.33

In order for the adept to be successful in finding the one Creator it must balance itself through the processing of its incarnational catalyst and be able to accept itself as perfect while recognizing its apparent distortions. Then within the meditative state the adept opens itself to the universe around it which, in the truest sense, it already is. The act of opening itself to the universe is made with a most intense desire to become the Creator. This great desire attracts the love/light, or cosmic prana, to the entity and enters at the soles of the feet and at the red-ray energy center. If all of the energy centers are sufficiently clear and open, the cosmic prana reaches the indigo-ray energy center and activates the spirit complex that acts as a shuttle to make contact with intelligent infinity. With that contact all illusions of separation are dissolved until only the unity with the one Creator is experienced by the adept. The fruit of this unitive experience is an intense desire to be of service to others in whatever way possible for the rest of the incarnation. In 4.17, Ra gave a synopsis of this process:

Questioner: I have no idea of how long this would take or if you can even tell anything about that. Is it possible for you to give me a synopsis of the program of training required? I have no knowledge of what questions to ask at this point. I’ll ask that question in the hopes that it makes sense.

Ra: I am Ra. We consider your request for information, for as you noted, there are a significant number of vibratory sound complexes which can be used in sequence to train the healer.

The synopsis is a very appropriate entry that you might understand what is involved.

Firstly, the mind must be known to itself. This is perhaps the most demanding part of healing work. If the mind knows itself then the most important aspect of healing has occurred, for consciousness is the microcosm of the Law of One.

The second part has to do with the disciplines of the body complexes. In the streamings reaching your planet at this time, these understandings and disciplines have to do with the balance between love and wisdom in the use of the body in its natural functions.

The third area is the spiritual, and in this area the first two disciplines are connected through the attainment of contact with intelligent infinity.

This is the goal of the Player on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life.

This afternoon I did my first weeding of my various gardens around the yard. We have had temperatures in the 60s and 70s for a couple weeks now so the daffodils, crocuses, forsythia, and snow drops are all in bloom, and the weeds are also growing too. So I began by weeding the three gardens around the fish pond and then moved on to the Ruins Mound. Then I weeded the flower garden inside of the Moss Garden and finished the weeding in the astilbe patch. I checked the two mounds in the front yard, but they didn’t have any weeds as yet.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 28

Seeing Shadows

I am of the principle of the consciousness of love and I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ.

A shadow of sadness lies at the edge of the illusory consciousness of many pilgrims who have not the grace either to forgive or to forget the trials of the past. This shadow is a habit of mind inimicable to the consciousness of love, for in love there is the freedom of the peaceful consistency of wholeness with no shadow or variation of any kind.

Yet blame not your eyes, your mind, or your heart for perceiving shadows in past, present and future. But when perceiving those shadows, know that by definition they are an illusion to be governed and balanced by the consciousness of love.

We leave you in the peace of wholeness, now and always. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of after death the etheric body remains until ethereal has been penetrated:

After Death the Etheric Body Remains Until Etherea Has Been Penetrated

When our incarnation in the third-density illusion is complete, and we move from this space/time environment, we leave our body complex and move into the metaphysical realms of time/space or what some have called the inner planes or the heaven worlds. In 47.11, Don asked Ra if the green-ray body would then be activated. Ra said that the first body to be activated would be the form-maker body, another aspect of the indigo-ray body, which some have also called the ka:

Questioner: Then, after death from this incarnation we still have the yellow-ray body in potentiation, but then is, perhaps, say in the general case of our planetary population after death, would they then normally have the green-ray body manifested?

Ra: I am Ra. Not immediately. The first body which activates itself upon death is the “form-maker,” or the indigo-ray body. This body remains—you have called it the “ka”—until etherea has been penetrated and understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit totality. Once this is achieved, if the proper body to be activated is green-ray, then this will occur.

Ra then went on to say that this form-maker body would be utilized by the departing entity until “etherea has been penetrated and understanding has been gained by the mind/body/spirit totality.” I believe the understanding that Ra has referred to is the understanding of the lessons that have been learned and those that have not been learned by the entity during the incarnation that has now been completed. The mind/body/spirit totality is the equivalent of our higher self’s higher self, and it often helps with the pre-incarnative programming for an entity not consciously aware of the evolutionary process.

 So the entity that has moved through death’s door is now available for the healing and review of the incarnation that would be necessary to complete before determining which body would be the next body to be inhabited. If the entity had learned enough of the lessons of love and service to others to be harvested, then it would be able to move into the green-ray body and rest there until the lessons for the next incarnation had been planned. If the harvest has not been achieved, then the entity would return to its yellow-ray body and prepare for the next incarnation to take place possibly upon another third-density planet since this is the time of harvest on our Mother Earth. However, it is also possible that the entity could reincarnate on Earth since Ra said that the harvest here would be complete between 100 and 700 years as Ra stated in 40.8:

Questioner: Then what will be the time of transition on this planet from third to fourth density?

Ra: I am Ra. This is difficult to estimate due to the uncharacteristic anomalies of this transition. There are at this space/time nexus beings incarnate which have begun fourth-density work. However, the third-density climate of planetary consciousness is retarding the process. At this particular nexus the possibility/probability vortices indicate somewhere between 100 and 700 of your years as transition period. This cannot be accurate due to the volatility of your peoples at this space/time.

In this quote Ra described the healing and review process that we all will go through when our incarnations are complete:

Questioner: As an entity goes through the death process in third density and finds itself in time/space, it finds itself in a different set of circumstances. Would you please describe the properties or circumstances of time/space and then the process of healing of incarnative experiences that some entities encounter?

Ra: I am Ra. Although this query is difficult to answer adequately due to the limitations of your space/time sound vibration complexes, we shall respond to the best of our ability.

The hallmark of time/space is the inequity between time and space. In your space/time the spatial orientation of material causes a tangible framework for illusion. In time/space the inequity is upon the shoulders of that property known to you as time. This property renders entities and experiences intangible in a relative sense. In your framework each particle, or core vibration, moves at a velocity which approaches what you call the speed of light from the direction of supraluminal velocities.

Thus the time/space, or metaphysical, experience is that which is very finely tuned and, although an analogue of space/time, lacking in its tangible characteristics. In these metaphysical planes there is a great deal of what you call time which is used to review and re-review the biases and learn/teachings of a prior, as you would call it, space/time incarnation.

The extreme fluidity of these regions makes it possible for much to be penetrated which must needs be absorbed before the process of healing of an entity may be accomplished. Each entity is located in a somewhat immobile state, much as you are located in space/time in a somewhat immobile state in time. In this immobile space the entity has been placed by the form-maker and higher self so that it may be in the proper configuration for learn/teaching that which it has received in the space/time incarnation.

Depending upon this time/space locus there will be certain helpers which assist in this healing process. The process involves seeing in full the experience, seeing it against the backdrop of the mind/body/spirit complex total experience, forgiving the self for all missteps as regards the missed guideposts during the incarnation and, finally, the careful assessment of the next necessities for learning. This is done entirely by the higher self until an entity has become conscious in space/time of the process and means of spiritual evolution, at which time the entity will consciously take part in all decisions. 71.6

In 30.4, Don asked Ra what our minds or spirits lose after we go through the death process:

Questioner: Is there any loss to the mind or spirit after this transition which we call death or any impairment of either because of the loss of this chemical body that we now have?

Ra: I am Ra. In your terms, there is a great loss of mind complex due to the fact that much of the activity of a mental nature of which you are aware during the experience of this space/time continuum is as much of a surface illusion as is the chemical body complex.

In other terms, nothing whatever of importance is lost; the character or, shall we say, pure distillation of emotions and biases, or distortions and wisdoms, if you will, becoming obvious for the first time, shall we say; these pure emotions and wisdoms and bias-distortions being, for the most part, either ignored or underestimated during physical life experience.

In terms of the spiritual, this channel is then much opened due to the lack of necessity for the forgetting characteristic of third density.

Ra said that most of what is lost as we leave the incarnation through the death process is related to the mind and the body. During the incarnation we focus on illusory aspects of the third density because we are caught behind the veil of forgetting. But these losses are not that important because the reason we incarnate into this third-density illusion is to make the Choice of our polarity in a sufficient degree to achieve the harvest, and this Choice is a function of our spirit complex.

Ra went on to say that after the death process we become aware of the emotions, biases, and distortions that we had programmed as pre-incarnative choices of lessons to be learned. These free will choices are the attributes that we value the most within our being as they are the means by which we hope to polarize our consciousness sufficiently for making the Harvest.

Ra completed their answer by saying that the spirit complex, which is always the least distorted of our mind/body/spirit complex during the incarnation, is much opened because there is no longer the veil of forgetting to hide any part of our after death experience. Once again we see things as they really are: a creation of unity made out of love and light with the one Creator within every iota of the creation.

This morning I went to see my orthopedic surgeon that performed my hip surgery replacement last October. Another X-ray was taken of my hip, and it showed that the healing process is complete. He also mentioned that the slight numbness just between the hip and knee is from an impingement of a nerve, and it could take some time to heal. Fortunately, it is not a problem for me.

This afternoon I gathered another twenty square feet of moss from the far end of the pet cemetery and planted it in the Moss Garden to finish the job. Altogether I believe that it took one hundred square feet of moss to fill in the bare patches of dirt in the Moss Garden, and it is good to finally get this job done. Then I went around the yard and picked up some small tree limbs that the 40-50 mph winds brought down this afternoon.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 27

Springtime Within

I am of that principle which is called the spirit of Jesus the Christ. I greet you in the full consciousness of divine love.

Your season of winter yields, more and more, to the gracious influence of your coming springtime. Each seed within the ground has rested in divine confidence within the deep darkness, under the soil which is its food, drinking in that moisture which it now needs to grow.

And so the human heart, whatever the outer season, may feel that each new seedling of the progress of hope and faith gasps for water and finds no true food. And then where is the springtime of the heart?

Jesus the Christ spoke of food and drink unknown to man in his earthly garb of flesh. And thus we ask each heart that seeks to bloom in ever-new springtime to seek always that precious food and drink which nourishes the spiritual seedlings of growth within each, to be undismayed and, rather, to turn to that insubstantial and invisible source of spiritual food which is the work of will and faith.

All who turn shall be fed. May you seek springtime within, for the spirit must bate its comfort until the heart within turns and asks. May you hunger no more. May your hearts be full of the peace of communion, now and ever. We leave you in this peace. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of indigo-ray body, form maker, Ka, or etheric body is light that may mold itself as desired:

Indigo-ray Body, Form Maker, Ka, or Etheric Body is Light That May Mold Itself as Desired

As the adept works within the indigo-ray energy center there are various functions of the indigo-ray body that are based on work in consciousness that facilitates transformations of different kinds. In some cases, the different kinds of work in consciousness cause the indigo-ray body to be called by a different name. As any entity is born into the third-density illusion it is necessary that the aspect of the indigo-ray body called the etheric body or form maker is activated as Ra said:

48.7 Entrance into incarnation requires the investment, or activation, of the indigo-ray, or etheric body, for this is the form maker. The young, or small, physical mind/body/spirit complex has the seven energy centers potentiated before the birthing process. There are also analogs in time/space of these energy centers corresponding to the seven energy centers in each of the seven true-color densities. Thus in the microcosm exists all the experience that is prepared. It is as though the infant contains the universe.

I could be wrong, but I am assuming that the form maker body’s role in becoming activated at the time of incarnation for an infant is to create the body which the infant will inhabit at some point before the birth of the infant takes place. I derived that assumption from the name itself, the form maker. However the infant’s body is created, Ra said that it has it seven energy centers “potentiated before the birthing process.”Not only that, but Ra said that there are time/space, or metaphysical, analogs of these energy centers that correspond to the seven energy centers in each of the seven true-color densities.” That is a profoundly powerful statement as it seems to lay out the path back into unity through all of the seven densities for the infant and includes each of the energy centers that will need to be utilized in each of the densities of this journey of millions of years. As Ra said, “It is as though the infant contains the universe.And if that is not enough to blow your mind, consider that in 30.5, Ra said in each mind/body complex “that in the simplest iota of this complex exists, in its entirety, the One Infinite Creator:”

Questioner: I would like to know how the mind/body/spirit complexes originate. How, going back as far as necessary, does the— Do they originate by spirit forming mind and mind forming body? Can you tell me this?

Ra: I am Ra. We ask you to consider that you are attempting to trace evolution. This evolution is as we have previously described, the consciousness being first, in first density, without movement, a random thing. Whether you may call this mind or body complex is a semantic problem. We call it mind/body complex recognizing always that in the simplest iota of this complex exists in its entirety the One Infinite Creator; this mind/body complex then in second density discovering the growing and turning towards the light, thus awakening what you may call the spirit complex, that which intensifies the upward spiraling towards the love and light of the Infinite Creator.

The addition of this spirit complex, though apparent rather than real, it having existed potentially from the beginning of space/time, perfects itself by graduation into third density. When the mind/body/spirit complex becomes aware of the possibility of service to self or other-self, then the mind/body/spirit complex is activated.

Along these same lines we can also use the terms “intelligent energy” and the “Logos in microcosm” for the incarnative function of the form maker body as Ra said in 51.10:

The indigo body may be seen to be an analog for intelligent energy. It is, in microcosm, the Logos. The intelligent energy of the mind/body/spirit complex totality draws its existence from intelligent infinity, or the Creator. This Creator is to be understood, both in macrocosm and microcosm, to have, as we have said, two natures: the unpotentiated infinity which is intelligent—this is all that there is.

Free Will has potentiated both the Creator of us all and our selves as co-Creators with intelligent infinity which has will. This will may be drawn upon by the indigo, or form-making, body, and its wisdom used to then choose the appropriate locus and type of experience which this co-Creator, or sub-sub-Logos you call so carelessly a person, will take.

So the mind/body/spirit complex totality (which is like our higher self’s higher self) uses the intelligent energy of the one Creator, which corresponds to the Logos, to potentiate intelligent infinity, or the Creator of us all, AND ourselves as co-Creators in the form maker aspect of our indigo-ray body. What is created is the “infant that contains the universe,” and the place that this infant will live, and move and have its being, and the type of lessons it will learn in its upcoming incarnation. In 36.2, Ra described another facet of the mind/body/spirit complex totality’s interaction with each entity:

Questioner: Then would the mind/body/spirit complex totality be responsible for programming changes in catalyst during, say, a third-density experience of the mind/body/spirit complex so that the proper catalyst would be added, shall we say, as conditions for that complex changed during third-density experience? Is this correct?

I am Ra. This is incorrect. The higher self, as you call it—that is, that self which exists with full understanding of the accumulation of experiences of the entity—aids the entity in achieving healing of the experiences which have not been learned properly and assists, as you have indicated, in further life experience programming, as you may call it.

The mind/body/spirit complex totality is that which may be called upon by the higher self aspect, just as the mind/body/spirit complex calls upon the higher self. In the one case you have a structured situation within the space/time continuum with the higher self having available to it the totality of experiences which have been collected by an entity and a very firm grasp of the lessons to be learned in this density.

The mind/body/spirit complex totality is as the shifting sands and is, in some part, a collection of parallel developments of the same entity. This information is made available to the higher self aspect. This aspect may then use these projected probability/possibility vortices in order to better aid in what you would call future life programming.

I am assuming that Ra’s final statement about our being careless in calling such an entity simply a “person is that that term fails to recognize the co-Creator status that is the true nature of any infant or any person at all times. To most people a “person” is usually thought of as what we might call an identity or personality shell that comes from we know not where and is going to where we do not know, rather than a co-Creator that is a portion of all that is. I have a hunch that this is why Ra tended to refer to all people as their other selves. We are all one, and that is the one infinite Creator.

This morning I was a guest on the Berlin Law of One Study Group with a Question and Answer format. Daniel Hodapp hosted the session and there were a lot of good questions about the Law of One that I was asked. As many Q & A sessions as I have been a guest on regarding the Law of One I don’t remember ever being asked the same question two times. Each time the questions are unique, and this always gives me a chance to share more aspects of the Law of One with everyone.

This afternoon I harvested another ten square feet of moss from the Flower Fall area in front of the house and planted it in the Moss Garden. I also had to gather half a bucket of dirt to fill in an area along the brick walk that had been washed away by heavy rains. It looks like one more load of moss should finish the project tomorrow.

From A Book of  Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 26

Healing The Body

I am the spirit of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the full consciousness of love.

Those who seek healing without an understanding of the sacred and divine nature of all matter seek healing in a much reduced atmosphere, an atmosphere in which the opportunity for using the forces of love to engage in healing work have been minimized.

It is easy for a studious pilgrim to consider the body a sinful beast of burden which has all the wrong instincts. And, yet it is the mind of each entity which legislates the actions of the matter of the body, not the instincts. Indeed, the instincts of man on Earth have been much subdued. Yet the sinful inclinations of the heart are only removed from conversation.

The nature of the body is, as all things made by the author of love, a manifestation of love. And love may speak to love. Thus in Christ the life of the body lies in the consciousness of love. And to imagine and pray for that light and life to be sent to every cell is, indeed, an efficacious prayer.

We leave you in peace, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of how wanderers may heal themselves of physical and mental ailments:

How Wanderers May Heal Themselves of Physical and Mental Ailments.

When Carla wrote A Wanderer’s Handbook she added the subtitle An Owner’s Manual For ET’s And Other Spiritual Outsiders. I think that any conscious spiritual seeker of truth is in the same class as a Wanderer: both have incarnated here on Earth at this time to be of service to the planet, Gaia, and to her population of third-density entities who hope to make the harvest into the fourth density of love and understanding. Most of these entities are repeating third density as they were unsuccessful in their first attempt to make the harvest to the fourth density upon some other third-density planet in our Milky Way Galaxy. As yet most of these souls have not awakened to their spiritual purpose on Earth, so they would see conscious seekers of truth and Wanderers as being outside of their life experience in the mundane world and would not take them seriously. But at some point some of these entities might become aware that there was more to their lives than having a good job to support their family and being part of the larger community that lives within the boundaries of third-density thinking. Eventually, they too would become conscious seekers of truth.

When Don discovered the concept of the Wanderer, who incarnates on Earth and goes through the same forgetting process that all third-density entities go through in order to be of service, he asked Ra what density most Wanderers came from. Ra had some interesting observations to make in response to Don’s question:

12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?

Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid [in averting] the destruction.

Knowing that the fourth density is the density of love and understanding, you would naturally assume that many Wanderers would come to Earth from the fourth density in order to share their love. However, Ra suggested that not many Wanderers on Earth are from the fourth density. Rather most Wanderers are of the sixth density, and the reason that Ra gave for this was that incarnating on any third-density planet would not be an easy thing to do, and incarnating on Earth at this time would require a great deal of bravery (or foolhardiness considering the amount of anger and fear on our planet now). The challenge for any Wanderer, or conscious seeker of truth, would be to remember the mission, the pre-incarnative lessons and desires to be of service. It is so easy to get caught up in the maelstrom of negative emotions, forget the mission, and become karmically caught on Earth.

So in his next question Don asked Ra how a Wanderer could become karmically caught on Earth:

12.29 Questioner: What could one of these entities do to become karmically involved? Could you give us an example?

Ra: I am Ra. An entity which acts in a consciously unloving manner in action with other beings can become karmically involved.

Basically, Ra said that if a Wanderer acted in a “consciously unloving manner”with other entities it would become karmically involved with these entities. The wanderer  has to go through the same forgetting process as all other third-density entities, and then it is raised in the same cultural environment as everyone else, so it would be easy to become entrapped in the ways of thinking and acting that accentuate the seeming separation of people on Earth and fail to develop the open heart of unconditional love that sees the Creator in all others that is the goal of each entity on Earth. If this lack of love progressed to an “unloving” attitude toward others I would imagine that it could then be necessary for the Wanderer to repeat some portion of the third density in order to once again learn how to open their hearts in unconditional love to all other entities.

Ra’s response inspired Don to ask Ra if Wanderers in general have physical ailments while they are incarnated on Earth:

12.30 Questioner: I just had a thought. Do any of these wanderers have physical ailments in this earth situation?

Ra: I am Ra. Due to the extreme variance between the vibratory distortions of third density and those of the more dense densities, if you will, wanderers have, as a general rule, some form of handicap, difficulty, or feeling of alienation which is severe. The most common of these difficulties are alienation, the reaction against the planetary vibration by personality disorders, as you would call them, and body complex ailments indicating difficulty in adjustment to the planetary vibrations such as allergies, as you would call them.

So both Wanderers and third-density conscious spiritual seekers may experience similar difficulties in fitting into the predominate vibrations of Earth at this time, which contain a great deal of disillusionment, anger, confusion, and separation. Since these vibrations are totally alien to the Wanderer and the conscious spiritual seeker as ways of being, it is very possible that both could develop a feeling of being alienated from the world around them, feeling like an outcast or a misfit. Personality disorders would also be very likely to develop, and I can only guess some might become depressed, alienated, suicidal, and lost. At the very least it is also likely that allergies would be common but would not be just to certain foods or substances but to the planet itself on a subconscious level.

Then Don asked Ra how such entities might go about healing their various physical ailments. Ra had a lot to say about this process, so I will go paragraph by paragraph to share Ra’s thoughts.

12.31 Questioner: Is there a best way for these entities to heal themselves of their physical ailments?

Ra: I am Ra. This will be the last complete question of this time/space.

The self-healing distortion is effected through realization of the intelligent infinity resting within. This is blocked in some way in those who are not perfectly balanced in bodily complexes. The blockage varies from entity to entity. It requires the conscious awareness of the spiritual nature of reality, if you will, and the corresponding pourings of this reality into the individual mind/body/spirit complex for healing to take place.

Ra said that this realization of the perfection of the Creator within us is blocked in some way when we as Wanderers experience the distortions of our personalities. The healing of these blockages occurs when we can realize the spiritual nature of reality. Basically, we need to know that all is one; that all is well; that there are no mistakes. Ra then used Carla as an example of how she had a blockage that caused her to feel unworthy:

We will use this instrument as example. The portions of its ailment, as you call this distortion complex, that can be perfected in balance are due primarily to a blockage of the indigo-ray, or pineal, energy center. This center receives the intelligent energy from all sources lawful within the One Creation; that is, lawful in this third-density distortion or illusion. If there is no blockage, these energies pour or stream down into the mind/body/spirit complex, perfecting, moment by moment, the individual’s body complex.

If Carla’s indigo-ray chakra had not been blocked she would not have felt unworthy and would not have had the tendency towards martyrdom in which she was willing to give to others to the point of draining her own vital energies and having to leave the incarnation sooner than would be necessary or desirable. In the following paragraph Ra said that this tendency towards martyrdom was linked with her “overly open” heart center which, when combined with her blocked indigo center, and her feeling of unworthiness, caused this martyring effect. Carla’s great desire to be of service to others at all times caused her heart center to be so wide open as Ra mentioned in the next part of their quote:

This instrument also experiences some distortion of the green-ray energy center which you may call the heart center. It is overly open due to an intensive desire-distortion on the part of this mind/body/spirit complex towards service to others, or as you may call it, universal love. This entity, therefore, spends itself without regard to its reserves of mind/body/spirit-complex distortion in regard to what you call strength or energy. This distortion is primarily due to the blockage of the indigo ray, as we have said before. The misapprehension-distortion of the instrument responsible for this blockage is the basic orientation towards a belief in unworthiness. The unworthiness-distortion blocks the free flow of intelligent energy.

So Ra’s healing solution was as they mentioned in the first paragraph, that Carla would need to realize the intelligent energy resting within her and thus feel worthy. They also suggested that a healer might be of aid in allowing Carla, or any Wanderer with its own unique blockages, to discover this perfection resting within it as the one Creator. Ra is saying that we all know, deep within ourselves, that we are one with the Creator, and that all is well within our own beings no matter what is happening in the world around us. We need conscious access to that deep inner knowing in order to be healed. That access might come from our own efforts, or it might come with the aid of a healer as Ra said in the last paragraph of their response to Don’s question:

The seventh, or violet, ray is unimpaired, this being not only an energy receptor but a sum total of the vibratory level of the individual. The other energy centers are also quite clear. The solution to healing in this case is action that puts into practice the peaceful understanding, in humility-distortion, that the entity is one with the Creator, therefore perfected and not separate. In each case of what you would call ill health, one or more of these energy centers is blocked. The intelligence of the mind/body/spirit complex needs, then, to be alerted either by the self as healer or by the catalyst of another healer, as we have said before.

So whether we are wanderers or third-density repeaters who have become conscious seekers of truth, we all can become Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life.

This afternoon we are having a public channeling meditation, so this morning I am getting the living room ready with more chairs and cushions and getting my Camelot Journal posted early. I will also run a couple of errands to buy some food for myself for the rest of the weekend.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 25

Free At Last

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ. I come in the power and wholeness of the consciousness of divine love.

This creative force hatched the universe and formed all things in beauteous array. This love created you and sustained and protected you until this moment. This creative love is part and parcel of your own selfhood.

Why, then, are you so full of doubt? Do you not know the power of divine and creative love? Do you not recognize the spirit of that love as a powerful good within your own life?

Take up what you consider to be your burdens and let your shoulders bend under the weight. And then take up the light and the life of love and add it to your burden. And feel the weight diminish and cease to be. Feel your back straighten, your broad shoulders free at last. For service in the strength of creative love is no burden, but a pleasure.

May your work be a joy to you. May your self-perceived burdens fall away under the light of divine love, in the spirit of helpfulness and comfort. For do you not seek to be a servant of love? And in that service do you not perceive your true nature?

Go into freedom.

We leave you in love and peace abiding, now and ever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the section on art, making and viewing it:

Art-Making And Viewing It

The spiritual principle behind the creative process is that each entity is the Creator. Each entity has the innate ability to create things that never were and to think thoughts that have never been thought. Each entity upon Planet Earth in third density is equipped with all of the tools and resources for creativity. Q’uo, April 26, 2008

In this statement Q’uo made an observation that relates to each of us being the Creator and, therefore, each of us theoretically has an “innate ability to create things that never were and to think thoughts that have never been thought.” Of course, we all do this without thinking about it as we go through our days creating our thoughts and actions directed toward completing another daily round of activities. But Q’uo is talking about more than just how we live our lives as being a creative activity. They are talking about the creative impulse of the artist that lives in each of us. However, very few of us express that creativity as a writer, dancer, poet, painter, musician, or sculptor because of the limitations imposed upon us by our culture as Q’uo continued in the following quote:

The challenge of being creative is to retain or produce a way of seeing and perceiving that is original to the Creator. Your culture does not encourage original thought. Your culture does not encourage inner-directed behavior and attitudes. Your culture has a consensus reality which is endlessly materialistic. It is as though, with a sea all around you, your culture stands upon a tiny island and says, “This is the world. Do not go to the sea. Do not dive deep in unknown waters. Here in this garden where there is food to eat and work to do, live your life. Question nothing, accept authority, and make no waves. Do not paddle at the shores of the unknown.” Q’uo, April 26, 2008

Here Q’uo used the analogy of our consensus reality, which seems to focus mostly on materialism and living by the rules that constrict originality, as being the equivalent of living on a small island and being warned not to leave it. This is the way that we are told to behave in order to survive. We are told: “Do not go into the unknown deeps of the water surrounding the tiny island of thought.” If we lived by such a narrow-minded view of life we would not have a chance to exercise the creativity that exists in some degree in all of us. We would be reduced to the ordinary gameboard of life. Q’uo extended their analogy in the quote below:

The culture and its consensus reality, in our point of view, is the illusion and the water, the reality. The creation of the small island is the pulling together of some gross physical matter upon which to stand and it is built by fear. Q’uo, April 26, 2008

Fear of the unknown around us and especially within us is probably the greatest restrictive force that we will ever know. It is a great challenge to overcome that fear by moving beyond its paralyzing power, but in some regards this is the challenge for all of us as we live our daily lives and, more especially, as we seek to become conscious seekers of truth and to seek that nature of the Creator that lies beyond our current experience. Q’uo continued to extrapolate from this basic thought in their next quote:

The left brain has to do with living on the island and making good use of time within the box and the right brain then goes begging and does not have its needs fulfilled. It is not exercised. It lies dormant. Art, therefore, can take one out upon the water and lift that dormancy into activity. And suddenly the right brain is working. It feels very good. It makes the attendee or the appreciator of art feel as though he is also creative. It is contagious.

Looked at another way, an artist could be described as an entity who is able to compress the vastness of human experience into an offering small enough to view as a whole. In this compression into image, metaphor, melody and so forth comes an intensification of power, so that an artist may punch through fear and bring the attendee or the audience into a place of freedom or love.

. . .

That creative impulse dwells within all. It is part of being part of the Creator. Each entity is a sub-creator. Each entity has magical ability. Each entity through faith and will can change his world. Q’uo, April 26, 2008

Then Q’uo recommended a solution to this dilemma for anyone who wants to escape the limiting boundaries of the small island: a shift from the left brain of consensus reality to the right brain of diving into the infinite depths of the waters of creative human potential. Therein lie the joy, the power, the freedom and the magic of becoming a co-Creator in whatever way feels best to you. You don’t even have to stay within the arts as usually defined as painting, sculpture, dancing, acting, writing, etc. You can be an inspiring artist of gardening, cooking, building things out of wood, speaking on topics of interest and inspiration, raising children, facilitating meetings, having fun with friends, and on and on and on. Here Q’uo gives us the spiritual benefits of our abilities as artists and creators:

However, it is interesting to look into the nature of how creativity works within a life experience. The same creative wind blows for all and on that wind lie melodies, themes, motifs and other avenues of intelligent expression of the fire of spirit. The energies of suffering and learning catch the facets of personality uniquely for each unique entity. And as an entity awakens within incarnation to the truth and beauty of its own being, possibilities open up in this and that way, unique to each entity. One entity may express creativity by growing a family and helping the young souls within that family to flower. Another entity may hear the call of a certain kind of expression of devotion and become a guardian of truth, an upholder of justice, or an agent of the healing power of human love. All professions call with the song of the muse to those entities whose personalities are shaped so that those structures hold their passion and give them avenues of expression. Every artist catches the wind of spirit and finds ways to draw images that catch the light and share the vision. Every musician hears those melodies that are drifting from angelic essences embedded within the inner planes and responsive to the winds of the times and the energies of the generation now alive. And so it is with those who see the value of shape and ratio and wish to create places for the heart and the spirit to thrive. Q’uo, April 3, 2005.

Thusly can we can become Players on the Enhanced Gameboard of Life if we can reach into our subconscious mind using meditation, contemplation, prayer, intuition or whatever way feels best and connect with our unique way of living and being creative on our spiritual journeys and then reflect this artistic ability in our daily lives as well.

This morning I got the first floor of the house vacuumed before Gary, Austin, and I were on a Zoom meet with a Law of One study group based in India. They have about 300 members, but only 10 or 12 were asking us some very interesting questions. They were a lively and dedicated group of seekers of truth, and we all enjoyed each other’s company.

This afternoon I went outside and gathered another twenty square feet of moss from beside the Flower Fall in the front yard and got it transplanted in the Moss Garden in the back yard. This project is taking more moss than I had first thought it would, and I am hopeful that I have enough left beside the Flower Fall to complete the job.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:   

February 24

The Calm Beneath The Storm

I am of the principle of Jesus the Christ and I greet you in the consolation of the perfect consciousness of divine love.

Oh, perfect consciousness: as simple as the blue sky and as steady as the steadiest rudder upon a calm sea! This consciousness of love permeates all. Yet how quickly it is lost to the human heart, to the eye, and to the ear that cannot see the calm beneath the storm of mundane, personal events.

This is your sky. This is your rudder. In your faith, say to the events of the day, “Peace, be still.” And in the fleeting moments that follow, feel the constancy of the love that remains always as it always has been and as it always shall be: creative, joyful and merry, leaving blossoms and wonders as a flower leaves behind a scent.

The day may be full. Your difficulties may well be many. But recall in faith the underlying peace that is not of your mundane experience but of the consciousness within. In faith you experience eternity within.

We leave you in this peace, this healing, and this love, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.


I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the 103 quote comes from Chapter Six and the concept of movement, dance, and exercise:


Back in the days of the Ra contact taking speed walks was one of Carla’s basic ways of keeping her body in shape because she continually had low physical energy due to the toll that arthritic pain took upon her body. She normally walked about five miles in an hour. I walked with her in those days as I also needed to exercise my body to keep it in good shape, and she helped me out by making me hustle for all I was worth just to keep up with her. Carla also participated in a jazzercise class which was another way that she was able to keep her body strong and able to serve as the instrument for the Ra contact. Ra encouraged Carla to exercise regularly:

Questioner: The second question the instrument requested was: How may I best revitalize myself not only now but in the future?

Ra: I am Ra. This instrument is aware of the basic needs of its constitution, those being meditation, acceptance of limitations, experiences of joy through association with others and with the beauty as of the singing, and the exercising with great contact, whenever possible, with the life forces of second density, especially those of trees; this entity also needing to be aware of the moderate but steady intake of foodstuffs, exercise being suggested at a fairly early portion of the day and at a later portion of the day before the resting. 25.2

In our later years together Carla and I loved dance of any kind. Movement to a catchy rhythm that was fun and gave us a chance to exercise our bodies on a regular basis. It also was a means by which the balancing function in our brains was activated and helped us to keep our bodies’ balance on an even keel. She had taken ballet as a child and also spent most summers at the Noyes Camp in Connecticut where the students were asked to dance their interpretations of a fish, or a star, or a bird, or a flower and such. In my own experience previous to meeting Carla, I loved to do what I would call improvisational dancing with a variety of steps produced on the spur of the moment. So we made a great couple that could riff off of each other’s dance moves and just let our bodies go and have fun together. Most of our dancing was done at home as a form of evening entertainment which was also useful in helping us wear our bodies out so we could get a good night’s sleep. In this quote Q’uo gives us a path to discover the spiritual nature of ourselves through dancing:

In so many ways, you are seduced time and again by the more subtle forms of non-physical formation, ritual and habit.

How to lift entities away from that? In many cultures, instead of entering silence the practice of mystics is to enter rhythm by chanting, whirling and dancing. Repetitive movements, repetitive sounds, repetitive tones are things that will batter and finally break the habit of thought. Whether you are drawn to entering the formless by simply sitting down and stopping talking, by designing a particular kind of silence, or by entering into the chanting or other ritual which takes one out of oneself by out-talking the talker, is completely a matter of your own discernment. But the job that you face when you attempt to disconnect yourself from form is to get past the lions at the gate of your temple, that is, your heart. Those guardians do not want you inside if you are still of the world. They do not want you inside your precious heart still grumbling, worried, bargaining, rationalizing, justifying or worried about being right. There are many teachings…

[Side one of tape ends.]

…of bringing oneself to one’s own knees outside the door of the heart and laying it all down: every idea, every concept of self, every vestige of, “I did this,” and, “I thought that,” and, “I’m right”—emptying the self and becoming truly able to receive. However you get there, get there before you enter the sacred space of your own heart. For there the Creator awaits you, full of love, full of Its own nature, which is your nature as well, waiting to enfold you in the embrace of absolute and unconditional adoration and devotion. Q’uo, November 4, 2004.

Even in the last few years of her life, when Carla was basically confined to a hospital bed because of a wound from back surgery that wouldn’t heal, we still exercised together. She and I would walk around the circuit in the middle of our house that connected the hall, kitchen, living room and office. I would face her and hold her hands in mine and walk backwards as she walked forward for as many as 50 laps when she was at her strongest. This was something that we could enjoy together when her mobility was decreased, and it was an effective exercise to keep up her body’s strength. She also did specific exercises in bed which had the goal of keeping her legs strong and flexible.

Through the years all of our dance, exercise, and movements together we were doing much more than just exercising our bodies. We were expressing our joy for being alive, our love for each other, and for seeking and serving the One together in all that we did. I think that this might be a helpful attitude for anyone who would like to engage in any form of exercise or dance.

I am in my mid-70s now, and I feel that it is more important than ever to exercise my body as our bodies tend to get weaker the older we get. I think that exercising is as important for the body as are our spiritual disciplines are for our minds and spirits. So I still take speed walks of about a mile and a quarter six days a week. I also have a modest weight-lifting program three days a week and a program of stretching six days a week. Another fun exercise is dancing in the evenings before I go to bed. I believe that our bodies have what you could call feelings and minds of their own that respond to the joy of movement in a rhythmic way. Ra even suggested that such might be true in their statement in 84.17:

Indeed, the body complex as a whole is greatly misunderstood due to the post-veiling assumption that the physical manifestation called the body is subject only to physical stimuli. This is emphatically not so.

This morning I gathered another load of moss from around the Flower Fall in the front yard and then finished up the area in the Moss Garden that is next to the little creek that runs through the middle of my yard.

This afternoon I also gathered another load of moss, about ten square feet, and planted it further up the walkway in the Moss Garden. It is taking more moss to fill all of the places that need it, so it looks like I will need another three loads, or thirty square feet, of moss to complete the job.

From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:

February 23


I am the living spirit of divine love and I greet you in the blessed name of Jesus the Christ.

Has the concept of “blessed” touched your life, your thoughts and your feelings in the last little while? Does the sweep of your life include consecration? We surely hope that it may.

And if it does not, we who speak of divine love and bear the consciousness of that love urge each seeker to gaze in faith upon the blessedness of that which lies before you this day. For each moment is sanctified to the sanctified eye, ear and heart.

Surely we who came to comfort shall comfort still and be with each. And if blessedness is escaping your consciousness, turn within and ask in humility to be shown that vision of beatitude which lies within each event which comes before you.

For those who act are all blessedly loved by the divine consciousness which is love. That love strives to move into a world of illusion and shadow. May your consciousness of blessedness lighten the area about you. May your vision, given by grace and produced by your will to worship, bless in turn all those about you.

We leave you in peace, that undergirding strength of love divine, now and forever. Amen.

I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:

We come in the name of love and open our hearts, minds, and souls to send love, light, and healing energy to Mother Earth as she brings forth a new Earth in the fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light and healing energy of the One Infinite Creator heal the hearts of all souls in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energy in their hearts, their minds, and their souls. Amen.