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Member: Bring4th_Jim
Location: Louisville, KY
Gender: Male
Interests: Gardening, meditation, making the Law of One available to all who want it, communicating with friends, dancing, patting our kitties, and opening my heart in unconditional love.

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Published by Bring4th_Jim on October 4, 2018 9:36pm.  Category: General



I did the Morning Offering and then got myself ready for the day. Today the Ra quote comes from 96.20:


"Questioner: Card Number Three. We will remove all of the letters, etc., and the stars and I assume that it would be advisable to remove all these little cups around the outside of the rays representing the sun. Is that correct?


Ra: I am Ra. Yes."


Now Don moved on in his questioning to Card #3, The Catalyst of the Mind, known as the Empress. He received Ra's OK to remove the letters, numbers, and stars that the ancient Egyptians had added to the cards as astrological images that came from the Sumerians as Ra mentioned in 76.6:


"Questioner: Sorry we have had such a long delay between the last session and this one. It couldn't be helped I guess. Could you please tell me the origin of the tarot?


Ra: I am Ra. The origin of this system of study and divination is twofold: firstly, there is that influence which, coming in a distorted fashion from those who were priests attempting to teach the Law of One in Egypt, gave form to the understanding, if you will pardon the misnomer, which they had received. These forms were then made a regular portion of the learn/teachings of an initiate. The second influence is that of those entities in the lands you call Ur, Chaldea, and Mesopotamia who, from old, had received the, shall we say, data for which they called having to do with the heavens. Thusly we find two methods of divination being melded into one with uneven results; the, as you call it, astrology and the form being combined to suggest what you might call the correspondences which are typical of the distortions you may see as attempts to view archetypes."


In 93.8 Ra gives the original meaning of the sun that contained the little cups that were located on the end of the sun's rays. These cups were astrological in origin, and Ra agreed that they could be removed from the image:


"Questioner: There seems to be no large hint of polarity in this drawing except for the possible coloration of the many cups in the wheel. Part of them are colored black and part of the cup is white. Would this indicate that each experience has within it a possible negative or positive use of that experience that is randomly generated by this seeming wheel of fortune?


Ra: I am Ra. Your supposition is thoughtful. However, it is based upon an addition to the concept complex which is astrological in origin. Therefore, we request that you retain the concept of polarity but release the cups from their strictured form. The element you deal with is not in motion in its original form but is indeed the abiding sun which, from the spirit, shines in protection over all catalyst available from the beginning of complexity to the discerning mind/body/spirit complex."


I said good-bye D., and Diana drove me to the Newark airport very early this morning so that I could catch my 8 am flight to Louisville. It has been a poignant visit in that I am so glad to have seen D. again, and am hopeful for her ability to heal herself with diet and exercise, but I am aware that it will take what is usually called a miracle for her to do so. As we move forward into the New Age of love and understanding there are more of these "miracles" that happen in the lives of sincere seekers of truth. D. certainly qualifies in that she has loved the Law of One since the late 1980's and for the next few years she carried on a voluminous email correspondence with Carla. But no matter what we hope for ourselves or for our friends in what we call the future, it is always the will of the One which must be paramount in our hearts and our minds. We cannot know better than the One Creator as to what is most appropriate for our next stage of growth. So our hopes are always for the highest and best for everyone.


Diana and I had a marvelous time cleaning D.'s house and then spending yesterday mapping out what plan of action D. will be taking. Our good-bye was another "till we meet again" farewell. It is a joy to have such a transcendent companion with whom to walk this spiritual path.


My flight back to Louisville went as smoothly as could ever be hoped. It is great to be home, to see Austin and Gary busy at work in the L/L office, and to be able to hang out with my kittys again.


With each of us back home, Diana and I used the telephone again this evening to study the Law of One. Tonight I felt that from all of the material that we studied 20.24 was particularly interesting:


"Questioner: Can you tell me why nine hundred years is the optimum life span?


Ra: I am Ra. The mind/body/spirit complex of third density has perhaps one hundred times as intensive a program of catalytic action from which to distill distortions and learn/teachings than any other of the densities. Thus the learn/teachings are most confusing to the mind/body/spirit complex which is, shall we say, inundated by the ocean of experience.

During the first, shall we say, perhaps 150 to 200 of your years as you measure time, a mind/body/spirit complex is going through the process of a spiritual childhood, the mind and the body not enough in a disciplined configuration to lend clarity to the spiritual influxes. Thus, the remaining time span is given to optimize the understandings which result from experience itself."


First of all, the 900 hundered year lifespan is spoken of by Ra as the time period necessary to deal with the very intensive catalyst of the third density. It is also a time period that suggests that the beginning of life on Earth, that is spoken of in Genesis, began further back in time than any of our sciences has discovered--50,000---75,000 years ago. Also of interest is the description by Ra of the first 150-200 of any third-density life as being a spiritual childhood seems to give us a good explanation of "man's inhumanity to man"---or the inhumanity of human beings to each other as the usual way of things on our planet since before recorded history. At least this is my opinion. I could be wrong.


Today Gary decided that he will no longer be contributing entries to the blogworthy portion of the Camelot Journal. I am saddened to loose his inputs and hope that the future will see him return once again with his shining love and light to share with all:

  • Gary: Seven unbroken years I've been reporting my work for L/L Research in these series of bullet points I dubbed the "Blogworthy Report." Most of the time, as you may have noticed, this is a dry exercise of tasks accomplished, great and small, equalized in a list ordered by a typographical symbol. Not infrequently, however, there are little moments of color, or, on a very special day, maybe even a tiny anecdote. Usually however I'm composing my half and then adding Austin's to my own for publication at the end of my work day, often late at night. I'm tired. The best of my energies have gone elsewhere to the L/L creature. And my eyes are weary of the monitor. Nevertheless, I always thought it important to be transparent and communicate our activities to any who may be interested, whether for reasons of satisfying curiosity, skepticism, or love. I've enjoyed it as an exercise, too, of proving myself. "Look, Carla, at what I did today. Look, readership, how hard we worked and what we were able to accomplish."

    However banal it may sometimes be, it does give daily snapshots of our journey, our growth, our passion, and some of the characters that come and go, or stay, on the small stage that is L/L Research. One is able to get a view of what we're up to and what's important to us as we lead the organization, and follow the lead of others, in a dance of harmony with a global network of loved ones.

    It is not mandated from above or by any authority that we must complete this chore every day. We self-motivate to do this because we perceive it is of value as one of our primary tools of communicating with the readership and anyone who wants to be connected to or participate in L/L Research. It's come to my attention recently, however, that it's not achieving its intended aim. It is ignored. And insufficient. And in that news vanished my motivation.

    Austin has more wind in his sails right now. I'm sure he will continue the tradition. I am taking a holiday from it. Besides, bullet points just interrupt Jim's metaphysical dives and daily adventures in the gardens. So without further ado, I will see you lovelies around. If you feel a heat being generated through the walls, or you see the glow of the forge through the window, and you sense that intensive, dedicated work is ongoing, know that you are in contact with the energy of my work, however small my contribution may be in the end.

  • Austin onward: Packed up the day's book orders.

  • Received final word from the Luminate folks, made the final tweaks and finalized the funding proposal, sent it off to the foundation. Fingers crossed!

  • Wrapped up dealing with an unusual Bring4th issue with the mod team.

  • Received and reviewed the PDF file for the Homecoming channeling from Tomas and published it to the archive site.

  • Reviewed a few options for a new laptop for Jim and put an order in.

  • Picked back up the process of getting Bitpay (bitcoin payment system) set up on the online store, reviewing the verification process and uploading some organizational documents.

  • Looked into a Kindle update with how their Kindle Create software handles images and tested it out to see if it would be beneficial for the Ra Contact kindle books.

  • Tried to cure Jim's existing laptop before the new one arrives.




From A Book of Days, channeled by Carla L. Rueckert:


October 4


The One Sea Of Love


Greetings in the love of Jesus the Christ. We are of the consciousness of love in the vibration which comforts this channel.


We encourage you to rejoice, one with another, for all your seeming differences are but shadows. The one who calls upon the Allah, the Zoroaster, the Christ or the Buddha, calls not to separate oceans, but to one great sea of love. All differences are structures created by the perceptions of dreamers. And yet all shall awaken. And as you rejoice then, so may you rejoice now in the promise of awakening.


Peace be with you. Amen.



I said the prayer at the Gaia Meditation tonight:


We come in the name of Love and open our hearts, our minds, and our souls to send love, light, and healing energies to Mother Earth as she brings forth a New Earth in fourth density. We ask that the infinite love, light, and healing energies of the One Infinite Creator heal the heart of each soul in pain on Earth tonight. May all souls on Earth feel our love, light, and healing energies in their hearts and in their minds. Amen.







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err1c0(Posted on October 5, 2018 2:25 pm)

Thank you Gary. The bullet points are as important as Jim's news of cleaning the garden and changing a third of the pond's water.

Thank you for your efforts, whether you report them or not.

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