Full Version: Energy makes my body hurt
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It seems that just existing in intelligent energy is making my whole body hurt. Even when I lie down, I have aches. My heart hurts. My stomach feels cramped. My back sometimes hurts. Is this intelligent energy not agreeing with me? I'm only 37.

It could be my diet, which isn't the best. I also don't get much exercise. I tend to smell bad too. Not sure if it's the coffee. But my jaw clenches at times because of the caffeine. My knees also get jolts of pain.
Have you tried or do you have any interest in trying to change your diet? Even small changes can make a big difference. I used to stink too but since I've been vegan I don't even wear deodorant or use soap.

Trying to coexist with 3d and intelligent energy is hard. 3D has lots of heavy chemicals that can wear our bodies out if we aren't careful. The amount of foreign and man-made chemicals that the average body ingests every day is astounding. Making small changes to protect the body from difficult substances can offer the body the opportunity to react with great appreciation.
I'll cut back caffeine and see if that helps my lower back. Coffee could be the reason for my muscle pain, including stomach.


Exercise could probably make a big difference. If your nerves and muscles can't handle the higher electrical charge then yes, working with energy will be painful because your nerves aren't used to the amount of energy. Usually pain comes when you call energy if there are blockages in your system.