Full Version: her - A Spiritual Film
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I was enthusiastically surprised to see that this film conveys a deeply spiritual message. It's actually about consciousness and the infinite..highly highly recommended. Eastern spirituality comes up in the film in a specific way but I won't mention how. It's a bit of a spoiler.

The movie actually becomes quite psychedelic as you begin to understand the dialogue. "You are part man, and part woman. But like there's an inner part, that's woman."

i loved this movie. just yesterday, or was it the day before, i was thinking about it & i thought something like, 'we're probably all just really advanced operating systems in some kind of a really advanced computerland...'

this synchronicity confirms my suspicion Wink
I saw the movie some weeks ago and its quite impressive. But maybe I was too distracted by the depth, the story and the beautiful images, that I missed the whole message ;-)

I'll watch it again. Thanks for the hint :-)
Fantastic movie! my friend recommended it to me, 10 minutes in I messaged him and told him I was already laughing so much, and he said "why are you laughing? it isn't a comedy??" lol, which was funny, I thought it was funny, deep, moving etc.. all in one.
isis - They sort of nod towards that idea..or that we are just thought, building, evolving, and experiencing.

Cosmo23 - On the surface it is a great story about a man and his feelings, but yes, many films have an underlying message that's being expressed symbolically. That's the beauty of film as art Smile

Sabou - It does have its funny moments! Joaquin is such a great actor in general. I'd really like to see him win an Academy Award someday.