Full Version: signs of the new age
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i hope there isn't a thread like this already but i wanted to share this beautiful video.

is this a metaphor or wut?  Smile beautiful dance that portrays the old masculine & new feminine...

(i know this video has gotten some controversy monkeys on its back but that's not wut this thread is about. if anyone wants to talk about that u can start a new thread. if ur easily triggered google the controversy or don't watch)

i'd like everyone to share something positive/hope giving about world evolution/4D that they notice in the media or elsewhere.
(01-10-2015, 05:29 PM)Bluebell Wrote: [ -> ]i hope there isn't a thread like this already

Monica did have this Positive Things Happening NOW!, but every thread has a different flavor.
well i was thinking about wut Parsons said... about the dual bodies taking over eventually.