Full Version: Eerie/Haunting Music
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Please post your favorite eerie/haunting sounding music.

Bluebell: That song is on the Twin Peaks soundtrack right? such a good soundtrack Big Grin 

I've always found this piece haunting.  (sorry couldn't post the video, only the link)

Nights in White Satin
This song gives me an eerie feeling in a good way. Love it.

when i was very young i remember my parents listened to a lot of Simon & Garfunkel. to me it's just really comforting & nostalgic.
I know ^^. Simon and Garfunkel holds a sacred space for me. Their music is mesmerizing.

No one really does Loneliness better.

Their music has a certain hollowness to it, in a good way.
Pink Floyd also does it for me.
I remember I used to fall asleep to The Wall, and have strange dreams.
More about loneliness and eerieness.

This song is also deeply spiritual to me.

exactly true. it's (Simon & Garfunkel) very lonely & hollow, i guess it's eerie after all. i just remember at the same time being little & feeling safe. haven't really felt safe in decades. it's also sacred like u say, something special. Heart
^^Oh, these songs make me cherish life like no other. Safe is not the opposite of eerie. They make me value life.
This is somewhat haunting but deeply spiritual.

to my weary soul, safety is important but i also like eerie. loneliness is unsafe though.
Eerie can be welcoming.
It's no so much the song, but this has to be the creepiest music video I've ever seen.  Confused

I hope this fits the bill:

Beethoven's Grosse Fugue is always a good one for this  Big Grin

I would like to challenge anyone here to listen to the entire album and NOT think its amazing.