Full Version: Request for Love, Light and Prayers
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  Hi Brothers and Sisters,
    Writing this from an Amtrak train headed to J.F.K. airport. On way to South Korea,........again. 

  Not really feeling this trip. Not totally sure why. Maybe just worried about family,...maybe just getting to old,.......or maybe just going to miss Michele and kids. Or all of the above.

 Definitely don't like leaving the mountain.

 I know it's rather selfish, but would you please send some Love and Light to us? Feeling pretty low, but I know there is great power among us.

                                                          Thank You and Nemaste
*sending you green healing light to illuminate you and your path*


Relax my friend, we cant fail at life, all experience is valid Wink
thanks for reaching out <3
 Absolutely. You got it. Heart
Heart Heart Heart
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
Sending you love, light and support, mj.  Heart Heart Heart
You have my heart. I like the green healing light.
Greetings Michael,

May Divine Love and Light of the Infinite One warm you and your family's heart on your journey, guiding your path in Sacred Light and Loving Grace Smile