Full Version: The Seed Of The Flower Of Life
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While exploring the catalytic value of the ergoline class of entheogenic tools, ive learned that these compounds have something very unique about them. They amplify emotions, while at the same time they induce euphoria. Now im not talking about a rush of some sort, im talking about love. They induce a trance state where you fall in love with everything around you. Being a naturally occurring psychedelic(more specifically the seeds of the Ipomoea Tricolor vine) it dissolves boundaries. You look at another person and you see yourself. You look into the mirror and you see the love of your life.

My experience with the trance state this entheogen had to offer didnt quite get to me until my 6th attempt at taking it. The most important thing i learned while in this trance state is that every person you've met, every musician you've loved..Every poet, writer, actor and artist you've admired, were all catalysts to shape you into the person you are this very second. It's all a part of the divine plan. Nobody is independent, we're all interdependent on one another. You may not see it, but somebody in the room might know or have whatever it is you're seeking. It's all a matter of opening up to one another.

We as individuals have goals, we as a society also have goals. But if the individual doesn't achieve his or her goals, then how will the society ever move forward? Why are institutions governing over the masses and telling them what to think, what to watch, what to eat, where to work and what to do with your free time? 
These tools have been put on this planet for us to use in case a dominator culture rises up and takes control of everything. These plants are tools we must use to get in touch with the gaian mind. To find the answer to lifes biggest issues. Everything can be solved as if over night. Its a all a matter of how much you appreciate what mother nature has provided to you. Although most naturally occurring plants and fungi are illegal to posses or consume in our western societies, this shouldn't stop us from practicing our free will. It is our birth right, on every land on this planet. Reject authority but keep the love and light in your hearts. We can live peacefully as a social memory complex if we all pitch in as one, instead of causing a power struggle and fighting for who calls the shots. 

Not sure about psychedelics.  I've considered taking them in the past but have decided against as I don't know what kind of reaction or experience I would have.  From what I've read, there does seen to be a real risk, so I've said no to them so far.
They can cause a permanent change to your pineal gland. So had I the time over, I wouldn't have done them probably.
Had some experiences with psychedelics and I enjoyed each of them and have yet to feel negative effects from doing them.

I wouldn't say doing them is a must, to me it seems like a higher self programmation for the purpose of awakening but not everyone would have chosen this path.

I've yet to do ayahuasca which seems like a key moment of my incarnation.
I've been wanting to try mushrooms but not sure how they'd react with me.
thank you for your post OP it struck a chord for sure.
love n lite
I had a profound experience last spring when going to my car at the end of a days work. I was parked on a grass verge and near my car door were some pink flowering rose buds. They are not uncommon at that time of year but I had often wondered why Ra termed the rose as an image of "perfect beauty". And then in a flash, I saw the geometry within the unfolding petals.

I was high for the whole journey home because suddenly, in that moment, I got it.
(03-01-2015, 03:04 PM)PsyOil Wrote: [ -> ]We as individuals have goals, we as a society also have goals. But if the individual doesn't achieve his or her goals, then how will the society every move forward?

the things that we think, and the kind of self explorations that we do, all go into the planetary mind, as a potential for others to draw upon.  Once one person (on the planet) has had that particular idea, it makes it easier for others to draw upon without the necessity of having to go through the particular process by which you yourself arrived at it.

In truth, all things are accessible with the mind, but having it in the planetary mind (or the social mind) makes it a more local resource, and so the outrageous and sometimes devastating spiritual practices to attain deeper awareness are less necessary for others.  Think of it as the difference between having to go through the process of spending $10 million dollars and a production list of 1000 individuals to produce one Game of Thrones episode, to the ease with which one is able to enjoy 50 minutes of condensed experiences and emotions.  When things are actuated in the planetary mind by an individual (say a Buddha or a Jesus), it goes beyond the written and the scriptures, and goes into the planetary memory, undiluted and undistorted.

"The other root of mind to be recalled is that racial or planetary mind which also informs the conceptualizations of each entity to some degree."
I recommend using psychedelics awarely and with great intention for piercing the veil. I have experienced some fear with them, and it was my own shadow I was terrified by. I learned to love that which I fear and to balance out fear with love. I used weed medicinally and other psychedelics a couple times a month. It really helps me getting another viewpoint of consciousness which always gives greater understanding of the self. It also really awakens the pineal (especially if the diet is pure). For people who are fearful of their own minds, psychedelics can be a bit intense as we open up our minds in ways like never before. Altered states of consciousness have been used by shamans and Mystics since the beginning of time to understand and view the universe in greater detail and perspective.