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Dear sweet Carla,

All of this earthly existence I felt as a drifting wood in the sea of life without a port to call home….. Some would say that when you immigrate to another country you lose your footing, not being home where you had belonged, not belonging to the new land & foreign culture. I moved to the US when I was a teenager many moons ago. Yet I could not contribute my lack of belonging to being in a new country and a new culture, as I still remembered never having belonged to my own culture and country. Even during childhood years, never belonging to groups, clubs, or organizations of any sort……  

I always felt like a bystander, an invisible observer of life….. What has helped to anchor me was reading books…….as a child I found my answers in story books and as I grew older a variation of all sorts of other books brought me solace and hope in continuing my search for answers……
I had read through different philosophical, religious, psychological, spiritual schools of thought trying to find what felt the most true according to my inner compass…..……… all that I had studied previous to finding the Law of One was useful at the time and helped shine light on the dark path ahead, also they were breadcrumbs showing the road to follow……… They have helped to change and expand my perception, provide alternative perspectives that the collective point of view did not have for me. Yet nothing I had come across had felt a complete fit, vast enough to silence the doubt, to answer the question: “What about this or that discrepancy?”………
It wasn’t until I came across the L/L Research  and started reading the Law of One books, the wanderer’s Handbook, and Channeling articles that I felt for the first time I had come home……. Even though I had been searching since childhood and had read about other disciplines and spiritual paths, nothing had resonated to the extent that Law of One did for me. My gratitude knows no bound……. I cannot relay my heartfelt appreciation in any earthly language…. If I could write volumes of books expressing my feelings on what a difference your relentless and loving service has made in my life, it would be like only one star in the universe of infinite stars.......
Even the smallest act of service that affects one person has a ripple effect of unknown proportions in how that person may affects others because of it.

So my precious Carla, you have astronomically affected my life and countless others in magnificent ways…….. I love you and thank you and all the courageous souls who have helped you in your valiant effort to vastly increase the light and love in this corner of the universe in this space/time.
Love, Light and Joyous Blessing on Your Journey H Heart ome,


so clearly put IzAzIz

Heart my thoughts and feelings also Heart

^j^ Carla ^j^
Manijeh, thank you for the beautiful, kind note.

For others who are not aware, our mutual beloved friend is packing her bags for her next great adventure. She is teetering in the final moments of her incarnation and may be leaving us any day now. Carla said that she looks back upon her incarnation and feels that she accomplished what she came here to achieve. She looks forward and sees the gateway that she is ready to cross, anticipating a reunion with loved ones that have already gone over, most especially her own beloved companion, Don Elkins. It is a time of great love and great sorrow here. Carla is in significant pain. Jim is keeping his head up and continuing to post daily updates of her condition at the Camelot Journal:

An outpouring of love has already begun. Messages are arriving through email, Carla's Facebook, and L/L Research's Facebook. All messages are being relayed to Jim. He reads them aloud, though Carla is mostly asleep and unconscious. Thank you all for your love and your prayers. It is a difficult transition for Carla, and difficult for all who love her. The bell of faith rings with her spirit and through its sound we know that all is well.
Much love to Carla from me. If it wasn't because of her I would not be where I am today. Her work has helped me to see the magics and depths of life. It has helped me a tremendous amount in orienting myself on this planet, and to be able to make sense of myself and who I am. My discovery of the work of llresearch has cleared up sooo much things mentally for me, and has been the foundation of all my knowledge ever since. You have done such a tremendous, wonderful, groundbreaking work for all of humanity. It will shine like a jewel throughout time.
Much, much love and gratitude to Carla. And much love and support to Jim, and to you Gary because you have known her and loved her for so long. 

Heart Heart Heart
Carla, Jim and all others of LLresearch, sending you Light and Love of the Creator.
The Ra Book changed my perception on life in this Incarnation, that the coming days or hours ahead will be painless for Carla.  Heart
Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart 

Jesus & Don & everyone there is going to give her a big hug! it's sad here but she's going to be painless & happy!

i feel bittersweet. i'm grateful because The Law of One changed me/my life. thank u so much, Carla. we'll miss u.

*hugs* to all u guys there.
Love and light on the infinite journey.

You will have to excuse me if this seems inappropriate, but I tend to express my emotions through listening to beloved music.

These songs were written about the death of band frontman Maynard James Keenan's mother Judith Marie, who died after a very long period of poor health (27 years, roughly 10,000 days). I feel the lyrics and general feel of the songs are apropo to the coming passing of Carla.

Thank you for your service, my dear Carla. And thank you for supporting her, Jim.
Mrs. Carla and You all have changed my life. I would not be who I am today without You. There's no Words to express my Gratitude and my Love towards You.

Literally, as always:

All I have Best in me for You
As I struggle to accept that Carla won't be with us much longer here in physicality, there is comfort knowing she will always be somewhere close by. How I wish I'd said more before now about how much her life's work (and of course Jim and Don's too) has literally rescued me. Infinite galaxies of gratitude to you dearest Carla! If you only knew how the Law of One delivered me from the brink of despair a decade ago. Please accept my tears of joy for all you have brought to us in your gentle way. Wishing you peace, love, light and comfort and more love, Laura.
Sending love and prayers to Carla & Jim.  Heart
"Pure emotion has no words. I think that the reason we are encouraged so often in the Confederation material to move into the silence is that the silence is the kingdom of emotion...until we become comfortable without words we have no real intimacy with nature...I do know from experience with one pure emotion, that of grief, that when an emotion hasn't been purified it is beautiful - even when it is dark in color. It becomes as beautiful has the colors that are used in a dark canvas." ~Carla from In the Now - Q&A with Carla and Crew 2013.11.19

[Image: MZK2iez.jpg]

Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart
Enjoy the journey home Carla
See you on the other side, Carla.
She makes me want to be a better person.  Good luck and God speed on your journey Carla, we'll be seeing ya.

My heart goes out to you and those around you in this moment. A strong synchronicity just brought me here for the first time in a very long time....I think of the Law of One and the positive loving ways you have in spite of your severe illness and it has helped me get persepective on my current situation. I'm a singer/songwriter but the last 4 years I'm struggling with complications from Lyme and was searching for one hour for a Wellness Wand from the US that arrived yesterday. I called my 93 year old father to support me while searching and as i happened to mention your name in connection with music, spirituality, UFOlogy telling him you are a singer too i found it under a pullover and felt an urge to pick up my guitar to sing "The Wanderers" by Lacy J Dalton who I actually found before reading in your book about her! I then opened my e-mail and found this message...

If someone could post "The Wanderers" would be great. I hope those close to Carla plays her favourite music!

Talking about myself I have a slight feeling of guilt but as We are All One I think my loving feelings for you Carla and All those spreading TLLO shines through Heart Heart Heart
music is great & the right music can be a comfort, i think that's a great idea.
Beautiful, spirit, beautiful heart.

We have been greatly blessed by a brave and loving soul. Carla often said she was learning to love without the expectation of love in return. But here is an outpouring of love for her, her love is returned.

Godspeed on your journey, beautiful one.

I just read Jim's blog.  Carla passed on to eternal life last night with Jim right by her side.   Heart

She will be missed, sad to see her leave.  But I know that she is in joy, unity, and love and the brightest light imaginable.

Edit: I can't help the tears flowing, very sad to see her go. And sad for her beloveds who will miss her the most.
Rest in peace, dear Carla. You will always be an inspiration to me.
My deepest condolences to Jim and those close to Carla, my heart goes out to you.

"And it is in dying that we are born to eternal life."
- St. Francis of Assisi
Thankyou Carla  Heart   you had already passed as I wrote my post.... i have not been able to cry for a very long time and now my tears are flowing like Shemaya's and i feel my heart opening up. You will now assist us all from the other side and I will be attentive to every sign thereof!
It's hard to believe that she is actually gone.  Rest in Peace Carla Heart Heart Heart
i cried too last night. Sad

condolences to Jim. Heart 
I'd say rest in peace, but I have the feeling Carla's not going to be resting for too long before moving on to her next adventure Smile Thank you for your impressive service Carla and let the well wishes of those you've touched carry you into whatever new experience you are drawn to!

My heart goes out to Jim. This must be a difficult time for him. Heart
At least she went peacefully. It's amazing she knew a few days out when she would depart.
Carla is still gathering us to her. She has left us, but is not gone. Adonai, dear One.
So I guess there will be no more Q'uo channelings. I still haven't read many of them.
I'm happy that she's where she could only dream about.
Dear Friends:
Thank you so much for your wonderful heartfelt expressions of love for Carla as she has made her transition into spirit. She passed into larger life last evening just before 7 pm and it was a quick and peaceful passing. She would be tickled down to her toes to know that her work meant so much to you and that you had as much love for her as she had for you. Her one desire in life was to be of service to others and she was so good at it. It always made her feel so good to know that her written and channeled words were helpful to many people in their spiritual journeys.
We will post the time and place of Carla’s memorial service the Camelot Journal, our Facebook page, and on our two websites when we get the details confirmed. Much love and blessings on your spiritual journeys.
In Love & Light,
Jim McCarty
We love you Jim. Good luck with you into your transition here into your new life as well, without Carla's physical presence. Finally she's in a space where she can truly exhibit and embrace her larger-than-3d-life ability to love. I have a feeling she won't wait too long before she returns, however.
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