Full Version: Ra on Mental Illness
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Don was asking a query about the effects of 4d light upon our 3d environment.  This was over 30 years ago when the question was posed,  and the effects can only be increasingly in strength.

the query:

Quote:40.15 Questioner: Thank you. A very important concept. Does the fact that basic vibration that we experience now is green true color, or fourth density, account for the fact that there are many mental effects upon material objects that are now observable for the first time in a mass way like the bending of metal by mind?

and Ra's answer, in which they bring up the notion of mental illness or disease as being a consequence of this new light.

Quote:Ra: I am Ra. This shall be the final query in total of this working.

This is not only correct but we suggest you take this concept further and understand the great number of entities with the so-called mental diseases being due to the effect of this green-ray true color upon the mental configurations of those unready mentally to face the self for the first time.

one of the qualities of 4d-ness, which we may be getting as taste of in this transition period is that thoughts are not hidden.  Neither from others, or from oneself.  We can no longer hide from our own thoughts.

But if we are exposed to our own thoughts, and not ready to do so, this can create an adverse reaction.  Maybe rejection of those portions of ourself.  Maybe schizophrenic breaks, where that portion of the self becames snapped off, and is regarded as a foreign entity when it tries to speak or communicate with us.

I should note that in Ra's quote, they refer to "face the self for the first time', I don't think they are making a distinction between 3d natives and Wanderers.  The face onself for the first time is referring to this current incarnation I believe.
Sounds about right, i have experienced a lot more of the shadow lately its sometimes difficult to accept but like us all, we can only progress through our strength and courage on the path of light.
I am talking.
I am walking.
I am logos.
I am what I say I am.
I am Ra in disguise
I am talking in this guys eyes.
I am the material earth and the Breath
United full a fully active pineal gland.
I am the camera in the room.
I am the objective point of you.
I am Orion in dis guys eyes