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  • Episode 17
    - What is the most effective meditation for increasing awareness of the Law of One?
    - How, when, and why to share the material with other people.
    - What are the implications of being a wanderer in regards to the free will of those around us?
  • Episode 16
    - How does the personality shell relate to the true self?
    - What is the meaning of the cartouches on the cover of the
    Law of One books?
  • Episode 15
    - What's the deal with harvest?
    - What is implied in the sequencing of mind, body, and spirit, in that order?
  • Episode 14
    - Crystallization of the higher energy centers.
    - Why is there an emphasis on efficiency in the Law of One?
  • Episode 13
    - The use of the word "ego" in different spiritual contexts.
  • Episode 12
    - We discuss the past, present, and future of L/L Research.
    - What to do if one feels they have hit a wall in seeking.
  • Episode 11
    - How to deal with hatred and catalyst regarding the family.
    - How does one begin the path of polarization?
    - What is positive or negative interpretation of catalyst?
  • Episode 10
    - Is there bad synchronicity?
    - Interpreting catalyst as positive or negative.
    - Does living the Law of One mean that there is no need to fight against negativity?
  • Episode 9
    - Is it appropriate to label things or people as service-to-others or service-to-self?
    - How the Law of One has helped us think about controversial issues in different ways?
    - Death and between incarnations.
    - How does an increase of 4th density energy relate to mental diseases?
  • Episode 8
    - Are desire and intention more important than intelligence?
    - What are the spiritual implications of things like horror films?
  • Episode 7
    - Does our reality put us on the negative path by default?
    - How is the role of faith different between the two paths?
  • Episode 6
    - Is seeing love in everything is akin to appreciating the full-spectrum of art?
    - Does the veil act like a microscope for experience, and how does this help us?
  • Episode 5
    - What is the difference between happiness and joy?
    - How can we know our intuition is flowing from a positive source?
    - How do we prepare for the next step of our spiritual journey?
  • Episode 4
    - Are inanimate objects part of the Self and the Creator?
    - Does every action need balanced through karma, and how does karma work when there is mental illness?
    - Is it polarizing to be of Service to Others for the sole purpose of harvesting?
  • Episode 3
    - How we at L/L Research are processing after Carla's passing.
    - What is a "crystalized entity"?
    - Is everything made of light?
  • Episode 2
    - Understanding and processing anger.
    - Karma for negative entities.
  • Episode 1
    - What does Ra mean when they say: "It is not for a being of polarity in the physical consciousness to pick and choose among attributes..."?
    - What does Q'uo mean when they say: "For each of you is the universe. You are looking out at a world that is actually interior. Such is the illusion created by flesh"?

(05-04-2015, 05:41 PM)Bring4th_Austin Wrote: [ -> ]We’re excited to announce that “In the Now” is returning as a weekly podcast! Jim, Gary, and Austin will carry on and continue our discussion of questions sent in from seekers. We will do our best to uphold Carla’s memory and love as we hold our weekly discussions.

that's great news Austin!  It's a great way for L/L to continue making their presence felt via new content.  
A slight change to the original post: the first episode will be published on Wednesday, May 20th instead of Tuesday, May 19th. All episodes will subsequently be published on Wednesdays around 1:00PM Eastern. The delay is to give us time to edit and to reduce any interruptions to publishing when we have to postpone recording.

We just recorded our first one and I think it went pretty well  Smile
So glad to hear you guys are continuing this service. Send my love and appreciation to Jim for me, his interview with Denise Wilbanks was wonderful.

Thank you guys for the support. The first episode is now online:
what song is that?
(05-20-2015, 02:13 PM)isis Wrote: [ -> ]what song is that?

Ong Namo by Snatam Kaur  Smile
(05-04-2015, 05:41 PM)Bring4th_Austin Wrote: [ -> ]
  • Episode 2
    - Understanding and processing anger.
    - Karma for negative entities.

Who's that peeing at 9:58?
Had to respond to be able to subscribe to this thread.
Saving all the episodes to listen to at my leisure.
For me it is a perfect format, you guys seem so well balanced - and on a fulcrum which turns out to be all of you together. As I listened to the first three, I felt your minds were weaving together, you are so in tune!

Seems it was meant to be.

I don't have a question, but if I get one I will post it.

Thanks for carrying on.