Full Version: Mars Curiosity Rover photographed Pyramid on Mars
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This is quite interesting information:

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Seems interesting, but at the end of the day it could simply be a rock. I have seen some other pyramid style shapes that have more detailed geometry which will probably carry a little more weight. I think what this style of material represents is rather a collective memory of past life's on mars which is part of our collective reawakening to our own history that has been forgot over the course of time.


Anyone interested in learning more about the people of Mars might check out Courtney Browns (of farsight institute) two books "cosmic voyage" and "cosmic explorers". Both are available for free in PDF format online. Through remote viewing he claims some people of Mars are still on Mars living underground and some are actually here on earth living in the Santa Fe Baldy mountains.

Not just incarnate here...but the physical beings of Mars were brought here. He also says they appear very human like and some have been openly integrated *very carefully* into small secluded "groups"/cultures in south america but their memory has been temporarily "wiped" for the sake of the integration experience...he intentionally didn't name the specific location, but apparently they look that much like us. I resonated with much of both books...very interesting food for thought.