Full Version: Songs that make you change the station
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Which songs do you hate?

This Summer's Gonna Hurt:

All about that Bass:

Lips are Movin:
I'm like you. I don't really like Meghan Trainor's music. I guess that on the positive side, it can be viewed as being about empowerment. But the quality of the music and the lyrics is really low. As far as actual artistry goes, her music sucks in my opinion. And you'll find that to be the case with most of the music on the mainstream radio. The quality is very, very low.

i love to hate, mock and secretly listen to The Fray.
(06-26-2015, 07:17 PM)Bluebell Wrote: [ -> ]

His voice is so nauseatingly depressing. Yecchhh...
it's just the epitome of emo lolm makes me feel sorry to be alive Tongue
Bluebell, what about this song?

I'm sure this song is responsible for my teeth grinding while sleeping. I even made a full length parody of it. Available on request  Big Grin