Full Version: 2 Improvements to PM Functionality
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Hi guys,

this has been an outstanding issue since the forum upgrade from v1.6 to v1.8x of MyBB.  Basically, a couple of features that we had been used to having got broken after the update.

The fixes weren't available at the time, but I did some searching through the MyBB forums, and there were some simple code changes (one or two lines) which had since been identified.  Steve had some time today to implement those changes, and so the PM system is now much improved.

2 Things.

If you want to turn these features on (if they are not already enabled), go to the Options page, and tick these 2 boxes.

[Image: 0zhq9hU.png]

1) On Screen Notifications

The First Box will now notify you with a pop-up on screen, when you receive a PM.  It looks like this, in the top right hand corner:

[Image: 8fNnjhe.png]

ps, I don't really have 31 unread messages Big Grin  I read all my PM's pretty much straight away, but sometimes I don't click on each one that I have read already in the email form.

2) A Separate Email for Each PM

This is the big one for me.  If you haven't logged into the forums for a while (say a day or two), you will only receive an email for the first PM that was sent to you.  In the meantime, there could have been 3 or 4 sent, and one that was quite important to know about.

This has now been fixed so that a separate email will be sent for each PM immediately.

You just need the second box ticked for this to happen; it's the default functionality that has been adjusted.

- -

The broken PM functionality has been mentioned more that a few times in places here and there.  It has now been fixed.

The PM system is one of the 4 ways we have of communicating here on Bring4th.  The 4 being: forums, chat, PM's, and blogs.

thanks Plenum and Steve!!
Level up level up! Big Grin

Nice one!