Full Version: guideline #4 & #5
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Quote:4) Philosophies and information which exhibit elements of deception, manipulative thinking, generate fear, reject or discourage universal love, and encourage or promote control of self or others – are considered to be not in alignment with the principles of spiritual evolution espoused by Confederation sources  and are thus subject to moderation and/or removal.

5) Members who selfishly use the forum’s common resources without regard for its members' shared interests may be unsubscribed. This includes those who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings.
I'm not sure what you're trying to say, Bluebell. Are you saying this is being abused, or asking if it would be, or what?
i just thought i'd highlight these guidelines since some seem to have forgotten them.
I don't get it... Could you give an example where this is being done?