Full Version: compassion in practice and in theory
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i'm sorry
Thread moved to the Community Relationships forum.
i don't think this belongs in community relations Austin.
Along with interpersonal catalyst discussions, this type of thread is exactly the kind of thing that was in mind when the Community Relationships forum was created. Discussion about "this forum."
Bluebelly belly bell, you know we all love you dearly and care for you deeply. Nobody wants to see you hurt. Sometimes we have different views but that doesn't mean we cant all find peace in the moment and have good times together!
(07-28-2015, 03:26 PM)Bluebell Wrote: [ -> ]imo this forum is full of pompous, overbearing, overintellectualized, unbalanced individuals who should quit yapping and go outside where everyone else is!

don't bother replying i won't read it.

Then why are you here, if it is this bad?
the topic is in the title austin.

diana, ur on my ignore list because ur full of venom. please stop trying to antagonize me. i'm not going to read anything u say.
Well, I'd respond, but you've already refuted me so I guess I'll just go hang my head in the corner in shame for being such a horrible, inconsiderate person.
Funny you don't seem to care much about our feelings either...
Truth is I am trying to understand you Bluebell but it feels like it's only one way. I am doing my best to look from your perspective, to be empathetic and understand but honestly in the end I'm just not entirely sure what it is that you would exactly like to see from me or anyone else? Do you want us to not talk about certain things or have us speak to you in a particular way? Do you want us to identify with you and agree with you?

What am I supposed to dooooo??
Compassion in theory is an ideal.

Compassion in practice is something you first give to then receive, not necessarily expecting it back.